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 Magill's Grove
  1. Picture of 4 ladies sitting in tree with 2 children on ground. Names not identified.
  2. Copy of Application Form for Official Texas Historrical Marker for Magill Family Cemetery
  1. History of Mt. Horeb Chapter No. 57, R.A.M., From 1857 to 1957, Located at Mahomet, compiled by Edward White
  2. Copy of Deed dated 21 Feb .1874 for five acres of land given for Mahomet
  3. "Mahomet History" by Mrs. Bill Bryson (1 page). Names mentioned include: George Ater, Wm. G Hall, Fielding Smith.
  4. "Mahomet History" by Mrs. Bill Bryson (4 pages)
  5. "I. Borrowed Names - Mahomet" - Community originally named Sycamore
  6. Copy of group picture of Sycamore School; 2nd page identifies some of group
  7. Copy of group picture titled Mahomet Group.
  8. Dallas News 15 May 1967 and 21 Dec 1963; two articles; "Did Camel Driver Become Postman?" and "No Mohammedans Now in Mahomet" both by Frank X. Tolbert.
  9. Undated Dallas Morning News article entitled "History Shows Arabian Held Position Less Than Month" by Frank X. Tolbert
  10. Dallas News 11 July 1971; "Did Camel Drivers Start Mahomet Town?" by Frank X. Tolbert. Office Site Receives State Marker". 
  11. Part of article by B. H. Stewart dated 2 June 1917 regarding Mt. Horeb Lodge
  12. The Picayune 9 July 2008; "Well met in Mahomet" by Rachel Bryson. 
Mahomet - Historical Marker
  1. Application form for Official Texas Historical Marker for "Mahomet-Sycamore Springs Community"
Mail, Butterfield Overland 
  • "The Handbook of Texas Online - information on Butterfield Overland Mail (2 pgs)
  • "Texas Almanac.com/History" - Texas History Highlights/The Butterfield Overland Mail in Texas (3 pgs)
  • "Butterfield's Stagecoach-DesertUSA, bibliography
  • "SHQ online: Volume 029 Number 1" - gives route of route through Texas.

Map, Burnet, City of
  1. Official map of City of Burnet and Suburbs dated January 6, 1963
  2. Sanborn Map of Burnet 1885.
Map - Burnet County Abstract & Map
  1. Burnet County Map, Jan 1924; school districts noted
  2. ITnet County Map from General Land Office
  3. State Abstracts of Burnet County to August 31, 1941
  4. Treated plat map of Burnet County (several copies)
  5. Section of 1936 road map
Map - Early Maps of Texas
  1. Topographical map of Texas in German
  2. Map of Texas with Parts of Adjoining States dated 1837
Map - Granite Shoals - Streets
  1. Street Map - City of Granite Shoals
  2. Information sheet on Sherwood Shores and Granite Shoals
Map- Genealogical Map of Pennsylvania

Maps, Geologic
  1. Geologic Quadrangle Map No. 43 (Geology of the Click Quadrangle, Llano and Blanco Counties)
  2. Geologic Quadrangle Map No. 44 (Geology of the Dunman Mountain Quadrangle, Llano, Burnet, and Blanco Counties)
  3. Geologic Quadrangle Map No. 45 (Geology of the Cap Mountain Quadrangle, Llano County)
  4. Geologic Quadrangle Map No. 46 (Geology of the Howell Mountain Quadrangle, Blanco and Llano Counties)
  5. Geologic Quadrangle Map No. 47 (Geology of the Round Mountain Quadrangle, Blanco, Burnet, and Llano Counties)
  6. Geologic Quadrangle Map No. 48 (Geology of the Marble Falls Quadrangle, Burnet and Llano Counties)
  7. Geologic Quadrangle Map No. 49 (Geology of the Pedernales Falls Quadrangle, Blanco County)
  8. Geologic Quadrangle Map No. 5o (Geology of the Spicewood Quadrangle, Blanco, Burnet, and Travis Counties)
  9. Geologic Atlas of Texas (Llano Sheet)
Map - Hill Country

