School Song

The school song was written by Hubert Butler with considerable help from a 12 year old pupil. It first appeared in the School Magazine, volume 1 number 2, in December 1930 and was written during the Autumn term.
It was set to the music Monk's Gate, which is best known as the hymn To be a Pilgrim by John Bunyan, 1684.
Often when tireless waves
Hurl them together
Into Tintagel's caves,
'Spite of the weather
Knights of the Table Round
On quests of Mercy bound
Sing to the thunder's sound
Laugh at the lightning.
Danes over wold and fen
Britain encumber;
Scarcely a thousand men
Alfred can number,
Yet shall the Wessex ground
To their proud tramp resound,
Drummed by the thunder's sound,
Lit by the lightning.
So here at Huyton Hill
We pledge the future;
We will with brave good will
Meet all adventure.
Where tasks do most confound,
There may we straight be found,
Though thunder echoes round
After the lightning.