February 4, 2010

Post date: Mar 06, 2010 4:55:51 PM

First day of writing updates here on my website. I hope to do this a couple times a week. I will try to do it every day but I don't know if I will have time. Let me know if any of you would like me to put something on here or do something different. I am open to all ideas. I had my labs on Monday and had them faxed to me today. My creatinine level continues to climb (6.75) and my phosphorus is 4.5, just barely within the "OK" range. All of my other numbers are still good and I feel great. I worked out my chest and triceps today at the gym this morning and have started using the eliptical machine again. I am only on it for 15 minutes a day but I am hoping that it will help me to start losing weight again. I am trying to lose my gut since that is where they will put the kidney when I get a transplant. I have been 220 lbs for about a year now. I know that some of it has been a trade off between fat loss and muscle gain since I am lifting weights, but I really want to lessen the size of my gut. I found out yesterday that Arabella is within the 66th percentile for height and weight. This means she is above average and that is great! The feeding tube has really worked well. We are looking into a feeding machine that is much easier to use so anyone can take care of her and not be daunted by having to set up and program the machine she is on now. Timothy has a fever and is coughing. I am praying that its just something simple. Matthew has been coughing for over a week so the doctor called in an antibiotic for him. Well, that's all for now.