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Hamilton Creek     
  1. Highlander article by Alta Holland Gibbs “The Saga of Hamilton Creek” December 9, 1971 (photos of Roller Flour Mill and Holland Springs School group, and 1914 Bridge over Hamilton Creek.) (2 copies)
  2. Pages 46-67 of "Twenty-Seven Years on the Texas Frontier" by Noah Smithwick, describing Hamilton Valley
Hamilton Dam   
Haynie Flat

1. Undated story in Picayune about community of Haynie Flats with picture of people.

Heritage Society

Copy of 1989 bylaws of the Burnet County Heritage Society.

Hill Country Community Foundation
  1. Burnet Bulletin, 8 Oct 2008; "HCCF opens new headquarters home"
Historical Businesses, Burnet County
  1. Lignite Plant, "Second Lignite Plant Proposed", Highlander, 28 July 1983
  2. River Cruise, "Trip Offers Varied Scenes", with photos of scenes on the route.  Burnet Bulletin, 28 April 1983.
  3. Page from Burnet History Vol I, page 85; picture of Trades Day in Burnet, 1919, page 86, photos of Dr. George Jackson McFarland, the Churchill Store, Stipp dentist office, and 1901 Burnet City Council
  4. Burnet Supply.  "An Era Passes with Burnet Supply", with photosof Pat Withers, owner.  Burnet Bulletin, 22 Sept 2004.
  5. Burnet Supply.  "Anchor of Square Closes."  Burnet Bulletin, 10 Aug 2005.
  6. Seidensticker Store. Story about closing.  Old ads, and photo of store.  Burnet Bulletin 1 Feb 2006.
  7. Photo of Woll delivery at Burnet depot with mules and wagons.  undated.
  8. Bertram Store - featuring Ben Warden remembering the old country store and prices. Photos.  Burnet Bulletin, 23 Aug 1976. 
  9. Clockmaker in Spicewood, about Arthur Quist and his clock making.  Photo.
  10. Aristo Kraft Company newspaper articles from 1978 - 1988 when company closed.
  11. List of names on notepaper "The Sugarbush Inn".
  12. Unknown newspaper [probably River Cities Tribune], 2 November, 2008; "The Tale of A. B. McGill & Company" by Rachel Bryson. 
  13. The Picayune 3 Mar 1992; "McGills Dry Goods Oldest store in all Burnet County" by Rachel Bryson
  14. Burnet Bulletin, Lake Country Life, 28 Jul 2010, A B McGill building, Bertram, "Stately building place to dance during WWII"
  15. Burnet Bulletin, 18 Nov 1993, "After 111 years, A.B. McGill Will Shut Its Doors", with picture of old building
  16. The Highlander 26 July 1962; "down Memory Lane"; refers to report by Arnold C. Kellersburger on Cottonseed Oil Mill at Marble Falls written in 1908; also talks about railroad connections in Marble Falls
Historical Homes and Buildings, Burnet County

