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Dams - General Information
  1.  Highlander 6/10/1971 “Colorado Dams Begun With Private Money”  Two photos, Max Starcke Dam and Wirtz Dam.
  2.  "The River Cities Tribune 29 Jul 2005 "1930s floods devastated the Colorado Basin: Could it happen again"
  3.  "Marble Falls, Texas" (from Carl Ray at city planning) gives information on Chain of Lakes
  4.  "First Marble Falls Dam" from unnamed newspaper 1962
  5.   "Marble Falls Messanger" 8/24/1922 - Texas Rivers Problems written by Mrs. Sam Posey
  6.  "The Burnet Bulletin" 30 June 1938 - Ray Summerrow & his work on water power development
  7.  "The Burnet Bulletin" 30 Jun 1938 - LCRA board composed of nine members
  8.  Letter with attachments from Paul D. Hutchison, Research Assistant, Texas Tech University to Mrs. Byrna Dean Moore
  9.  "Marble Falls Messenger" 5/24/1962 Chain of Lakes
  10.  Highlander, 10 Nov 1977, Highland Lakes dams tame Colarado, a story about the marvel of the Highland Lakes.
  11.  folder, undated, compiler unknown of newspaper clippings about area dams.
  12.  Two newspaper articles: 1) Lake history; 2) Knowing the lakes
  13.  Supplement to The Highlander 25 Mar 1971; "Find Your Piece of Paradise in the Beautiful Highland Lakes"
  14. The Highlander 6 June 2017; "Significant rainfall causes water to spill over Inks Dam" - gives information on levels of all the lakes.