Map - Misc Burnet County
  1. Burnet County and Llano County including Burnet City, Granite Shoals City, Kingsland City, Llano city, & Marble Falls City
  2. General Highway Map of Burnet County dated 1971
  3. General Highway Map of Burnet County dated 1963
  4. Map of Burnet County, Texas including Burnet, Marble Falls, Bertram, Lake Buchanan,Inks Lake, Lake LBJ, Lake Marble Falls
  5. Soil Interpretative Map of Important Farmlands, Burnet County, dated 1982
  6. Burnet, The City of the Lakes (The Great Recreational Center of Texas
Map - Missionary Map of the World
  1. Unnamed 1968 newspaper article titled "Mahomet P - 
Map - Old Military Road

Map - State of Texas Topographic

Maps - United States History Atlas -  booklet published by maps.com containing 53 separate map pages pertaining to US history.  Examples:  Native American Cultures, The Revolutionary War in the South, The Texas Revolution; Sherman's March; Western Railroads and Cattle Trails, c 1870; Women's Suffrage befor the 19th Amendment; the Dust Bowl, 1935-1940; World Wars I and II; Korean War; Public School Segregation by State, 1954; Vietnam War, 1964-1975; Population changes for various years; Persian Gulf War, 1991; Conflict in Afghanistan, 2001, and many more!

