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2016/11/25 - rehearsal and performance schedule update for Chorus

posted Nov 25, 2016, 6:56 PM by Artistic Director

Greetings Singers!

Quick update to the rehearsal and performance schedule -- no changes, except we start earlier, 6:30 PM (warm-ups), at Northern Light United Church, on Thu, Dec 2.

The latest schedule -- it's also online as a google calendar:
Here are the basics, for chorus:
Mon, Nov 28 -  7:00 - Resurrection Lutheran 
Thu, Dec  1 -  6:30 - Northern Light (EARLIER START - come at 6:30 for warm-up, and getting on risers, sing with orchestra at 7:00 !!!)
Fri, Dec  2 -  3:00 - Stage Hands Only - Chapel by the Lake - to set risers
Sat, Dec  3 - 10:30 - Northern Light, come at 10:30 for warm-up, and getting on risers, sing with orchestra at 11:00

Sat, Dec  3 -  7:15 – Northern Light, Performance #1 (Call and warm-up at 7:15, concert at 8:00)  
Sun, Dec  4    1:00 - Chapel by the Lake, Performance #2 (Call at 1:00 for setup, concert at 3:00)

Thanks All!

2016/11/17 - note rehearsal location changes!

posted Nov 17, 2016, 10:10 AM by Artistic Director

Greetings, Ye Singers!
We've had great rehearsals the last couple of weeks.  Thank you, Sue, for your wonderful help and skills at the piano.
Coming into the last stretch of rehearsals, here are some rehearsal reminders:
THU, Nov 17 - Resurrection Lutheran
MON, Nov 21 - CHAPEL BY THE LAKE (note this change of venue!)
THU, Nov 24 - Thanksgiving, No Rehearsal
MON, Nov 28 - Resurrection Lutheran
THU, Dec 1 - NORTHERN LIGHT UNITED CHURCH (come at 7, to warm up with Jacquie)
SAT, Dec 3 - 11:00 AM - Northern Light (come at 10:45, to warm up)
We're getting there, with the first movement, and the chorales.  It is such fun, for me, I hope it is for you as well.

Mom is still talking about how wonderful it was to have the surprise phone call to her on Monday night, for her birthday wishes.  Thanks!



posted Oct 26, 2016, 3:08 PM by Artistic Director

Greetings, Singers.

Good work the last couple of weeks.  Time now to add a few trills, and make sure there is "line" in our singing.  Think horizontally, and look for target notes in your parts.

Monday rehearsals only, until November 10, when we will add in Thursday evening as well.  All rehearsals at Resurrection Lutheran, starting at 7 PM.



posted Oct 17, 2016, 12:43 PM by Artistic Director

Sing On!

Rehearsals are going really well -- I hope you're enjoying them as much as I do.

A quick note:  Thursday rehearsals are cancelled until November 10.  But Mondays, every week until performance week in December.

Still time to join -- we're at a point where newcomers can really benefit from the work of those who've made it to our rehearsals to date.

Thank you to you all, and welcome back, Sue!

Check the rehearsal and performer calendar, here: JBS performance and rehearsal calendar 



posted Oct 4, 2016, 1:43 PM by Artistic Director

Greetings, Ye Most Excellent Singers.

Thanks for the fine rehearsal on Monday.  Our next rehearsal is on Monday, October 10, 7 PM, at Resurrection Lutheran, where we will continue on our work with cantata 70.

We had over 30 singers at rehearsal, which included some new folks. 

Please continue to invite anyone new who would like to participate, and do give a reminder heads-up to folks who may not yet have heard we are preparing for the December concerts.  All are welcome.


2014/03/16 - week of March 17 and March 20

posted Mar 16, 2014, 8:22 AM by Artistic Director

Hiya Singers!

Since I will be in Sitka on Monday night, with Alaskapella (what a wonderful group of young singers!), Monday night will be dedicated to sectionals, led by Jan and Rich. 

