Riddle Posts



Q: Northern Hemisphere race horses have a common birthday no matter when they were born.
A: January 1st

Q: I’m not a Prince, but I was once extinct and rediscovered.
A: Caspian

Q: It’s small and sharp but a horse will wear it.
A: Tack

Amber Isle

Q: It’s Monday. You ride into town on Tuesday. One day passes. What day is it?
A: Tuesday

Q: My saddle tends to come hither, Up to me, the horse’s
A: Wither

Q: A breed named after steep sided inlets in Norway.
A: Fjord

Ancient Isle

Q: I’m a questionnaire and a horse part!
A: Poll

Q: I am a horse kind of white, very strong, not very light. Live in snow, day and night. Very small, tiny you could say. What breed am I by the way?
A: Icelandic

Q: What kind of horse has six legs?
A: Ridden

Angled Isle

Q: I can march to the bagpipes, or bring your bag down the Brae! Do you ken my bread?
A: Highland Pony

Q: My breed are all red-heads, the descendants of tough warriors. What am I?
A: Frederiksborg

Q: What horse breed is named after a Russian river?
A: Don

Arid Isle

Q: What type of horse riding are these letters used in; c, h, e, k, a, f, b, m, x?
A: Dressage

Q: My 1st letter is in star but not tar, my second is in thing but not in ding, 3rd is in eagle but not in gal, 4th is in thing but not in hinge, 5th is in life but not in knife, 6th is in stallion but not in gelding, 7th is in net but not in date, 8th is in dolphin but not in flippers. What am I?
A: Shetland

Q: A Movie__, same word as a horse ___
A: trailer

Banana Isle

Q: I was on my way to NarrowTon one day, when I met a girl with five horses. Each horse had five dogs, each dog had five cat friends, and each cat had five mice. All in all, how many were going to NarrowTon?
A; 1

Q: While walking into a barn carrying a large, heavy sack. You see a horse with its ears back. You jump and wonder did you forget to give it food? You had better figure out this horses mood!
A: Angry

Q: What position can horses sleep in?
A: Standing

Bend Isle

Q: What is an Equus caballus?
A: Horse

Q: What breeds of horses can jump higher than a house?
A: All

Q: What is the scariest kind of horse?
A: Night mare

Big Forest Isle

Q: Which animal is a very close relative of the horse, yet spends most of it’s day in the water?
A: Hippopotamus

Q: I am as large as a castle, yet lighter than air. 100 men and their horses can not move me. What am I?
A: The castle's shadow

Q: I'm the result of breeding Andalusians, Quarter Horses, and Mexican Criollos together. My name is awfully similar to one of the first Mexican Civilizations.
A: Azteca

Birch  Isle

Q: An equine coloring. It's hard to tell when horses of this color are dirty.
A: Brown

Q: It's at the beginning of steeplechase, at the end of rodeos, and within horses? What is it?
A: S

Q: This breed (minus one letter) is the daddy of horses.
A: Shire

Blizzard Isle

Q: You are riding a stout Icelandic and he gives you a terrible jolt! You begin to think to yourself, He's not a walking, nor trotting or loping.. Icelandics are known for a gait called the ___!
A: Tolt

Q: Scared of your shadow? This Legendary horse was rumored to be. Until a young conqueror found him, that is! Isn't that just great?
A: Bucephalus

Q: Stock saddles have this feature which sport saddles lack. Although pressing down on it will not make a sound!
A: Horn

Bone Isle

Q: My name starts with a G, and I’m not very tall. Being an old breed, I’m a riding pony to all. Descendant of the Tarpan, I come in many different colors. Having a good nature, I’m love by many! Who am I?
A: Gotland

Q: The only truly wild horse left in the world. Let me see you try to say my name 3 times fast.
A: Przewalski

Q: You might think a race horse like me would be driven in a sulky; but in my native land I am often ridden in races, oui oui! Whom do you think I am?
A: French Trotter

Brown Isle

Q: This horse color rhymes with a tasty fruit.
A: Dapple

Q: My breed is named after a place nearly a thousand miles from where I originated! What breed am I?
A: Rocky Mountain Horse

Q: Roy Roger's' Steed is one who pulls the...
A: Trigger


Q: What kind of horses are stationed on the coast to send signals to ships?

