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Quakers in Texas   
1. Newspaper article by Ed Syers titled “Quakers in Texas”
Railroads - see Trains

Ranch, Company
  1. Burnet Bulletin, 1904, article about grandest BBQ in Texas
  2. photo of cattle herd, 1954 from Billie Lawson
Rat, Texas
  • The Highlander 5 Aug 1971; "Rat, Texas Rediscovered" by Greg Olds. Rat is located 6 miles northwest of Strickling and ten miles southeast of Lampasas.

River - "Rivers flow with history", Burnet Bulletin, Lake Country Life Section, 6-12 Dec 2006

River - Colorado

  1. Copies of photographs: 1) Bluebonnet Fishing Camp, Marble Falls Ferry, Colorado River at Marble Falls, collapse of bridge.
  2. Photo of bridge across Colorado at San Saba
  3. Austin American Statesman, 27 Jun 1999; Photo and story about the flood that broke Austin's first dam on the Colorado River in 1900.

Rocky Hollow - see Williamson County   
1. Llano Buzz,  6/21/06, Rich Skelton
2. Picayune,  7/12/06, Jack Rogers
Roller Flour Mill   
1. Picture of Minnie Peacock and unnamed man in front of Roller Flour Mill taken about 1917
Roper Hotel   
1. Section of newspaper devoted to Grand Opening August 20-21, 1981
2. Typed 10-page history of hotel including pictures (2 copies)
3. Texas Historical Marker wording January 16, 1982
4. Application for marker
5. "Roper Hotel goes to Gunns, Landmark due renovation"  unknown newspaper dated 4 May 1978
6. "Historic Hotel Goes on Sale" The Highlander 24 June 1976
7. "Roper Hotel gets grant" The Highlander 27 Mar 1980
8. "Historic Hotel to Get A New Lease On Life" with picture of Donald Gunn and son, Jeremy; unknown newspaper, unknown date
9. "Cotton Era Hotel Restored" with picture of Roper Hotel; unknown newspaper, unknown date
10. "Old-time elegance - Marble Falls' Roper House hotel serves classic French food in 1880s atmosphere" Onward dated 23 Mar 1982
11. "Once a busting hotel" by Steve Snyder; Lake Country Life Magazine, Burnet Bulletin 11 July 2012
12. "Roper Building exudes charm of bygone era" by Linda Ware (reprint); The Picayune  18 July 2012
Round Mountain - see Blanco County
Round Rock - see Williamson County   
        1. History of community of Sage
        2. "Sage to live again" Burnet Bulletin 21 Sep 1994; by Sara Wartes

San Jacinto,  Battle of
  1. Roster of soldiers
San Marcos City Cemetery   
  1. “Some History of the San Marcos City Cemetery Chapel” by Tula Townsend Wyatt, undated.  2 copies.
San Saba   
  1. Newspaper article from The Highlander, November 29, 1973 by Stella Gipson Polk,  “The Fabled San Saba Land, Germans Replace Comanches”
  2. Newspaper article from The Highlander, November 21, 1973  by Charles F. Eckhardt "The Real Story of the San Saba Mine”
  3. 19 page, typed history of San Saba County, Texas
  4. "San Saba Mine, Menard, Texas, USA - Lost Silver Mine," copied from "Treasure Trove, Where to Find the Great Lost Treasures of the World by Tim Haydock
  5. Llano Buzz, 27 Dec 2006, Sulphur Springs Camp article
  6. "Mysteries surround the San Saba Mine legend" News of the People by Lucile O'Donnell, unknown & undated newspaper
  • School House Memories - from the Lake Victor Luncheon, 2013.  Contains some photos and memories of school days at various schools in the county.  Schools mentioned include Briggs, Shell Rock, Strickland, Oak Hill, Lake Victor, Oatmeal, Bertram.
  • Schools, Bertram   
1. Forms and correspondence  related to nominating Bertram School for the National Register of Historic Places   Texas Historical Commission
2. "Bertram School to Receive Texas Marker" - article from The Highlander 24 June 1976
3. Folder relating to Bertram High School for the session of 1909-1910
4. Burnet Bulletin April 20, 2005 “Class of ‘45” captioned picture
5. Burnet Bulletin May 5, 2004 Class of 1944 Reunion
6. Burnet Bulletin May 26, 2004 Class of 1954 Reunion
7. Burnet Bulletin 26 Aug 2009; "Bertram to celebrate school's 100th birthday" - historic red brick school building now known as the Classic Building.
8.  Burnet Bulletin, 29 June 1972; "Class of 1942 Holds Reunion" with names of 15 of the 31 class members attending.
9. Burnet Bulletin, 11 June 1981; "Bertram students meet after 50 years" - includes picture of those attending from classes of 1931 and 1932. Also includes another article which includes picture of 1931 class attendies.
10. List of Bertram High School Students from Hershal Inman (no dates given)
11. Unnamed/undated newspaper article; "Building okayed for student use" by Billy Dragoo. Includes picture of old Bertram School.
  • Schools, Bertram, Class of 1925 Biographies   
1. Allison, E.L. Supt. of Bertram High School 1925
2. Caruthers, Norine (Allison)
3. Allison, William Woodrow (Billie)
4. Barnet, Armour Brooks
5. Hyer, Jewel (Barton)
6. Frazer, Grace (Beal)
7. Perrin, Katheryn (Bryson)
8. Bostic, Jesse Euel (Fritz)
9. Cochran, John Douglas
10. McFarlin, Thomas (Tom) Bush
11. Klose Family
12. Mayo, Frances (Letbetter)
13. Pribble, Lucille (Leach)
14. Newton, Nelson M.
15. Price, Iris (Perry)
16. Warden, Benjamin Franklin Jr. – Graduating class of 1915
17. Handwritten history of Bertram school – including names of many students
  • Schools, Bertram History   
1.  Third Grade, 1937 group photo; some identified
2.  First Grade, 1928-29 group photo; one identified – G. D. Hibler
3.  Second Grade, 1928-29 group photo; none identified
4.  On one sheet, three photos from 1928-29:
Dorothy Shell, 7th, Ellis Kendall H.S.
Mabel Hill, 2nd Grade
Mabel Hill, Jiggs Rogers
5.  On one sheet, three photos from 1928 or 29:
Mr. E. L. Allison, Superintendant
Mabel Hill, Mary Brooks
Granville Knox
6.  One one sheet, two photos:
a.  Part of Bertram School Faculty, 1928-29
Dorothy Shell, Gaynelle Lacy, Mary Brooks, Mabel Hill, Ellis Kendall, Cleo Smith, Granville Knox, and Lucille Leach
b.  Myreta Matthews, 1st and Maurine Shell, High School, 1927-28
7.  Sixth Grade, 1930
names on back of photo
8.  McKinzie girls, (E.B. McKinzie was superintendent at Bertram after E. A. Gay.
9.  Two photos on one page:  Maurine Shell, and Snow, Maurine
10.  Two photos on one page:  Dorothy Shell
11.  Girls Basketball team, year not known.  Identified are Rosa Womack, Mrs. Queen, Myrtle Cox, Mr. Queen, Olivia Turnstad, F. Carson, Bess Hutto, Ora Lewis
12.  Two photos on one page:  Dorothy Shell and Maurine Shell with Kendall
13.  Falls Creek, date unknown
14.  Two photos on one page:  Chester Wooten with Ruby Horgarth and unidentified group with Chester and Ruby
15.  Small girl, written on back is what looks like “Carson”
16.  Gratton Carson and friend, Rufus McFarlin, undated.  Given by Mrs. Frances Carson.
17.  Mrs. Kinsey, coach’s wife
18.  Cleo and Lucille Smith, year unknown.
19.  Myreta – last name not noted.
20.  E. B. McKinzie
1. Program, Promotion Exercises, Bertram Junior High School, 1963
2. Program, “Tamed and How”, 1934
3. Commencement Announcement; 1961; card inside Joe Howard Adare
4. Bertram High School 1915-16 announcement of courses of study
5. Two pages of notes, a bibliography, but text it goes with is separated.
6. Three pages handwritten notes beginning, “R.R. completed 1902…”
7. Program of Baccalaureate Service of Bertram H.S.  1970
8. Newspaper article from The Panther (Bertram HS paper) dated October 29, 1931 about Bertram football victory over Llano
9. Handwritten note about purchase of land because of back taxes involving Robert Yoe, David Weeks, Luciano Cabasos, Benj. Owens, Arbuckle, Newton, and Vaughn    
10.  Certificate of Promotion in High School to Willie Mae Smith dated May 1931
11. Program for Bertram HS play titled “Fifty – Fifty” dated February 26, 1929
12. Newspaper photo of Dr. Thomas D. Tanksley, Bertram HS graduate and professor of animal sciences at Texas A& M giving dedicatory address for new Bertram Elementary School.
13. Newspaper article from The Highlander dated January 31, 1974 about Bertram Elementary School dedication
14. Newspaper article from The Panther, a paper edited by Bertram HS students
15. Bertram HS football schedule for 1934
16. List of names ( Francis Phillips Scott, Elizabeth Ashmore Anderson, Nora Cullins, Toad Hightower and Ollie Hutto) of Bertram HS graduates
17. Site Marker announcement for Bertram School
18. Typed noticed of a picture of Bertram School being used by the Texas Education Agency in a film strip showing representative building of the era
19. Copy of story about Mrs. Stanley, early educator at Bertram
20. Names of  stores which sold school supplies:  Starr Mercantile Co., Bush & Gerts Pianos and Wood’s Drug Store etc as advertisers in 1909-1910
21. Newspaper article  about Bertram School historical marker
22. Announcement of Bertram High School for 1909-1910 session
23. Old, faint copy of newspaper clipping with headings titled “Midway Notes”, “Mahomet News”, and “Democratic Candidates”  undated
24. 14 page typed account of Bertram School with notes
25. Short accounts of Bertram area schools by Mrs. Bill Bryson, including Bear Creek, South Gabriel , Prairie Point, Live Oak, Joppa, and Shady Grove
26. Information about Bertram HS 30th year anniversary in 1937
27. Bertram School Publication “The 5th 6 Weeks”
28. Brochure of teachers and trustees of Burnet County Schools
29. Program for Baccalaureate Service for Bertram HS  1967
30. Newspaper article from the Burnet County Bulletin titled “Historical Marker Dedicated” undated
31. The American Revolution Bicentennial Program at Bertram, TX 1976
32. Program from Bertram Elementary School Dedication and Open House 1974
33.  Citizens Gazette August 25, 2004 titled “Bertram fest to have Panther reunion”
34. Bertram Bulletin/Enterprise, 26 April 2006, “Class of ’45 meets”, with picture of returning classmates for 61st anniversary.
