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1.Highlander article by Maurine Senterfitt in 1973 about historical marker for Fairland  Chapel
2. Three copies of history of Fairland
3.  Two copies of newspaper article about Fairland-Toby communities
4. Brief note on Fairland
5. Photo of old Slaughter home near Fairland
6. Marble Falls Messenger 28 July 1955; "Brief History of Fairland Community." Family names mentioned: Dr. Kates, Lewis Thomas, John Harvey, Bartons, Atwoods, Grahams, Slaughters.
7. Burnet Bulletin 2 Mar 1939; "Fairland News"

Falls County
  • Entire copy of Rosebud News Keepsake Issue, August 12, 1976

Fall Creek Falls   
1. copied photo of FallsCreek falls
2. Newspaper picture from Burnet Bulletin July 21, 2004
3. Hill Country Magazine Winter 2004 second prize winner in photo contest was Bridget Dear’s picture of Falls Creek
4. Lake County Life magazine from Burnet Bulletin ( no date) "Scenic falls mark historic camp site" with picture
5. The Highlander, 8 March 1979, The 'Running Branch" excavation, picture and article about the Fall Creek Sites, writtenby A. T. Jackson and published after the 1937 expedition by the University of Texas Press.
6.  The Highlander, 28 April 1977,"Archeologists Unearth Texas Oldest House Near Buchanan Dam"
7. Highland Lakes Weekly 18 Mar 2016; Photo of falls taken from airplane.

Falls on the Colorado, Marble Falls Museum   
          See Museums

Fayette County
  • Poster of history of Round Top (dated 1976)
Ferguson Power Plant
  1. Highland Lakes Weekly 9 Nov 2012; picture of the construction of the replacement of the Ferguson Power Plant in Horseshoe Bay
  2. Highland Lakes Weekly 12 Sep 2014; picture of new Thomas C. Ferguson Power Plant
  3. The Highlander 17 Oct 2014; "$500 million power plant celebrated"
  4. Highland Lakes Weekly,  9 January 2015; photo of new Thomas C. Ferguson Power Plant
  5. Citizens Gazette, 22 Oct 2014; "LCRA dedicates Ferguson Power Plant"

Fire Departments

  1. "Burnet OKs new fire trucks"; Burnet Bulletin 21 May 2008
  2. "Fish Frys 'not enough' to fund volunteer fire units"; Burnet Bulletin 30 Apr 2006
First Responders
  • The Highlander/Burnet Bulletin "Hometown Heroes - A Salute to Our First Responders" (2 copies) 
  • The Picayune 24 Jan 2018; "Recognizing our Responders" - Hill Country 100 Club honors top law enforcement and emergency crew members. Also second article entitled "100 Club honors first responders; Roger Staubach speaks". There are a number of pictures.

Fischer-Miller Grant   
1. Handwritten brief history of Fischer-Miller Grant taken from historic marker located in Burnet County on Highway 1431 on high hill overlooking Lake LBJ and the town of Kingsland
2. See also Llano County #26 for newly found map of Fischer-Miller

  1. Info about proper procedures to burn a flag.
  2. Brochure on Flag Etiquette, distributed by the American Legion (2 copies)
  3. Austin American Statesman,  16 Feb 1991, "The Proper Way to Show Old Glory."
  4. Booklet, Texas and Its Flags, published by The Daughters of the Republic of Texas, 1981, about the flags of Texas. (2 copies)
  5. 1 page illustrating all the flags of Texas, prepared by Texas State Library, undated.
  6. Booklet, with illustrations of Republic of Texas Flags
  7. Booklet, "The Trail of Six Flags"
  8. 1 page history, "Texas Under Six Flags"
  9. 1 page, "The Burnet County Flag"
  10. Booklet, "The 25 Flags of Texas" by Garland Roark, 1961; histories of the flags and illustration of each.
  11. Texas Flag Day script, "The Flags of Texas", 2 copies
  12. Brochure, Dallas/Ft.Worth Six Flags Over Texas, with illustrations of each of the six flags areas of the park.
  13. Unknown newspaper, "Flag of Alamo to Unfurl Again Despite Edict of Santa Anna," undated
  14. San Antonio Light, 7 July 1968, "28 Flags Over Texas Displayed"
  15. "Birth of a Flag", newspaper clipping, unsourced.
Flintlock Pistol - "Flintlock pistol provides historic blast" Picayune 21 Jul 2010