  1. Unidentified house on Post Oak Street
  2. "Burnet County's Oldest Home", article written by Alta Holland Gibbs about the Holland home.
  3. Burnet Bulletin,  9 March 2005, "The Gibbs House: Preserving our Past" with photo on the 100-year old home.
  4. Highlander, 12 Aug 1976, "Old Wallace Home to Be Restored, Opened", with many photos.
  5. Unsourced newspaper, Aug 1960, "Origin of Home Traced in Burnet" about the granite A. L. Warren house in the north section of Burnet, with photo.
  6. Austin American-Statesman, 19 Aug 1973.  "Early Settlers Built Homes to Last in Burnet County", with photos of Rocky Rest, Judge Cook home, and George Whitaker home.
  7. Newspaper article and Texas Historical Landmark information about Old Cook Home, 1968.
  8. Handwritten list of "Old Houses in Burnet" with their owners and uses
  9. Typed copy of 14 Nov 1912 Burnet Bulletin article, "Burnet's Classical Homes and their Names"
  10. List of historical tour houses and owners
  11. Austin American 27 Feb 1966; "Log Cabin Still Strong Though 126 Years Old" by R. B. Hess. Built in 1936 by William Pepper & part of Camp Peniel
  12. "Hoover's Cabin, Old Mystery Cabin Reveals Historic Tale", by Daniel Clifton, The Picayune, 19 Sept 2007
  13. Castle House, with small photo, history of the house.  From Lake Country Life Magazine, Vol 3, No 30, page 22, Burnet Bulletin, 26 Nov 2008.
  14. The Highlander, 11 Aug 1983, "Old houses find new future in Marble Falls."  Story and photos about the 20-room Johnson home and The Wallace House on Third Street.
  15. Old Wallace Home - Marble Falls - see also surname file - Wallace, et al
  16. Highlander, 26 July 1962.  Photos and brief descriptions of homes.
  17. Burnet Bulletin, 18 March 1993, "Burnet's Oldest Building" Sampson-Taylor Building
  18. The Highlander, 5-8 July 2013, 'Horseshoe Bay council to discuss tax relief, also mentioned gift of Fox House to council.
Photo group 1:
    1. O. T. Shugart built his house in what is now Hayes Addition.  It is now known as the old Ira Kennedy home.
    2. Scene on 7th Street shows home now occupied by Mrs. Estalla Fowler.  Mrs. Walter Cox lives in the house back of Mrs. Fowler
    3. C. F. Trousdale built this house now occupied by Mrs. Marcelle Wagenfuhr.
    4. The old B. Badger home.  Now occupied by the Jim Manns.
Photo Group 2:
  1. R. A. Burnam Home, now occupied by Mrs. E. C. Alexander.  George Burnam was born here.
  2. Carl Francis home.  Formerly occupied by Prof. A. S. J. Steele and I. H. Shaffer.  Now owned and occupied by C. E. Bertling and since rebuilt into two homes.
  3. R. H. Evans Hardware and Badger McDonald Co., now occupied by Barnes Lumber Co.
  4. J. E. Odiorne home.  Their children, Mrs. Julia Steele, Lee Odiorne and P. K. Odiorne lived here.  It was destroyed by fire.
Photo Group 3:
  1. Otto Ebeling built this home, now the Smith Nursing home.
  2. R. H. Evans home before it was destroyed by fire.  Temple Lumber Co. stands on this site.
  3. Dr. T. M. Yett home now owned and occupied by I. L. Kennedy.  It is next to Giesecke's Supermarket.
  4. J. R. Yett built this home now known as the H. T. Ellison place.
  17.  Lake Country Life, 9-15 March 2011, "Purple Marks the Spot" by Dale Fry; about the historic Otto Ebeling home built in 1891 at 601 Avenue F in Marble Falls, with picture.
  18. Lake Country Life, magazine insert Vol 4 No 43 pg 14, 24 Feb 2010 - about Marble Falls home at 501 Sixth St, originally owner by W. D. Yett.
  19. Citizen Gazette,  3 Jun 2009, pg 3 - "Historic Homestead" "Home sweet home has rich tradition"; home at 501 South Main designated by City of Burnet as one of the historic buildings within the city limits.
  20. Post card showing Vandeveer House
  21. Lake Country Life, magazine insert Vo 3 No 22, pg 14 "This house has stories" about the Charley Craddock House.
  22. "Historic Burnet" booklet prepared by City of Burnet Historical Board.
  23. "Legend to Live Again" undated artical of historic gray stone farm house 2 miles north of Marble Falls. 4 former occupants: Cavins, Dorbandts, Odiorne, Konvickas.
  25. Lake Country Life magazine insert, Vol 4 No. 40,  3 Feb 2010 "Centennial home" about The Wallace Guest House at 910 Third Street in Marble Falls.
  26. The Picayune, 10 Oct 2007, "Wallace House on Third Street deemed magical place by many"
  27. "Still Working" undated article about cedar post hay barns east of Marble Falls on FM 1431.
  28. "Medallion Marker Dedicated at Historic Brandt Badger House"; unknown newspaper, unknown date.
  29. "Burnet home still an eye-catcher after 119 years" unknown newspaper, unknown date, Victorian home at 200 N. Main St, Burnet, a previous owner was Judge J G Crook
  31. "Home sees six generations" Burnet Bulletin 10 Mar 1980, old Bryson home owned by Tom Perrin.
  32. "The Gibbs House: Preserving our past" undated and unknown newspaper article.
  33. "Old house gets new family, new life" The Highlander 1 Feb 1979 original Michel home built in 1894, now owned by Kidd family
  34. "A ranger's building" Lake Country Life Magazine section Fol 5 No 26 pg 14, 27 Oct 2010, Vandeveer Bldg
  35. "Then and Now - The Oldest Building in Burnet" by Darrell Debo - The Burnet Bulletin 21 Feb 1974; The old lodge building in Burnet
  36.  Series of posts from Rootsweb/Ancestry Message Board, "A. B. McGill Building in Bertram" Feb 2012, telling history and various posters' family members associated with the building.
37. Lake Country Life 11-17 April 2007; "Marble Falls landmark an icon" Cavin House; includes picture of home in Bluebonnets
38.  Part of a flyer advertising German Settlers Party, 22 April 1985, at the old Adolph Fuch home, now in Horseshoe Bay.
39.  Globe Theater, Bertram.  "Musicians Restore Bertram's Globe Theatre" by John Hollowell, with pictures  of Zachery Hamilton and Lance Regier, owners, and a picture of the theater.  Highland Lakes Weekly, May 2013.
40. Burnet Bulletin 8 May 2013; "Owners breathing life back into Bertram's Globe Theatre, includes photo of Lance Regler and Zach Hamilton standing in front of theatre
41. Citizens Gazette 13 Mar 2013 "Burnet history to turn another page with station's demise" - regarding old Humble, Enco, Exxon service station at corner of Highway 281 and 29. Station was owned by Esther and A. W. Warden. April 13th issue features a picture of the construction of the new Valero gas station and convenience store at this site.