Marble Falls

Marble Falls, Misc.
  1. Marble Falls Historical Points of Interests
  2. Map of Marble Falls dated 23 June 1907
  3. Marble Falls Historic Main Street Walking Map
  4. 125th Commemorative Calendar dated 2012.
  5. Copies of City Ordinances, #'s 5, 6, 9, 4
  6. Copy of Bill of Lease for PO Quarters dated 17 Sep 1920
  7. "Early Days in Marble Falls" from the April 1924 Marble Falls Messenger.
  8. San Antonio Light, "Around The Plaza"  Place described is Blue Bonnet Fishing Camp and the old man is Mr. Brown.
  9. Yellow pad of written information on MF Water Central Improvement Dist. 1, June 8, 1961 to Dec. 1966.
  10. Marble Falls Messenger 3 Mar 1927; "A Trip to Marble Falls"
  11. Burnet Bulletin 7 Aug 1930; "Small Cyclone Hits Marble Falls"
  12. Marble Falls Messenger  undated: "Some Early History of Marble Falls" by H. E. Faubion. Some names mentioned: Robert E. Johnson, J. R. Brown, Frank Grindstaff, Otto Ebeling, T. B. Skaggs, Thos. F. Odiorne, Herbert Tate, Dr. I. J. Dawson,, J. H. Chamberlain
  13. Undated copy of Marble Falls Prospectus: "Marble Falls, The Manufacturing Center of the Southwest" published by Standard Realty Co. Includes poor copies of old Marble Falls pictures. Sections include: 1) Marble Falls, Texas, 2) The Great Falls, 3) Granite Mountain, 4) Factory Building, 5) Cotton Statistics, 6) Other Items in Favor of Cotton Mills at Marble Falls, 7) Railroad Facilities.
  14. Marble Falls Messenger - Rededication Issue; "124 of the Early Settlers of Marble Falls"
  15. Marble Falls Messenger - Rededication Issue  24 May 1962; "Marble Falls Marker to be Rededicated Saturday" with picture of A. R. Johnson standing beside marker.
  16. The American-Statesman 4 Sep 1960; "General's Idea Carried on by Modern Men of Vision" by Glory Posey.
  17. Picture of the Marble Falls Water plant from the Nov. 3, 1960 Marble Falls Messenger
  18. Copy of letter to Thelma, from Margarite Hester, dated 5 June '73
  19. Marble Falls Messenger undated; "Notice of Election"
  20. Marble Falls Messenger 1910; "in the New Post Office"
  21. Marble Falls Messenger 15 Sep 1921; "Floods To Much Damage" "In Two Days 17.55 Inches of Rain Falls in Marble Falls"
  22. Unknown, undated newspaper; "Marble Falls Cut Into Three Islands"
  23. Marble Falls Messenger April 1945; "Some Early History of Marble Falls"
  24. Marble Falls Messenger April 1924; "Early Days in Marble Falls" by S. M. Ussery 3-pg typewritten copy.
  25. Marble Falls Messenger 20 April 1960; "Some Early Facts About Marble Falls"
  26. Marble Falls Messenger 15 Mar 1962; "Found at Last"
  27. Marble Falls Messenger 24 May 1962; Picture of 3 youngsters, Robert Lehnhoff, Mary Alice Full, and Bret Hatfield with Carl Frasier when they found Marble Falls Monument.
  28. The Highlander 26 July 1962; Marble Falls 75th Anniversary Edition. Includes history of Marble Falls College, several floods, many businesses.
  29. Undated picture of City Hall
  30. Copy from unknown book, page titled "1st City Officials of Marble Falll, Tex. Elected June 8, 1907
  31. The Highlander 18 Nov 1971; "1896 Explosion Kills, Maims at Granite Mtn." by Greg Olds. Names mentioned include: G. W. Lacy, W. H. Westfall, N. L. Norton, Lewis Ball, Thomas Darrough, George Darrough, Samuel Peters, Tom Conley, Samuel Peters
  32. The Highlander 29 June 1972; "Looking Back at Burnet County Land" by Frank C. Rigler
  33. The Highlander 10 April 1975; "The Story of Marble Falls, Texas" "A City Laid Out by a Blind Man" by Stella Gipson Polk.
  34. The Highlander 4 Mar 1976; "Marble Falls Named Bicentennial City"
  35. The Highlander 24 June 1976; "When Liveoaks Grew in the Middle of Main Street" "Half a Century in Marble Falls" by Betty MacNabb. Includes picture of Jeannette Jones, and picture of the Marble Falls Mill Company building, the only solid granite school, and Central Christian Church.
  36. The Highlander 24 Mar 1977; "Granite Mountain & Marble Falls Railroad Gazette, Depot Dedication"
  37. The Highlander 8 Sep 1983; "A Little work brings renewal to Main Street" by Maria Kirschner. Includes picture of Dr. Robert and Mary Delaney in front of 1983. 
  38. The Highlander 20 June 1985; "Marble Falls circa 1925" by Betty MacNabb.
  39. Precinct 4 of Marble Falls - handwritten notes from Mrs. Houy
  40. Burnet Bulletin 4 Dec 1986; City crews began repair on Marble Falls sewage treatment plant.
  41. The Highlander 22 Oct 1987; "MF history celebrated"
  42. The Picayune 13 April 1991; "Granite, cotton and other industries in town" by Willie Herbert Miller
  43. The Highlander 2 Dec 1976; "Hill Country Turns Out 1,000 Strong for Bicentennial" by Suzanne Brown
  44. The Picayune 23 Mar 2003; "Remembrances about Main Street Marble Falls" by Willie Herbert Miller.
  45. The Picayune 30 Mar 1993; "Three trees in the middle of the road" by Willie Herbert Miller
  46. The Picayune 6 Apr 1993; "Businesses just off Main Street" by Willie Herbert Miller"
  47. The Highlander 3 Aug 1994; "Old real estate guide worth a grand in gold" by Jim Ogg
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  52. The Picayune 1 May 2002; "Murder on Main Street" by Linda Ware. Includes picture of Bud Tatum. He hid out with Manley Turner.
  53. The Picayune 17 July 2002; "Marble Falls was last home to Texas Governor O. M. Roberts" by Linda Ware.
  54. The River Cities Tribune 6 Sep 2002; 1) "The Way It Was/Fifty years ago, another disaster happened on 9-11"  "Flood of '52 remembered" by Dale Tucker; 2) "Mother Nature has a mind of her own" by Duane Michel.
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  73. The Picayune 13 July 2011; picture of Jane Knapik selling books at annual Founders' Day Celebration.
