Each year a school calendar was produced.
1940 "Best Wishes for Christmas and for Peace and Goodwill in the New Year"
1944 Jeeps First Christmas
1946 School Flag
1950s Aerial photograph of the school
 The following drawings are by Claude Harrison:
1958 "Conversation Piece" The School Dogs, Rusty & Trigger
1959 Boating
1960 Summer Time at Huyton Hill School near Ambleside
1961 The Wray Field
1962 Puffin Ballet, from the Summer Review
1963 Skating on the Cricket Field
1964 Cock and Bull Story, Balletina, from the Huyton Hill Midsummer Revue
1965 Rowing on Windermere
 1966 Sledging down to the rugby field
1967 Tournament at Camelot from the Huyton Hill Midsummer Revue
1968 Huyton Hill Christmas Music