Dams, Buchanan Dam and Lake Buchanan     
1. Newspaper clipping, Austin American Statesman, 3 Sept 1984, with pictures of Bruce Jones and Constable R. T. “Bob” Cowart.  Story about “Lake Buchanan’s low level exposes long-hidden sights.”
2. Elevation Chart of Lake Buchanan
3. Newspaper page from The Highlander, 12 April 1973, “Old Timer Recalls Life on Colorado Before Buchanan Dam Was Built” by Moore Johanson.  The “old timer” in the story is John Johanson, who taught school at Bluffton from 1905 to 1914.  His wife was Laura Magnolia Moore Johanson.  Mr. Johanson died in 1960 and she in 1964.  The author was Llano County judge.  Pictures in the article of the Johanson family, including John and wife, Laura.
4. Newspaper page from the Burnet County Bulletin, 10 July 1975, “The Story of the Highland Lakes”, by Darrell Debo.
5. Of interest in the same Burnet County Bulletin, 10 July 1975 page is “Vose Retires at Buchanan Dam”, with picture and war/work history of Charles S. Vose.  Mr. Vose was wounded during WWII while in the Solomon Islands while commanding an infantry company as a captain.
6. Of interest in the same Burnet County Bulletin, 10 July 1975 page is a picture of Don Berry and his catch of 7 large yellow catfish which weighed in at over 100 pounds.
7. Section of the Austin American-Statesman dated October 4, 1936 titled “Cedar Brake Country of Central Texas to Become a Land of Lakes”  also giving sports scores and sports information for  that date
8. Hill Country Magazine Winter 2004 “Steam Power” has pictures of the third annual steamboat meet on Lake Buchanan
9. Postcard of Buchanan Dam
10. Brochure from the 50th Anniversary celebration for  and Buchanan Dams October 24, 1987  listing statistics about dams naming some of the men who helped build them
11. LCRA Magazine Current September 1987 with articles about the Inks and Buchanan Dams’ construction and planned celebrations for 50th Anniversary
12. Kingsland Current,  02/08/06 Drought no stranger to the Highland Lakes area
13. Llano Buzz,  Lake Country Life –Landmarks section,  7-05-06 “Buchanan Dam electrified the Hill Country”
14. Articles about  Hamilton Dam which was renamed Buchanan Dam -
a. Newspaper article titled “Dams Along Colorado Envisioned Century Ago” by Miss F.S. Goree and
b.  Newspaper article from The Austin-American Statesman dated February 10, 1975 titled “LCRA is 40 Years Old”  including pictures of Hamilton Dam under construction and Austin’s Congress Avenue bridge under waters in 1935
15. Original page from Burnet Bulletin, 30 June 1938, with photo of flood gates and article about dam structure
16. Burnet Bulletin, 24 Oct 1935, "Wage Scale Buchanan Dam Project."  A list of jobs and hourly wages available on the job site of the Buchanan Dam project.
17. The Highlander, "Dam construction scatters families" by Moore Johanson
18. Burnet Bulletin 15 Oct 1987 "Buchanan Dam was a dream come true" by Lucile O'Donnell
19.  Highland Lakes Weekly, 3 Feb 2012, "Cleaning Lake Buchanan" with pictures of lake scenes showing results of the drought.
20. "Buchanan Dam as It Used to be" by Karylon Hallmark Russell 27 Jun 2012 The Llano News
21. Post card of the concession building at the end of Buchanan Dam
22. List of Projects, map of Colorado River basin, Buchanan Dam and Lake Buchanan information, picture of Buchanan Dam
23. The Picayune 20 Feb 2013; "Rebuilding History" - Lake Buchanan-Inks Lake Chamber is seeking photos, stories and more to re-establish a museum for the popular Buchanan Dam.
24. The Picayune 2 May 2007; "Fall of utility magnate leads to rise of LCRA" by John Williams
25. Highland Lakes Weekly 20 Jn 2014; "Lake Buchanan businesses". Includes pictures of the dam, Travis Warren's Lone Star Peak Performance, Big Chief RV Resort, Dam Grill, Porches to Go.
26. Highland Lakes Weekly 25 July 2014; "The good life on Lake Buchanan" by John Hallowell. Shows picture of gate to Big Chief RV Resort owned by Alan and Lisa Warren.
27. Burnet Bulletin 1 Jan 2014; "A Look Back" - picture of lake Buchanan at low level
28. Burnet Bulletin 24 Oct 2012; "Buchanan Dam celebrating quiet 75th birthday this month."
29. Postcards, "Hamilton Dam Bridge"  images of river  going under bridge.
30. Postcard "Hamilton Dam", undated showing construction crew and dragline working on site.
31. San Antonio Light, 11 May 1952; "Fishermen Like Buchanan"
32. Highland Lakes Weekly 29 Apr 2016; picture of open floodgate on Buchanan Dam.
33. The Highlander 2 Sep 1971; "Lake Buchanan 'Old Reliable"
34. Highland Lakes Weekly 17 July 2015; "Lake Buchanan Rises!" - front page picture of the lake and  3 photos inside issue.
35. The Highlander 22 Oct 1987; "Dam birthday party Saturday" by John M. Motter. Anniversary of Inks Dam held same day.
Dams, Max Starcke   
    1. Brochure for dedication of Starcke Dam
    2. Letter from Max Starcke to Tom Ferguson
    3. Photo of Max Starcke Dam, undated
    4. Austin newspaper 28 July ? - Namesake of Marble Falls to Disappear After Blast
    5. Austin newspaper 30 July ? Big Blast Today to Remove Old Marble Falls Landmark
    6. The Picayune 11 July 2012; "The 1951 blasting of city's marble falls was a spectacle for many" by Linda Ware
    7. The Highlander  24 Nov 2015; "New hope stirs for bridge crossing below Wirtz Dam" by Glynis Crawford Smith.
    8. The Highlander 26 Apr 2016; picture of floodgates open.
Dams, Wirtz     
  1. Brochure for dedication of Wirtz Dam
  2. Photo of Wirtz Dam about 1960
  3. Lake Country Life, 19-25 Sept 2012, w/ small photo; brief history of the dam by Dale Fry.
  4. Hill Country Magazine; Wirtz Dam.
  5. Highland Lakes Weekly 30 Dec 2016; picture of Wirtz Dam taken June 7.
Darragh’s Quarry Explosion
  • Description of explosion in 1896 
Daughters of the American Revolution & Sons of the American Revolution
  1. Citizens Gazette 21 Sep 2016; "Honoring The Constitution" - County Judge James Oakley recognizes Constitution Week with members of the DAR Joy Shirley, Betsy Englebrecht, JoAnn Myers. A duplicate article appeared in The Highlander.
  2. Highland Lakes Weekly 9 June 2017; Linda Groff of the Llano Uplift Chapter of the DAR presented Good Citizen Award to McKenzie Cockerham from Llano High School, includes picture.
  3. Burnet Bulletin 14 June 2017; "Organizers: Area Fair a 'Huge success'" with picture of SAR Color Guard presenting the flags. There is also a similar picture in the 21 June 2017 issue.
  4. Highland Lakes Weekly 14 July 2017; Pictures taken of the "Constitution Camp" sponsored by the DAR and SAR. Pictured include: Georgi Brochstein, Jan Bush, Charles Bush, Mike Greco

Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT) - Jane Wells Woods Chapter
  1. Burnet Bulletin 25 April 2012; 2 articles "Just what is the DRT" and "Veterans remembered by DRT" - Veterans of the Battle of San Jacinto that are buried in Burnet County
  2. Unnamed newspaper dated 2 May 2012; "Burnet County DRT chapter holding ceremony Saturday"- Ceremony at Comanche Creek Cemetery honoring Rev. Arter Crownover and Levinia Castleman Crownover
  3. Burnet Bulletin 23 Mar 2011; "DAR donates books to library". Includes picture of Dot Creasey and Milli Williams donating books to Betsy Engelbrecht, Library Director.
  4. Burnet Bulletin 21 May 2011; "DRT chapter inducts new officers" 
  5. Burnet Bulletin undated; "3 attend CRT Annual Convention" with picture of Hayley Creasey, Hunter Creasey and Hannah Creasey