Airy Mount - Adam R. Johnson Home 
1. “Highlander” newspaper 18 Aug 1983; “The Houses that General Johnson Built” with pictures
2. “Burnet Bulletin-Marble Falls Messenger” 1 Sep 1988; “Airy Mount is a breezy and restful haven” with pictures
3. Transcription of article from “Burnet Bulletin” 6 Jan 1911 entitled “A Family Reunion”, 2 pages (2 copies)
4. Photocopy of article from “Frontier Times” summer 1959 entitled “Blind Builder” by Mary Johnson Posey, 3 pages with pictures
5. Copy of Application Form for Official Texas Historical Marker. Title “Airy Mount, Barn” with supporting documents, 12 pages with duplicate pages of narrative
6. Correspondence from Texas Historical Commission regarding Historical Marker Application, 5 letters
7. One page typed information about Airy Mount
8. 4 pages of scanned pages of Airy Mount
9. Copy of postcard pertaining to sale of Airy Mount
10. Copy of newspaper “Burnet Bulletin” undated entitled “Burnet’s Classical Homes and Their Names”, 8 pages
11. The Picayune article, "Airy Mount: A Tribute to a pioneer family" dated 8 May, 2002
12. The Picayune Historic Bldgs, dated 16 Dec 2009, 'Airy Mount revives grandeur of old Burnet County'

