Post date: May 15, 2012 7:56:56 PM

Hello, Ye Mighty Singers of Juneau!

Resurrection Lutheran Church has asked me to pass on a notice of their upcoming Silent Auction, on Sunday, May 20, from noon to 1 PM.

As you all know, RLC is a very important supporter of the arts in Juneau. They open their facility to rehearsals and performances, on a regularly-scheduled basis, and on short notice. It simply is due to their generosity, mission, and community spirit that choruses in Juneau can pursue their many activities, and prepare for their events. I simply can't thank RLC enough.

RLC also has a very important community mission to support the homeless and hungry in Juneau. To this end, they are planning to renovate the entrance to the church and expand their storage facilities for the community food bank and other missions.

They have asked for our support in their upcoming silent auction, and are also welcoming contributions and auction donations. All proceeds will go to the renovation progam.

Please do what you can, and pass the word.

And thank RLC, its members, and leadership. We are grateful for their work in our community.



PS: Flyer for the event: http://tinyurl.com/RLC-silent-auction

PPS: Contact information for this event:

Linda Mickle

RLC Building Committee

723 - 0184 (cell)

789 - 0868 (home)