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Tamega Store   
1.  One paragraph typed history of the Tamega Store between Bertram and Strickling.
2.  Photo identified as J. D. Eustis General Merchandise store.  On back people are identified as Buck Eustis; J. E. Eustis (Jack); Mrs. Joe Eustis (Willie); Fanny Eustis; Iva Barton; Anna Tannehill; Stella Jamenson; Mrs. J. E. Eustis.

  1. Photo of group of teachers, 1910-1911, school unidentified.  Named are: Annie Harrison; Amy Dodson (Garrett; Florence Brownlee (Benson); Kate Atkinson (Jones); Grace Edman; Margaret Cotham; Ed Dodson; M. B. Brown; Theresa Wilson.  Scanned as Teachers 1911.
  2. Original document - Texas Teacher's Daily Register for Public Schools - circa 1930's; FORM # M191; unused
  3. Burnet Bulletin, 1 July 1976.  "Teacher RElates Memories" by Marty Primeau, interviewing  Mrs. Elizabeth Knox of Burnet Independent School District.

Telephone Directories
  1. 1959  Spicewood Telephone Co.
  2. 1965  Liberty Hill, Texas
  3. January 1966  Bertram, Texas
Tent City, Midway, Texas   
1. Article entitled “1939, Tent City, Midway, Texas, Between Lake Victor and Burnet, Texas.” Oral history recalled by Mrs. Annie Rudd and collected in Ingram Tom Moore High School by Anne Seidensticker Stewart, dated Spring 1984
2. Drawing of Tent City

Texas Cattle Brands   
1. Book entitled Cattle Brands of Texas, donated by Thos. C. Ferguson

Texas County Bibliography  
 1. Texas Historical Commission: Texas County History Bibliography. Comprehensive list of Texas county histories compiled in 1983 and updated in 1988

Texas Extension Homemakers Association
  1. 60th anniversary edition booklet, 1926-1986.  Contains names and photos of members.
Texas Frontier
  • The Picayune, from 12 Jun 1996 - 2 Oct 1996, reprint of "27 Years on the Texas Frontier" by Captain Wm Banta  and J. W. Caldwell, Jr.

Texas General Land Office   

1. Map of Land Districts of Texas
2. Categories of Land Grants in Texas
3. Reading the County Survey Index Map
4. Basic Research in the Archives of the Texas General Land Office
5. Selected Maps in the Surveying Division at the Texas General Land Office
6.  Copies of documentation for right to land grants by J. C. Logan, and another copy of documentation written by J. D. Cannon. 
7.  “The Archives Wars of Texas”, by J. Frank Dobie, date unknown.
8.  Copy of Land Certificate for David C. Connell.
9.  Copy of Land Certificate for Thomas Jackson.
10.  Copy of Land Certificate for Sampson Connell.
11.  Copies of Land Certificates for David Crockett.

Texas History Newspaper Column   
1.  Clippings from Rosebud News, dating from 1976, “Texas History”, by Weldon Owens. 
2.  Clipping from Slaton Slatonite newspaper, 11 Aug 1977, “Museum at Tech to Show 100-Year-Old Cotton Gin”

Texas Land Heritage Awards
  1. Burnet County awards - list and synopsis of ranch history.
  2. Citizens Gazette, 17 Feb 2010.  "Library to Host Reception to Honor Ranch Families in Land Heritage Program"
  3. The Picayune, 24 Feb 2010.  "Historic Ranches, Farms Recognized"
  4. The Picayune, 3 March 2010.  "Burnet CountyRanches Honored", by Raymond V. Whelan; w/pic of Shifflet Ranch owners Tommy and Jo Ellen Shifflet.
  5. Information and photo about B. H. Stewart family ranch from Mrs. Neva B. Clark, Bertram Texas.
  6. Moreland Ranch, 1883
  7. Ueckert Farm and Shifflet Ranch, each 150 year award
  8. John (Jack) Juby Ranch
  9. C.C. Barton Ranch and M. O. Farms, 2008
  10. Munn's Oak Crest Ranch, 1983
  11. The Picayune 24 Feb 2010; "Historic ranches, farms recognized"
Texas Mining and Development Company   
(Front page missing) of book listing official transactions that involved the Texas Mining and Development Company