35. Citizens Gazette 10 Oct 1907, "Bertram school gets national recognition - Bertram Elementary School received a 2007 No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon
36. River Cities Sunday Tribune 6 Sep 2009; "Celebrating 100 years of Bertram Elementary School" by Raymond V. Whelan
37. Burnet Bulletin 2 Sep 2009; "Celebrating 100 Years"
38. 1979 50th Year Reunion Graduation Class 1929, certificate giving names of attendees, certificate drawn by Oma Johnson Willis
39. The Burnet Bulletin 30 Mar 1899; "The Teachers' Institute at Bertram." - article is incomplete.
  • Schools, Bethel
    1. Citizens Gazette, 20 Jun 2012; "Reunion" 12 former students attend reunion. School closed in 1942.
  • Schools, Briggs/Gum Springs/Taylor’s Gin   
1.  W.T. Wooten’s Briggs High School Graduation announcement (undated)
2. Handwritten note from E.L. about Miss Myreta Matthews’ donation of various documents about the educational process that  belonged to her father Mr. J.N. Matthews who was principal of Briggs School between 1900-1903
3. Series of letters from various individuals dealing with Briggs School and community including J.V. Morris (principal 1896-1897) and his assistant Miss Willie Fox; Miss Kenedy, Steven Taylor, J.W. Edgar, Mr. George West and his daughter Arrie, and Dr. J.C. McCarty.
4. Letters to and from Ernest Langford about Miss Lola McSween (later Mrs. Scott T. McGuire, Sr. )
5. Letters to and from Earnest Langford and Elbert Skaggs about Mr. Robert P. Ward’s father, Mr. R.E. Ward teaching school in Gum Springs in 1891-1892.  Mr. Robert P. Ward was Elbert Skaggs’ nephew.
6. Handwritten note from Emma L.  Taylor about Gum Springs School including her work as her father’s assistant at the school between 1887-1888.  Others mentioned include Mr. Robert Dick, Mrs. Hassie Potts Ponder and her brother Mr. W.R. Potts, John Reavis, and W.C. Taber.
7. Handwritten note about W.C. Taber who taught at the Briggs School 1886-1892 and his predecessor Miss Mary Kennedy (1885-1886).
8. 4 photocopies of a picture of the Oak Hill School in 1917, shown are Thomas Crow, Robert Reed, Brown Reed, Susie Kleen, Russell Keele, Kate Warden, Denver Greer, Zella Keele, Alice Reed, Arnold Warden, Hazle Johnston, Myrtle Warden, Vernon McAllister, Selma Greer, Nora Craddock, Clint Keele, Helen Johnston, Mary Ellen Gainer, Clyde Keele, Ira,Kleen, Clements Wyatt, Tom McAllester, and Jim Crow.
9. Letter dated June 1, 1959 from Ernest Langford to George N. Atkinson asking about information about Miss Willie Tabitha Fox who taught in the Briggs School.
10. Letter dated November 22, 1958 from Mrs. Emma Taylor to Mr. Langford about the Gum Springs School.
11. 5 different series of letters about the Gum Springs School written by a variety of authors who attended that school
12. Briggs School 1920-1921 Grades 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th with Mrs. L.S. Skaggs as teacher including children from the following families:  Fortner, Baker, Caskey, West, Hall, Smith, Asher, Dillingham, Fraley, Champlin, Horn, Lee, Williams, Melton, Grisham, Nichols, Wright, McCormick, Pulliam,  and Faith
13. Series of letters from students who attended Briggs School with adult picture of J.N. Faith who attended there in 1920-21
14. Souvenir of Taylor’s Gin School dated 1898 listing directors of the school and pupils, including children of the following families:  West, Huggins, Draper, Drake, Juby, Russell, Snow, Kirk, Butler,  Davis, Dunlop, Horn, Hall, Harton, Taylor Griffin, Washburn, Williams, Baker, Pulliam, Poor, Landrum, Beechem, DeWolf, Nichols, Tubbs, Kirk, Shell, Butler, Dillingham, Patterson,  Raynie, and Goodloe
15.  7 page typed history of Briggs by Ernest Langford, Archivist from Texas A&M University
  • Schools, Burnet, Burnet Academy   
1. Copy of Special Laws of Twelfth Legislature of the State of Texas incorporating Burnett(sic) Male and Female Academy
2. Copy of newspaper clipping from the Austin State Gazette dated October 26, 1867 about the new Burnet Academy  
  • Schools, Burnet Consolidated Independent School District
1. Letter, 24 March 1999, from Texas Education Agency, to Burnet CISD, with attached preliminary investigative report from Thomas D. Canby, Jr., Senior Director, Division of School Financial Audits, detailing the disclosures and recommendations of TEA referred to local law enforcement officials.
2. Copy of article entitled "Burnet's Schools" written by Tad Moses in 1969. 
3. "History of Burnet School System Covers Period of Many Years" by Tad Moses. Article appeared in Burnet Bulletin 13 May 1971.
4. The Picayune 30 Nov 2016; BCISD Supertendent Keith McBurnett attended a Burnet County Historical Society unveilingof  a historical marker of the Red Brick School. He is pictured with Margaret Smmith, the widow of former Principal Johnnie Smith.
  • Schools, Burnet County Districts
    1. Burnet County Schools, Teachers and Trustees, 1940-41 - list of school districts, their trustees and teachers
    2. Collection of individual maps of Burnet County School Districts, dates unknown
  • Schools, Burnet, High School Annual   
 1. Xerox copy of Burnet School Annual 1936-37 ( 2 copies)
 2. Burnet School Annual 1936-37
 Schools, Burnet, Robert E. Lee   
  1. Picture of Robert E. Lee High School group, 24 Jan 1907.  None are identified.  Scanned as SchoolRELee1907
  2. Picture of Seniors, 1911, First Row:  Frank Landon; Iva King; James Wiliams; Althea Vann;  Second Row:  Jessie Ramsower; Dudley Harrell; Jewel Farquhar: William Holland: Nora Nagiller: Leslie Gordon; Minnie Landon, Professor Richey.
  3. Picture of 1912 Class:  First Row:  Kate Duncan, Grace Clark, Ethel Clark, Maggie Fry, Professor Richey, Jessie Burnham, Florice Cloud, Jennie Collins Tarver, Jessie Ramsour, visitor; Second Row:  Ruth Shelburn, Sophia Olney Warner, Alice Clements, Goldie Gains; Third Row:  Charley Stark, Willard   , Elmer Lee, Brook Green, Oren Clements, Leslie Schilling, Fred Bowden, Guy     , Morris Zimmerman, Bean Moore; Fourth Row:  Max Dorbandt, John Murphey, Ollie     , Lem Russell, Walter Smith, 2 unidentified, Everett Mc____, Tom Richey, Ben Roach, Carl Hester; Fifth Row: Jack Lenier, Earl Williams, ____ Hollingsworth, Jess Russell, Clarence Lewis.
  4. Robert E. Lee, Class Partial Group 1914, Pictured, First Row; Ethel Faris; Olivia Lester: Ella Mae Warner: Florice Eva Cloud;  Second Row;  Ruth Shelburn; Nellie Mar Chamberlain; Myrthe Odell Parker; Katie Evalena Duncan
  5. Burnet Bulletin 20 July 1905; "R. E. Lee High School" "Will open in a new building the first Monday in Sept. 1905..."
  • Schools, Burnet, 1971 Dedication   
1. Newspaper article from The Highlander May 13, 1971 titled “ School District Has Very Modest Beginnings” including picture of 1898 school building
2. Brochure showing pictures and articles of classes from 1898 to 1971 (2 copies)
3. Program for Dedication and Open House Burnet High School  Sunday, May 16, 1971 2:30
4. Newspaper article titled “BHS Architect Has National Reputation”
5. Newspaper article from The Highlander dated May 13, 1971 titled “ 1898’s New School Pride of Burnet”
6. Newspaper article dated February 10, 1977 from The Highlander titled “ First Black BHS Graduate Discusses ‘Roots’, Discrimination, Progress”
7. Newspaper article dated May 28, 1970 from The Highlander titled “T.R. Kennedy and Charles Barton File Contest of Consolidation Election”
8. Newspaper article May 1971 “Bertram-Burnet School Suit Set for Today” and “Burnet High Dedication Ceremonies This Sunday”
9. Newspaper article from The Burnet Bulletin dated May 13, 1971 titled
“ Local School System to Dedicate Modern Edifice”
  • School, Burnet High School
  1. Newspaper page, source unknown, dated 24 May 1962, with pictures of 1962 Senior students
  2. The Burnet Bulletin dated October 17, 1963 with various school related items including short article on history of Burnet Schools
  3. The Burnet Bulletin, 22 May 1947, section, “Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of ‘47”.  Picture of Burnet High School and Elementary Buildings.
  4. Commencement Program for Burnet High School, 27 May 1966
  5. torn pages from graduation program of 1949
  6. The Highlander’s Fifteenth Annual Graduation Issue, 22 May 1975, “Spirit Leadership”, Class of ’75.
  7. Catalog page of Burnet High School, for the Session 1890-91 and Announcement for 1891-92.  Original archived with photos.  File name “School Catalog, 1890”
  8. Invitation to the Commencement Exercises of Burnet Public School 1910
  9. Mailing list for the class of 1928
  10. Letter to be sent to the class of 1928 asking for their help in All-Class Reunion
  11. Mailing list for the class of 1927
  12. Newspaper article from The Burnet Bulletin dated April 24, 1969 titled “Shall Our Schools Keep Pace With Our  Needs?” includes architect’s drawing of proposed new Burnet H.S. Building
  13. Newspaper clipping from The Burnet Bulletin dated April 24, 1969 titled “Need For A New High School”
  14. Program, Dedication and Open House of Burnet High School, 16 May 1971
  15. Photo of Burnet Sports Team 1898 including Fred Daugherty, Ealy Moses, B. Burns, Ira Bird, G. Dougherty, Toad Daugherty, Sorrells twin, Moody Smart, Sorrells twin, Will Hayes, Tom Jones, John Kincaid, and Mabry Norrell
  16. “Burnet High School newspaper, 15 Mar 1970
  17. Group Photo of 5th or 6th grade Burnet High School, about 1909 or 1910
  18. Program, Burnet High School graduation, 1887.  Scanned as SchoolBurnet1887
  19. Highlander Newspaper special, “Spirit, Class of 1974.   Shows Burnet and Llano schools graduates and school activities.