Badger, Brandt   -  House and Building

1. Photograph “Badger House, 1973, B. Badger, [dated not able to read].  Engraving over door does not show in picture.”
2. Article from Austin American Statesman, dated 28 Dec. 2002.  “Making The Past Present”, with pictures.
3. The Burnet County Bulletin, 24 Oct. 1974, “Medallion Marker Dedicated …” with pictures.
4. The Highlander, dated 17 Oct 1974, “Badger Named Historic Landmark”
5. The Burnet County Bulletin, 17 Oct, 1974, with pictures.
6. Photograph, “Badger Building 1883 (Old Country Store) Burnet Square (S. E. Corner)”
7. History and description of the Badger Building, 11 pages, Texas Historical Commission Staff, 19 May 1980.  Duplicate of 1st page.
8. Document, 30 typed pages, including Abstract, Platt Map, and pictures, by Thomas C. Ferguson, undated.
9. Description of Interpretive Plate w/Medallion., brief history of the Badger House, 6 pages, Burnet County, 14 May 1974.
10. Picture of the Historical Marker, The Highlander Oct 24, 1974.
11. Brandt Badger House Named Historic Landmark article. Two copies. With Pictures
12. Badger House Named Historic Landmark, by Adeline Chrane.  With pictures
13. Old Badger Home In MF May Get Historical Plaque article, Sept 30, 1963, with pictures.
14. Medallion Marker Dedicated at Historic Brandt Badger House, with pictures from Marble Falls Messenger, Oct 24, 1974.
15. “Brandt Badger House Receives Medallion Marker”; has pictures of both the inside and outside of this home.
16. Article as to the size and what is written on the Marker for the Brandt Badger House.
17. Texas Historical Commission Staff ,dated 19 May 1980, Facts given on Historical Marker
18.  Burnet Community Center Building, Thomas C. Ferguson, P. O.  Box 38, Burnet, TX 78611. 
19. History of Badger Building, 30 pages with 2 maps & two pages of pictures
20. Picayune 2/8/06 Centenarian Velma Pinson landmarked Brandt Badger Home in MF
21. Photo negatives of Badger House
22. Photo of Badger House  (undated)
23. Photo of Captain Badger (undated) with the citation on  the back reading "Capt. Badger in front of his insurance office.  Note plank porch.  Return to Byrna Dean Moore 907 Hill Side Dr. Marble Falls"
24. Photo of Capt. Badger beside his house and cistern (undated) with "Capt Badger at home - old granite house."  written on back
25. Newspaper clipping from Rededication issue of Messenger dated 5/ 24/ 62 with captioned picture of Badger funeral procession
26. 1 - page double spaced typed article written by Byrna Dean Moore about B. Badger House
27.  2 copies of a 7 - page single spaced typed article written by Mrs. Bill Bryson about Badger House and Badger Family including annotations and wording of Brandt Badger House Historical Marker
28. 1 page typed and handwritten rough copy of B. Badger House (# 26 above)
29. copy of newspaper article fromThe Highlander October 24, 1974 titled "Brandt Badger House Receives History Marker" with several poor quality pictures of house, rooms and pictures of people who came to the Marker ceremony
30. "The Way It Was - Badger House has endured for 114 years" The Picayune 19 Jun 2002 by Linda Ware
31. Lake Country Life (Burnet Bulletin insert) 12 Sep 2012; "Badger House" by Steve Snyder - Landmark with photo

Branch Home
Original Picture of Home. Undated

Bryson Place

1. Three pages, typed description of the Bryson home, including history of the building and its builder.  Built in 1906 by John and Milda Bryson.
2. Newspaper copy, The Burnet Bulletin, 16 Sept 1982, with photos of the Bryson home and Bryson descendants, Katheryn Bryson Perrin, Blake Bryson Patrick, Estelle Bryson, Fay Bryson Richardson, Wilson Perrin and Mary Blake Bryant.  Occasion was Bryson place named a Historical Landmark.
3. Three pages: typed list of Burnet County Historical Markers.
4. Citation for Bryson Home historical marker
5. Three pages of Xeroxed photos of the Bryson home and property.  Poor quality copies.  Originals not in file.
6. "Bryson marker unveiled/Four generations have enjoyed historic home"; The Highlander 16 Sep 2982

