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Here on my "Horse Isle 2 Help" you will find all kinds of help for the mini games, quizzes and walk-throughs for the Quests that are encountered in Horse Isle 2. Since I was not a beta player, I don't have the inside scoop on all of these quests. So, I am just getting everything up as soon as I get it figured out. I am hoping to become your goto place for all of your Horse Isle 2 help -- whether it be for Quest walk-throughs, mini games or anything else.

If you would like to talk to me in Horse Isle 2, my username is SkyBye. Unfortunately, I no longer have a "Horse Isle 1" account, I was Skybye there, also. Unfortunately I have stopped playing Horse Isle for now, I may or may not be back. While I am not playing I will not be updating this website but I will not take the website down. 

If you're new to Horse Isle, enjoy using the help offered here on my "Horse Isle 2 Help" pages or find it useful; and if you decide to stay in the game making your account more permanent with a paid subscription, please use the link below to grant me a referral bonus. I thank you in advance, because I certainly appreciate any help I get, too!

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  • New This week 12/17/16
    Well I am still updating. This week I have added some more Jigsaw puzzles to the Site. I have also started questing again. I am currently working on completing all of the Angleton Quests so I will be adding those to the site as I complete them.

    To everyone who has offered to help update the site I thank you very much but due to the way it is set up and that it's tied to one of my personal accounts I just am not ready to have other people working on it yet. 

    If there is any categories you think my site is missing let me know and I'll look into adding it in the future. I won't make any promises but if enought people send me the same suggestions I will do my best to add it. Send me an in game mail with suggestions.

    I hope Every one of you have a wonderful Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or any other Holiday you may Celebrate this time of the Year!

    Posted Dec 17, 2016, 11:02 AM by Tera Noel
  • I'm Back

    After taking a break for 2 years I am back.

    I am slowly updating the site with new mini game pictures. I have not started questing again since I have been back but I will do that eventually.

    New Things added: various Jigsaw puzzles, Windy Pines advanced crossword puzzle with more to come.

    Posted Dec 8, 2016, 9:30 AM by Tera Noel
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