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 Abstracts of Title (from Madalyn Frasier)
  1. State of Texas to John Dickinson, assignee of William Wood, Patent No. 253, Vol 2, dated 18 Oct 1854; filed for record 28 Aug 1855, and recorded in Book C Pg 188, Burnet County Deed Records. Conveys 242.5 acres of land, by virtue of Donation Warrant No. 141 issued in consideration of said Woods having participated in the battle of San Jacinto. Names mentioned: John Dickinson, William Wood, L. F. Harris, R. Richter, Rudolph Richter, August Schroeter, John Bryan, S. A. J. Haynie, William O. Burnham, John A. Goodlet, E. Kloss, Emil Kloss, H. A. Hoppe, James Cole, heirs of N. M. Dawson, Phelps  Johnson, Wesley Johnson, James C. Phelps, Herman Richter, D. B. Gracy, Victor Schmidt, Charles Wold, Alonzo Robinson, Henry Lages.
  2. A. E. Wall to R. N. Singleton. Names mentioned: Curtis G. Lyda, R. N. Whitman, R. N. Singleton, Henry Smith, T. B. Wall, Dick Singleton, Annie M. Singleton, Kate Lyda, Bertha Whitman.
  3. Abstract of Title from Sovereignty of the Soil, prepared for Mrs. J. C. Terry, dated 30 Oct 1954; being a strip of land fronting on Ave. J, City of Marble Falls. Land deeded to George S. Rurner by Edwin Lacy 28 Sep 1891, and recorded in Vol. X, Pg 199, et. seq, Burnet County Deed Records. Names mentioned: Logan Vandeveer, Newton C. Givens, William O. Burnam, Xharles S. Todd, R. T. Posey, wm. O. Burns, G. W. Lacy, John Lacy, Caroline Lacy, wife of Ewing Lacy, George s. Turner, G. C. Terry, Mary P. Turner, J. E. Odiorne, R. H. Evans, R. E. Johnson, H. F. Atkinson, Tomas Jarmon, Georgia Jarmon, Lura Penelope Evans, Georgia Crockett, Cuney Jarmon, Joanna Jarmon.
  4. Abstract covering a strip of land fronting 53 feet and 6 inches of Ave J, Town of Marble Falls, supplemental to No. 901; Warranty Deed, Mrs. Hattie Terry  to J. P. Manley, dated 2 Oct 1958, filed in Burnet County Deed Records, Vol 120, pgs 379-380; Contract between J. P. Manly and wife Virginia Manley and L. H. Watson, filed 16 Oct 1958 in Burnet County M&M Records, Vol. 9 pgs 371-374.
  5.  Abstract No. 1310, 99.3 acres located on the waters of Double Horn Creek from 7 Mar 1957 to 7 May 1962 for Benjamin A. Jones; Abstract No. 671, complemental and supplemental; Abstract No. 857, Pat. No. 188 filed in Burnet county Deed Records, Vol A, pg 290, State of Texas to John Bryan dated 17 Sep 1853; Supplemental Abstract as filed in Vol 67, pg 317 Burnet County Deed records, 160 acres in John Bryan Survey for Albert Warren Williamson; Supplemental Abstract No. F51648, property of S. H. McClain, 160 acres in John Bryan Survey (Files noted A, B, C, D, E, F, G). Names mentioned: M. D. Edmondson, A. J. Paine, V. M. Johnston, D. E. Fowler, C. B. Wall, W. C. Sims, J. H. & Ruby Frasier, Mollie Frasier, Mrs. Florence Bible, Sterling C. Evans, A. N. Thurman. Rhoda Frasier, Florence Bible, A. N. Thurman, J. R. Yett, Hans A. Hopper, John A. Goodlet, J. C. Bradley, Daniel M. Cutter.