A: Light Horse

Q: This familiar thing has a name made up of 2 words, both of which separately it is not. It is not actually an Animal, nor is it actually a physical place.
A: Horse Isle

Q: A horse breed and a machine. What am I?
A: Mustang


Q: What skills do horses even know when born?
A: Running

Q: This breed will sure not melt your heart, at least, not literally!
A: Icelandic

Q: Do you get hungry when you hear my name? Many people do! But I am not a breakfast pastry. What am I?
A: Danish

Bulb Isle

Q: It may seem as though I only have one leg, but I am just as thorough as a thoroughbred, and can run quite fast
 A: Quarter Horse

Q: I am neither a horse nor a donkey, yet I am both also, what am I?
A: Mule

Q: This is part of a horse, but the horse can run around it.
A: Barrel

Cavern Isle

Q: Despite my size, I am a true horse, neither a pony nor a Minature. What am I?

A: Caspian

Q: I’m a tough little pony, but very sweet. A Canadian Province shares my name.
A: Newfoundland

Q: This breed is no hobbit, though you might have thought it at first, until you saw one?
A: Shire

Chilly Forest  

Q: Securing this part of a western saddle will be very easy. What part is it?

A: Cinch

Q: I’m a member of the camel family, believe it or not. I provide wool along with other things for humans. I can live 15 to 29 years, and weight from 200 to 450 pounds.
A: Llama

Q: Despite my name, my coat is not shaggy; in fact it’s shiny!
A: Shagya Arabian

Circle Forest

Q: It’s known to be used on Dogs who bite, and it’s on all horses, whether they like it or not
A: Muzzle

Q: This war horse was used as a cavalry mount as recently as World War 1.
A: Irish Draught

Q: It’s on the horse, and it’s also a place where boats can stay.
A: Dock


Q: I leap through my Airs with the greatest of ease. I challenge the men on the flying trapeze. I'm gallant and strong, with a clever quick wit. Once a battle's begun, I'm too brave to quit. My kind is remembered in legend with honor. I hail from the stables of the great _____.

A: Lipizzaner

Q: This pony used to be from the Moor but is no more, so now it's ____?
A: Exmoor

Q: This pony breed must really like Coffee.
A: Java

Crater Mountain Isle

Q: Despite my name, my breed is actually quite gentle and easygoing
A: Furioso

Q: This poor pony has trouble staying on all fours!
A: Fell

Q: What equine color is also part of a horse?
A: Chestnut


Q: How many blood pumps (hearts) does a horse have?

A: 5

Q: It happens on Halloween to unsuspecting children, but it can happen to a horse any day?
A: Spook

Q: If a horse and a half can eat a hay bale and a half in a minute and a half, how long would it take 6 horses to eat 6 hay bales?
A: Minute and a half

DeadWood Isle

Q: How many nails does a well-shod horse need?

A: 0

Q: Hock rhymes with Dock, and what’s the last part of the horse that rhymes?
A: Fetlock

Q: You may receive this equine breed for Valentine's Day, but smaller and tastes like chocolate
A: Belgian


Q: This sweet treat is more than squared to make a horse happy.

A: Sugar cube

Q: I am a mythical horse that lives under the sea--or a part of your brain!!
A: Hippocampus

Q: A horse and a lion both have this, you wouldn't want to get tangled in it though!
A: Mane

Desert Isle

Q: In the desert sun I may look like gold and as a breed I am very Old.
A: Akhal-Teke

Q: This is a dressage movement, but also a ballet movement. What is it?
A: Pirouette

Q: Watch out for me! I might come at you with a vicious pun! But you may only understand it if you know Spanish. What breed am I?
A: Spanish Barb

Dribble Isle

Q: An iron horse with a flaxen tail, the faster he runs the shorter his tail becomes, what is he?
A: Needle and thread

Q: Ginger’s dam has 4 foals, the first is named Carly, the second is named Champ, the third is Amy, what is the fourth foal's name?
A: Ginger

Q: Who is able to keep up with a racehorse's every move?
A: Jockey

Drip Isle

Q: What 9 letter horse breed starts with an A and ends with A?
A: Appaloosa

Q: What horse haircut shares its name with an insect?
A: Roach

Q: Seen in sky and sometimes on a horse’s forehead.
A: Star

Droplet Isle

Q: This Equine Conformation doesn’t give the sound coo coo, but possibly moo!