  74. The Highlander 10 July 2012; picture of new construction of Marble Falls Visitor Center
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  77. Tle entitled "Limestone king in Marble Falls" by Katie White
  78. The Highlander 4 Dec 2012; "Bridge Awaiting a Plaque" - the pony truss bridge served as one-lane crossing over Double Horn Creek for 73 years before it was moved to Johnson Park.
  79. Highland Lakes Weekly 29 Mar 2013; Front page picture of New Visitor Center in Marble Falls.
  80. 2014 Lake Country Newcomers' Guide - Information on Marble Falls
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  82. Several undated newspaper articles: 1) "The Way it Was/Marble Falls: When cotton was king" by Linda Ware; 2)A street scene in early Marble Falls; 3) Looking Backward/$25,000 fire in Marble Falls; 4) "Historic Preservation Society sets organizational meeting (Marble Falls Historic Preservation Society)"Marble Falls ice factory; 
  83. Copy of letter from Marble Falls Chamber of Commerce, Highway Paving Committee, proposing the paving of Highway 281.
  84. Copies of photographs: 11 inches of snow (3); Main St & 3rd facing west including Wallace House and Green Bakery;110 lb pumpkin; Marble Falls Buildings
  85. The Highlander 17 Mar 2015; "Old jail to get new look" "Project planned to make Marble Falls Jail a site" by Alexandria Randolph. Includes picture of the old jail
  86. The Picayune  8 July 2015; "Celebrate the story of Marble Falls" - Includes pictures.
  87. The Highlander 10 July 2015; "Marble Falls to Mark Founders Day Saturday."
  88. The Picayune 23 Sep 2015; "Marble Falls community loses two men whose efforts saved many lives" by Jennifer Fierro. About Jerome Davis and Foy Petty, who along with Carol Nunnally Davis Ratliff, are credited with starting the Marble Falls Volunteer EMS.
  89. Highland Lakes Weekly 11 Dec 2015; "Main Street Marble Falls" by John Hallowell. Includes many pictures of old-time Marble Falls.
  90. The Picayune 13 Apr 2016; "Marble Falls history is moving forward" by Connie Swinney. about restoration of house at 911 Seventh St. House was the 1904 original parsonage of First Baptist Church.
  91. The Picayune 15 Feb 2017; "Memorial for skater" - Shane Wenger.
  92. The Picayune 22 Feb 2017; "Man's best friend...and eyes" by Daniel Clifton. About Dona Birkhead helping guide special pups into life of service for the blind.
  93. The Picayune 3 May 2017; "Chick-fil-A look owners to serve community more than chicken" "Alan and Inda Williams want to invest in the future of city's youth."
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Marble Falls Bridge
  1. Copy of picture "Bridge Old Marble Falls2"
  2. Copy of picture "Bridge, Old Marble Falls"
  3. Copy of picture "Bridge, Old Marble Falls3"
  4. Copy of picture "Bridge Old Marble Falls Flood(1)"
  5. Copy of picture "Bridge Old Marble Falls Flood (2)"
  6. Copy of picture "Bridge, Old Marble Falls Flood (3)"
  7. Copy of picture "Bridge, Old Marble Falls Flood (4)"
  8. Highland Lakes Newspapers undated; "Here today, gone...by 2010"
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  13. The Highlander 1-4 Mar 2013; "Demolition group to meet public"
  14. The Highlander 5 Mar 2013; "Public can ask questions today/Fire marshall OKs explosives permit"
  15. The Highlander 8-11 Mar 2013"Bridge dust sends residents packing"
  16. The Highlander 11 Mar 2013; "Citizens question TxDOT about implosion"
  17. The Highlander 12 Mar 2013; "esidents must manage during bridge implosion"
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  21. The Highlander 19 Mar 2013; "Close Call - Bridge shrapnel strikes boater"
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  28. The Highlander 25 Mar 2014; "US 281 bridge construction on track"
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  30. The Highlander 1-4 Aug 2014; "Marble Falls bridge closures expected in August"
  31. Citizen's Gazette 5 Oct 2014; "Finally, It's A Bridge/Marble Falls welcomes Hwy 281 span"
Marble Falls Depot
  1. Application Form for Official Texas Historical Marker for Marble Falls Depot
  2. Wording for Historical Marker
  3. Original floor plan of depot
  4. 1979 Floor Plan
  5. 5 pictures of depot in 1907 and 1979
  6. "Train Depot/Visitor Center History"
  7. The Highlander 27 May 1976; "Soon to be Restored Depot Was Once Town's Social Hub" by Betty MacNabb
  8. Unknown newspaper dated 25 Nov 1976; "Volunteers Needed for Depot Restoration Project" by Betty MacNabb
  9. The Highlander 10 Feb 1977; pictures of depot
  10. Depot Dedication Commemorative Edition, 26 Mar 1977
  11. The Highlander 24 Mar 1977; "Marble Falls Dedicates Restored Depot Saturday"
  12. Lake Country Life 2-8 Jan 2013; "Train depot"
  13. Folder of miscellaneous depot info
  14. The Highlander 6 Jan 2017; "New life for old depot begins Friday the 13th" by Glynis Crawford Smith
Marble Falls HEB
  1. The Picayune 12 Apr 2017; "New  beginnings in Marble Falls" - "Officials b reak ground on HEB in Marble Falls, a state-of-the-art store with expanded and new departments.
Michel's Drug Store
  1. Application for Offficial Texas Historical Marker
  2. Letter dated 21 July 1982 from Doug Michel giving some history of the drug store
  3. Texas Highways May 1982; "Michel's" by Rob McCorkle (2 copies)
  4. Texas Pharmacy July 1976; "Texas Pharmacy Bicentennial Column by E. Wood Hall, Ph.D. with information on the Michel Drug Store from 1891 to 1976.
  5. Copy of deed from E. L. Michel to E. G. Michel, dated 25 Nov 1905.
  6. Copy of article from Texas Parade entitled "The Dream that would not Die" with picture of Michel Drug Store