Christian-Matern Home
  1. Photo of home from early 1890s when it was new.  Highland Lakes Weekly, 23 Nov 2012
  2. Picayune, 22 Feb 2012, "Picayune builds foundation for historical Home", by Raymond V. Whelan
  3. Picayune, 30 Nov 2011, "Old Victorian Home in Marble Falls to Welcome Visitors for Christmas Event" with picture of Caryl Calsyn, owner.
  4. The Picayune, 2 Dec 2009, "Marble Falls Victorian home to hose traditional holiday season open house," Christian-Matern home at 603 Seventh St.
  5. "Historical marker to be dedicated to Christian-Matern house" unknown newspaper, 8 April 1997.
Fuchs, Conrad Home
  1. Historical Marker text and application narrative, 1974
Liberty Hall
  1. The Picayune 24 Apr 2002; "Liberty Hall contains 115 years of history" by Linda Ware
  2. Lake Country Life (undated); "A gathering place for pioneers" by Dale Fry
  3. Page from; "Unique Romantic Getaways" - about Liberty Hall Guest Haus
Rocky Rest
  1. Copies of information on Rocky Rest marker file from Texas Historical Commission (5 pgs)
  2. Photograph of Rock Rest
  3. "Rock Resty, The Old With the New" by June Kilstofte from San Antonio Express Magazine 16 July 1950

Historical Homes and Buildings, Galveston
  1. Article about Center of the Strand restoration  
Historical Homes and Buildings, Llano
see Llano County

