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Jigsaw Puzzles

NOTE: We have been updating most of our pictures for the mini-games. So if you find pictures that aren't loading properly, [CTRL] + [F5] pressed together should reload the updated pictures from their new location.

Amber Sands, DockHouse

Arid Isle, DockHouse

Banana Isle, DockHouse









Barren Isle, DockHouse

Bend Isle, DockHouse

Blizzard, DockHouse

Brown Isle, DockHouse

Chilly Forest Isle, DockHouse

Circle Isle, DockHouse

Deadwood Isle, DockHouse

Droplet Isle, DockHouse

Dry Island, DryTon Inn

Dumbbell Isle, DockHouse

Dumbbell Isle, the Withie's Home

GlacierTon, DockHouse

GlacierTon, Hair Salon

Ice Cube, DockHouse

Islands Lake, DockHouse

Leaf Isle, DockHouse

Marshy Island, MarshTon Inn

Marshy Island, MarshTon, LadyLanyard's Home

Meadow island, Meadowton, MrsSundown's Home

Narrowed Island, NarrowTon, Livery Stable


Narrowed Island, NarrowTon, General Store

Narrowed Island, NarrowTon, Inn 2nd floor

Narrowed Island, NarrowTon, DeepWell Family Home

Narrowed Island, NarrowTon, FeatherStone Family Home


Petal Isla, DockHouse

Plains Island, PlainTon Bank

Pond Isle, DockHouse

Praire Island, DockHouse

Tiger Island, TigerTon, DockHouse

Tiger Island, TigerTon, MadamOcelot's

White Isle, DockHouse