  20. Group photo of Seniors 1928.  Pictured are:  Mr. Hollingsworth, Supt.; Ruth Fisher; Ruth Ellett; Jewell Dodd; Glenn Frazier; Kathryn Simpson; Lena Mae Ellett; Laura Frazer; Gay Guthrie; Elsie Warden; Audrey Dodd; Jack McFarland; Elizabeth Ellett; Ira Warner; Pauline Loveless; Mildred Farris; Clyde Simpson; Juanita Bolt; Estelle Levingston; Millie Ellett; Truman Craddock; Noel Bryan; Curtis Maxwell; Lucious Warner; Granville Hearn; Melvin Kincheloe
  21. Group photo of Seniors 1929.  Pictured are: Leonard Williamson; Ben Wolk; Vane Wilks; Stanley Glimp; Wilbern Garrett; Lohman Kuykendall; Clement Kincheloe; Laymond Parks; Ren Nichols; William Everett; Opal Waldon; Lucille Behrens; Lucille Smith; May Fan Clements; Mr. Webb, Supt.; Modena Scott; Celeste Hahn; Ethel Nolan; Mildred Spradling; Wilma Glimp; Faye Chamberlain; Zora May Collins; Sylvia Gibbs; Clyde Keele; Clint Keele; Delphine Wear; Ethel Guthrie; Beatrice Foster.
  22. Group photo of Seniors 1930.  Pictured are:  G. W. Webb, Supt.; Altman Frazier; Jimmie Roach; Donald Glimp; Dan Humphrey; Kenneth Webb; Berton Debo; Lucille Williamson; Leota Stark; Elva Lou Clements; Lillian Shilling; Rita Wilkes; Grace Ferguson; Kate Wolf; Ethel Libby; Sibyl Cotton; Elizabeth Everett; Alice Pogue; Zora Mae Collins; Willie Mae Jackson; Rena Cole; Myrtice Hall; Ethel Nolan.
  23. Group photo of Seniors 1933 First row: O B Zimmerman; Jr.; Dan Niell Munn;Lillian Roach; Laverne Johnson; June Smith; Lucille Love; Sylvia Kincheloe; Ralph Trussell; Charles Davenport; Second Row: Alfred Clark: Rudolph Stark;Winfred Zimmerman; Lucille Moffett; Richard Bruton; Mrs. Velma Elliott, Sponseor: Bernice Fraizier; Katie Lee Curuth; Oma May Brooks; Elsie Meredith; Fourth Row: Grace Kinkead; Juanita Trotter; Irene Schlomach; Lahoma Hallmark; Reece Cobb.
  24. Group photo of Seniors 1924.  Pictured are:  J. T. Clements; Clarence Hahn; Leslie Norris; Lum Jackson; Ida McGehee, Thelma Loveless; Helen Kinkead; Fairy Simpson; Jewel Henderson; Berniece Hoover; Alice Nesbitt; Iva Lee Gibbs; Hazel Johnson; Leona Rogers; Martha Kate Chamberlain; Susie Elliott; Eula McGehee; Teacher Orpha Earwood; Zed Glimp; Fred Craddock; Byron Ship; Morris Glimp
  25. Group photo of Seniors 1926.  Pictured are Ava Young; Ethel Warwick; Lois Fry; Flora Hill; Annie Birdwell; Athleen Frazier; Fannie Cummings; Marcia Maude Ligon; Ada Zimmerman; Julia Guthrie; Thelma Ellison; Margaret Fisher; Allie Cummings; Donald Percy; Bill Faris; Leslie McDaniel; Jack Fry; Mr. Lefevre; Jesse Pogue; Howard Fry.
  26. Group photo of Seniors 1923.  Pictured are:  Avis Jackson; Iva Jackson; Mattie Hullum; Lillian Dodd; Hazel Johnson; Fannie Clements; Olive D. McLean; Helen McFarland; Alice Glimp; Fred Craddock; Gordon Fry; Max Donald Casner; Clyde Debo; Franklin Ellett; Herbert Norris; Raymond Kuykendall.
  27. Group photo of Seniors 1922.  Pictured are:  Nell Holland; Flossie Mae Boyce; Cordie Maxwell; Eva McGehee; Mildred Shelby; Sylvania Shilling; Ed Fry, Principal; Elbert Tucker; Ben Frank Richey; Ernest Hays; Frank Nichols; L. D. Kinkead not present when picture was made.
  28. Group photo of faculty, Burnet High School, 1915.  Pictured are:  Miss Olivia Beal (Mrs. Dewitt Tankersley); Miss Margaret Cotham; Miss Dora Rawling; Miss Ruth Lamon (Mrs. L. S. Chamberlain); Florence Brownlee; Miss Grace Edman.
  29. Group photo of Seniors, 1915.  Pictured are:  Florence Brownlee, faculty member; Allen Kinkead; Lil Kenkead; George C. Hester; Agnes Hoover; Margaret Cotham, faculty member; Lucile Gutherie O’Donnell; J. R.Masterson, Supt.; Beulah Stark.
  30. Group photo of Seniors, 1912.  Pictured are:  Florence Kinkead; Ada Moses; Katie Lewis; Estella Ramsower; Marie O’Donnell; Hattie Belle Dennis; Beulah Shipp; Bertha Atkinson; Alma Cotham; Agness Paulson; M. B. Brown, Supt.; Ica Cox; John Eargle; J. T. Foster, Principal; Scott Edman.
  31. Austin American,m 19 Nov 1953, "Burnet Proves Spirit Tops Football Ability" w/pic of coach Verne Harris
  32. Small, card-sized program of graduating class of 1925, donated by Mrs. Bill Bryson.  Scanned as SchoolGradProg1925
  33. Burnet Bulletin September 22, 2004  picture of Burnet High School Royalty
  34. Group photo of Seniors 1934 First row:JohnAllen Wilbern; Dick Wimpy; Jo Hill; Georgia Lee Schooley; Ruby Levingston; Vina Mae Dixon; Clara Warden; Second row Archie Beard; Julia Mae Fry; Oleo Schilling; Louise Barnett; Mrs Ulbricht; Lassie Lewis; Hershell Elliott; Top Row; June Duncan; Dale Wilks; Gene Clements; John Kroeger; Ruby Lewis; Harvey Smith; Billy Mullins.
  35. Group photo of Seniors 1935 First Row: Harold McFarland; Chester Barnett; Howard Chamberlain; Watson McFarland.  Second row: MildredSmith; Lavera Henderson; Ann Rau; Pauline Sumners; Ed Young; Donald Barnett; Dale Wilks; Third Row: Minnie Merle McGee; Louise Williams; Reba Hullum; Marie Frazier  Fourth Row;  Malcom Holland; Eugene McClure: Pollard Munn; Clay Debo; Velma Elliott (sponsor); Nancy Riggs; Mary Bolt; Ruth Love; Ruth Hullum; Rachel Boyce; Marie Hahn; Kate Pogue; {ai;ome Cjeatja,’ C;ara Late Mprred’ Ramlom Kpjmspm’ Reba Kpjmspm’ Rpu {arl’ Hershel Elliott; Not pictured—Donald Duncan; J. G. Blaylock; Nelson Hallmar
  36. Group photo of Seniors 1936 not identified
  37. Group photo of Seniors 1938.  Pictured are:  Davis Ashabranner; Vera Williams, Doris Parks, Polly Ann Boyce; Glynda Chollett; Birdie Barton;Perry Schooley, Virginia Ligon, Lillian Kroeger, Alton Ligon (Dec), Jack Whitaker (Dec), R. D. Williams, Lola Gayle Shilling, Mary K. Debo (dec), Doris Kinser, Mrs. Velma Elliott, Joe Duckett (Dec) Willis Barnett, Morris B. May (Dec) Dickie McDonald, John Crow, Paul Carter, Ferdinand Zielke (Dec), Byron Jenskins (Not pictured Foreine Jenkins, Marie Giddins, Stanton Johnston, Carl Petterson, Grace Tucker, Opal Wilson and Charles Wheat)
  38. Group photo of Seniors 1939 Pictured are First Row: Margaret Dodson; Vaughan Plevan; Uel Clements; Talmadge Ivy; Don Lyda; Tom O’Donnell, Jr.: Pauline Gibvbs; Louis Fry; Ruth Olney; Clara Merle Smith; Hardy Smith; Second Row: Lois Hahn; June Blalock; Pat O’Donnell; Pete Patterson; Nadine Croft; Samuel Hullum; Doris Pogue Elois Cummins; Sadie Warwick; Annetta McFarland; Norma Zielke;
  39. Group photo of Seniors 1940 Pictured are First Row Marvin Waggoner; Eugene Lappe; Horace Scott; Bill Carnes; James Dickens; Walter Stapp; Jack McFarland; Hargis Carson; Dalton Massey; Bruce Hail; Ernest Newton; Second Row; Charles Harrell; W. J. Ricks; Daisybelle Riddell; Edwood Daugherty; Paul Hallmark; Doyle Hallmark; Eutha Wills; Douglas Shilling; Bernley Greet;  Third Row: Jerome Felps; Armorette Roberts; Elva Rue Ellis; Doris Schnabel; Beth Carenes; Bessie Gibbs; Mary Annette Rogers; Mada Smith; James Sparks Erlene Farris; Nelda Kennan; Jamie Ruth Smith; Lucille Daugherty;  Fifth Row:  Louise Wear; Mona Clendennen; Alice Lucksinger; Ezilphia Garrett; Francille Caskey; Martha Joe Warden; Eula Mae Warden.  Fourth Row:  Beulah Mae Warden; NElda Faye Olive; Nita Rucker; Ruby Lee Mallett.
  40. Newspaper article from The River City Tribune June 4, 2004 titled “Burnet Elementary gets $10,000 grant for playground”
  41. Group photo of Seniors 1941 Pictured are First Row: Lloyd Kroeger; Francis Hahn; Gynn Tcker; Johnny Rushing;Rayma Henderson; Francis McClary; Alieen Wagnor; Carmen McFarland; August Hahn; Randa Jean Green; Heine Jaehn;Gerald Lyda; Vernon Kroeger; Ruth Gibbs; Jerry Matern; Betty Jo Boyce;  Second Row: Llyd Thomas; Marie Pogue; Violet MacOwens; Edsel Hudler; Chris Shilling; Eloise Wilkes; Willie Dee Owens; Earlene Taylor;; Vivian Weeks; Vondane Wyatt; Wanda Gilcrease; Helen Burton; Winnie Lov Bean; Bubba Dickens; Seleta Barton; Ray Tarrer; Doris Ann O’Donnell.