Folklore - The Highlander 2 Dec 1976; "Hill Country Cellar - A Dandy Line of Wines" by Pauline M. Edwards

Fort Clark

           1. The Highlander, 30 May 1974, Hill Country History, A Frontier Officer's Wife, diary of Mrs. Orsemus Bronson Boyd during stay at                 Fort Clark

Fort Croghan - # 01 of 02   
  1. Newspaper copy of photo of Fort Croghan museum (only original remaining structure)
  2. Closeup of people in the photo above, Lottie Chamberlain, Ruth Fry, Lucile Chamberlain, Nell Fry, Mable Chamberlain, Gordon Fry, and Lois Fry
  3. Copy of article from Southern Living September 1986 “Memories of Fort Croghan”
  4. Three articles from July 1, 1971 by Tad Moses about Fort Croghan Museum
  5. Newspaper photos of McCulloch’s Ranger Station and second home of Samuel E. Holland, Powder House and part of old John Fry cabin
  6. Two copies of Texas counties map with location of frontier forts
  7.  Five brochures about Historic Fort Croghan from Burnet Historical Society (different pictures on the front)
  8. Copy of newspaper article by Pauline Crittenden “Frontier Fort Records Heroic Past at Bronson BoyBurnet” from Dallas Morning News January 18, 1970
  9. Three page article compiled by Alta Holland Gibbs about Fort Croghan
  10. Brief history of Capt. Henry McCulloch by Alta Holland Gibbs
  11. List of men who died while serving at Fort Croghan
  12. Photo of Fort Croghan
  13. Newspaper article by Price Wilson about purchase of old fort site
  14. Brochure about Old Fort Croghan 1848-1854
  15. Pamphlet of guide to Fort Croghan
  16. Six page extract from “History of Burnet County” by M. G. Bowden August, 1940
  17. Magazine article from Frontier Times Feb. 1926 Vol.III  No. 5 on Fort Croghan
  18. Magazine article from Frontier Times “Robert E. Lee Was Never Stationed at Fort Crogan (sic)”
  19. Two pages “Lieutenant Wm. H. Whiting’s Report” from San Antonio, TX January 21, 1850
  20. Newspaper article dated Nov. 9, 1961 “Old Army Pistol Found Near Burnet”
  21. Newspaper article from Austin Statesman Oct. 21, 1922 “General Johnson’s Body Rests in Senate Chamber”
  22. Pamphlet “Forts of the West” by Robert W. Frazer, part referring to For t Croghan
  23. Newspaper articles by Lucile O’Donnell “Fort Croghan Briefs” Parts 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6
  24. Map of Fort Croghan
  25. Handwritten  note stating soldiers came to Fort Croghan on March 18, 1849
  26. Newspaper article from Highlander by Ted Moses July 1, 1971
  27. Newspaper article from Burnet Bulletin April 29, 1976 “Spring Cleaning at Fort Croghan”
  28. Letter to Mr. Thomas G. Ferguson dated August 19, 1977 from Dr. William  J. Simon about Fort Croghan’s doctors including letters copied from National Archives about Fort Croghan. Letter to Dr Simon from Thomas G. Ferguson thanking him for his research and paying him $30.00.
  29. Letter to Mr. Ferguson from Dr. Simon dated July 27, 1977 including documents about H.H. Sibley and copy of Inspector General’s Report about fort dated 1853
  30. Newspaper article from Highlander dated May 24, 1973 “Donors Make Burnet County Dream Come True” about Logan Vandeveer pioneer cabin moved to Fort Croghan
  31. Article from the Forum “Letter to the Editor” from Dr. M. P. Mayhall about Robert E. Lee at one time being stationed at Fort Croghan
  32. Letter to Mr. Thomas G. Ferguson from Dr. William J. Simon about  civilians employed at Fort Croghan in early 1850’s including October 1851 list of names from National Archives
  33. Article from Highlander dated Oct.14, 1976 by Betty MacNabb “Rainy Night at Fort Croghan” about Indians stealing dragoons’ best horses
  34. Newspaper article from Burnet Bulletin dated July 26, 1973 “Historical Society Honors Past Presidents” about Ice Cream Social held at Fort Croghan
