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You will find most of the Balance mini-games in one or the other of the Feed Stores or the Livery Stables in the towns on the main islands of an island group (archipelago). In several instances, they are found in both locations.
If you find it difficult to read the numbers on the buckets hanging from the beam, click on the individual picture for an enlarged copy of the picture and then the [BACK] button to return to this page.

NOTE: We have been updating most of our pictures for the mini-games. So if you find pictures that aren't loading properly, [F5] key or the [CTRL] + [F5] combo (pressed together) should reload the pictures from their new location.

Angled Isle
AngleTon - Feed Store

Dry Isle
DryTon Feed Store

DryTon Livery Stable

Glacier Isle
GlacierTon - Feed Store

GlacierTon - Livery Stable

Meadow Isle
MeadowTon - Feed Store

Narrowed Isle
NarrowTon - Feed Store

NarrowTon - Livery Stable

Plains Isle
PlainTon - Feed Store

Tiger Isle
TigerTon - Feed Store

TigerTon - Livery Stable