Mason County
  1. The Highlander 10 July 1975; "The Blockhouse Ranch" by Stella Gipson Polk
  2. Frontier Times Mar 1929; "Brief History of the Early Days in Mason County
  3. The Highlander  28 Mar 1974; "Murder of a Pioneer School Girl" by Stella Gibson Polk. About death of Adele Kaufmann.
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  9. Lake Country Life 6-12 Mar 2013; "Panning for the Texas Topaz" by Lyn Odom
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  11. CD of Seaquist House pictures, 2014
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  17. Texas Co-op Power February 2016; "Hill Country Gem" by Lydia Saldana - "Mason combines history and natural treasures for a laid-back getaway"

Masonic Lodges

Blazing Star #413
  1. "A Short History of Blazing Star Lodge #413"  - founding members were Albert Giesecke, W. N. Hays, and Joseph Giger
  2. Deed Book W, P. 172; Texas M & Impt Co. sells to Blazing Star Lodge, Lot 2, Blk 34, on which to build a hall or building, dated 9 June 1890.
  3. The Highlander 11 July 1974, p. 4C; "Blazing Star Lodge Marks Centennial" - includes picture of R. C. Holbrook, Nick Mastro, Tommy Shifflett, Ronny Hibler, W. Walker, Dan B. Jordan, J. H. Frazier.
  4. Llano Journal 17 Mar 2010; "Masonic Temple stands test of time" by Ashleigh Whaley. 
Burnet Chapter & Council No. 453 R.A.M. & No. 368
  1. Membership roll to 24 June 1992 (2 copies)
Order of Eastern Star Chapter #425, Burnet
  1. Membership roll to 1 June 1992
Lake Victor Lodge # 101 AF and AM
  1. Booklet entitled "History of Lake Victor Lodge No. 1011" from 1909-1959, compiled by Maurice C. Shelby (2 copies)
Robert E. Lee Lodge #431, AF and AM
  1. Booklet entitled "History of Robert E. Lee Lodge No. 431, AF and AM
Norton Moses Lodge #336 (Leander)
  1. Unknown, undated newspaper; "Norton Moses Lodge celebrates 100 years"
Mountain Lodge #277 (Hopewell)
  1. Document giving returns of 1868, 1871, etc
  2. "The Texas Freemason,: November 1858"
Mount Horeb Lodge #137
  1. Before and after pictures of Mount Horeb Lodge Historical Marker (3 copies)
  2. Transcription of wording of Mount Horeb Lodge Historical Marker
  3. "Personal Masonic History of Edward White, 1923-1973"
  4. "History of Mt. Horeb Chapter No. 57 R.A.M. from 1857 to 1957, compiled by Edward White
  5. "History of Mount Horeb Lodge No. 137 from 1854-1954, compiled by Edward White and contains accounts as Written by the Late B. H. Stewart" (2 copies)
  6. The Highlander 16 Mar 1972; "Mt. Horeb - The Area's Oldest Masonic Lodge" by Greg Olds (3 copies)
Naruna Lodge #1234
  1. "Brief History of Naruna Lodge No. 1234 AF & AM (Demised)
Ruthven Lodge #248
  1. History of "Ruthven Lodge #248 AM & AM Demised, 1860-1870"
Henry Thomas Lodge #278 (Smithwick)
  1. "History of Thomas Lodge No. 275 AF & AM, Smithwick, Texas"
  2. Returns of Henry Thomas Lodge
  3. Abstract of some of Smithwick Lodge Minutes. Names mentioned include: Wm. Moore, Calvin Hall, J. F. Burton, C. S. Boultinghouse, G. W. Hastings
  4. Copy of Proceedings of Henry Thomas Lodge No. 275 of free and accepted Masons working under Disppensation and Charter A.D. 1865, A.L. 5865, Texas
  5. Unnamed, undated newspaper; "Dedication of Henry Thomas Lodge at Smithwick"
  6. Unnamed, undated newspaper; "Lodge at Smithwick Endures the Years"
  7. Unnamed, undated newspaper, "Smithwick Freemasonry" by Jason Hanselka, HLN Correspondent

