March 10, 2010

Post date: Mar 10, 2010 8:53:23 PM

Just got my labs from Monday and everything is still good. My parathyroid is still elevated because it is trying to correct my phosphorus levels when they go high but it isn't bad enough to do anything yet. I have posted them here.

Arabella had another ECHO done yesterday. The technician wasn't able to get the best images due to Arabella being upset, but it looks like the VSD has gotten smaller. It was around 4 mm wide before, now it is around 3 mm wide. It definitely isn't any bigger. The cardiologist didn't want to see her for another 6 months. He also said that her chances of having to have surgery have gone down from 40% to 10%. We have Gerber life insurance on Matthew and Timothy and we applied for Arabella but they denied her because of her health problems. We are going to try again later, especially if her cardiologist releases her and if she starts eating by mouth when she can eat real food so the feeding tube can be taken out.

Matthew went to the doctor yesterday because his ears were hurting and he has a double ear infection. His left ear ruptured Monday night and his right ear drum ruptured last night. At least that has relieved some of the pressure and pain he was having. I haven't gotten much sleep the last two nights because he has been waking up frequently in pain. I gave him pain medicine and stayed up with him each time until the medicine worked so I have not been to the gym the last two days. I will definitely be going tomorrow and will be going to sleep early tonight.