  42. Group photo of Seniors 1942 On the back of photo it has Ronald & Ivalee Boggs Memories in Video, 1001 North Vanderveer, Burnet, TX
  43. Group photo of Seniors 1946.
  44. Burnet High School 1971 Program
  45. Citizens Gazette September 8, 2004 “Bulldogs stop  (Liberty Hill) Panthers in nailbiter”
  46. The Citizens Gazette September 22, 2004 articles about various athletic events
  47. The Citizens Gazette September 22, 2004 “Burnet to celebrate Homecoming this Friday” including bonfire picture
  48. Picture of Driver’s Ed.
  49. Burnet Bulletin September 15, 2004 captioned picture of Cheerleaders getting ready to “paint the town green” to kickoff Homecoming 2004
  50. Newspaper article August 10, 2005 about new high school
  51. Burnet Bulletin, April 20, 2005 picture of class of 1945
  52. Burnet Bulletin, 29 May 1996, "BHS Class of '45 hold 50th Reunion", with names of attendees.
  53. Burnet Bulletin May 26, 2004 Class of 1944 Reunion
  54. Burnet Bulletin 2004 Special edition featuring 2004 Seniors of Burnet HS
  55. Group photo of class of 1950
  56. Commencement Program, Graduation exercises, 1953, with list of graduates.  Contributed by Esther Pogue, March 2009.
  57. "The Comet" a booklet edited by the Senior Class of 1925-1926, Burnet High Scool.
  58. "Burnet Football History" by Walter Shilling (reprint from 1939 issue of The Buret Bulletin . Names mentioned:Harry Moses, Earl Foulds, Van Baker, Rufus Tucker, Bill Chamberlain, Audrey Dodd, Jack McFarland, Jesse Pogue, Franklin Ellett, Ed Young, Bruce Trussell, Ralph Trussell, Pete Black
  59. "Good old Days" The Daily Tribune 30 Sep 2009; Members of Burnet High School's class of 1956 gathered at the Hamilton Manor Community Center recently for their 53rd reunion.
  60. "Burnet school bell to ring again" & "Old Rock School was home of Bulldog Pride for 40 years" by Sara Wartes; The Burnet Bulletin 14 Jul 1994; about school bell installed in 1898, now located at the Fort Croghan Museum
  61. "Reunion thoughts, Class of 1942" by Loys Tippie (unknown newspaper, unknown date)
  62. "The Legacy of 63 years of Mustang football" The Highlander 1 Sep 1977 by Bill Becker
  63. Group photo, of Tenth Grade, 1922-1923, names listed, but not in order of photo.  Flora Kate Bolt is one of the students.
  64. Burnet Bulletin 7 July 1983; "Class of 1933 celebrates 50th" - includes group picture of attendees.
  65. Burnet Bulletin 17 June 1993; "Class of '33 Still going strong after 60 years. Includes photos 1) E. W. Tampke, superintendent of schools in 1933, welcomed by B. Pogue; 2) group picture of those attending reunion.
  66. Highland Lakes Weekly 28 Oct 2016; page 7 (2nd pg) of article that includes picture of Red Brick School and announcing dedication of historical marker.
  67. The Picayune 9 Nov 2016; "Burnet's Red Brick School receives historical marker" by Keith McBurnett.
  68. Citizens Gazette 16 Nov 2016; "Reading, Writing and 'Rithmetic" "If the Walls Could Talk." Article about dedication of historical marker on Red Brick School.
  69. Highland Lakes Weekly 18 Nov 2016; two pictures of dedication of historical marker on Red Brick School.
  70. The Picayune 30 Nov 2016; picture of Keith McBurnett and Margaret Smith standing in front of Red Brick School.
  • Schools, Burnet, Burnet Schools, folder 1 of 2 Burnet
  1. Paper, 21 pages typed, double spaced by Tad Moses, 1 Sept 1969 about Burnet Schools.
  2. “Burnet School Pictures from Lura Thomas, Teacher, unidentified.”
         a.  Manila envelope with unidentified photos of children, some school pictures, some baby pictures. 
         b.  Manila envelope with photos of school children, with names, mounted on 15 sheets of card stock.  Some dated.  One sheet of unidentified photos.
  • Sheet 1:  Michael Ash, 65-66; Naomi Ashabranner; James Anderson; Carl Amidon; Terry Austin; Jimmy Alexander; Mary Lou Brown, 44-45
  • Sheet 2:  Joye Bibles, 66; Chester Bibles; Bonnie Bibles, 44-45; Seleta Barton; Winnie Bean; James Brennon; Jimmie Bell; Leta Bibles, 44-45; Neta Bibles 44-45; Emma Boyse; Lonnie Burkelbock
  • Sheet 3:  Mary Gene Clements 60-61; Cheryl Cox 65-66; Paula Clements 44-45; Ted Christopher; Clawson; Sally Churchill, Teacher
  • Sheet 4:  Jim Douglas; Darrell Debo 43-44; Paula Eckermann; Essex 44-45
  • Sheet 5: Robert Floyd; Eddie Fariss; N. Joyce Fluett 44-45; Donald Fawcett; Sallye Floyd; Johnny Ferguson
  • Sheet 6: Bill Gilmore; Charslie Garrett 59-60; Tommy Gwen 44-45;  Bob Gilmore; Iva Lee Gibbs, Teacher 1954-55
  • Sheet 7: Kathy Hurrod; Phil Herridge; Tommie Horned; H. S. Hereford; John Hoover 44-45; Bonnie Huggins; Nathan Hullum
  • Sheet 8:  Nina Lee Jones; Louis Joseph; Peggy(?) Jarvis 44-45; Johnston 44-45; Loyd Kroeger; Larry Lamb; Frank Lilly; Landtroop; JoehnePhotoIndex.doc
  • Sheet 9:  Candy Miller; David Meredith; Clem Mueller; C. B. Max; La Verne Murchison 44-45; Jerry Mature; Morris McGevley (?) 44-45; June Norred; Barbara Norwood 44-45; Frank Norrel 44-45; Nichols 44-45
  • Sheet 10:  Johnny Rusberg; Hellen Riggs; Russell Rennick 44-45; Dorothy Riley; Bill Richards; Paul M. Rose 1979; Robt Rose 1979; Jessie Ray
  • Sheet 11:  Neal Shelburn; Sanford; Linda Shepperd; Barbara Shelburn; James Stuart 60-61; Owen Schlomach 44-45; Ercia Speekermann 51-52; Nana Jo Smith; Arthur Shepperd 51-52
  • Sheet 12:  Wagner; Virginia Warner 1958-59; West; Melton Wallace; Ralph Woods 44-45; Johnny Yonnie; Jim Zimmerman
  • Sheet 13:  Jan Sandner; Jill Sandner; Lynn Stewart (photo missing from sheet); Chris Shillings; Zane Setes 44-45; Gwyn Gucker; Estelle Tippie; Vernon Tippie 44-45; Thelma Turner; Johnny Thompson; Michael Thompson
  • Sheet 14:  Willie D. Owens; Violet Owens; Jimmy Profett; Mollie Philips; Pogue 44-45; John Pruhelt (?) 1980; Cheryl Petrick
  • Sheet 15:  5 photos from what looks like 1940s,  groups of students
  1. Fragment of unknown newspaper dated 1969.  Article title “…covery of 1919 Program …ecalls Early-Day Teaching”; about closing exercises for Lehmberg School, F, Texas in 1919, Will P. Miller, Teacher.  Photo of Will P. Miller.
  2. 3 page typed history of Burnet Schools with reference list
  3. Picture of a music class in Burnet probably taken around 1900List of 31 people, no reference
  4. Program for Burnet Homecoming & All-School Reunion June 12-14, 1986
  5. Paper by Tad Moses titled “The 1917-18 School Crisis at Burnet” about the “firing” of Miss Kate Carson as school superintendent.  Margaret Moses, Ruby Lee and Pauline Shipp, Inez Jones, Lorena and Tom Glimp, Jr., Vivian Shipp and Lola Maxwell left Burnet and finished their schooling in Lampasas.  Stevie (Pat) Kinkead, Gladys Holland, James Duke and Bryan Painter finished at Burnet.
  6. List of catalogs for school years (2 copies)
  7. Copied pages from the Journal of the House of Representatives  11th Legislature detailing act to incorporate the Burnet Male and Female Academy
  8. Page paper by Tad Moses about the Burnet Schools (3 copies) with attachments
  9. Note from Tad Moses to Mrs. Senterfitt about attachments, the grant of Block 26 to the “legal trustees” in 1872 and act of the Texas Legislature in 1866 creating the “legal trustees” for Burnet
  10. A quote by Adam R. Johnson from page 224 “The Partisan Rangers” about building a stone school house
  11. A handwritten note from Vandeveer to his sister about the day long examinations in 1953 where students competed for premiums by answering questions
  12. Handwritten statement about the sale of Part Lot 1 Block 25 Peter Kerr portion  sold by Alma Cothan Estate to Burnet Consolidated Independent School District for $5,000 July 13, 1971 (2 different notations)
  13. Newspaper clipping from The Highlander dated May 15, 1969 titled “Burnet School Bond Election Passes 2 to 1”
  14. Handwritten note about the laying of a cornerstone for a school building
  15. Typed copy of Transfer of Block 26, Peter Kerr portion of Burnet, from the heirs of the Peter Kerr Estate to a Board of “Legal Trustees” dated 1872 (2 copies)
  16. Note from Tad Moses to Mr. Robt. F. Wilkin dated 1969 requesting information about the Burnet Schools
  17. Copied pages from the Special Laws of the 12th Legislature of the State of Texas Called Session 1870 enacting the Burnett(sic) Male and Female Academy
  18. Series of handwritten pages recording city of Burnet meetings dealing with school business dated 1883, 1884, 1885 and 1919
