June 1, 2010

Post date: Jun 01, 2010 11:21:59 PM

Went to Charleston yesterday and stayed at the Best Western last night. Their breakfast didn't start till 7am and my appt was at 7:30am so we tried to get everything done by 7. One thing, I can't lift anything over 10lbs so Becky ended up trying to do everything and we ended up just going to Mcdonalds to save time so we could eat on the way. Next time, we will have to get up even earlier.

The doctor said that I am doing well and after my pleading, she will sign a note letting me go back to work if I am still doing well when I see her this Monday. So I could be back to work as soon as this Tuesday! Then I would not have to take short term disability which only pays 60% of a 40hr week.

I am finding that the steroid I am on has really shortened my patience with the boys. They warned me that this could happen. At least they will be tapering down the dose after a couple months. It is an anti-inflammatory steroid, not a muscle building steroid, but it has this effect anyway. Please pray for me for this since I don't realize till after I have yelled at them that I am doing this. Also please pray for Becky as she is trying to take care of all of us and do all the driving etc. Arabella is really being needy and not going to sleep at night.