Texas Rangers   
  1. Information on who to contact and how if you think your ancestor was a Texas Ranger.   Including State Guard, Frontier Guard, Frontier Troops, and Minutemen.
  2. The Llano News May 11, 2005 “Texas Rangers to be honored at Honey Creek Ceremony” – Cpl. Luke Allen Moore and Private Charles C. Roberts (Minuteman)
  3. The Llano News April 20. 2005 “Texas Rangers unveil special markers” for F.M. Cassaday, J.W. Brewer, J.H.L Behrns, W.L. Barler, W.H. Roberts, and W.A. Buster   (see also Buster file in Surname section of vertical files)
  4. Kingsland Current November 10, 2004 “Ranger memorial crosses dedicated  to Tow’s three Morgan brothers” – Hiram D., Joseph Amos and Evan Bennet Morgan
  5. Kingsland Current May 18, 2005 Minuteman Charles C. Roberts and Corporal Luke Allen Moore were honored at the Honey Creek Cemetery with Texas Ranger Memorial crosses (see 2. above) 
  6. The Llano News June 15, 2005 “Descendents dedicate Texas Ranger Memorial Cross on James Kindred Hoy’s grave
  7. The Llano Buzz October 18, 2005 Texas Ranger Memorial Ceremonies for William Louis Overstreet and Abraham Roberts
  8. Llano News,  15 Nov 2006;  Texas Ranger Lt. Alexander Buck Roberts honored
  9. Burnet Bulletin,  8 Oct 2008, "Texas Ranger History to be Remembered at Dedication"; honoring Private Millard S. Moreland at Bear Creek Cemetery and Julius C. Moreland at Bethel Cemetery.  Short history on both brothers is in the article.
  10. Llano News, 18 March 2009; "Former Texas Rangers to Be Honored".   Four former Texas Rangers and early settlers in the Hill country honored 28 March 2009 at Pecan Creek Cemetery.  Honored were:  Pvt. James Valsain Latham (1859-1937); Pvt. John Bruce Duncan (1822-1901); Pvt. Benjamin Major Gibson (1844-1904); and Cpl Sanford Ber 1957accus (Backues) (1840-1875).
  11. The Highlander, 3 April 2009.  "Texas Rangers Memorialized" by Glynis Crawford Smith.  About Pvt James Latham, Pvt John Duncan, Cpl Baccus, and Pvt Benjamin Gibson.
  12. List of Texas Rangers and Stations, 39 pages reproduced from the holdings of the Texas State Archives, giving names, organizations,  and dates of service of Texas Rangers from the 1800s.
  13. Llano Journal, 4 Nov 2009; "Early Texas Ranger Honored" with photo of participants in ceremony honoring James Wilson Nichols, greatgrandfather of local citizen Bonnie Ricketson.
  14. Newspaper article in Llano County Journal, dated 28 Oct 2009, about Texas Ranger James Wilson Nichols.
  15. Newspaper article and picture from The LLano Journal, 4 Nov 2009, about Ranger James Wilson Nichols.
  16. The Llano News 4 April 2010 about former Texas Ranger Robert Carr Roberts
  17. The Llano News 25 Mar 2009 "She's Dedicated to Honoring Texas Ranger; 55 so Far in Llano County" - regarding Hatty Sagebiel and the Texas Ranger Memorial Cross.
  18. The Llano News 1 June 2011 "Texas Rangers Honored" - Texas Ranger Memorial Cross services for James Calvin Leverett, Sr., William Schmidt, George Oliver Chew.
  19. Series of articles from The Picayune by  Dan W. Roberts; taken from "Rangers & sovereignty; 11 June, 24 Sep, 22 Oct, 5 Nov, 19 Nov 1997
  20. The Llano News 13 Jun 2007; "Texas Ranger Weeaks Dedication and Reunion held in Kingsland"; about William Merrit Weeaks
  21. The Llano News 2 May 2012; "Ranger Readiness" by Karylon Russell; about Texas Rangers buried in Llano County
  22. The Burnet Bulletin 9 Dec 2015; "Texas Rangers add Burnet county post/With Marquis Cantu at the helm" - includes picture of Cantu
  23. The Llano News 16 Nov 2016; "Rangers to the rescue" by Karylon Hallmark Russell. 