  19. Handwritten report about location of Vandeveer’s School
  20. Receipt for copies made for Mr. Tad Moses by Burnet I.S.D.
  21. Handwritten note about transfer of land from Phoebe Ripley et al to Burnet schools in 1907
  22. Notes relating to the deeds to the School District for the east 5 acres of the athletic field
  23. Handwritten note about amounts paid for the 5 acres @ $100 per acre = $500.00 to Mrs. John Ellason, John Ripley, Cleo Ripley Garrett, Mrs. Phoebe Ripley, Ora Ripley, Elmer Ripley, Ethel Whitson and Katie
  24. Three typed page report about Burnet Schools by M.G. Bowden
  25. Tentative schedule for the Texas Sesquicentennial Celebration Burnet All-Class Reunion and Homecoming June 12-15, 1986
  26. Letter from Tad Moses to Mrs. Parmelee about requested materials related to Burnet Schools
  27. Brochure for Burnet I.S.D. Proposed Building Program outlining growth in enrollment from 1957- 1970, listing proposed expenditures, and plan of finance
  28. Letter from R. Reynolds to Tad Moses
  29. List of Board of Trustees in Catalog 1898-99 including E.J. Moses, J.M. Dougherty, Will M. Rose, W.W.Brooks, J.A. Stevens, and Sam H. Munn
  30. List of ownership of land embracing Lots 3 and 4 , P.K. portion of town, John Hamilton, Peter Kerr, Thomas Osborne, William Lamm, Joseph Olney,Sr., L.J. Watson, S.L. Dalton, Laura Porter(1886), and Lettie D. Moses(1887)
  31. Series of letters to Tad Moses from Roberta Reynolds in answer to Mr. Moses questions, included information about the last year of Robert E. Lee H.S. (1916-17) and death of her fathe
  32. Letter from Tad Moses to Mr. Taylor about completion of Mr. Moses’ research on Burnet Schools
  33. Handwritten note about Dixon school on site of A.D. Houy’s home 
  34. Note expressing questions about the purchase of 5 acres from Ripley’s
  35. Picture of Nora Barmore and her class taken in 1890, including Pearl Johnson(now Harrell), Ida Munn(Mrs. Leo Humphrey), Carrie Lon (now Johnson), Sallie Munn, Pinkie Timberlake (Mrs. Brauch Smith), Lois Cook (Mrs. J. Keg), Lelia Holmes, Eleanor Churchill, Mary Churchill, Hattie Bage, Louise Thomas, Libbie Brownlee(Mrs. Will Harps), Sadie Hicks, Mildred Timberlake, Maggie Kinkead(Nichols)
  36. Photo titled “A Special Day for Pleasant Hill School”. Place of picture and people unknown (came from Willie Guthrie Taylor’s pictures)
  •   Schools, Burnet, Burnet School, folder 2 of 2   
  1. Photo of Trustees and Teachers in Burnet School, 1899.  Shown in photo are:  Trustees - Professor Richey; Ealy Moses; John Daugherty; W. M. Ross; Col. Stevens and C. C. Cummings; Teachers - Miss Minnie Rawlings; Miss Ruth Gardner; Miss Loula McDonald; Mrs. Tom (Shorty) Smith; Miss Ruth Garrett; and Miss Villulah Spitler
  2. Copy of Journal of the House of Representatives, State of Texas, 1866
  3. Copy of Minutes of Burnet ISD, 1978
  4. Original constitution of the Society called the “Lyceum of the Burnet High School”.  Flap at end of constitution has lists of officers from 1901, 1917.  Scanned as “SchoolBurnetLyceum” and “SchoolBurnetLyceum2”
  5. Photo of Professor M. B. Brown, Supt. of Burnet Public School, 1905-1915.
  6. One page transcript showing transfer from the heirs of the Peter Kerr Estate to a Board of Legal Trustees, 1872. 1938  Third grade class.  Names on back are: Viola Payne; Jean Hibler; A. W. Warden; Selwyn Ligon; Matern twins; Horace Ashabranner; Dale Stapp.  Scanned as SchoolBurnet1938
  7. Program for Burnet Centennial All School Class Reunion, 1983.
  8. List of Burnet County Schools, Teachers and Trustees for 1940-41.
  9. Burnet Institute Annual Examination, 1884.  Program of activities, with names of performers.  Scanned as BurnetInstitute1884 and BurnetInstitute2
  10. Note from Margaret Chapman, about items she donated to the library.
  11. Program, Burnet Graded School, 1887.  In poor condition, torn in half, two pages.  Scanned as SchoolBurnetGS1887
  12. School photo, year unidentified, Teacher Miss Minnie Rawlings.  Scanned as SchoolBurnetRawlings
  13. Photo of school group, undated.  On back, Ferrels Class.  Scanned as SchoolFerrelsClass
  14. Group photo of Faculty 1961 Seated: J. C. Petty, Supt.; Margaret Smith; Mary Temple; Blanche Word; Lillian Tarver; Arlee Barton; Jack Temple, Prin.; Standing: Mike Newby; Clif Vandeventer; Glen Anthony; Clint Low; Buddy Clendennen; Tom Henry; Wiley Holland; Kenneth Matthews
  15. Group photo of Faculty 1962 First Row:  Virginia Oakley; Adrianne Julle; Helen Clendennen; Lillian Tarver; Arlee Barton; Margaret Smith; Blanche Word; Era Rau; Mary Temple: Second Row: Jack Temple, Prin: Glen Anthony; Ken Teltow; Kenneth Matthews; Tom Henry; Clif Vandeventer; J. C. Petty, Supt.
  16. Group photo of Faculty, 1964-65.  Pictured are Helen Clendennen, Lillian Tarver, Arlee Barton, Jimmy Crowder, Jeannette Patillo, Charles Patillo, Calvin Eckerman, Margaret Smith, Margaret Fry, Mrs. McDonald, Calvin Heitt (Counselor), Jimmy Jermstad, Buddy Clendennen, Larry Letbetter, Max Alexander, Vernon Wilfert, Tom Henry.
  17. Group photo of Faculty, 1978-79.  Pictured are Larch Petross, David Hughes, Ray Palmour, Bob Veach, Counselor Gamble, Jack Norath, David Kleinhans, Andy Williams, Duard Patterson, Paul Mosley, Ray Frady, John Burges, Chris Houy, Bill Johnson, Alan Watts, Lewis Phelps, Jan Heffington, Margaret Fry, Arlee Barton, Lela Henderson, Bernice Elsey, Margaret Smith, Marilyn Barr, Gretchen Wesson, Clif Vandeventer (Prin), Plumley, Martha Riley, Martha Price, Minnie Mae Whyburn, Carolyn Johnson, Amy Grant, Emma Jewel Goodwin, Winifred Rhoden, Dortha Calloway, Jill Sandner Ringstaff.
  18. Citizens Gazette September 8, 2004 captioned picture of Mrs. Amand Lastly’s kindergarten class Burnet Elementary School
  19. Burnet Bulletin Oct. 13, 2004 Bobbie Sue Petrick Teacher of the Month
  20. Southeast side of Burnet School built in 1898 at cost of $20,000 and used as Elementary School after 1927 when present Junior High built.  Torn down several years later.
  21. Unsourced biography of R. D. Williams, 1932 superintendent of schools
  22. photo of Burnet School, 1907.  Archived as SchoolBurnetHS1907.jpg
  23. "Bulldog Bulletin, Spirit Pride Honor" edition, 40 page booklet showing 2002 photos and narrative about Football players and season.
  24. "Bulldog Bulletin, Varsity Football", Sept 2004, photos and narrative about Football players and season.
  • Schools, Burnet High School Catalog,
  1. 1908-1909 - list of male and female attendees, address; graduates for various sessions frm 1885-1909; picture of the school; location, courses of study; grades and courses available
  2. 1891-92 session - list of male and female attendees, board of trustees, faculty, description of school building, prizes to be awarded.
  • Schools, Burnet County
  1. Teachers and trustees of Burnet County Schools for 1940-1941 years
  2. Burnet Bulletin, 28 July 1966, "Burnet County Schools Now and Then," a list of known schools compiled by Mrs. L. S. Skaggs.
  • Schools, Burnet County, PTA Council   
1. Copy of a reprint of an 1887 Report of early officials of  schools on record
2. Newspaper clipping dated June 23, 1960 titled “Mrs. Raymond Price Attended PTA Leadership Conference”
3. Series of newspaper clippings about Burnet PTA
4.  Paper on History of Burnet County Council of Parent Teachers Assoc.
5. Burnet County Schools Teachers and Trustees 1940-41
6. Handwritten copy of past presidents of Council of PTA’s
7. Copy of newspaper article titled “Burnet County Council of Parents and Teachers Organized”
  • Schools, Carver (colored)
  1. Marble Falls Messenger 5 June 1954; "Colored School in Meet Activities"
  2. Marble Falls Messenger 19 Apr 1954; "Carver School in Meet Day Activities"
  3. Marble Falls Messenger 9 Sep 1948; "Negro School Opens on Monday"
  • Schools, Corwin
  1. Burnet County Deeds Vol U Page 275; location and erection of school house for Corwin School District No. 22 of Burnet county
  • Schools, Doublehorn   
  1. Marble Falls Messenger 24 May 1900; "Double Horn School" - about program from May 11
  2. Copy of Souvenir Double-Horn School District No. 32, Oct 4, '99-May 11, 1900, gives names of students. Attached is a picture of unnamed individual
  3. 1923-1924 Consolidated Census Roll for Double Horn School
  4. Incomplete list of Double Horn school teachers
  5. Deed: Heirs of E. Francis to Double Horn School Community No. 52; gives names of heirs.
  6. Double Horn School - lists of students
  7. Double Horn School District No. 32, 1933-1934 list of students
  8. Newspaper picture of students who attended Double Horn School around 1919. Unnamed & undated newspaper.
  9. From Madolyn Frasier files identification of people in several photographs (no photos included)
  10. Newspaper articles from Burnet Bulletin dated July 7, 1975 titled “Marble Falls Pioneer Recalls Horse Drive to Louisiana” about Henry Frasier and “Double Horn Homecoming July 26” including picture
  11. Newspaper articles from Highlander dated July 17, 1975 titled “Double Horn Homecoming” and “Life ‘In the Days of No Fence’ Recalled by Double Horn Pioneer” including pictures of Mrs. Burnam, Mike and Minnie Wall, and the Sims Family
  12. Newspaper article from The Highlander dated July 22, 1976 titled “ Life on Double Horn 1864”
  13. Newspaper article  from The Highlander dated July 28, 1977 with class picture taken about 1912
  14. Newspaper article from The Highlander dated July 11, 1974 titled “Double Horn Homecoming Planned for July 27”
  15. List of Burnet County trustees and teachers for 1940-41 including all schools in the county
  16. Newspaper article titled “Double Horn to gather for community homecoming” July 9, 2004
  17. Photo from the collection of Doris Lewis:  student group standing in front of car, early 1940s.  Identified are: Milford Fry, Joe Frasier, Mary Lou Bailey, W. C. Sims, Leon Bailey, Bertha Mae Frasier, and John Askew, teacher.
  18. "Group seeks historical input"; Picayune 17 July 1996. Includes picture of students in 1912
  19. Souvenir, Double Horn School, list of students, Oct 4, 1899-May 11 1900.  3 copies
  20. "Double Horn School 190-1909" enrollment list
  • Schools, Hickory
  1. Deed, Vol 46, page 502, Burnet county Deed Records; W. C. H. Poe & wife to Trustees of Hickory School House, dated 20 Aug 1907
  2. Hickory Creek 1908-1909, list of students
  • Schools, Home
    • Article from Highland Lakes Showcase, March 8-9, 2005, about Home Shooling, A Way of Life in the Hill Country
  • Schools, Joppa
    • "Joppa school reunion held (unknown newspaper, unknown date), gives names of attendees
    • Typewritten information on Joppa school
    • Copy of Joppa school attendies "Holtz Claw & cabs(?) sign class at Joppa.
