June 3, 2010

Post date: Jun 04, 2010 3:10:17 AM

Went for my labs this morning and they would not take my blood without a pre-cert from BlueChoice. I called my case manager and actually got through to her. She gave me the magic number and all was well. I didn't receive a phone call so I guess my Prograf level is good for now.

Timothy is starting to do much better with eating. He ate half of a personal pizza Tuesday night and the other half on Wednesday night. He ate a peanut butter with banana and honey sandwich for lunch today and actually finished it! He ate two small pieces of chicken and two cucumber wedges for supper! If he keeps this up we will be able to stop giving him his "red juice" which has been his only real source of protein.

Tim Cook came over this evening and replaced the seal around the plumbing vent in the roof - for free! This was a huge blessing to us and we thank him very much. I found out today that there is more money in my NTAF (National Transplant Assistance Fund) than I thought. This is another blessing as I didn't realize that anyone gave more to this since my church started "Kevin's Fund" which is more practical since there are no administration fees and I don't have to apply for the money or send proof of the costs incurred etc. This should help with income since I have missed two weeks of work and will not be able to get the same hours as before for a couple months. The Lord is very good to me!