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Ice Sculptures

Even though the heading on the Ice sculpture indicates that it is unfinished, I have gone into the pictures and edited them so they are finished and show all of the break out spots correctly; or, I have left one 0 square unbroken someplace on the grid.

NOTE: We have been updating most of our pictures for the mini-games. So if you find pictures that aren't loading properly, [CTRL] + [F5] pressed together should reload the pictures from their new location.

Barren Isle, Bridge

Barren Isle, Bunny

Barren Isle, Dolphin

Barren Isle, Mountains

Blizzard Isle, Dragget

Crystal Isle, Arrow Tower

Crystal Isle, Camel

Crystal Isle, Daffin

Crystal, Isle Swirl

Flurry Isle, Giant Flower

Flurry Isle, Geometric

Frozen Isle, Colosseum

Frozen Isle, Sailboat

Glacier Island, Covered Wagon

Glacier Island, Horse

Glacier Island, Lumps

Ice Cube, Curvey

Ice Cube, Fence

Ice Cube, Pines

Ice Cube, Swiss Cheese

White Isle, Bulbous

White Isle, Furbur

White Isle, HII

White Isle, Snowflake

White Isle, Snow People

White Isle, Rings