                      see also Military, Civil War

Texas, Sesquicentennial, Dallas Times Herald, Mar 7, 1982  
 “A Sesquicentennial Presentation” by The Dallas Times Herald, Written by Archie P. McDonald

Textile Mill - Marble Falls
  1. The Picayune 27 Mar 2013; "Old textile mill marker's relocation puts history in its right place"
  2. Program for Relocation Ceremony for the Old Factory Marker in Marble Falls

Theaters, Globe, Bertram

 [filed in Historic Buildings, Burnet County] 
  1. "Musicians Restore Bertram's Globe Theatre" by John Hollowell, with pictures  of Zachery Hamilton and Lance Regier, owners, and a picture of the theater.  Highland Lakes Weekly, May 2013.
  2. Burnet Bulletin 8 May 2013; "Owners breathing life back into Bertram's Globe Theatre, includes photo of Lance Regler and Zach Hamilton standing in front of theatre

Theaters, Holiday Drive Inn Theater, Burnet

1.  Classified ads from Burnet Bulletin, 31 May 1956, congratulating Mr. and Mrs. T. J. White on opening New Drive-In Theater. (2 copies)
2.  Article from Burnet Bulletin, 31 May 1956, “Drive-In Theater to have Official Opening Friday Night”.   First features shown were “Goodbye My Lady” with Walter Brenan and Brandon de Wilde and “Love is a Many Splendored Thing” starring Jennifer Jones and William Holden.  Price was 50 cents for adults and 25 cents for children 6-12.  Under six were admitted free. (2 copies)
3.  Article from Burnet Bulletin, 1 March 1956 announcing the construction of Drive-In Theater, which will handle 300 cars.
4.  Article from Burnet Bulletin, 15 April 1956, “Burnet’s New Theatre Nearing Completion.”
5.  Historical fact sheet on the drive in theatre giving opening and closing dates and statistics.
6.  Two pages of ads from the drive in theatre.
7.  Movie attractions from 18 July 1957.

Theaters, UpTown Marble Falls

Lake Country Life, undated, "Old Movie House now Rings With Song"

