Note: It's also easy to list academic influences because they are more or less public knowledge. - it's a lot dicier to list professional influences. The corporate world may be shrouded in a bit more secrecy and politics as far as learning and credit go. (Note, 2015: that's silly, I think the previous sentence was just an excuse for being too lazy to make a page paying homage to my professional influences. :-P

Influences, Mentors, Teachers.

I want to pay homage to all the people who have influenced my life,

starting with my university professors.

I think it is really important who you were taught by

as well as what you were taught.

though what you learned is, in the end,

even more important.

That's why I put together this list,

frozen at the time that I last had contact with them.

It is limited to college professors,

and there are some glaring deficiencies, including a complete lack of anyone from the Torrey Honors Institute,

but it's a start.