A: Cow hocked

Q: This equine says this in very cold weather “I’m __”
A: Friesian

Q: You may call your king this, or your daddy horse.
A: Sire

Dry Isle

Q: Peanuts are named after the country this is named from. Look hard. I’m no illusion.
A: Andalusian

Q: Your horse might be fast but still, it cannot beat this in a race. While it might be smaller than your horse at noon, it can be quite larger at other times of the day. At night you will have trouble finding it.
A: Shadow

Q: Because it is already. An Equine of this coloring rarely needs to do any work.
A: Dun


Q: My breed is made up of a man's name + the letter s + another mans name. What am I?
A: Clydesdale

Q: A royal's crown, but not worn on the horse's head.
A: Coronet

Q: I am not worth a penny, I am not worth a dime, give me five nickels and I'll be worth your time.
A: Quarter Horse


Q: What is a horse's most defensive body part?
A: Cannon

Q: What is a horse's favorite hair style?
A: Ponytail

Q: This Spanish breed of horse has a “Fine Step”
A: Paso Fino

Forgotten Isle

Q: This is a part of every ocean wave, as well as part of every horse. What is it?
A: Crest

Q: Sprinkles on my hind-end, speckles on my chin, you may not see me, because I well blend in! What breed am I?
A: Appaloosa

Q: This marking sounds like it’s more at home in the water, than on a horse.
A: Eel stripe


Q: Afraid of horses?! Why would you be? But if you are, you have this. 
A: Equinophobia

Q Take a horse, divide it in two, repeat. Resemble a breed?
A: Quarter horse

Q: Your horse is in a race. You are picking up speed and pass the horse that is second place. What place are you in now?
A: 2nd

Golden Isle

Q: What large mammal has more hands than feet?
A: Horse

Q: My ears are my distinguishing mark. If they were charged up you might see a spark! What breed am I?
A: Kathiawari

Q: Your friend always keeps water bottles in her backpack. What animal does this remind you of?
A: Camel

Grass Isle

Q: The UK was divided up into units same as my breed name.
A: Shire

Q: Famous for my tolt, which is smooth and won’t jolt. Touch me and I’m cold, usually trained when I’m old, which breed am I?
A: Icelandic

Q:This horse breed and waffles go well together.
A: Belgian

Ice Cube

Q: Horses cannot fly, but that does not stop some breeds in having these!
A: Feathers

Q: This breed sounds similar to Crayon brand.
A: Criollo

Q: A mix of two I am, In the show I’m quite a ham, Find me from a desert state, I also have a cool gait.
A: National Show Horse

Lance Isle

Q: You could paint this horse breed red, white and blue, and stencil in some stars!

A: American Paint

Q: I might have been the favorite mount of Ahab, according to a funny old song, if it hadn’t been for Clyde. What breed am I?
A: Arabian

Q: Calm and intelligent, I am known as th only Hypoallergenic horse! I can survive in very cold climates. What am I?
A: Bashkir Curly


Q: In a stable there are men and horses. In all there are 22 heads and 72 feet. How many horses are in the stable?

A: 14

Q: This animal spelled backwards is a very common destination for teenagers.
A: Llama

Q: I am not technically a horse, I could be appropriately named Lloyd or Llindsay. What am I?
A: Llama

Lost Isle

Q: An American explosive!

A: Florida Cracker

Q: A feisty equine coloring, it roams in Africa and Asia. Don’t forget to include the dots!
A: Leopard spotted

Q: I come in many heights and lengths. Sometimes I guide, sometimes I block, and I am even jumped occasionally. You usually see me in white or black but I don’t see you at all. What am I?
A: Fence

Lost Jungle Isle

Q: This brush isn't made out of a tasty dish
A: Curry

Q: An Equine, one letter off from a Monkey?
A: Donkey

Q: This breed only throws half of what it's got.
A: Haflinger

Marshy Isle 
Q: I cannot join you on the dance floor, even though a type of dance is within my name.
A: Fox Trotter