Historical Markers
    (see also name of individual marker:  e.g., "School, Mt. Blanc")
  1. List of Historical Markers in Burnet County, From Burnet TXGenWeb page.
  2. The Picayune, 2 Jan 2005; "Historical Markers Connect Today with Yesterday", by Daniel Clifton.
  3. Daily Tribune 1 Nov 2009, "The History behind some Texas historic markers in Burnet" by Rachel Bryson
Holland Quarry   
  1. Article from the Burnet Bulletin, dated April 16, 1936, page 36.
  2. Article from Deed Book 3, page 424-425 for A. G. Hale and wife, Lizzie A. Hale to J. J. Felder
Holland Springs     
  1. Two pages from the Burnet Bulletin, dated Thursday, October 23, 1969.  "Historic Holland Springs Given State Historical Society Marker In Sunday Afternoon Ceremonies.", with pictures of Mrs. Alta Holland Gibbs and other relatives attending the ceremony.  Extensive history of the area is included.
  2. Lake Country Life, , supplement to Burnet Bulletin 29 Apr - 5 May 2009, "Site Served as burnet School", by Dale Fry.  Article about history of the site, with picture.
  3. Historical Marker text from 1969.
  4. Correspondence with Texas State Historical Survey Committee regarding approval of inscription of historical marker.
  5. One-half page typed description of history of Holland Springs.  Source unknown.
Hoover's Valley
  • Photo of Thanksgiving At The George Norris Home In Hoover’s Valley, 1904.  Standing, left to right:  Mrs. Conway, Mrs. George Norris, Mrs. Oscar Norris, Mrs. Mack Breazeale, Mrs. Worth Gunn, Miss Ellie Norris and Mack Breazeale.  Front row, left to right:  George Norris, Oscar Norris, D. C. Norris, Worth Gunn, Clarice Norris, Uncle Tommy Norris, Pauline Norris and Randolph Haile.  Reproduction was made from an old photo.
  • Four typewritten pages by Joy Taylor with information about Hoover's Valley.
  • The Picayune, 12 Jun 2002, "The Way It Was; The enchantment of Hoover's Valley"
  • The Picayune, 19 Sep 2007, "Hoover's Cabin, Old mystery cabin reveals historic tale."
  • The Highlander, 2 Apr 1973 (year unclear), "Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions Reveal Hoover's Valley History."
  • The Highlander, 8 Aug 2012; "The enchantment and founding of Hoover's Valley" - Part 1 and Part 2 - by Linda Ware
Horseshoe Bay     
  1. Supplement Published by The Highlander, December 2, 1971, “A Total Resort Community”.  Thirty six pages of pictures and information on the Developers and of the property.  Pictures of the homes of Fuchs and Krumm.
  2. Newspaper article from The River City Tribune July 30, 2004 titled “Young Jaffe, III, named vice president at Horseshoe Bay”
  3. Newspaper article from The River Cities Tribune June 4, 2004 titled “Escondido to be built at Horseshoe Bay” about the former Dillon Ranch being turned into a private lakeside golf preserve
  4. Hill Country Magazine Winter 2004 “Marriott Opens in Horseshoe Bay”
  5. The River Cities Tribune September 10, 2004 “Marriot Hotel expands corporate team” to include General Manager Ron Paynter, Director of Marketing Joe Reardon, Director of Engineering Rudolfo Guzman, Director of Event Management Mary Beth Drobny, Director of Food and Beverage Jason Pollard, Director of Human Resources Alexis Powell, Director of Room Operations Lisa Guest, Director of Finance and Accounting John Heneke
  6. Four Maps from Byrna Dean Moore files, includes First Phase Master Plat
Hospital, Allen
  1. Picture of Allen Clinic and Hospital
Hospital, Llano/Marble Falls Project [Scott & White]   
  1. Citizens Gazette, 21 July 2004, “New Clinic on the Horizon
  2. Llano News 24 May 2006 "Lake of the Hills Medical Center site announced, city questions legality of Burnet County Location" by Glynis Crawford Smith
  3. Llano Buzz, 21 Jun 2006, "Court Order Halts Hospital Project"
  4. Llano Buzz, 24 May 2006, "Fight Over Regional Hospital Continues" 
  5. Llano Buzz, 14 June 2006, "City Sues Hospital"
  6. Llano Buzz, 26 July 2006, "Need for Clarification" opinion piece by Kevin A. Leeper, CEO of Llano Memorial Healthcare System
  7. Llano Buzz, 3 Jan 2007, “Hospital Project Awaits Partner”
  8. Burnet Bulletin,  3 Jan 2007; “Health Care Likely to Stay Top Priority”, with architect rendering of Lake of the Hills Regional Medical Center Hospital, Seton   
  9. Llano County Journal, 12 Jan 2011, "A New Life: Scott & White, Llano Merge".
  10. River Cities Tribute 18 Dec 2011; "Couple donates $1M to hospital project." Robert and Barbara McFarland
  11. River Cities Tribune, 28-29, 2012, Scott & White speeds up opening of new Marble Falls hospital.
  12. Highland Lakes Weeky, 15 Mar 2013, Picture of first stage of project and CEO Keven Leeper.
  13. The Picayune 29 May 2013; "Phase 1 is done for new medical center". "Ribbon-cutting for Marble Falls  Specialty Clinic is May 31"
  14. Highland Lakes Weekly, 21 Feb 2014, Photo and caption of progress on the new Scott & White Hospital
Hospital, Seton
  1. Citizens Gazette, 21 July 2004, "New Clinic on the Horizon"
  2. Burnet Bulletin, 21 July 2004, "Seton Groundbreaking" with group picture of dignitaries and shovels at site of new Marble Falls Hospital

Hospital, Shepperd
  1. Lake Country Life, 19-25 May 2010, "Burnet's first Modern Hospital Remains" by James Walker.  Article and photo about the Shepperd Memorial Hospital, which closed in 1992.
  2. Files pertaining to Shepperd Hospital C. 1960 (in separate file box), about 6" of material.
  3. Unknown newspaper, January 1991, "Burnet has Hisory of Medical Care", by Lucile O'Donell, about medical service in Burnet County; mentions Sheppherd Hospital.
  4. Picture of hospital
Hudson Bend, TX -

Three typewritten pages about Hudson Bend and Tck Cemetery.
  1. The Llano News September 14, 2005 “Katrina refugees spend week in Llano”
  2. Burnet Bulletin September 21, 2005 “Angel Fuel Fund gives wings, fuel for area pilots on rescues”
  3. Burnet Bulletin September 14, 2005 “Hamilton Valley opens doors to evacuees”
  4. Llano News September 27, 2005 “Llano opens city – as well as its heart and arms – to evacuees fleeing Hurrican Rita on Texas  coast”
  5. River Cities Tribune, 10/21/2005 “Hurricanes bring 41 new families into Marble Falls”
Hutchison, Kay Bailey,

