Open Source 'MBTI'-Style Assessment

This form directs you to a free self-assessment that, and then takes you through a process where you analyse what you have read.

This process is based on the self-awareness activities that had a positive effect on my own life, after taking a free online test in Sudan in 2006. Since then, knowing my "MBTI" profile has been a help and sometimes a hindrance - but mostly a help. I took the real MBTI later on at University, and scored the same as I did on this free test, so free worked - for me at least.

All of the answers are recorded on a spreadsheet that I have access to, and I usually use this with people that I am coaching, in which case I will look through it and give some feedback.

You can read all about the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator, based on Jungian psychology, at the Wikipedia page on MBTI, but you don't have to do that yet: I found information about the MBTI to be most useful after I took a similar assessment. The assessment is only good for as much as you get out of it, so reading all about it beforehand is kind of beside the point.

For people looking at colleges or careers, often an MBTI-like assessment is the first step, and a look at (or similar website) to search for a couple of "Dream jobs," is the second step. When you see a dream job, look at the requirements: that's your educational and career path. If I'm coaching you, the third step is to send me your picks for dream job and let me analyse it for insights that you might not have noticed.

That's the whole point of a coach, or consultant, right? To figure out opportunities that you couldn't, or to help you take advantage of them.