    • Copy of picture of teacher at Joppa, Ollie Cushinberry
    • Copy of Joppa School Class, 6 May 1930
    • Copy of Joppa School Class 1925, Franky Pool, teacher

  • Schools, Live Oak
    • Photo, 1920 Basketball Team, Lois Fluitt Breazeale, teacher.   Students:  Mabel Ross, Jewel Fox, Lois Williams, Gladys Brizendine and Addie Spradlin, Mike Smith, Bertie Stewart, Holland Spradlin, Neal Fox, Grover Brizendine.
  • Schools, Marble Falls   
1. Copy of newspaper article from Marble Falls Messenger  titled dated June 4, 1904 titled “Third Annual Announcement and Catalogue of Marble Falls University”
2. The Highlander, 18 Sept 1980, "Historical School to Receive Site Marker" by Byrna Dean Moore.   Brief history of school and photo.
3. River Cities Tribune April 30, 2004 picture of John Canipe, graduate of Texas Tech University and recently commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force
4.Picayune April 20, .“Marble Falls High School bands performed for military in Hawaii” aboard USS Missouri
5. The Picayune and The River Cities Tribune Special Edition Graduating Class of 2005
6. RCT 6/17/2005 Falls Career High School Class of 2005
7. RCT 6/3/2005  captioned pictures of Marble Falls graduates
8. The Highlander, 2 Oct 2007, photo of those attending Class of 1957.
9. River Cities Tribune, 10 Sept 2004.  "Class of '54 Heads Home for Reunion", with photo of Senior Trip 1954 to New Orleans.  People identified are Supt and Mrs. C. M. Seiman, Mack Carter, Alfred Frasier, Kenneth Cantwell, Gus E. Lechow, Ralph LaForge, James H. Sellers, Roy Lee Bowman, Gina Shifflett Ronhaar, Jamie Bible Burnam, Johnette Shaffer Fisher, and Geraldine LaForge Williamson.
10. Burnet County Schools Teachers and Trustees 1940-41
11.  The Highlander,  17 Nov 1983; photo of MF High School Class of 1949 who came to homecoming in 1983.  Shown in photo are Vernon Fluitt, Martha (Martin) Thomas; Dorothy (Nauman) Salt; Mary (Houston) Bible; Bill Heffington; Clyde Lyda and Maurice Bible.
12. "Class of 1935" - who can identify most people in picture, donated by Cornelia Hay. (unknown picture, unknown date)
13. Picture of "Class of '67" from unknown and undated newspaper
14. Commencement Program Marble Falls Academy 1904
15. Commencement Program Marble Falls Academy 1908
16. Advertisement for Marble Falls Academy
17. Undated Highlander; "Reunion rekindles friendships" - Marble Falls High School Class of '88 picture
18. Marble Falls Messenger, rededication issue; pictre of members of the 1936 football team.
19. Marble Falls Messenger 14 May 1953; Pony Patter, "Marble Falls High School Seniors 1952-53
20. List of Marble Falls School 1908-1909 class members
21. Consolidated Roll of Scholastic Census for year beginning 1 Sep 1911
22. Marble Falls Messenger 25 May 1933; Marble Falls School commencement exercises
23. The Picayune 18 Sep 2002; "50 years of Memories/Marble Falls High School Class of '52 remembered" by Gay Bertling Galey. Includes glass pictures.
24. Burnet Bulletin 25 Sep 1986; Picture of a 1930s Marble Falls school class. Announcing reunion of all graduates of school.
24. Newspaper article, unnamed, undated; "Bergman First Woman MF Trustee Since Flapper Days" by John Moore. About Mrs. Gay Bergman.
  • Schools, Marble Falls, Faith Academy
  1. The Highlander 17 July 2015; "Faith Academy looks back, and toward future" Includes picture of new administration building.
  • Schools, Marble Falls, Granite School/Marble Falls College
  1. Copy of completed Historical Marker Application, information on marker
  2. The Highlander, 18 Sept 1980, "Historical School to Receive Site Marker", by Byrna Dean Moore; with picture of the old school.
  3. Marble Falls Messenger 11 Dec 1980, "Eyes of Texas To Focus on the Old Granite School", with sketch of old school
  4. Marble Falls Messenger, 18 Sept 1980, "Old Timers Return to Alma Mater", by Byrna Dean Moore; with picture of the old school
  5. Marble Falls Messenger, 25 Sept 1980, "Marker Unveiling Brings Former Pupils Back for Reunion at Old Granite School" with photos of ceremony
  6. "Marble Falls Reunion", photo of 1920 class and class of 1959, published in Highland Lakes Weekly, 16 Sept 2011.  No names. 
  7. "Tolling School Bells Heard Monday in MF Also Sounded 80 Years Ago" by Janice Clayton; The Highlander undated. Shows pictures of Marble Falls University
  8. Lake Country Life 18-24 June 2014; "It was different then" by Erin Green. Article includes picture of old Marble Falls school.
  • Schools, Marble Falls, Staff Directories
  1. Hoof Print, 1955 - 1986
  2. Commencement Exercises - 1966
  3. School Staff Directory, 1987-1988
  4. Personnel Directory, 1989-1990
  5. Staff Handbook, 1979-1980
  6. Staff Handbook, 1982-1983


  • Schools, Morman Mill
  1. Warranty Deed dated 23 Oct 1890; J. H. Holland and M. L. Holland to The Mormon Mill School District #35 Trustees
  • Schools, Mount Blanc
    1. Photo contributed by Lavena Willbern of class, about 1932.  Included in the group photo are:  Lillian Roach, Lavina Hasty, [Alta Jones, Bernice Vann, teachers] Ed Ellett, K. C. Griffin; Herschell Lohman, Alton Griffin, J. T. Hasty; Larina Ellett, Eva Lou Smith, 2 Critten girls, Helen Dodd, Nettie E. Smith, Howard Ellett, Malcom Dodd, Herschell Ellett, Sidney Warden, Dela B. Roach
    2. Burnet Bulletin, 17 Mar 2010, Newspaper article Mount Blanc Recognized, Historical Marker for Mount Blanc Marker.
    3. Correspondence pertaining to Marker application dated 2 Feb 2009.
    4. Copy of Marker application, 12 Jan 2009, from applicant Carolyn Cross, 9 pages. 
    5. Burnet Bulletin 24 Mar 2010 in Bertram section; photographs and information on marker dedication
    6. Texas Historical Marker Dedication program for Mount Blanc School
  • Schools, Naruna
  1. Copy of photograph of School # 1 in Naruna taken in early 1870's showing students and building  
  • Schools, Oak Hill    
    1. History of Oak Hill School written by Clint Keele
    2. Handwritten copy of History of Oak Hill School written by Kate Warden Glaspy
    3. Burnet County Schools Teachers and Trustees 1940-41
  • Schools, Oakalla, Pecan Grove School   
    • Burnet County Schools of Teachers and Trustees  1940-41
  • Schools, Oakalla, Langford School
    • Two photos of the school and students - donated by Joyce Ann Greer Baker, Nov 2011
  • Schools, Oak Hill
    • History of Oak Hill School, including teachers, by Kate Warden Glaspy, 6 handwritten pages. 
    • 2nd history by Clint Keele, 6 typed pages.
    • 1970s Oral History by Clint Keele; describes his time at the School, daily routines, classmates, teachers.  6 pages.  (not the same as above)
  • Schools, Oatmeal School    
1. Copy of picture of first grade class 1929-30
2. Copy of picture of second grade class 1929-30
3. Typed history of Oatmeal School
4. List of Teachers  of Oatmeal School
5. Copy of Historical Marker for Oatmeal School
6.  The Highlander,  26 July 1962, "Oatmeal Area Has Interesting History", with photo of old Oatmeal School and Burnet Browns baseball team of 1904.
7. Undated newspaper  article, 'Remembering old Oatmeal
8. Unnamed newspaper dated 31 May 1951; "Oatmeal's Homecoming" - notice of Oatmeal-Hill community schools homecoming observation July 14-15.
9. Undated newspaper article, continued from page 8B, about Oatmeal School.  Photo of school group in 1907, with many named; and School Roster from 1908-09
  • Schools, Pebble Mound  
1. Burnet County Schools of Teachers and Trustees 1940-41
2. Copy of picture of students at Pebble Mound School.  Scanned as SchoolPebbleMound; includes Mame Moreland (Shilling), Nora McLean, Mame Alexander (Mrs. Ed Frazier), May Jones, Robert McLean, Elbert Hicks, E.L. Jones, Clyde Alexander, Walter Willy, Ira Alexander, Teacher Miss Alice B. Redford (Mrs. Ed. Alexander), Emma Mobley, Belle Hicks (Shilling), Emily Hicks, Hibernia Moreland (Mrs. Tom Wolf),  Annie Willy (Mrs. Jack Frazier), Ollie Alexander (Mrs. J.E. Wolf), Mallie Willy, Kate Mitcheltree?, Pearl Mobley, Emmett Mobley, Johnnie Hicks, Theadore Hicks, Muggins Moreland, Salem McLean and Frank Moreland (including marriage note about Robert Alexander, son of Samuel , and Lucinda McFarland in 1851, see original)
  • Schools, Pleasant Hill
  1. Photo of school group from Pleasant Hill - undated; 1 boy in tree in background.
  2. Photo of school group from Pleasant Hill - undated; 4 boys in trees in background
  3. Short history of Pleasant Hill School, from Burnet County History, Vol I, p. 192


  • Schools, Pleasant Valley
  1. Souvenir Program from Pleasant Valley School, 27 Nov 1906 presented by Cora Grace, Teacher (Missing from File 12/5/2014)
  2. List of Pleasant Valley School students 1908-1909
  • Schools, Rural, History of
    • Picayune, 11 Nov 2009, "Rural Schools Put Down Deep Roots", by Rachel Bryson.  Gives a brief history of Strickling, Shell Rock, Shady Grove and Joppa Schools.