2-page, typed description of Tobey community by Darrell Debo

Trains, Austin & Northwestern   
  1. Newspaper Clipping, Dallas Morning News, 4 Oct 1992, “The Hill Country Flyer”, with pictures of the Steam train going across the San Gabriel River. 2 copies.
  2. Information sheet about the Hill Country Flyer.  2 copies.  Undated.
  3. Newspaper ad, from Austin American Statesman, 13 Aug 1992, advertising the Hill Country Flyer.
  4. Newspaper article, Burnet Bulletin, 15 July 1992, “Steam Train Preparations Hit Frantic Pace as First Train Nears.”
  5. Newspaper article, Austin American Statesman, undated, “Downtown Train Trip Back in Locomotion.”
  6. Newspaper article, Austin American Statesman, 1 Sept 1992, “Folks steamed over train’s late night runs.” 
  7. Newspaper article, Burnet Bulletin, 2 July 1992, “Train Finally Steams into Town”, with picture.
  8. Newspaper article, The Picayune, 21 July 1992, ”All Aboard”, with picture.
  9. Newspaper article, Austin American Statesman, Happenings, 25 July 1992, "Take a Flyer through Hill Country,” with pictures.
  10. Information Brochure, “Taking a Stroll Thru Burnet”, with diagram of businesses on the square and other attractions in town.
  11. 1992 Operating Schedule and timetable
  12. Newspaper article, Burnet Bulletin, 1 July 1992, “It’s Here.”
  13. Articles of Association and Incorporation of the Austin and Northwestern Railroad Company from 1881. 3 copies
  14. Newspaper article, The Highlander, 8 April 1971, “Confusion of Origin of Granite Mountain Railroad Traced by Moses,” by Greg Olds, with picture of new Austin capitol in 1896.  2 copies.
  15. Photocopy of handwritten Articles of Association and Incorporation of the Austin and Northwestern Railroad Company from 1881.
  16. Burnet Bulletin 19 Jan 1989; "Derailed Car" - picture of overturned railroad car near loading dock off Highway 29 in Burnet.
  17. Handwritten notes on history of railroad, date and source unknown.
  18. Texas Highways, June 1994, with picture of steam train on cover.  In article, “Romancing the Rails on Texas Train Rides”, page 22, the Hill Country Flyer is mentioned.  2 copies.
  19. Journal of Texas Shortline Railroads, Aug, Sept, Oct 1998, Vol 3, No2, with story on The Austin & Northwestern Railroad, 1881-1901.  Many photos of Llano, Kingsland, Austin, Buchanan Dam, Fairland, and Granite Mountain.
  20. Texas Co-op Power magazine, January 2012, "Say Yes to Adventure" about the Hill Country Flyer.
  21. Journal of Texas Shortline Railroads; August, September and October 1998, Pgs 6-11; "The Austin & Texas Central Railroad"
  22. "The Handbook of Texas Online" copied 7/21/2010: "Austin and Northwestern Railroad.

Trains, Austin-Burnet-Llano   
  1. Photo of workmen along the railroad.  None identified.
  2. Press Release, Aug 1962, from Southern Pacific Public Relations to Marble Falls Highlander about work being started early next month on erection of a new railroad bridge spanning the Colorado River at Kingsland.  Article also gives history of the railroad.
  3. Newspaper clipping, source unknown, dated 1953, about new diesel engines pulling trains on the Austin-Burnet-Llano branch, replacing steam engines.
  4. Photo of Fairland Depot
  5. Photo of Llano Depot
  6. Photo of Austin & Northwestern Passenger Train (steam)
  7. Photo of Marble Falls Depot
  8. Railroad Gazette, Granite Mountain & Marble Falls, Depot Dedication, 26 March 1977  
  9. "Riding the Centennial  Special 1936" by Brian Schenk; The Llano News 16 Dec 1999
  10. ""Fatal Collision on the Santa Fe - Four Prominent Stockmen Killed Instanty---Others Injured" from unknown, undated newspaper
  11. Burnet Bulletin 26 Sep 1874; "Our Cedar Brakes" - begins "In this county are attracting the attention of the Railroad contractors. Carlyle and Hiatt, have hands at work in the cedar brake at the mouth of Hamilton's creek, for the purpose of getting out 200,000 ties." "There is also a party of men at the month of Fall creek getting out 6,000. The ties are to be floated down the Colorado river to Austin, where they will be stopped by a boom, and shipped to their place of destination.
  12. Citizens Gazette 26 Apr 2017; "It's a Train Wreck" - derailment at Bertram.

Trains, Burnet County Narrow Gauge Railroad   

1.  Envelope, with newspaper clipping, “January Cold Sets Record”.  Does not appear to relate to Burnet County.  Written in ink at the top is “Alfred.”
2.  Newspaper article, Fort Worth Star Telegram, 11 Feb 1971, “Small Train on Tiny Rails Helped Build State Capitol.”
3.  Brochure, “Your Inside Track to Adventure”, from the Austin & Texas Central Railroad.
4.  Postcard with Steam Train on front
5.  “Deed of Gift” letter from Brian Schenk, Aug 30, 1998, that accompanied research items donated to the library.
6.  Booklet, “Up and Down the Line: People and Places along the Austin and Texas Central Railroad,” by Brian Schenk, 1998.  A collection of waypoints on the Hill Country Flyer route, with interesting tidbits about each location.
7.  Loose papers that are duplicates of pages in booklet.