  35. Newspaper article Highlander dated July 1, 1976 by Betty MacNabb “Stepping Backward in Time” about Old Fort Croghan
  36. Newspaper article from Burnet Bulletin dated Nov. 16, 1961 by Alta Holland Gibbs “ Recollections of Henry Campbell” about the fort
  37. Newspaper article Highlander dated Dec. 30, 1982 “Fort Croghan Gets A Christmas Present” by Rachel McAllister about museum receiving a horse drawn buggy
  38. Newspaper article Highlander dated July 8, 1976 about Miss Minnie Hansell including pictures of buggy and hand-made stool which she donated to the museum
  39. Newspaper article “Boyhood Days in Burnet”
  40. Newspaper article Austin American Statesman dated April 25, 1975 by Lash Lashbrook “Burnet Area Interesting” in which fort is mentioned
  41. Newspaper photo of Fort Croghan monument
  42. Handwritten list of officers of post, present and absent at Camp Croghan in June 1849 including list of those sick in 1851 and others who served, died, or were killed during service at Fort Croghan
  43. Newspaper article Highlander dated June 1972 by Frank C. Rigler “Was Young Robert E. Lee Ever in Burnet County”
  44. Newspaper article by Greg Olds “Was Robert E. Lee Ever at Fort Croghan”
  45. Copies of photos of the Lewis Kincheloe log cabin (moved to the fort from Bertram) and  powder house
  46. Brochure information on history of Fort Croghan
  47. Newspaper article Burnet Bulletin dated November 26, 1964 by Mrs. Ealy Dorbandt “A Story of Old Fort Croghan”
  48. Description of historical markers at Fort Croghan
  49. Newspaper article copy from Austin Southwestern American dated April 13, 1853 about letter dated April 7, 1853 written by Avery H. Moore about scouting mission that he went on
  50. Newspaper article from The Austin American August 28, 1963 about history of Croghan Cobbler and that day’s scheduled Burnet County Historical Society Picnic
  51. History and recipe for Croghan Cobbler
  52. Brochure for Fort Croghan Museum
  53. One page, typed, listing names and ranks of individuals stationed at Ft. Croghan.  Some entries  Dated 3/49 and 4/49; another has notation Capt (since 21st Oct. 1848).  Author and source unknown.
  54. Hill Country Magazine Fall 2004 article about Fort Croghan
  55. Dallas Morning News, 21 July 1931, "Burnet Mass Meeting to Urge Forming Park."
  56. Dallas Morning News, 18 Jan 1970, "Frontier Fort Records Heroic Past at Burnet."
  57. Dallas Morning News, 16 Aug 1931, "Old Fort Crogan at burnet to Live Again as Lee Park", with history of fort and photo of Mrs. Sarah Martin, daughter of Logan Vandeveer.
  58. The Austin American,  30 May 1973.  "Historic Ft. Croghan Now Open for Summer," with pictures of cabins, Peter Kerr historical marker, and old wagon.
  59. Burnet Bulletin 30 Oct 1986; "Fort Croghan to host Living Arts Festival. '
  60. Burnet Bulletin 6 Nov 1986; "Burnet hosts Sesquicentennial Living Arts Festival" with pictures of events at Fort Croghan. Second article entitled "Exhibit building dedicated.
  61. River City News, 4 Oct 2009.  "Frontier Army Post Helped Secure the Hill Country" by Rachel Bryson; History of the fort and photos of old outhouse and cabin.
  62. The Picayune 7 Oct 2009, "Frontier Army Post Helped Secure the Hill Country", by Rachel Bryson; with photo of old-style outhouse at the fort and history of the fort and its influence on the early community.
  63. The Picayune 8 Oct 2008; "Fort Croghan Day brings history alive"
  64. Highland Lakes Weekly, 18 Oct 2013, Photos of Ft Croghan Day activities
  65. Folder entitled "Old Fort Croghan 1848-1854
  66. Burnet Bulletin 19 Mar 2014; "Honoring Ol' George" - Pictures Milli Williams, Director of Fort Croghan, at memorial of Col. George Croghan