    • "Remembering the one-room school/Inspectors spelled doom for country educational facilities" by Stella Gipson Polk; The Highlander 5 Sep 1985
  • Schools, Russell Gabriel   
1. Brief typed history of Russell Gabriel School; land deeded by Alexander M. Barton
2. Brief description of where Russell Gabriel School and Sandstone got their names
3. Brief description of source of the name  Middle Gabriel
    See also Shady Grove
  • Schools, Shady Grove
1. Brief typed description of  location of Sandy Grove School
2. Brief typed description of the Sandy Grove School, including a list of teachers from 1914 to 1941 with a mention of earlier teachers and footnotes
3. Picture of first school house and class
4. Burnet Bulletin, 11/16/2005 students celebrate Veterans Day
5. Letter and scanned photo of Shady Grove School group 1930s, contributed by Candice Clark Allmand, 2006.  Identified are Reuben Floyd Clark and Letha Clark. Two teachers and other students not identified.  CD with scanned picture filed in Photo Archive Box. 
6. The Picayune 12 June 2013; "Shady Grove's doors are closed, but heart of school still beats" by Jennifer Fierro
  • Schools, Shovel Mountain   
    • Newspaper article dated July 22, 1971 about the Shovel Mountain School including pictures of the school building, school well, and class pictures from 1929 and 1937-38  
    • Austin-American 11 June 1954; "Shovel Mountain Celebrates Its School Founding Centennial." List of former teachers and ex-students present included.
    • The Highlander 22 July 1971; "Echoes from Shovel Mountain School" by Adeline Chrane; includes pictures of school, Class of 1929, Class of 1937-38, and Mrs. Rubin Houy
    • Information about Shovel Mountain School including names of students, teachers, etc.
  • Schools, Smithwick
  1. Picture of students in front of school taken abt. 1926
  2. Picture of 2004 Smithwick School Gathering taken in front of Smithwick Community Center
  3. Information from Hickory Creek School, later known as Smithwick School taken from "Burnet County History, Vol 1"
  4. Lake County Life 18 June 2014; "They walked to school" - Peggy Lewis Cain tells of her experience as student at the old Smithwick schoolhouse
  • Schools, Spanish Oak
    1. Photo of group dated 18 Feb 1901; from the collection of Doris Lewis, 2010.
    2. History of Spanish Oak School from "Burnet County History, Vol I" by Darrell Debo, page 196
    3. Spanish Oak School 1908-1909 list of students
  • Schools, Spicewood  
  1. The Picayune, 1 Dec 2004, “Historic Spicewood School hosts a Cowboy Christmas”.  With photo of 1908 school, located on CR 204 in Spicewood.
  2. Newspaper article from River Cities Tribune July 25, 2004 about new elementary school
  3. "Restoration of Old Spicewood School" The Highlander 27 July 1972
  4. Austin American-Statesman 29 Jun 1980; "Spicewood classmates of '22 stayed close by." by Jeff Barton. Includes picture of Mrs. George Breazeale, Mrs. Ray Pison, Mrs. Bert Green, Guy Hobbs, Mrs. R. E. Lewis, and Mrs. Truett Mobley..
  5. See also; Spicewood Folder # 20, 23, 24, 25
  6. The Highlander 8 Jun 2007; "Happy Birthday/Spicewood school celebrates 100th"
  7. One-page history of Spicewood School.
  8. Copy of two photograph of 1927 school attendees, along with complete list of those in photograph.
  9. List of school attendees for the years: 1939-1940, 1941-1942, 1942-1943, and 1926-1927 Record of Attendance and Work for Ralph Wall Wilburn Wall, and Vince Fox.
  10. Copy of old school picture with teacher, W. D. Riddell. Names mentioned: Carl Faubion, Jeanie riddell, Iva Fowler, Paul Grelle, Albert Grelle, Nellie Woods, John Faubion, Austin Fowler, Fritz Hass, Gussie Hass, Nannie Jackel, Liera Wall, Emme Wall, Mary Woods, Bert Faubion, Lon Bouleinghouse, James Riddell, Elva Boultinghouse, Edna DeSpain, Della Despain, Willie Crane, Lena Wall, Albert McInnesh, Floyd McInnish, Willie Hass, Fritz kaus, Gurtie Kaus, Nannie Jackel, Earnest Kaus, Joe Neuman.

  • Schools, Strickland
    1. Photo of old school building
    2. Painting of school by former teacher, Lorena Witcher. 
  • Schools, Tobey
  1. The Highlander, 75th Anniversary Edition, 26 July 1962.  Photo of school group from 1911, with names.
Scobee, Town of
Correspondence between Susan Ingalls and Lucille Craddock about the source of the name of Scobee in Burnet County in 1895.  Envelope addressed to library from Washington State. Ms. Craddock suggested that Ms. Ingalls contact Southern Pacific Railroad in Houston.
Scott Mountain, Burnet County
Scott's Mountain Foundation; county road 207 toward Bertram/ 1 acre lots.  Letter dated July 16, 1985 from Sally H. Kaden, Founder of the Scott’s Mountain Foundation about the proposed town of Scott’s Mountain including financing, location and layout; attached articles about Environmental Illness and Walter Martin who has the illness
Scottish Granite Workers   
  1. List of names of Scottish granite-cutters that came to Texas in 1886
  2. Group photo of Scottish granite-cutters/stone masons.  Original at Ft. Croghan.
Scottish Research
Booklet, "Following in the Family Footsteps" by Historic Scotland< National Trust for Scotland; 26 pages.  Includes info on family names, maps where these clans lived.
Senterfitt, Town of   
1. Article taken from Handbook of Texas, Vol. II page 593 about the abandoned town of Senterfitt in Lampasas County, Texas
2. Newspaper article from Dallas News dated December 8, 1939 titled “Early Central Texas Village Obliterated, Senterfitt Began to Die with Birth of Town of Lometa”
September 11
  1. Burnet Bulletin, 17 Sept 2008, Photos and text about Sept. 11 Commemoration Ceremonies.  Photo of flag with Bluebonnet Belle flying over.
Shady Grove   
  1. Three-page typed history of the community of Shady Grove including footnotes (2 copies)
  2. Copy of newspaper article from the September 20, 1979 Highlander by Leon Hough about Shady Grove’s new historical marker
  3. Newspaper article about the Shady Grove community by Diane Pogue from the Independent dated September 27, 1990
  4. Three page typed history of the Shady Grove community  by Mrs. Bill Bryson including footnotes(2 copies)
  5. Copy of remarks made by William Taylor Garner at the Memorial Service Shady Grove Homecoming about history of the community and people associated with the community who are buried in the cemetery
  6. Brief typed description of the Shady Grove School, including a list of teachers from 1914 to 1941 with a mention of earlier teachers and footnotes
  7. Article with additional information about Shady Grove by Mrs. Bill Bryson with sources (3 copies)
  8. Information from the state historical marker about community (2 copies)
  9. Newspaper article from The Highlander dated February 3, 1972 by Greg Olds titled “Lee Lodge Served at Shady Grove”
  10. 11-page typed article on Shady Grove by Mrs. Bill Bryson with footnotes
  11. Copies of pictures of the first Shady Grove School House and class and the Tamega Store
  12. Copy of completed application form for historical marker
  13. Map of Shady Grove area
  14. Notes of consolidation of Live Oak, Joppa, and Shady Grove schools with Bertram School District
  15. Shady Grove Ranch - serial survey copy - 253 acres    
                See also:  Churches, Shady Grove, and Churches, Shady Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Sherrard’s Cave   
1. Copy of a Frontier Times story about cave (2 copies) 3 pages
*Sherwood Shores First Baptist, Marble Falls   
1.  Article to Mrs. Bill Bryson.  This church was started by a Revival in August 1963.
*Sherwood Shores, Assembly of God Church   
1.  Article from Joel Mayfield to Mrs. Bryson dated April 6, 1979 on the History of Sherwood Shores Assembly of God Church.
*not in file at time of inventory
Shovel Mountain   
  1. Newspaper article from The Highlander dated July 22, 1971 titled “Shovel Mountain School”
  2. Newspaper article about the dedication of  Von Struve House including pictures and articles about the house and the family (2 copies)
  3. Marble Falls Messenger 9 Mar 1933; "Shovel Mountain News" - Some names mentioned: J. R. Kellersberger, Richard Schnelle, Henry Herbort, Hilda Sims, Rickie Mezger, Wilson Burnam, Helmut Fuchs, Jessie Lee Hickman, Bob Whitman, Leslie Sims
  4. Marble Falls Messenger  10 June 1954; "Shovel Mountain's First Centennial"
  5. Marble Falls Messenger 12 July 1944; "Shovel Mt News" - Names mentioned: Arthur Schroeter, 1st Lt. Carlysie Schnelle, Branley McGlothin, Henry Krumm
Smithwick    [see also Churches, Smithwick]
1. 2 photographs showing the remaining chimney from Noah Smithwick’s house with following information on the backs of the photos: 
Photo #1, “Noah Smithwick’s fireplace in late 1960’s still intact after 100 years (see closeup of cauldron) built by a master craftsman named Primus Lewis who built many of the fireplaces in this area.  Primus Lewis was a slave of Tom Lewis.  Photo courtesy of Mrs. W.W. (Iva Wall) Fuller”  
Photo #2, “Smithwick’s fireplace.  When Noah Smithwick and family left for California at the beginning of the Civil War they left the big iron pot hanging in the fireplace where it remained undisturbed 100 years.  This photo was taken in late 1960’s.   By 1975 it was gone, a testimony to the times.  Photo courtesy of Mrs. W.W. Fuller”
2. Note about  consolidation of Live Oak, Joppa, and Shady Grove Schools with Bertram School District
3. Note about Cow Creek School
4. Newspaper article with picture about Noah Smithwick
5. Newspaper article from San Antonio Express dated June 1953 by Gerald Ashford titled “Texas Frontier Classic Beats Summer Novelties” about Smithwick and the book that he wrote
6. Newspaper article by Frank X. Tolbert about  Noah Smithwick and his town
7. Photograph of Noah Smithwick
8. Obit. For Noah Smithwick
9. Newspaper article by Tad Moses about Noah Smithwick
10. Handwritten notes about Noah Smithwick
11. Newspaper clipping about Old Settlers Reunion at Smithwick
12. Newspaper article about Smithwick Valley and Noah Smithwick (2 copies)
13. Newspaper article from The Highlander dated July 12, 1973 by Mrs. Olivia Cox titled “An Exciting Crime Spices the Story of Old Smlithwick”
14. Newspaper mention in the San Antonio Light dated January 25, 1976 about Anglo-American Texans including Noah Smithwick
15. Handwritten note about grist mill built by Noah Smithwick
16. Letter from V. Blomquist, Director of the DRT to Tad Moses about lack of pictures of Noah Smithwick
17. Brief typed note about community of Smithwick
18. Handwritten note about location of Smithwick home
19. P 5/10/2000 Smithwick: A place of legend and lore
20.  Highlander,  8 July 1976, "Boyhood Days in Burnet Backwaters -- A Journey to Smithwick and Travis Peak", by Betty MacNabb, with pictures of Miss Minnie Hensel, one time postmistress at Travis Peak, and of the Travis Peak school.