Q: Hudson, Chesapeake, Equine Coloring
A: Bay

Q: I come in many colors, shapes, and sizes, yet one thing never changes. I'm sharp and strong, and I like to clean frogs. What am I?
A: Hoof pick

Q: A competitive brother and sister who loved to race were given a strange racing challenge by their mother. Whichever horse crossed the finish line LAST would be the winner. This upset the pair greatly, since they loved to race each other. After a while of riding their horses very slowly, they became bored. They looked at each other and both shouted the same two words to solve their problem. After a minute, they both took off towards the finish line! What were the words?
A: Swap horses

Q: I might be one of the original Three Stooges! What breed am I?
A: Bashkir Curly

Q: I'm not the breed used by the RCMP, but you might yell, "Oh, Canada!" when you see me! What am I?
A: Canadian Horse

Narrowed Isle

Q: I'm a famous horse who sounds like phoning in a document while sitting under a tree. Who am I?
 A: Shadowfax

Q: What part of a horse is also part of a road?
A: Shoulder

Q: Change the spacing in the following sentence to reveal an equine vocab word: Please do your math or see a tutor.
A: Horse (math or see = mat horse e)

Palm Isle

Q: A confusing equine coloring, using either first or second alphabetical vowels.

A: Grey

Q: Buried Alive? I surely once was. Unburied, I died. I should have been a “ Parrot”, then that horse wouldn’t have done what it did to me. What was I?
A: Carrot

Q: Name a breed that is from Kentucky, and is named after a piece of tack?
A: Saddlebred


Q: My tale is one of eternal sadness -- I must spend my entire life at the rear of a horse!
A: Tail

Q: I'm a beautiful breed related to the Andalusian. I was once a war horse, and am known for my cow sense and my talent in dressage! My breed name ends in the letter O.
A: Lusitano

Q: Patty and Violet are in the field with their three horses. Patty is on all fours acting like a horse, Violet is testing her balance on 1 leg, 1 horse is injured and is on 3 legs, 1 horse is grazing, and the last horse is seeing how long he can stay rearing. How many legs are touching the ground?
A: 12


Q: I can be rosey red or sour green, sunset yellow or berry pink. I am a favorite in the barn no matter my flavor be it sour or sweet. What am I?
A: Apple

Q: This poor piece of tack isn’t very happy.
A: Saddle

Q: Which part of a horse stores gas?
A: Gaskin

Pinnacle Isle

Q: What do a horse and rider both wear while riding?
A: Shoes

Q: This artificial aid for a rider could be commonly grown by farmers.
A: Crop

Q: Not only is this a salad dressing, you might find a horse here too!
A: Ranch


Q: “Stubborn as a?” or “kicks like a?”

A: Mule

Q: This isn’t fully a horse, an equine of course! It’s crossed with a zebra, making it a ___?
A: Zorse

Q: 205 B__ are in a H__S___
A: 205 bones are in a horse skeleton

Pond Isle

Q: What kind of horse cannot eat grass?

 A: Foal

Q: This is a question of commands, either you go or ??
 A: Halt

Q: An Adult male horse may have these howling teeth that are not always seen?
 A: Wolf

Prairie Isle

Q: A type of shoe. Dogs like to chew some shoes, but not this. In fact, people like to play with this shoe when it’s old more than dogs do. 
A: Horseshoe

Q: My knees don’t cough, but my name sure sounds like it.
A: Hackney

Q: Horses hate this item, it is true. They can’t even give that bit a chew. Sometimes it can go very high. That’s when horses want to cry.
A: Bearing rein

Rocky Cove

Q: Two men and their sons went with their sons to a local stable to go on a trail ride. What is the smallest amount of horses these men will need to rent?
A: 3

Q: "Got milk?" was a marketing slogan for dairy industry. This horse breed stole a similar real estate slogan!
A: Gotland

Q: I am a big, milky-white whose risen to the top in America. I can truly say I'm top of the crop!
A: American Cream Draft

Rocky Isle

Q: I belong on a horse, so please don't spell me as if I were a story!
A: Tail

Q: What runs around a yard but stays still?
A: Fence

Q: What has four frogs but doesn't croak?
A: Horse

Savanna Isle

Q: If a king sits on gold, who sits on silver?
A: Lone Ranger

Q: I’m actually not a boxer as my name suggests, I’m actually a gentle giant.
A: Suffolk Punch

