Open Source Enneagram Profile


Despite not appearing to be very popular in academic psychology circles, the Enneagram has a lot of non-academic work surrounding its use, so its descriptions are quite well developed. Since my methodology for using personality profiles is to use them only as a self-discovery tool, where you get a profile and then analyse where you think it describes you and where you think it doesn't - and then can use the language that you think describes you to help understand yourself, and describe yourself to others, this development in the description department makes it useful.

Triangulating from multiple personality profiles (DiSC, MBTI, Enneagram, etc.) provides a way to quickly put together your unique mix of characteristics, to help your colleagues, boss, and family understand you better.


If you want to dig deeper with a "qualitative analysis" (Wikipedia) of your Enneagram type, you can use with the Free Enneagram Worksheet as you fill this form out. The worksheet takes the form of a structured self-interview with analysis of documents and materials.