Dead Man’s Hole   
1. Murder of Adolph Hoppe
2. Description of Dead Man’s Hole
3. Dedication of monument at Dead Man’s Hole
4. Murder of Benjamin McKeever
5. Family History of Adolph Hoppe
6. Description of State Park at Dead Man’s Hole
7. Three histories of Dead Man's Hole, including murders of Adolph Hoppe, Benjamin McKeever, John R. Hubbard, James McMasters, and Judge John R. Scott
8. Newspaper article from Burnet Bulletin May 26, 2004 by Dale Fry  titled “Dead Man’s Hole:  A Dark History”
9. Newspaper article from River Cities Tribune October 31, 2003 titled “ The Way It Was…. Dead Man’s Hole:  A gruesome reminder of early struggles in Burnet County”
10. Burnet Bulletin,  26 May 2004 “Dead Man’s Hole: A dark history”
11. Highlander 25 May 1999 Dead Man’s Hole dedication New Historical site has gruesome legacy
12. Press release about 1999 public ceremony, with note from Walter H. Richter.
13.  Highlander Magazine, dated 16 April 1980, p 13, article about hole.
14. Vanishing Texas Magazine, dated Oct-Nov 1980 about the Dead Man's Hole
15. Article from Marble Falls Messenger with story of Dead Man's Hole.
16.  "Remembering the Trauma of Dead Man's Hole, a Burnet County, Texas Natural Phenomenon and Site of Tragic Deeds of the Civil War Era, undated, author and date unknown.
17. Historical marker dedication invitation
18. "Dead Man's Hole: Marble Falls' killing  ground" article by Raymond V. Whelan 7 Apr 2010 The Picayune
9. "Dead Man's Hole marker dedication set for May 23" 19 May 1999 The Picayune
20. Lake Country Life 24 Oct 2012; "Halloween historical spook sites"; mentions the Joppa Bridge at FM 210 and Longhorn Cavern State Park
21. Picayune 25 July 2012; "Dead Man's Hole is a gruesome reminder of Burnet County history" by Linda Ware
22.  E-mail from Horace Burke, 3 Dec 2012 with long narration about Ferdinand Leuders and whether the info gathered about historical marker and Ferdinand Leuders role in finding the site is correct.
23. Highlander 12 Aug 1971; "Bushwhacked Bodies Fill Dead Man's Hole" by Tad Moses
24. Highlander 19 Aug 1971; "Disaster at Dead Man's Hole" by Walter Richter
25. Burnet Bulletin 9 Feb 1928; "More About Dead Man's Hole" by J. H. Stapp. Further information about Dead Man's Hole murder by four negroes.
26. 4 photographs of Dead Man's Hole including the historical marker
27. Co-op Power Oct 1986 & Nov 1986; from "Poor Richter's Almanac" entitled "From Dead Man's Hole" and "More from Dead Man's Hole"
28. Vanishing Texas October-November 1980, pgs 14 & 15; "The Dead Man's Hole"
29. The Picayune 27 May 1998; "Deadman's Hole to become county park, landmark" by Dan Clifton
30. Marble Falls Messenger 12 Jam 1928; "Horrible Murder Near Marble Falls Fifty-Six Years Ago" - a reprint of article printed in the Austin Statesman 5 Sep 1872. About the murder of Benjamin McKeever
31. The Picayune 8 Oct 2014; "Dead Man's Hole is dark spot in Burnet County's history" by Daniel Clifton

Daedalian, The - Published 1928 by Senior Class of College of Industrial Arts, 1928, Denton, Texas.  Many photos, names of students and teachers.  From files of Byrna Dean Moore donated to the library.

Delaware Creek
  • Various articles about Delaware Creek
Depot - Marble Falls
               misc. documents, pictures, newspaper articles about the Marble Falls Depot