Trains, Southern Pacific Lines 

1.  8 copies of page describing Austin’s Steam Train, with reservations and ticket info.
2.  Group of photocopies of steamtrain.
3.  Copy of Southern Pacific Lines Dallas and Austin divisions timetable from 1949
4.  Southern Pacific Lines timetable from 1921
5.  Southern Pacific Lines timetable from 1937
6.  Southern Pacific Lines timetable from 1924
7.  Southern Pacific Lines timetable from 1934
8.  Southern Pacific Lines timetable from 1943
9.  Consolidated list of engineers from 1953
10.  Consolidated roster of conductors from 1954
11. "Wildflower Ride a scenic riverside success" Llano Buzz 19 April 2005
12. "Riding high on the rails" by Hal Brown; Lake Country Life 28 Jan 2009
13. "All aboard for the Hill Country" by Steve Snyder; Lake Country Life 14-20 March 2012

Travis Peak
  1. Marble Falls Messenger 24 Sep 1925; "Travis Peak Notes" - Names mentioned: Jesse Phelan, Duke Singleton, Dee Turner, Mrs. Frank Crawford, Jeff Singleton, Mrs. Mary Wilks
  2. Marble Falls Messenger 8 Sep 1927; "Travis Peak Notes" - Names mentioned: Dillard Singleton, Teet Blessing, Howard Varner, Lola Lindsey
  3. Marble Falls Messenger 25 Oct 1928; "Travis Peak Notes" - Names Mentioned: Howard Varner Wiley Blessing, J. B. Singleton, Ed Maxey
  4. Marble Falls Messenger 15 Feb 1929; "Notes from Travis Peak" - Names mentioned: Ross Henry, T. J. Martin, Chester Varner, Geo. Williamson, Violet Freeman, C. C. Sullivan, Newt Blessing.
  5. Picture of Travis Peak School from incomplete article entitled "...Days in Burnet, A Journey to Smithwick and Travis..." Article mentions Pleas Gibson.
Turkey Bend - Highlander dated Feb 21, 1981 about Ray Boultinghouse and the area where he lived.
United Daughters of the Confederacy - Adam R. Johnson Chapter 2498, Burnet, Texas -
  • Applications and obituaries of deceased members of the Adam R. Johnson Chapter. 
* by name indicates A Real Daughter.  ** by name indicates a Real Grand-Daughter.
    1. Becker, Iona Pearl (Toni) Hart.  Application and obit
    2. Bradley, Aline E.  Application and obit.
    3. *Buckner, Dixie Ray.  Application and Obit.  
    4. Cook, Eula Belle Maley.  Application and Obit.
    5. Doran, Charlotte Pirkle.  Died 2 May 2007.  Application
    6. Dorbandt, Clara Belle Martin.  Died 26 June 2007.  Application and obit.
    7. Fuller, Velvia Wright.  Died 14 July 2008.  Application and obit.
    8. Jackson, Bernice Muriel.  Died 15 May 2000.  Application and obit.
    9. Overstreet, Ora Dell.  Died 14 Feb 1998.  Application.
    10. Patteson, Ruth Neal Corder.  Died 5 Apr 2002.  Application and obit.
    11. Poye, Martha Cora.  Application.
    12. Roach, LaVerne Johnson.  Died 2004.  Application.  Charter Member
    13. Roberts, Jeane.  D. 1 April 2008.  Application and obit.
    14. *Rodgerson, Lena Lavada Henderson.  D. 25 June 1997.  Application.
    15.  Simpson, Lenora Elizabeth.  Died 26 Feb 1999.  Application.
    16. Smykal, Bobbie Morgan.  D. 19 June 2004.  Application and obit.
    17. Thurman, Modelle Rawls.  Application.
    18. **Tombs, Ollie Blanche McCann.  Died 3 Dec 2001.  Application and obit.
    19. Wilson, Fadean Lee.  Died 2 Sept 2001.  Application and obit.
    20. *Wolfe, Virgie Lee.  Died 12 May 2007.  Application and obit
    21. Duncan, Faye O. Darby.  Died 2004.  Application.
  • CD with pictures of
  1. Lena Rodgerson and daughter Linda Wiley
  2. Merle Jackson
  3. Ora Robinson
  4. Ruth McShane
  • 4 Photos of members participating in 1988 Rodeo Parade
UNITED DAUGHTERS OF THE CONFEDERACY - Llano Chapter 2500 (Disbanded)
            1. Original applications of members
Veterans, World War I   
See Military WWI