  6. Abstract No. F 34013 A185038-J, 170.8 acres of E. E. Williams Survey, Abstract No. 945 and 29.2 acres of G. W. Herrick Survey, Abstract No. 425, Burnet County Texas, property of Arthur Lewis. Names mentioned: Geo. w. Herrick, Margaret A. Davis, J. J. Burton, John H. Woodward, W. T. Wallace, Nellie Jewel Wallace, W. R. Baker, A. L. McInnish, Sallie Wallace, r. W. Davis, P. J. Grelle, Vernon Bruce Lewis, E. E. Wlliams, George H. Scithes, Arthur Lewis, Eli William, W. H. Fowler, Roy Burton, William R. Baker, Chas. Grelle, A. D. Krause, J. D. Cordona, C. W. Buckley, L. B. Davis, James C. Frazier, C. H. Koch, Albert Giescke, Rudolph Ebeling, Vernon Bruce Lewis, E. H. Odiorne.
  7. General Warranty Deed No. 4102 by J. Malcolm Jackson to J. Warren Jackson dated 28 Oct 1955, filed in Burnet County Deed Records Vol. 115 page 16. Contains two tracts of land: 191-1/4 acres out of William Roberts Survey No. 13, and 215.99 acres out of William Roberts Survey. by J. Malcolm Jackson to J. Warren Jackson
  8. General Warranty Deed No. 535 by J. M. Jackson to J. Warren Jackson dated 1 Apr 1961, filed in Burnet County Deed Records Vol 128, page 368. Contains 93.1 acres of land
  9. Warranty Deed, Wm. Prehn to M. L. Jackson, containing 161.8 acres of land out of the Love and Salinas Surveys, dated 22 July 1931. Filed in Burned County Deed Records, vol 80, pg 77.
  10. Warranty Deed, Max Wall to Wm Prehn, containing 162.66 acres of land, filed in Burnet County Deed Records, Book 78, pages 90 & 91.
  11. Release of Vendor's Lien, C. F. Wall and Max Wall, filed in Burnet county Deed Records 78, pgs 87-8.
  12. Affidavit of Heirship, D. E. Fowler and R. R. Burnam give statement of heirs of B. B. Fowler and wife, Mollie Fowler, and S. B. Fowler and E. C. Fowler.
  13. Affidavit as to Facts, E. D. Fowler, to B. B. Fowler, et al. E. D. Fowler, son of B. B. Fowler remembers the occasion when he and his two brothers executed a deed of conveyance.
  14. Deed, Mattie Jackson conveys to J. M. Jackson and J. Warren Jackson several pieces, parcels or tracts of land in Burnet County, dated 1 Oct 1938, and filed in Burnet County Deed Records, Vol 87, pgs 173-74.
  15. Correction Deed, J. A. Despain to J. Warren Jackson, 9.06 acres of land out of the E. E. Williams Survey, filed in Burnet County Deed Records vol 115, pg 451.
  16. Warranty Deed, Robert Wall to J. Malcolm Jackson, conveying 191.25 acres of land in the William Roberts League Survey No. 13, dated 7 May 1941. Filed in the Burnet County Deed Records, vol 90, pgs 211-212.
  17. Warranty Deed, L. C. Nolen and wife, Virginia Nolen to J. Warren Jackson, being 826.72 acres of land, dated 1 May 1947. Filed in Burnet County Deed Records, Vol 99, pgs 191-193.
  18. Affidavit of Heirship, E. D. Phillips to Heirs of G. F. Wall.
  19. Abstract No. 2, 393 acres of Wm. Roberts League, owned by J. B. Cox. Names mentioned: R. D. McAnally, Henry Frasier, Wm. O. Burnam, Jesse Burnam, Otto Ebeling, Wm. Holland, Lorena May Alderson, Sarah Burnam, Luther D. Alderson, Waddy T. Burnam, Henry David Alderson, Wm. Thos. Alderson Chas T. Russell, O. C. Frasier, Josiah Booker, Thos. Simpson.
