Many different games and activities were used to entertain and occupy the boys.
Cricket House Match 1967,                                                                                         The Cricket pitch was by the boathouse
the umpire is GVB in classic stance with corduroy shorts.
 Soccer and Ruby were played on a rough field with a very heavy leather ball.
Cleaning Gym Shoes                                                                                                               Mr Christopher Savile plays cricket
In the summer, the lawn between the house and the lake was used as an athletics track by cutting the grass shorter for the running track.
An athletics and games competition was held for parents to watch at the start of the summer half term.
Preparing to race                                                                                          The finish line
Sprinting                                                                                                        Charriot race
Obstacle Race Medley
Junor sports were held on the lawn at the front of the house:
Football knockout                                                                                         Football tunnel
Four corner tug                                                                                             Through the Hoop
Pole Run                                                                                                        Avoid the Mat