  67. Highland Lakes Weekly 25 Apr 2014; picture of Buddy Inman, Dot Creasey and Sara Reeves demonstrating old-fashioned "sad irons" at Fort Croghan book during Children's Day in Marble Falls
  68. Highland Lakes Weekly 3 Oct 2014; "Fort Croghan Day" by John Hallowell. Show picture of buffalo Soldiers raising flag in front of old Power House.
  69. The Picayune 8 Oct 2014; "Fort Croghan Day illustrates early Burnet"
  70. Burnet Bulletin 8 Oct 2014; "Fort Croghan Day set this weekend"
  71. Citizens Gazette 16 Oct 2013; "Fort Croghan Day/The Pioneer Spirit"
  72. The Picayune 10 Dec 2014; "Celebrate Christmas at Old Fort Croghan just like the settlers"
  73. Highland Lakes Weekly 12 Dec 2014; Upcoming Events; "Families in pioneer garb" picture
  74. Burnet Bulletin 17 Dec 2014; "Christmas at Fort Croghan" - several pictures taken at the event
  75. Highland Lakes Weekly 19 Dec 2014 "Christmas at Old Fort Croghan" - several picture taken at the event
  76. Citizens Gazette, 8 Oct 2014; "Fort Croghan will bring back the past." About annual Fort Croghan Day.
  77. Burnet Bulletin, 25 Feb 2015; "Fort Croghan readies for sring break opening."
  78. Highland Lakes Weekly 21 Au.g 2015; picture of cabin on grounds, Neely Roofing recently completed new shingle roofs on two of the cabins.
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  81. The Picayune 7 Oct 2015; "Fort Croghan Day brings Burnet County history to life" - October 10
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  83. Highland Lakes Weekly  4 Dec 2015; Picture of John Goble in restored log cabin at Christmas at Fort Croghan.
  84. Burnet Bulletin 2 Dec 2015; "Christmas coming to Fort Croghan Dec. 12"
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  87. Highland Lakes Weekly "Christmas at Fort Croghan" pictures
  88. Highland Lakes Weekly March 2015; "2017/Best Place for Family Fund, Fort Croghan."
  89. Highland Lakes Weekly 4 Mar 2016; picture of building; fort open for spring break.
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  92. Burnet Bulletin 16 Mar 2016; picture of Michael Schulze and nieces looking at Kincheloe Cabin.
  93. The Picayune 4 May 2016; "Croghan holds down fort for county's history" by Daniel Clifton.
  94. The Picayune 15 June 2016; "Fort Croghan offers a peek inside the original RV: the tipi" by Daniel Clifton.
  95. The Picayune 5 Oct 2016; "Settler life was hard, but Fort Croghan Day filled with fun" by Daniel Clifton.
  96. Citizens Gazette 12 Oct 2016; "The Way We Were" - pictures of activities at Fort Croghan Day.
  97. The Picayune 12 Oct 2016; pictures of Carole Goble demonstrating foot-pedal sewing machine, and Karen Graham mixing lye soap on Fort Croghan Day.
  98. Highland Lakes Weekly 14 Oct 2016; pictures of Fort Croghan Day.
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  100. The Highlander 7 April 2017; "Heritage Society discusses Fort Croghan with commissioners" by Lew K. Cohn
  101. The Highlander 14 July 2017; "Cameras Roll at Fort Croghan/Western thriller begins filming at county pioneer museum" by Richard Zowie.
  102. The Picayune 19 July 2017; "Playing a 'Role' in History" "Burnet's Fort Croghan is setting for post-Civil War film 'American Fishtrap'" by Jennifer Fierro. Date of release yet to be announced.
  103. The Picayune 2 Aug 2017; "Fort Croghan is more than just a movie set; it's an important piece of Burnet County's past."
  104. Highland Lakes Weekly  27 Sep 2017; Picture of filming of movie at Fort Croghan.
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  108. Highland Lakes Weekly 13 Oct 2017; Front Page Picture - "Fort Croghan Day this Saturday."
  109. The Burnet Bulletin 6 Dec 2017; "Christmas at Fort Croghan set for Saturday."
  110. Citizens Gazette 13 Dec 2017; pictures of "A Night at the Fort."