  20. Large envelope titled A. J. Matern that includes: a) Supplemental Abstract of Title No. 1399 covering 541.55 acres prepared by Pioneer Abstract & Title for A. J. Matern, from 28 May 1952 to 2 Jan 1954, mentions these names:  A. J. and Eva Matern, J. B. Atkison, Clayton Nolen, Alfred Janke, Foy Page, C. A. Carter, S W. English, Mina Barbara Matern, J. H. Brewer, Jr.. William M. Rainey; b) Abstract of Title for A. J. Fuchs prepared 19 July 1918, mentions these names: Ferdinand Engleking, A. J. Fuchs, Herman Fuchs, John W. Brooks, Ulrike Varnbagen, Charles J. Shapard, F. Lenders, Ealy J. Moses, A. W. M. Crownover, Ann S. Hardin, Alexander Crownover, Arter Crownover, E. J. Beason; c) Warranty Deed, J. B. Matern and wife to A. J. Matern dated 25 July 1924 and filed in Burnet County Deed Records Vol 76, pages 385-7; d) Supplemental Abstract of Titled prepared for A. J. Fuchs; e) Supplemental Abstract of Title covering 541.55 acres from 31 Oct 1918 to 28 May 1952 prepared for A. J. Matern, mentions names of A. J. and Georgia Fuchs, J. B. Matern, Rudolph Geisecke.
  21. Individual Abstract of Title No. 439 (Supplemental) prepared for J. Warren jackson covering 826.72 acres in Burnet County. Names mentioned: J. Warren Jackson, Trentie Birchitt Jackson, J. Morton Burnham, Pauline Burnham, J. A. DeSpain, Donna Cox DeSpain.
  22. Survey plat of J. B. Cox Estate, 1247.73 acres
  23. Supplemental Abstract of Title to the Jesse B. Cox Estate Ranch in Burnet County, from April 15, 1947 to April 30, 1947. Names mentioned: Eileen Cox, J. E. Cox, Catherine cox, J. H. Frasier, R. O. Smith
  24. Supplemental Abstract of Title to 826.72 acres of land in Burnet County, Texas. Propert of J. Warren Jackson. Names mentioned: L. C. Nolen, Virginia Nolen, J. Warren Jackson.
  25. Base Abstract of Title for 36.25 acres of land out of and a part of the William Roberts League Survey, No. 13, Burnet County, Texas. (hand-written note says "church land.") Names mentioned: Patent to Robert D. McAnelly, William Roberts, Wm. O. Burnam Levi Fowler, Dinelah Fowler, John B. Williamson, Wm. S. Reed, J. Warren Jackson, Methodist Episcopal Church.
African-Americans of Burnet County
Miscellaneous information regarding several African-American individuals in Burnet County.   Names mentioned include Ben Shelby, Arthur Shelby, Dave Shelby, Sarah Shelby, Thos. Simpson, Ball Woods, William Smith, Denis Brown, Yance Hunter.

  1. Individual family group sheets for:
    1.  Warren Conley and wife Dolores Ellison
    2. Tom Huff and wife Nolie Smith
    3. Albert Bradshaw and Becky Smith,
    4. Joseph Yett,
    5. James Williams and wife Catherine Yett,
    6. James Williams and wife Dolly Samuels,
    7. Lewis Yett and wife Lucy Farias,
    8. Joe Yett and wife Carrie Fish,
    9. Marian Yett and wife Ora Shelby,
    10. Thomas Hall and wife Civilian Yett ,
    11. Ham Shelby and wife Alma Yett,
    12. Green Johnson and wife Dicie J. Yett,
    13. ? Moore and wife Amanda Johnson.
  2. Inventory of Colored Cemetery in Marble Falls. 
  3. Black History from Mrs. Houy.  Four pages of handwritten history of several families.  Yett, Ward, Shelby, Moore, Samuels are some of the names.
  4. 1860 Census of Slave Inhabitants in Burnet County, Texas.
  5. Newspaper article entitled "Letter from Eyes of Blind Man Reveals More History" (Earl Moore).
  6. Colored marriages of Burnet County.  Newspaper, The Highlander, dated Feb 21, 1985, page 1 & 2, 13 & 14. 
  7. Listing of students who attended Marble Falls Colored School 1908-1909. Total of 20 students.
  8. Marble Falls Messenger 5 Apr 1928; "Negro Child Burns to Death" Son of Ham Shelby.
  9. The Picayune 8 Feb 2017; "Dangerous journey to freedom" by Daniel Clifton - "Black History Month" - about Andy Anderson.
  10. The Picayune 23 Mar 2017; "Hear the story of the Buffalo Soldier - Inks Lake program on courageous black troops highlights little told chapter in American History" by Daniel Clifton
  11. Documents pertaining to criminal case #673, regarding to Arthur Shelby, Ben Shelby, Bal Woods, William (Billy) Smith, including Article from "San Antonio Herald" Vol XV, #144, p.2, entitled "Circumstantial Evidence". The men were convicted and sentenced to hang in 1872 for the murder of Ben McKeever]   about 20 pages.