21. Highlander, 15 March 1973,"Smithwick In Burnet County.
22. Frontier Times, Sept 1928 "Days of the Texas Republic" by Ed Smithwick.
23.  Musings From 1865 to 1935 Burnet County, by G. F. Hunter, Chapter III.
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25.  Burnet Bullentin, 4 July 1976, McClish Descendants meet Recently in Smithwick.
26.  Letter dated 3 March 1977 to Byrna Dean Moore from Ola Me Nunly about L. L. Rodgers Family.
27.  Lampasas Record, 17 Nov 1966, clipping of 60th wedding anniversay of Mr & Mrs John E. Meredith
28.  Copy of booklet Deep in the Heart of Texas by Stella Shaffer Skaggs, printed about 1971.
27. Copy of pages from Notory Plubic book of R. A. Mobley and F. P. Lewis.
28.Copies of organization and minutes of Smithwick Farmers Educational & Cooperative Union #4141.
29.  Copies of several letters of Stinnett family.
30. Copies of the "Smithwick Letters" (Akers & Evans Families mentioned)
31. "Burnet County Backroads - Smithwick" by Rachel Bryson McAllister The Picayune 4 Jan 1995.
32. Copy of 1900 Census for Smithwick Community
33. Several articles from Marble Falls Messenger about the Smithwick Community
34. Burnet Bulletin 15 July 1880; "A Day at Smithwick Mills" - Names mentioned: Jas. Green, Judge Martin, D. E. Bentley
35. Burnet Bulletin 6 July 1899; "Notes from Smithwick" - Names mentioned: Palm Cox, George Lewis, death of Elder Joseph Burchartz, E. D. McClish
36. Burnet Bulletin 21 June 1900; "Notes from Smithwick" - Names mentioned: R. A. Mobley, Geor. Lewis, Prof. Copeland's singing school
37. Burnet Bulletin 16 Aug 1900; "Notes from Smithwick" - Names mentioned: Noah Smithwick, Mrs. Pew, Mrs. M. W. McClish, R.C. Maddux.
38. The Highlander 15 July 1993; "Spicewood picnic draws crowd" - includes picture of members of the Class of 1943 at Spicewood High School who attended picnic and of Former teachers.
Soika-Quinn Archeological Site
  1. Letter to Mr. Nick Soika from Texas Historical Commission, 8 Oct 2008, considering nomination of property to be designated as State Archeological Landmark.  Includes nomination narrative and map.
  2. Letter to Mr. Joseph Beal, LCRA, 15 Mar 2007, regarding nominations for State Archeological Landmark Status
Sons of the Republic of Texas
  1. "Reviving History --- Burnet County's Buddy Inman wants to bring Smithwick chapter of the SRT back to life"; The Picayune 16 May 2012
South Gabriel   
1. Newspaper article by Willie Mae Smith Price “Hill Country History…The South Gabriel Village” The Highlander February 21, 1974
2. Newspaper article by F. E. Harris entitled “The First Settlement on Bear Creek” The Burnet County Bulletin, March 20, 1975
3. Newspaper article by F. E. Harris entitled “My Memory of Old South Gabriel/The Beginning of Bertram” The Burnet County Bulletin, March 13, 1975
4. Article (2 copies) entitled “Memories of Old South Gabriel—the beginning of Bertram (in 1883) {seems to be handwritten and typewritten copy of #2}
5. Map of South Gabriel
6. Text of Official Texas Historical Marker “The Village of South Gabriel” located on Old State Highway 29, 0.5 miles east of FM 1174, 2 miles south of Bertram
7. One-page of information on South Gabriel
8. "South Gabriel Historical Marker Dedicated in Oatmeal" The Highlander 23 May 1974
9. "Historical Marker to be Erected" Bertram Enterprise  (undated)
10. "How South Gabriel lost out to Bertram in railroad battle" by Rachel Bryson; The Picayune 30 Sep 2009
11.  Bertram -- undated:  "Memories of Old South Gabriel" compiled by Garrett and Fern Wilkinson.  Mentions Mr. Lewiston, Herman Leister, Lon and Oscar Parks, Mr. Lockett, J. D. Riley, Bill Johnson, Mr. Fox, Christian Dorbandt's saloon, Will Vaughn, Mrs. Rosa Wolff, Phil Davis, Garrett Wilkinson, Guthrie Taylor house, Cowan house.
  1. River Cities Tribune, 9 Feb 2001.  "Spicewood Community Rallies Against Plant"; about citizens protesting against a proposed concrete batch plant going up in the area.
  2. San Antonio Light, 17 May 1935; Picture of Mrs. B. B. Milam of Spicewood in pioneer costume by a spinning wheel. 
  3. Various research notes about Spicewood.
  4. Handwritten copy of Notary Public Book of R. A. Mobley and F. P. Lewis of Spicewood, dating from 1903.
  5. Names of members of Smithwick Farmers Educational and Cooperative Union #4141, organized 1907
  6. I. L. Kennedy 1924 Store Book; names of customers.
  7. Photo of R. E. Harsh, celebrating his 90th birthday, along with his brother, Ernest Harsch, and sister, Mrs. Bertha Torbet, 81.
  8. List of citizens who paid poll tax in 1909 living in Spicewood.
  9. The Picayune (no date) "The Fall Creek community" near Spicewood about its cemetery, school and falls with pictures
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  13. "Spicewood picnics go way, way back" The Picayune 8 Jun 1994. Has picture of Ora Williamson
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  15. "The old German Hall" The Picayune 4 May 1994
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  39. Query to BCGS from Teri Freitag, dated 2 Dec 2010. Asking for information on Spicewood.
  40. Query to BCGS, dated 19 Sep 2011, from Judith Kugle requesting information on Spicewood and Paleface Ranch.
        -- See also "The Valley Between the Colorado and the Pedernales", by the Spicewood Area Historical Focus Group, 1996, Mary Albers Thompson and Madolyn Frasier.
Stagecoach Lines, Routes of   
1. Newspaper article by Frank C. Rigler entitled “Hill Country History…Burnet Was Road Hub in 1850s” The Highlander April 6, 1972 (2 copies)
2. Copy of map showing stagecoach lines
3. General Highway Map of Burnet County, Texas dated 1971
4. Taped together copy of #3.
5. Two-page copy of article entitled “Liberty Hill, Williamson County …Bryson’s Stage Stop
6. Stagecoach Pioneers of the Southwest, by Robert N. Mullin, pamphlet, 48 pages.  Includes some Texas info.
7.  Stagecoach Inns of Texas by Kathryn Turner Carter, published 1972, copied selected pages from book; Table of Contents, and section about Bryson's Stage Stop in Liberty Hill.
State Capitol of Texas, Building of   
1. Research paper entitled “The Texas Capitol, How it was Built, 1882-1888, Texas History” by Kay Fuller, Marble Falls, Texas
2.  Photo of The Goddess of Liberty, 1888, before installation on top of the Capitol.
Stewart Pioneer Home   
1. Application Form for Official Texas Historical Marker
2. Copies of photos of front of house (before and after)
3. Official wording of historical marker attached to house
Stewart Pioneer Home
  1. Application for official Texas Historical Marker
  2. Wording for marker
  3. Photos of front and back of house
Strickling, Town of
  1. Information on Historic Marker, including newspaper articles on dedication
  2. History of Strickling by Estelle Asher Bryson + History of Strickling (Ghost Town)
  3. A Brief History of Strickling, Texas by Samuel A. Hamilton, Jr.
  4. Hardback information on Strickling
  5. Burnet Bulletin article, 19 Sep 1991, Strickling missed the train
  6. Poll List of General Election 3 Nov 1896, Strickling
  7. Strickling Deed 6 Sep 1856
  8. Numerous handwritten notes on town and citizens
  9. 4 copies of photographs
  10. The Picayune (undated) "Long-lost town shares history" by Rachel Bryson
  11. The Daily Tribute 10 Oct 2009, "Strickling tale truly a frontier tragedy" by Rachel Bryson
  12. The Picayune "Long-lost town shares history" by Rachel Bryson
  13. The Burnet Bulletin 12 Feb 1970 "Strickling Historical Marker Dedicated, Saturday, February 7, 1970"
  14. "Strickling tale truly a frontier tragedy" by Rachel Bryson The Picayune 14 Oct 2009
Strickling, Texas, Massacre   
1. Picture of Davis Cemetery near Leander
2. Letter about the death of Martha Virginia Webster Strickling Simmons, the last survivor of the Webster Indian massacre on Brushy Creek near Leander
3. Handwritten account of the 1839 Webster massacre
4. Handwritten notes about the massacre
5. Typed report about the massacre
6. Copy of published report by J.W. Wilbarger about James Webster and the massacre from Indian Depredation in Texas
7. Handwritten note about the Davis Cemetery Marker near Leander
8. Handwritten copy of Dr. J. Gordon Bryson’s article about the massacre in Shin Oak Ridge dated about 1964
9. Extracts from “Indian Wars of Texas” by Mildred P. Mayhall about the 3 survivors of the Webster massacre ( 2 copies)
10. Land deed for Webster property through daughter Virginia Webster Strickling ( 2 copies)
11. Information about the tomb, state historical marker for victims of Webster Massacre
12.  Newspaper article by Greg Olds in The Highlander dated May 6, 1971 titled “Effects of the 1839 Webster Massacre on Burnet’s Founding”
13. Newspaper article by Greg Olds in The Highlander dated January 17, 1974 titled “Webster Massacre Described By the Last White Survivor”
  • The Highlander 12 June 1975; "Former Towheads Remember Stumptown" by Suzanne Brown. Includes photograph of Louise Chamberlain Profitt, Edith Darragh Lacy and Toni Reimers Wagenfuhr who remember the days of Stumptown. The ghost town is located off Highway 1431 on Tobyville road where it crosses the railroad tracks between two creeks.
Struve House   
1. Article about Amond von Struve
2. Article about Struve House
3. Copy of letter from Mrs. Bill Bryson to Mrs. D. M. Parmelee, Director of Research, Texas State Historical Survey Committee, addressing questions on the Amand Struve house
4. Text of Official Texas Historical Building Medallion on Struve House
5. Copy of letter dated February 3, 1973 to Mrs. Bryson, from Christiana Lunday
6. Newspaper article entitled “Hill Country History…Dedication of Shovel Mountain’s Von Struve House The Highlander November 15, 1973