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8th grade

1. Doeo. Catch all the Doeos! This game demands very good eye-mouse coordination... Do you have what it takes?

2. Pepit. Work on your math and French skills here !

3. Memot. Work on your vocabulary with this site. Create your own lists and this site will help you study !

4. Prévention Routière. Learn the rules to be safe on and around roads.

5. Maths et Magie. Magic tricks and math stuff...

6. Dolomieu. This site includes lessons on a variety of topics and also some exercises created by French students!

7. Tableau Noir. Math, English, science, French, it's all here to practice and learn more about your favorite subjects!

8. BrainPop. A lot of resources about different topics.

9. Matou Matheux. From algebra to geometry, this site helps you understand math and then quizzes you !

10. Kaboum. Games, quests, activities and more are available here.

. La chimie. All the stuff you cover in class and more ! Whether you are looking for more information on something for an assignment or just want to know more, this site is for you! This site talks about atoms, metals, solutions, oxidation, and more topics!

12. La biologie. This site is the same as "la chimie" except that it covers biology, and more specifically the human body.

13. La physique. Same website, but about.... physics! (Yes, surprising, I know). You can learn more about levers, forces, radioactivity and other physics stuff!

Scalpa. French, Math, Social Studies, Arts, Science and more here!

15. Banque de savoirs. Resources on men, the earth, matter, the universe and much more!

16. Bibliotheque Virtuelle des maths. Virtual Math Library.

17. Flash Maths.

18. Keskondi?

19. Mission Possible.

20. EduClasse.

21. Les homonymes.

22. Site de Micha.

23. Math en poche.

24. Les homonymes: La liste des homonymes francais!

25. Les homonymes: Copi la Ptite Souris!

26. Les homonymes: Pepit.

27. Les homonymes: Quiz de TV5

28. Les holorimes et la langue francaise.