  12. Two pages from Indian Depredations, page 213 and 214 about an indian raid in Burnet County where "two Negro girls" were killed.
  13. Short biography of Primus Lewis, from A.C. Lewis, son of Bob.  1 page.
  14. Handwritten notes on Tom Odiorne and others.
  15. Handwritten bibliography of items pertaining to Black History - 2 pages.


Airy Mount - See Historical Homes and Buildings - Burnet County

Airport, Burnet
  1. American Statesman, 9 Dec 1945, "Burnet CC develops airport inside city limits."
  2. Burnet Bulletin 19 Jan 1989; "City awards engineer contract for airport hangar construction" by Heidi Bender
  3. Burnet Bulletin 4 Dec 1986; "King has retirement sights set high" by Lisa Cokendolpher. Jack King, owner of JK Aviation at airport.
  4. The Picayune 25 May 2016; "Flight Status: Home" by Jared Fields; Bluebonnet Belle back in Burnet.

1. Austin-American Statesman December 3, 2004 “Sotheby’s to auction historic Alamo Documents”
2. Austin-American Statesman December 4, 2004 “Travis’ Alamo letter fetches almost $300,000 at auction”
3. "The Story of THE ALAMO" - includes names of those who died during battle.


  1. The Highlander 26 Apr 1973; Mr. and Mrs Bill Hardin celebrate golden wedding anniversary. The married 14 Apr 1923 in Edenberg TX.
  2. Jr. and Nelda Harris’ 50th anniversary (married in Marble Falls June 19, 1954)
  3. Ernest and Audrey Newton married April 16, 1945 in Luton, England
  4. Burnet Bulletin 11 July 1974; "Mr. and Mrs. John Frank Lilly to Observe 50th Anniversary"
  5. Burnet Bulletin 18 July 1974; "Hugginses to Celebrate 50th Anniversary Sunday" - Mr. and Mrs. Honnie Huggins
  6. Burnet Bulletin 13 Nov 1986; Clemma and Elmo Bailey of Austin to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.
  7. Burnet Bulletin 13 Nov 1986; "Birkelbacks observe 50 year anniversary" - Mr. & Mrs. George Birkelback.
  8. Mr. and Mrs. Sam A. Taylor celebrate 50th anniversary; Burnet Bulletin 4 Dec 1986
  9. Burnet Bulletin 18 Dec 50th 1986; Anniversary notices of Arthur and Silma Cox; Mills and Minerva Meador
  10. Frank and Alma Overstreet fed for Golden Anniversary; Burnet Bulletin 25 Dec 1986
  11. Tom and Frances Henry celebrate 50th wedding anniversary; Burnet Bulletin 16 Oct 1986
  12. Clyde and Maxine Smith mark 50th anniversary; Burnet Bulletin 25 Dec 1986
  13. Elizabeth and Eugene Sparks celebrate 50th wedding anniversary; Burnet Bulletin 25 Dec 1986
  14. Burnet Bulletin 28 Jan 1988; "Warden Anniversary" - Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Warden
  15. The Highlander 17 Aug 1989; Mr. & Mrs. Eldred Foster honored at 50th wedding anniversary.
  16. The Highlander 17 Aug 1989; Mr. and Mrs. Charley Taylor celebrate 50th wedding anniversary.
  17. Cecil Joe and Betty Scott celebrate 50th wedding anniversary; Burnet Bulletin 27 June 2007
  18. K.C. (Bill) and Juanita Hatfield celebrated 54th wedding anniv. in 2005
  19. Dan and Wilma Shipley announce 50th wedding anniversary on June 13, 2004
  20. O.J. and Carolyn Goodin celebrated 50th anniversary on July 28, 2004
  21. Fred and Cathy Felan of Bertram, celebrated 50th anniversary on May 21, 2010, married in Brownwood
  22. Lee and Joyce Pouncey celebrated 60th anniversary on 8 July 2010.
  23. Aaron B. and Venida Daughterty celebrated 60th anniversary on 21 July.
  24. R. V. and Irene Stone celebrated 78 years together. Married 14 Jan 1932. Daily Tribune  12 Feb 2010.
  25. R. V. and Irene Stone celebrated 78th wedding anniversary at Hamilton Creek Assisted Living Facility. Burnet Bulletin, 20 Jan 2010.