Rich will start with warmups, and do a quick read of movement 12 (Agnus Dei to the end).

Then break into sectionals:  Jan, with SA in the sanctuary, Rich with TB in the narthex.

Then come back for Hostias, led by Jan.

Singer assignments:

1)  Look through your score, page by page, and identify problem measures, and tricky entrances within movements.  Jan and Rich will cover as many of these as possible.

2)  On the tricky fast passages, practice speaking the parts in rhythm, progressively faster.  I'm thinking especially "Ne absorbeat" and the final movement "Cum sanctis".  I don't want us to get bogged down with these tongue twisters.  Please do give this a little time and attention, before both rehearsals this week.

3)  Don't worry about transitions between movements at this point (i.e., getting starting pitches in particular movements).  We'll cover that at a later rehearsal.

Thursday, we'll meet again, with the trombones, and do a full read-through.

Remaining schedule:

Monday, March 17, Resurrection Lutheran Church, 7-9 PM
Thursday, March 20, RLC, 7-9 PM
Monday, March 24, RLC, 7-9 PM
Thursday, March 27, RLC 7-9 PM
Monday, March 31, RLC, 7-9 PM, with Kyle
Tuesday, April 1, (possible rehearsal), location to be announced, 7-9 PM
Thursday, April 3, JDHS auditorium, evening, time TBA
Friday, April 4, JDHS, evening, time TBA
Saturday, April 5, JDHS, morning, time TBA

Performances (warmup probably before concert, maybe at intermission).
Saturday, April 5, JDHS, 7 PM call
Sunday, April 6, JDHS, 2:15 call


2014/03/09 -- week of March 10: choral balance and blend

posted Mar 9, 2014, 1:29 PM by Artistic Director

Hey Singers,

This week we'll focus on balance and blend in the chorus.  Getting this right is important:  it distinguishes good choirs from great ones.

On Monday, we'll cover "Hostias" (page 52-58), the ending movement "Requiem/cum sanctis" (page 73-80), and time permitting, "Sanctus" (page 59), "Agnus Dei" (page 68), and the homophonic portion of "Confutatis" (page 39).

On Thursday, we'll read through from beginning to end, take a break, and then (possibly) work spots after break.

Thanks for all of your good work!


2014/03/01 - Fun with Fugues

posted Mar 1, 2014, 2:55 PM by Artistic Director

Hey Singers!
So, it's time to have some fun with fugues.
Monday, March 3 - Domine Jesu (p 44):  Ne absorbeat (p 46, mm 21-32) and Quam olim (p 48, m 44-78).  Movement I (p 4), with some focused work on fugue themes.
Thursday, March 6 - Sanctus (p 59).  Focused work on Osanna fugue (p 60, mm 11-38).  Benedictus - Osanna fugue (p 67, mm 54-76).
We will also review Dies Irae, Rex tremendae, Domine Jesu, and Hostias this week.
See you on Monday.

2014/02/22 - rehearsals Monday, Feb 24 and Thursday, Feb 27

posted Feb 22, 2014, 11:43 AM by Artistic Director

Good work folks; we've introducted almost everything.  See you Monday.
Monday, Feb 24
  1. Confutatis
  2. Kyrie / Christe double fugue in Movement 1, starting on page 9.
Thursday, Feb 27
  1. Domine Jesu, especially letter L through fugue (pages 45 - 47)
  2. Verify harmonies in Hostias, letter W through Z (pages 53 - 54), and in spots in Sanctus and Agnus Dei
  3. Chorus requests

2014/02/14 - rehearsal on Feb 17

posted Feb 13, 2014, 6:14 PM by Artistic Director   [ updated Feb 13, 2014, 6:20 PM ]

Fine rehearsals.  Bring your friends!
Monday, Feb 17, we will cover:
#4 Rex Tremendae,
#8 Domine Jesu,
#1 the "Kyrie" fugue, and touch up on
#2 Dies Irae

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