Fort Croghan - # 02 of 02    Tad Moses Collection of Fort Croghan information:
  1. Map of City of Burnet, with Kerr Donation and Vandeveer Addition outlined.
  2. The Highlander, 1 July 1971, “Fort Croghan”, by Tad Moses. (2 copies)
  3. Handwritten notes of fort grounds.
  4. biography of Colonel George Croghan
  5. Letter to Tad Moses, 10 July 1970, from Thomas Ferguson, about Croghan research.
  6. Copy of “Texas Military History”, A Quarterly Publication of The National Guard Association of Texas, Spring, 1965, with article, “Old Fort Croghan” by Mike Cox.
  7. Collection of clippings pertaining to effort to save historic buildings.
  8. Brochures, Old Fort Croghan”, undated. (multiple copies)
  9. One page, “Burnet County Historical Data”, date and source unknown.
  10. “Fort Croghan Bugle”, first edition of newsletter, Vol 1, No. 1.
  11. Handwritten draft of Fort Croghan article by Tad Moses.
  12. “Old Forts of the Far West”, page 19, by Herbert M. Hart, story of Fort Croghan, Texas, with diagram of grounds in 1853.
  13. Marked up copy of “Guide to Fort Croghan”.
  14. West Texas Historical Association Year Book, October 1943, “The First Line of Army Posts Established in West Texas in 1849” by Col. M. L. Crimmins.
  15. Letter from Department of the Army, 23 Feb 1972, to Frank C. Rigler, answering his request for historical information, with info attached.
  16. The Library of Congress response to request for information:  page 130 of the Complete Regular Army Register, includes names of soldiers.
  17. Letter to Tad Moses, 7 Dec 1972, with Ft Croghan info.  Sender unknown.
  18. Newspaper Clipping from Austin American, 25 June 1973, “Letters to the Editor”, about Robert E. Lee NOT being stationed at Ft. Croghan.
  19. Newspaper clipping, Burnet Bulletin, 30 June 1938,”Fort Croghan , by Alta Holland Gibbs.
  20. The Highlander, 22 May 1969, “Fort Croghan, Restored by Burnet County Historical Society, Is New Tourist Attraction.”
  21. Office of the Chief of Military History, Bibliography, Posts, Camps and Stations.
  22. Copy of letter to Hon. John G. Tower, 18 Oct 1973, from Tad Moses, asking for his assistance in getting answers posed to the Department of Defense.
  23. Replies from Senator Tower.
  24. Correspondence pertaining to Ft Croghan, from “Nancy”, 27 Feb 1974.
  25. Typed document about Fort Croghan, source unknown
  26. Copies of 1851 and 1852 Congressional Record pertaining to Ft. Croghan.
  27. Photo of Jo Hammond in costume, Oct-Nov 1983, probably for Ft Croghan Days event.
  28. Photo of Lucille Craddock and Lolly Chamberlain, in costume, Nov 1983, probably for Ft Croghan Days event.
  29. Highland Lakes Companion Fort honors soldiers who died in service on its 150th anniversary year
  30. "The Daily Courier", Prescott Arizona, 24 Oct 2009, article about Ft Croghan and Ludwig Mueller (Louis Miller) and family.
  31. Newspaper article by  Bill Sauter in San Antonio Express (no date) "Fort Croghan, Restored by Burnet County Historical Society, Is New Tourist Attraction" 
  32. The Picayune October 9, 2002  series of articles about Fort Croghan
  33. newspaper picture of Jo Hammond and Lolly Chamberlain at Fort Croghan Days October 1993
  34. newspaper article October 31, 1974 "Vandeveer Cabin To Be Marked At Ft. Croghan" with picture of house
  35. The Highlander article July 24, 1969  "Historical Society To Dedicate Well At Fort Croghan"  with picture of Logan Vanderveer Chamberlain, Mrs. J.D. Mallory and her husband.  Mr. Chamberlain dedicated the well to his aunt Miss Mittie DepewO.P. Caballero, the Mallory's son-in-law, built the duplicate well.
  36. Unnamed paper, 21 July 1977, picture of Fort Croghan and notation about weeds and beggar's lice.
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  40. Lake Country Life (undated); "Depicting the 1800s frontier" by Catherine Hosman.
  41. Highland Lakes Weekly 7 Oct 2016; "Upcoming Events" - picture of rope-making demonstration of Historic fort on Fort Croghan Day.