  26. R. V. and Irene Stone celebrated 80 years together, and both 102 years old. Married 14 Jan 1932. Highland Lakes Weekly, 27 Jan 2012.
  27. J.W. and Mildred Juby Williams celebrate 65th anniversary. Unknown date & unknown newspaper
  28. J. R. (Pete) and Agnes Crider celebrate 70th wedding anniversary. Make endowment to Marble Falls Independent School District for scholarships. 1-4 July 2011 The Highlander
  29. Jerry Harkey and Patsy Ruth Kilgo celebrate 50th wedding anniversary. Married 18 Jun 1960 at Herrin Baptist Church in San Saba, Burnet Bulletin 14 Jul 2010
  30. Barney Warwick & Marie Lanier celebrate 75th wedding anniversary, Lake Country Life 2 Dec 2008
  31. Joe Marvin White & Helen Louise Dixson 68th anniversary; Burnet Bulletin 9 July 2008
  32. Dardy & Patsy Campos celebrate 59th Wedding Anniversary, Burnet Bulletin 9 May 2007
  33. Bob and JoAnn Myers celebrate their 50th anniversary, married in Fort Worth; Burnet Bulletin 7 Dec 2011
  34. Dorothy and Leroy Metze of Burnet celebrate 70th wedding anniversary; Burnet Bulletin, 22 Feb 2012
  35. Harold and Bertha Dayton celebrate 60th anniversary (married 17 Dec 1950 at Bertram United Methodist Church). Burnet Bulletin, 8 Dec 2010.
  36. Steve and Carolyn Walker celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Married 7 Sep 1957 in The First Methodist Church in Paxton, Ill.
  37. Frank and Edna Wilson will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on 24 Dec 2003. Married Christmas Eve, 1953 in Cuero, Texas. Burnet Bulletin 17 Dec 2003.
  38. Howard and Margaret Lange, 60th anniversary; The Highlander, 10 Apr 2012.
  39. Bill and Alice Weaver celebrate 50th wedding anniversary; Burnet Bulletin 18 Apr 2012
  40. J.W. and Mildred Williams 65th Wedding Anniversary, Burnet Bulletin 15 Aug 2007
  41. Leslie and Linda Cox 50th Wedding Anniversary, Burnet Bulletin 3 Oct 2012
  42. Raymond H and Zelda Duke Herrington 60th Wedding Anniversary. The Highlander 19-22 Oct 2012
  43. Garth and Nona Close 76th Wedding Anniversary Burnet Bulletin  24 Oct 2012
  44. Arvis and Joan Eaton 50th Wedding Anniversary. Burnet Bulletin 12 Sep 2012
  45. Robert and Billie Veach 50th Wedding Anniversary Burnet Bulletin  12 Dec 2012
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  59. The Picayune 17 Aug 2016; "Secret to 72 years of marriage? Doing what you're told, says one husband" by Jennifer Fierro. Izzy and Elna Wendler and Lucielle and Arnold Holder celebrate 72 wedding anniversaries in joint potluck gathering.
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  63. Highland Lakes Weekly 8 Sep 2017; Llano residents Steve Allen Walker & Carolyn Elizabeth Stout Walker celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. They were married 7 Sep 1957.
  64. Highland Lakes Weekly 5 Jan 2018; Aileen and Bob Bales celebrate their 70th Anniversary.
Art Sketches of Area: Granite Mountain, The Antlers Hotel, Glen Bible Home, Fort Croghan, Texas State Capitol, LBJ Ranch, Mason County Courthouse, Governor's Mansion, Old School Building (Llano)Administration Building Southwestern University, Austin Public LibraryArtists: Lake Country Life 4-10 Aug 2010, "Making a point with pen and paper, regarding pointillism artist Don E. WilksAustin Colony - "Old 300"

Brochure, The Old “300”, “The First Austin Colony” pamphlet.  976.64 Ref