Veterans, World War II   
See Military WWII

  1. Lake Country Life 5-11 June 2013; "At Home on a Texas Vineyard" - Fall Creek Vineyards

Voters - Burnet County, 1865 - 66
  • Names of men who took the Oath of Amnesty after the Civil War, and what appears to be list of voters.  About 25 pages, some copies from newspapers, others from ledgers, and some handwritten.
Wavell's Colony
1.  A description of Wavell's Colony from Texas State Library website.
2.  Transcription of holdings from Texas State Archives that lists each name, age, origin and profession of colonists recruited by Arthur Goodall Wavell and Ben Milam in 1826.  The colony never was realized for a number of reasons.  The list enumerates 125 family groups.

Weather Related Events - folder 1
  1. Burnet Tornado, 1973 - several newspapers, and a booklet, "The Central Texas Tornadoes", 64 pages, published by C.F.Boone, Lubbock, Texas
  2. Burnet Bulletin, 7 March 1974; pages from anniversary issue showing before and after pictures of tornado destruction and rebuilding efforts in town.
  3. The Picayune, 1 April 2009; "Frightful Memories of Burnet's 1973 Tornado", by Rachel Bryson 
  4. The Burnet Bulletin, 28 Sep 1967, newspaper article about the City of Burnet tornado 20 Sep 1967
  5. "Texas Tornado" by John Hallowell; unnamed and undated newspaper
  6. Citizens Gazette 6 Mar 2013; "The Night the Sky Came Down March 10, 1973" "Recalling the Burnet Tornado" by Rick Espitia
  7. Citizens Gazette 18 June 2014; "Twister!" - pictures of damage to the home of Trenton Ashworth, between Bertram and Briggs

Weather Related Events - folder 2
  1. Burnet Bulletin, 17 Sept 2008, "Counties Offer Help to Ike Evacuees", with photos of evacuees encamped at Inks Lake State Park.
  2. The Austin American, 26 Apr 1956, about flooding in Hamilton Creek between Burnet and Marble Falls.  Pictures in the article, but of poor quality.
  3. Burnet Bulletin, 28 Feb 2007, Chart showing total rainfall inflows to the Highland Lakes, 1942 - 2006.
  4. Lake Country Life, 27 Jun 2012 "Drought and politics
  5. The Highlander 23 Nov 2004; "Storm rips through Fairland community" by Gary Parsons
Webster Massacre   
1.  The Highlander, 17 Jan 1974, “Webster Massacre Described By The Last White Survivor”, with picture of historical marker
2.  The Highlander, 6 May 1971, “Effects of the 1839 Webster Massacre On Burnet’s Founding”
3.  Burnet County Historical Commission, Historical Marker justification and citation
4.  Copies from Indian Depredations in Texas, James Webster.
5.  Typed information by Martha Virginia (Webster) Simmons, daughter of Capt. John Webster.  From Barker History Center.
6.  The Highlander, 29 Nov 1979, “The Moore Expedition”
7.  The Highlander, 6 Dec 1979, “Six Miles from Paradise”
8.  The Highlander, 13 Dec 1979, “A Mother’s Incredible Journey”
9.  Burnet Bulletin 14 April 1937; "The Webster Massacre"

