2014/03/16 - week of March 17 and March 20

Post date: Mar 16, 2014 3:22:07 PM

Hiya Singers!

Since I will be in Sitka on Monday night, with Alaskapella (what a wonderful group of young singers!), Monday night will be dedicated to sectionals, led by Jan and Rich.

Rich will start with warmups, and do a quick read of movement 12 (Agnus Dei to the end).

Then break into sectionals: Jan, with SA in the sanctuary, Rich with TB in the narthex.

Then come back for Hostias, led by Jan.

Singer assignments:

1) Look through your score, page by page, and identify problem measures, and tricky entrances within movements. Jan and Rich will cover as many of these as possible.

2) On the tricky fast passages, practice speaking the parts in rhythm, progressively faster. I'm thinking especially "Ne absorbeat" and the final movement "Cum sanctis". I don't want us to get bogged down with these tongue twisters. Please do give this a little time and attention, before both rehearsals this week.

3) Don't worry about transitions between movements at this point (i.e., getting starting pitches in particular movements). We'll cover that at a later rehearsal.

Thursday, we'll meet again, with the trombones, and do a full read-through.

Remaining schedule:

Monday, March 17, Resurrection Lutheran Church, 7-9 PM

Thursday, March 20, RLC, 7-9 PM

Monday, March 24, RLC, 7-9 PM

Thursday, March 27, RLC 7-9 PM

Monday, March 31, RLC, 7-9 PM, with Kyle

Tuesday, April 1, (possible rehearsal), location to be announced, 7-9 PM

Thursday, April 3, JDHS auditorium, evening, time TBA

Friday, April 4, JDHS, evening, time TBA

Saturday, April 5, JDHS, morning, time TBA

Performances (warmup probably before concert, maybe at intermission).

Saturday, April 5, JDHS, 7 PM call

Sunday, April 6, JDHS, 2:15 call