Fort Mason
  • Newspaper article from The Highlander, 20 Dec 1973, by Stella Gibson Polk titled “Christmas Ball at Fort Mason”, in 1860 including Colonel Robert E. Lee.

Fort Worth, City of, Annual Report 1949
  • Annual report of Fort Worth
Fort Tumblewood - see Williamson County for article Picayune, 17 Feb 2001, "Folks, This Ain't a Fort" by Rachel Bryson, about Ft. Tumbleweed in Liberty Hill.

Friends of Cultural & Historical Preservation
  1. Burnet Bulletin 12 Mar 2014; "New Group looking for historical preservations"
Friends of Herman Brown Free Library (too be added)
Fry's Camp
  • "Still used despite warnings Old bridge creaks and groans - The Highlander 19 June 1980 - old bridge over Hamilton Creek near Fry's Camp

Fuchs, Conrad - House - See Historic Homes

Funeral Homes
  1. Burnet Bulletin 27 Dec 1973; features picture of Edgar Funeral Home c. 1880's
  2. The Highlander 4-7 April 2014; "Edgar Funeral Home changes hands"

Gabriel Mills, General Land Office   
1. Two copies of history of Gabriel Mills
2. Copy of article from Liberty Hill  Leader dated March 6, 1936 by W. E. McCoy, Editor, about history of Gabriel Mills
3. Mt. Horeb Sunday School from 1891-1892 lists of members and teachers(2copies)
4. Tombstone information about James and Mary A. Elliott and Barney T. and Sarah Dennis
5. 1893 History of Texas biography of J. R. Brizendine
6. Williamson County Sun article dated July 3, 1969 “Gabriel Mills Was Once Well Populated Center for Schools, Business, and Churches”
7. Newspaper article dated April 12, 1961 by Mrs. Fred Foster “Old Gabriel Mills Placid and Lovely”
8. Dedicatory Program for Gabriel Mills, Texas Historical Marker November 16, 1975(2 copies)
9. Williamson County Sun article Nov. 13, 1975 “Gabriel Mills Historical Marker to be Dedicated”
10. Copy of information from historical marker
11. List of Mt. Horeb School Pupils in 1899-1910
12. Plat of Gabriel Mills (2 copies)
13. Newspaper article Libertarian Sept. 2, 1979 by Carolyn Harper “Gabriel Mills: A Marker in History”