U.S. Senator, Newspapers articles written by her   
  1. Burnet Bulletin September 8, 2004 article about changes since September 11, 2001 three years ago
  2. The River Cities Tribune August 20, 2004 article about Lance Armstrong
Ichthyol Plant     
  1. Letter to the City Offices, Burnet, TX from Finn, Van Dusen and Goodman.
  2. Article copied from Bertram Enterprises dated 6/3/26 regarding Ichthyol Mining.
  3. Hand written Articles dated April 19, 1934, Dec. 6, 1934, Dec. 20, 1934, Jan 24, 1935, Mar. 7, 1935, Jan. 21, 1937, all regarding the Ichthyol Plant.
Immigration Trails     
  1. Page from The Victoria Advocate, from 88th Anniversary 1846-1934 edition; “As An Eastern Map Maker Saw Texas in 1837”, an early map of  Texas, New Mexico and Indian Territory.
  2. Map, untitled, and undated, showing Early Migrant Trails east of the Mississippi.
  3. Two pages, typewritten, from South Plains Genealogical Society, undated, “Areas of Settlement in Ten Year Periods.”
  4. Three pages, mimeographed , undated, source not stated, “Areas of Settlement in Ten Year Periods”
  5. Nine pages, beginning with 1800, each page a map of migration routes of that period.  Source unknown.
  6. Map, “Settled Areas 1800”
  7. Map, “Early U.S. Emigrant Trails East of the Mississippi River”, with names of trails marked.
  8. Map, “Texas in 1837” copied from Homer S. Thrall, A Pictorial History of Texas, 1879”
  9. Map, “The Vasquez Campaign, March 1842”, from Attack and Counterattack by Joseph Milton
  10. Map, “Texas, Early Pioneer Days”, provided by Pioneer Flour Mills, San Antonio
  11. Austin Genealogical Society newsletter, Dec 1968, that has article about maps.
Imprints on Texas History
  • Brochure, Imprints on Texas History, an Annotated Bibliography of General Land Office Publications, (1836-1975).
Indian Camps    
  1. Newspaper article from The Highlander by Frank C. Rigler dated February 1, 1973 titled “News from the Indian Camps” detailing events of raids on Adams cattle in 1867 including pictures of Kiowa chief Lone Wolf and Comanche chief Horseback
  2. Map of North America showing principal locations of various tribes in US and Canada
  3. "A Survey of Indian Life in Texas" by Victor J. Smith; Frontier Times Vol 18, 8/41, pg 491
  4. "The Life, Time and Wives of Chief Quanah Parker" by Stella Gipson Polk, The Highlander 22 Apr 1976
  5. "Excavation Drawing to End on Texas' Oldest Dwelling" by David Crowder; The Highlander 7 July 1977; Rocky Point Archeological Site
  6. The Llano News 23 Nov 2011, "The Kindness of Strangers" by Karylon Hallmark Russell. Includes names of many whites who were captured by Indians.
Indian Depredations - Miscellaneous Papers
    1. No. 130 "Petition from the Citizens of Burnet County for Rangers, dated 20 April 1854. Includes list of petitioners.
    2. No. 116 "Petition from the Citizens of Hamiltons Valley, dated 14 Sep 1853. Requests a Company of Rangers
    3. Original copy from Letters of Governor Bell regarding petition of citizens of Hamilton Valley for military protections from indian depredations.
    4. No. 30 "Petition from Citizens of Burnet County to Sam Houston" dated 25 July 1860 asking for relief from indian raids
    5. List of Claim numbers for the US Court of Claims for Indian Depredations
    • #8305, Robert R. Allen
    •  #2264, Martin Corker
    • #3030, John Davis
    • #2292, Samuel Holland
    • #2263, John B. Pankey
    • #6605, Lewis Thomas
    • # 170 James C. Taylor, Gillespie County
    2.  Pages from "Texas Indian Papers 1860-1916" about Report of Indian Depredations in Llano County