Depression, The Great
  • Article, "Introduction, The Great Depression" by Annie May Cowan, 11 pages with photos; 3.5" floppy disk.  Discussion of the Depression as it affected Burnet County.  Photo of Derell Cowan, 1941; Christine Wheeler, Myre Wilks, Annie May Samford, and Lois Wheeler, 1931; photos of chicken feed sacks
  1. Description of Doublehorn community
  2. Recollections of the “Rambler” in Burnet Bulletin July 8, 1879 about Doublehorn
  3. Newspaper photos and articles from the Highlander 1974
  4. Love Creek Church Records - see Churches, Double Horn - Love Creek
  5. Picayune August 24, 2005 picture of Sherman Wall, Carl Frasier and Carlyle Wall taken about 19206. River City Tribune, 7/29/05 captioned picture of Charlie Schrutka and brothers
  6. The Highlander, 22 July 1976, "Life on Double Horn, 1864, with pictures of Mrs. Pauline Burnham, and Double Horn Creek in 1976, and old native stone mausoleum made for Thomas and Nancy Simpson.
  7. Record of appointments of postmasters at Double Horn
  8. Double Horn history, 6 double-spaced typewritten pages
  9. Double Horn Land Transfer, hand-written notes
  10. Highlander, 1 Aug 1974, "Old Timers From Double Horn Gather in City Park for Reunion", with pictures of pioneer Henry Frasier, Bertha Kinser and Wilson Frasier; O T. Smithhart, Lillie Denniston Williamson, and Nora Alderson Chamberlain; Double Horn School  
  11. "The Double Horn basketball team" The Picayune  undated, submitted by Noah Thompson Spicewood Historical Focus Group
  12. "Ginning Cotton in Double Horn" - The Picayune (undated)
  13. "Double Horn Homecoming Planned for July 27th" The Highlander 11 July 11 1974 by Madolyn Frasier
  14. "Double Horn Homecoming Scheduled This Saturday" The Highlander 25 July 1974
  15. "More Photos from Old Double Horn Community" The Highlander 18 July 1974
  16. "Double Horn celebrates its Homecoming July 29" The Highlander 19 July 1995
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  18. Double Horn homecoming, The Highlander, 21 July 1977
  19. The Picayune 7 Aug 1996, picture of homecoming.
  20. "A Big Day at Double Horn" - appeared in unknown newspaper, May 1928. Annual barbeque and school closing exercises
  21. "Old Timer Visits in Double Horn Community" - Marble Falls Messenger 20 Sep 1928.
  22. Ten Articles entitled "Double Horn News" from Marble Falls Messenger
  23. The Marble Falls Gazette 19 Sep 1896; "Double Horn Doings"Rock
  24. "Record of Appointments of Postmasters at Double Horn, Burnet County, Texas, from Begining to Discontinuance"
  25. Burnet County 1900 Census Precinct #5 - Some of the residents of Double Horn, rockvale, Shovel Mt & Spicewood
  26. 2 sets of copies of letters from Double Horne Post Office. Letters begin "Dear Companion." Letters appear to be written by Sophia Wight.
Edwards Plateau Historical Association
  1. Highland Lakes Weekly 9 Oct 2015; 3 pictures taken at the annual Fall meeting, including historian Ray Bronk on Noah Smithwick and Billie Buck on Lake Victor.

Enchanted Rock      
1. History of Enchanted Rock from Frontier Times
2. Picture of Enchanted Rock
3. Hill Country Magazine Winter 2004 “Appreciating Enchanted Rock”
4. "Enchanted Rock Holy ground to the first Americans" Texas Highways , January 1985, pg 22
5. "Enchanted Rock" Texas Highways December 1979, pg 14
6.  Highland Lakes Weekly 24 Aug 2012; aerial photo of Enchanted Rock on cover
7. "Reclaiming Enchanted Rock" by Karylon Hallmark Russell; The Llano News 25 Apr 2012
8. "Enchanted Rock sale Awaits Consevancy action; unknown newspaper 26 Jan 1978
9. Llano County Journal 10 Aug 2011, "A Saturday drive up Enchanted Rock"
10. The Highlander 23 Sep 1976, "A Visit to Enchanted Rock
11. The Llano Buzz & Country Journal 19 Apr 2006, "Arriving at the Rock"
12. The Llano Buzz 14 Jun 2006, "Enchanted Rock lures hikers and climbers"
13. Llano County Journal 1 Jan 2014; "Enchanted rock provides plenty of exercise and views"
14. The Llano News 2015 Spring Guide; "Enchanted rock, A memory that will last a lifetime."
15. Hill Country magazine Winter 2007; "The enchantment of Enchanted Rock" by Jason Merlo
16. The Picayune 7 Oct 2015; "Enchanted Rock whispers, groans and screams its legends into the night" by Daniel Clifton
17. Highland Lakes Weekly 6 Jan 2017; front-page picture of Enchanted Rock, pg 15 pictures of the state park
18. Llano News, County Spring Guide April 2017; "Enchanting: Llano County's rock"

Enchanted Rock Magazine
1. "Enchanted Rock Magazine", Vol 3, No. 6, August 1996
2. "Enchanted Rock Magazine", Vol. 3, No. 11, January, 1997
3. "Enchanted Rock Magazine", Vol. 3., No. 12, February, 1997
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