Galloway-Hammond Recreation Center
  1. "Sports Complex gets new name to honor citizen" Burnet Bulletin 16 Aug 2006 - Sports quadplex behind Center renamed Lenny Welch memorial Sports complex
Galloway House   
1. Information about the Galloway House from it Historical Marker
2.Booklet about the Galloway House
3. advertisement from Hill Country Magazine Fall 2004 about Verandas Guest House that was Galloway House
4. Hill Country Magazine Winter 2004 “A Treasure Restored” about Wayne and Mary Brown’s efforts in restoring Galloway House to become The Verandas Guest House

Galloway, W.C.   
1.Paper on the Galloway House by Thomas Ferguson
2. Pictures of the Galloway House

General Land Office
  • Information relating to materials available at the General Land Office

German Element in Texas
  • Paper about the important contribution to Texas made by German Settlers

German Research   
  1. Pamphlet  “Routes to the Roots”
  2. “Routes to the Roots, American Tourists on European Cultural Trips”
  3. Form in German about traveling to the US
  4. Passport stamp for Christian Frederick Kossons (Kessons? Spelling for last name is not legible)
  5. Distribution map of German Immigrants
  6. Chart showing immigration from Germany from 1820 to 1988
  7. Chart showing immigration by countries 1820 to 1985
  8. European map showing emigration to the US, including areas from which emigrants came, gathering points, and routes (written in German)
  9. Copy of citizenship papers for John Henry zur Oeriste (Oeniste? Oevista?, handwriting is unclear for surname) former citizen of Hanover, Germany who received citizenship in Columbus, County of Bartholmew, Indiana in 1842
  10. Copy of advertisement for a journeyman to emigrate to US in both English and German
  11. Illustrations of Pennsylvania Dutch "Hex" Symbols
  12. Information on the German Fusiliers of South Carolina
  13. Brochure on German-Texan Heritage Society
  14. Brochure on German Settlement in Texas/Resources in the General Land Office
  15. "Helga's Corner" Newsletter of the German Free School Guild from Schulhaus Reporter, Vol 14 No. 2 March/April 2007. "Wer ist der Vater?

Gillespie County
  • Lake Country Life 18 June 2014; "It was different then" by Erin Green. About Gillespie County rural schools
  • Map of Gillespie County Land Patents
  • The Highlander 25 May 1972; "Indian Cave Offers...A fabulous  Look into the Past" by Joyce Taylor. On property owned by Lee Fegue
  • The Highlander 21 Feb  2017; Obituary for Reinhard Edwin Reeh. Reeh worked as a Texas State Trooper, Chief of Police of Marble Falls, Horseshoe Bay, Cottonwood Shores, and Chief Investigator and Captain for the Burnet County Sheriff's Office. Reeh was buried in the Christadelphian Cemetery in Hye.
Glasscock Letter
  • Letter from Wm. J.M. Glasscock to his brother about San Gabriel River area. Letter is dated 30 June 1838.
Gorman Cave, San Saba County

Map of Gorman Cave in San Saba County dated 1 September 1960 and revised through September 1969

Granite Mountain 1a   
1. Application for Historical Marker with research paper about Granite Mountain including annotations
2. Three copies of information on historical marker
3. Burnet County Historical Society’s report on errors in information on historical marker
4. Newspaper article about historical marker
5. Copies of legal papers relating to ownership of Granite Mountain and change of name
6. Booklet “Behind This Cornerstone, The Story of the Texas Capitol” by M. Walter Andrus
7. Papers relating to correspondence between Texas Historical Commission and the Burnet County Historical Society dealing with Granite Mountain’s Historical Marker
8. Newspaper article about Frank Teich, sculptor of the Hill Country