Q: What has 4 hooves, 2 ears, and blends with a crowd?
A: Zebra


Q: All four of my legs come off of the ground, though come back down on two! What am I doing?
A: Courbette

Q: Without this, a horse won’t feel special, and they won’t come when you call, what is it?
A: Name

Q: I don’t sing beautiful songs at night, but hang from your horse’s reins and girth. What am I?
A: Martingale

Seedling Isle

Q: This equine coloring, mispronounced, suggests it is a friend of yours.

A: Palomino

Q: My breed has a big heart in a small package. I'm named after the island from which we hail.
A: Shetland

Q: I come from the same locale as the Hound of the Baskervilles! What breed am I?
A: Dartmoor

Q: My breed shares its name with that of a great naval battle of World War I. What am I?

A: Jutland

Q: I'm usually free and wild, but as you can see, with training I can be mild. What breed would I be?
A: Mustang

Q: What has 1,000 eyes, 2,000 shoes, and eats grass?
A: 500 horses


Q: I'm the color of fire, but I'm not a dragon, I'm really strong and can pull a wagon.
A: Suffolk Punch

Q: This type of discipline means "training" in French
A: Dressage

Q: This gait is specific to a couple of horse breeds is also a part of a male deer.
A: Rack


Q: A breed sounds as if it were bred from illusions. Really could be changed if this breed went extinct.
A: Alter Real

Q: An Equine coloring; high in the forest; an open fire.
A: Chestnut

Q: What do people wear that horses might be born wearing?
A: Socks

Sunny Glade

Q: For a thousand years, I was thought extinct! But I am a still living, direct descendant of one of the four original types of prehistoric horses and ponies. What am I?

A: Caspian

Q: This breed is the dream of every body builder
A: Morab

Q: The name of this coloring doesn’t mean the horse has parasites.
A: Fleabitten

Totem Isle

Q: A car has just one of something that this mythical horse has as well.
A: Unicorn

Q: An equine coloring and yet not a color. Without light, likely visible at night.
A: white

Q: This color equine must really enjoy beans.
A: Pinto

Twin Forest Isle

Q: This breed's initials are ABCD minus one of those letters
A: American Cream Draft

Q: You might think this equine got in trouble and went to jail
A: Zebra

Q: I’m Austrailia’s equivalent of the American Mustang. What breed am I?
A: Brumby

Twin Rivers Isle

Q: You are in a field with 3 horses, Babe, Bob and Ben. Ben is standing on his back legs, Bob is standing on one more leg than Ben. Babe is standing normally. How many legs are touching the ground?
A: 11

Q: I may be the oldest purebred in England, but I rock enough to be in the Hall of fame in my American namesake. What am I?
A: Cleveland Bay

Q: Sturdily built, and plain in looks I might be, but when racing the mile, I set the standard. Who am I?
A: Standardbred


Q: This tack sounds like the cause of a muddy day.
A: Rein

Q: This footwear is very lucky.
A: Horseshoe

Q: You agree by moving your head, which is also my breed name spelled backwards.
A: Don

White Isle

Q: My first is in horse, but not in course. My second is in whole, but not in well. My third is in foot, but also in shoe. My last is in final, and also in first. What am I?

A: Hoof

Q: Usually black or grey, I'm a very proud draft horse. I come from Le Perche, in France!.
A: Percheron

Q: A horse lover bought a car and put a custom license plate on it : 10cwlker. What is their favorite breed?
A: Tennessee Walker

Windy Pines

Q: Marked with stripes like a zebra, but its name has more in common with a tiger.
A: Kiger Mustang

Q: My hooves are striped, but my body is not. I can run a great distance without getting hot. What breed am I?
A: Appaloosa

Q: This action of an unruly horse, has also been called, “The Great King of the Forest”
A: Buck


Q: In the earth’s crust. In your blood. Part of a saddle.
A: Iron

Q: What kind of horse likes the wind?
A: Draft horse

Q: The name for my type of attitude means I’m tempermental and swift, not feverish! What kind of horse am I?
A: Hot blooded