White Bluff   
1.  The Highlander, 10 June 1976, photo of Stairstep Pools.
2.  The Highlander, 3 June 1976, “Natural Beauty of White Bluff Lures Natives and Tourists”, with photos of scenes around the bluff.
3.  Lake Country Life, 17 May 2008, "A Towering Legend", by Dale Fry, about White Bluff and the killing of Robert Adams in 1857.
4.  Lake Country Life, 11 Jan 2012, "Murder Marks White Bluff" by Dale Fry, about White Bluff and the killing of Robert Adams by Indians in 1857.

Whitlock Massacre
  1. The Llano News 8 Dec 2010, article entitled "140th Anniversary of the Whitlock Massacre" by Karylon Hallmark Russell
Wilbern’s Glen   
1.  The Highlander, 13 July 1972, “Willbern’s Glen”, with pictures of Billy Willbern, Jr., Falls, Lover’s Leap, and Old Spring House.

Williamson, County of   
  1. Newspaper, date and source unknown, “Cedar Park, the county’s Boom Town Community.”
  2. Williamson County Historical Survey Committee, 10 Jan 1975, 2 pages
  3. Booklet, “Glimpses of Old Georgetown”, 1789-1939
  4. Typed list of Bratton Cemetery dated 1967
  5. Negative, unknown subject, place and date.
  6. List of original land grantees in Williamson County.
  7. Newspaper, The Williamson County Sun, 19 May 1977, on it’s 100th anniversary, plus a centennial edition.
  8. Clipping from Round Rock Leader, 10 April 1975, “County Group Hears State Historical Officials, To Host Regional Meeting.”
  9. Newspaper page, Austin American-Statesman, 29 June 1969, “Round Rock Prepares for the 70s”, with pictures of old homes and businesses.
  10. Booklet, “125 Years of Williamson County”, Souvenier Program, 1848-1973, Georgetown, Texas.
  11. American Statesman, 5 January 1930,  "Leander Pioneer Tells of Old Days", with story and picture of Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Martin (Susie Schooley).  Mentions his brothers, Henry and Hervy Martin and the log home built by his father-in-law, John Schooley.
  12. Round Rock Chamber of Commerce brochure.
  13. Copy of newspaper article dated June 26, 1969 from Williamson County Sun
    titled “Rolling, Grassy Hills Between Georgetown and Andice Must Have Lured Early Setters(sic) to Area”
  14. "Cemetery Relocations" - In preparation for building the Granger Dam on the San Gabriel River, The Corps of Engineers removed decedents from several old cemeteries. This is a list of decedents Not to be Buried in the new government relocation site; appeared in The Genealogical Record, Houston 1976-78.
  15. Picayune, 17 Feb 2001, "Folks, This Ain't a Fort" by Rachel Bryson, about Ft. Tumbleweed in Liberty Hill.
  16. Austin American-Statesman 12 Jan 2013; "Leander - Mason homestead now open for events" by Benjamin Warmund.
  17. Williamson County Sun 7 Feb 1884; "Hopewell School."
  18. Williamson County Sun 9 Jan 1925, reprint published 19 May 1977. Headline "Woman's Building, Home of Southwestern University Girls Totally Destroyed.
Willow Creek, The Mad Woman   
The Highlander, 11 March 1976, “The Mad Woman of Willow Creek”, with group of students from Willow Creek school.

        1. "Women's Forum is Saturday" woman of the Year to be named; Burnet bulletin 26 Sep 1991
        2. "Woman's World" The Highlander 2nd annual edition 7 Feb 1974

YO Ranch  
Copy of YO Ranch Brochure