Granite Mountain 1b   
1. Newspaper article “Capitol Conceived in Crisis” April 26, 1974
2. Newspaper article “Convicts Mined Stone From Famous Mountain to Build Beautiful State Capitol” Highlander April 2, 1970
3. Copy of information on historical marker with Burnet County Historical Society’s list of errors
4. Highlander article “Confusion of Origin of Granite Mountain Railroad Traced by Moses” April 8, 1971
5. 1972 Postcard  from Mrs. Kellersberger Schnelle to Burnet County Historical Society about Miss Eddy Sue Garee, librarian in Burnet County Library
6. Highlander article about graphite mining operation dated April 1, 1965
7. Marble Falls Messenger reprinted article from Marble Falls Standard
 Aug. 30, 1896 about terrible explosion at Granite Mountain with copy
8. List of names of Scottish granite-cutters that came to Texas, 1886
9. Austin American October 31, 1962 “Viewpoint, Central Texas ‘Rock Age’ Both Modern and Costly”
10. Newspaper article about Granite Mountain undated
11. Newspaper pictures relating to Granite Mountain
12. Handwritten copy of early history of William Slaughter’s ownership of Granite Mountain
13. Newspaper article by Leon Hale “Marble Falls Has a Granite Mountain, No Marble Falls”
14. “Mountain Continues to Provide Granite” essay
15. Report about convict labor used at Granite Mountain to get granite for Capitol with attached copy of historical marker (2 copies)
16. Handbook of Texas  article on Granite Mountain (2 copies)
17. Handwritten history of Granite Mountain
18. Biographical sketch of George Webb Slaughter
                        See also folder headed “Scottish Granite Workers”  

Granite Shoals
  1. Messenger, 11 July 1974, "Rezoning Studied by Granite Shoals Cmsrs" with photo of Tom Ferguson Power Plant ready to open.
  2. The Highlander 2 Jul 2007, "Granite Shoals continues to dig out of storm debris"
  3. Early map of Sherwood Shores
  4. Lake Country Life 2 Sep 2014; "Hilltop City Hall showcases granite" by Glynis Crawford Smith. About Granite Shoals City Hall.
  5. The Picayune, 23 March 2016:  "Granite Shoals Looks to Residents to Make 50th Picture-perfect"  by Jennifer Fierro; With picture of first congregation of Sherwood Shores First Baptist Church.
  6. Highland Lakes Weekly, 11 March 2016; "Becoming Granite Shoals", by John Hallowell.  History of the community; with picture of ad about Sherwood Shores from 1964 Highlander.
  7. Highland Lakes Weekly,  8 April 2016; "Granite Shoals History Written in Stone"; with pictures from the air, buildings in other areas built from Granite Shoals Pearl Gray granite.
  8. Highland Lakes Weekly 29 April 2016; "Granite Shoals 50th Birthday Bash!" with pictures
  9. The Picayune 14 June 2017; "Bob Sylvester lit the way for Granite Shoals airport" by Jennifer Fierro.  City of Granite Shoals renames Granite Shoals airport after its longtime caretaker. Includes picture of Sylvester with airplane.
  10. The Picayune 18 Oct 2017; "Father of state's 911 system, Granite Shoals resident honored" - about Bill Carter.
Graphite Mine
  • Newspaper clipping from The Highlander, 1965, partial headline, “Burnet County Has Only…”, sub title, “Rancher With His Dog Finds Graphite Clue”.
  • Unnamed and undated newspaper article entitled "Burnet's Graphite Mine Only One in Western Hemisphere"
  • Copy of picture of Southwestern Graphite Company mine taken from advertising section of 1962 Bulldog Yearbook
  • Unnamed and undated newspaper article entitled "Burnet county Has Only Graphite Plant in US"
  • Unnamed newspaper dated 12 1960; "Mine Near Burnet/High Grade Graphite Produced."
  • The Highlander, 4 April 1968, article entitled "Southwestern Only Graphite Mine in Western Hemisphere" 

Gum Springs   
1. A brief history of Briggs including Gum Springs and Taylor’s Gin
2. Two short notes on Gum Springs
3. A longer history of Gum Springs, Taylor’s Gin, and Briggs by Emma S. Smith with bibliography