Valley Lodge #175
  1. "History of Valley Lodge No. 175 AF & AM"
  2. "Worshipful Masters and Secretaries, Valley Lodge No. 175 AF and AM, Burnet, Texas"
  3. "High Priests and Secretaries, Burnet Chapter No. 453 RAM, Burnet, Texas"
  4. "Thrice Illustrious Masters and Recorders, Burnet Council No. 368 R & SM, Burnet, Texas"
  5. "Burnet Chapter No. 94 RAM, Burnet, Texas, Chartered June 18th, 1870, Charter Arrested August 24th, 1933"
  6. "Burnet Council No. 57 R & SM, Burnet, Texas, Chartered December 3rd, 1907"
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  16. "Supplemental History of Valley Lodge No. 175, AF & AM, Burnet, Texas"
  17. Copy of Application, The Texas Historical Building Medallion, Burnet Masonic Lodge and supporting documents
  18. List of 50 year members of Valley Lodge No. 175, from Masonic Temple
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  27. The Burnet Bulletin 20 June 2012; "BCISD manager given community award"

Meadowlakes in Marble Falls
  1. The Highlander 2 Oct 2007; "Meadowlakes now 'Hidden Falls'" (incomplete)
  2. Brochure "Meadowlakes in Marble Falls" dated 1976
Mecklenburg Signers and their Neighbors by Worth Ray

Microfilm From Burnet Bulletin
  1. Listing with dates of important history from The Burnet Bulletin
Migration Trails
  1. "Early Migration Trails by Water and Land" by Mrs. R. Taylor Drake


Military, Misc.
  1. Marble Falls Messenger 5 Feb 1970; "Major John P. Potter" was one of four F-5 pilots from Williams AFB, Ariz. who flew to first-place honors in Bullseye VIII competition. He is son of E.P. Potter of Marble Falls.
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  27. The Picayune 24 May 2017; "Mystery Over the Atlantic." Roy Wagner of Burnet tells story of father Walter Wagner who died in fiery explosion of C-124 Globemaster over the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, or did he die in a Soviet gulag.
Civil War
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Mexican War
  1. The Llano News 29 Mar 2017; "Don't forget Texas and the Mexican War" by Karylon Hallmark Russell. Some names mentioned include: Gabriel Choate, William Rainbolt, Jacob Wykoff, Bird and Nelson Owen, Michael Sessom, Martin Boatwright, Jordan Wyatt, Elihu Casner, Willis Chaudoin, James Hallmark, Columbus and Franklin Breazeale, Hickman Dunman, George Wolfe, Dr. John Brown, Emil von Kriewitz.
Spanish American War 
  1. The Picayune 5 July 2017; "Learn about Marble Falls' lesser-known founders" by Daniel Clifton. Includes picture of Ira J. Dawson, in his Spanish American War uniform. He was the first Marble Falls town doctor.

World War I
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  6. List of young men from Oatmeal who served in the Armed Forces 
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  10. World War I in Burnet County, internet links
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World War II
  1. Marble Falls Boys in World War II
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  84. The Llano News and Horseshoe Bay Beacon July 4 (2017) Guide; "James Bond: Llano's man of plane-jumping mystery" by Terry Schroth. Bond was a World War II veteran and served in Saipan. Now the U.S. government has lost his records.The newspaper guide also includes an article titled "Declaration of a general on Independence Day" by Art Dlugach. The article is about General Don Eckelbarger of Horseshoe Bay.
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Desert Storm - nothing in file

Iraqi Freedom
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Anderson Mill
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Chadwick's Mill
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Morgan Mill
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Mt. Zion Camp Meetings
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Mud (Community) - Travis County
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Pioneer Museum
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Highland Lakes Air Museum
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