    3.  Indian Depredations in Texas, by Wilbarger, pages 624-627 and 646- 651
    4.  It Occurred In Kimble,  Indian depredations in Kimble county, pages 114-117 and 136-137
    5.  Copy of letter from Office of Indian Affairs, 1866 about captives from Gillespie County.  Mentions names.
    6.  Border Captives, 1865 by Carl Coke Rister; page 130-131; mentions Gillespie County.
    7.  Pages from "The West Texas Frontier" by Joseph Carroll McConnell, 1939 that pertain to Burnet County, plus index of book. 
    • #306 - Robert Adams
    • #321 - Benjamin Van Hook and Mosiac Scaggs
    • #374 - A. D. Hamlin
    • #404 - Fight 9 Miles SW of Bertram
    • #409 - Mr. Cook
    • #410 - Johnathan P. Ragle, Lewis Jackson, Lorenzo Holland
    • #425 - Parson Hoover
    • #441 - John McGill
    • #457 - Waford Johnson
    • #493 - Bob Sampson and Joe Allen
    • #514 - Lum Tedford and Sam Binion
    • #515 - Killing of Benson and capture of son
    • #545 - Murder of Mr. Jackson
    • #641 - Marion Smith
    • #710 - Sam Brooks, M. J. Bolt
    • #784 - Fight in NW Burnet County
    8. Pages copied from Indian Depredations in Texas by J.W. Wilbarger covering the chapters dealing with Blanco, Burnet, Gillespie, Kimble, Llano, Mason, San Saba, and Uvalde Counties along with a chapter on Big Foot Wallace and the Fight at Packsaddle Mountain.  Mentions many individuals killed or wounded by the Indians.
    9.The Highlander February 17, 1972 "More Ranchers Hit By Indians"  by Frank C. Rigler gives brief accounts of claims made by Thomas Noble, Samuel E. Holland, John Davis, Philander P. Pankey, Mahlon H.Corker, Lewis Thomas, James P. Magill, A.R. Johnson, and Robert R. Allen.  Also shown in the article were copies of signatures for Samuel E. Holland, J.A. Crews, A.J.Cooper, Francis Lacy, H.H. Edwards, J.P. Noble, John Davis, Byron H. Cavin, James P. Magill, David B. Holland, and Thomas A. Turner.
    Indian Depredations, Baker     
    • Copies of claims to the US Court of Claims for Indian Depredations, #3879, John and George Baker
    Indian Depredations, Burleson     
    • Copies of claims to the US Court of Claims for Indian Depredations, #5271 and #6726, John Burleson
    Indian Depredations, Hughes     
    • Copies of claims to the US Court of Claims for Indian Depredations.#1552, Moses Hughes 
    Indian Depredations,  Seth and R.E. Mabry
    •  Copies of claims to the US Court of Claims for Indian Depredations, # 6603, #318, and #667 
    Indian Depredations, Maltby and Arnett
    •  Copies of claims to the US Court of Claims for Indian Depredations #7215, Wm. J. Maltby and George C. Arnett
    Indian Marker Tree     
    1. One page description and location of tree.
    2. Copy of page from Famous Trees of Texas, Texas Forest Service, 1971, page 177, which gives history of the tree.
    Indian Massacres    
    1. Newspaper article from The Highlander by Frank C. Rigler dated Feb.1, 1973 titled “News from the Indian Camps” detailing events of raids on Adams cattle in 1867, including pictures of Kiowa Chief Lone Wolf and  Comanche Chief Horseback
    2. Newspaper article from the  Highlander, dated February 11, 1960 titled “The Webster Massacre” detailing the events leading to the deaths of the Webster party at Brushy Creek in August 1839 (See also Strickling, Texas Massacre folder for much more information on this event.)
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    Indiana Territory Voters, 1809
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