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Lake Travis, Colorado River
  • Photo of Bluebonnet Fishing Camp, undated
Lake Victor Story     
  1. Newspaper article dated January 20, 1972 by Greg Olds titled “ ‘Lake Victor Story’ Recalls Olden Days” including picture of Trinity Professor Dr. M.G. Bowden and Maurice C. Shelby author of “The Lake Victor Story”.  Both men are natives of Lake Victor.
  2. Typed paragraph about Lake Victor
  3. Picayune, 22 July 2009, "News Accounts Paint Colorful Picture of Old Lake Victor" by Rachel Bryson.
  4. See also "The Lake Victor Story" by Maurice C. Shelby, published 1971; 208 pages, not indexed; many photographs, family histories, info of schools, churches, businesses; cemetery listings, newspaper articles, and much more.  On the shelf in HBFL's Dobie Room. 
  5. Index of Photos and News Stories from "The Lake Victor Story" by Maurice C. Shelby; 10 typed pages.
  6. The Picayune, 5 Aug 2009, "Lake Victor Celebrates 106 years Saturday"
  7. Burnet Bulletin, 26 July 1993, "Shelby Recalls Lake Victor's Heyday" with photo of M. G. Shelby
  8. The Picayune, 8 Aug 2007, "Lake Victor Hosting Annual Homecoming", by Daniel Clifton
  9. The Picayune, 22 July 2009, "News Accounts Paint Colorful Picture of Old Lake Victor" by Rachel Bryson
  10. Burnet Bulletin 12 Dec 2014; "Masons honored at Lake Victor Lodge"
  11. Hill Country Magazine, Winter 2005; two pictures taken of Lake Victor area.
  12. "Lake Victor, Don't Bring Your Boat", by Billie Warner Buck.  Nine pages, 4 pages of pictures; report presented to Edwards Plateau Historical Association annual meeting, October 2015; compiled from old letters, deeds, wills, church history and memories of friends and family. 

See Also "The Lake Victory Story" by Maurice Shelby -- lists the names of thousands of Lake Victor citizens.  It contains lists of church members, Masonic Lodge Members, school personnel and many others,

  1. Brochure about Lampasas,
  2. Texas Newspaper clipping from The American-Statesman titled “Treaty Oak Perfect Specimen of Its Kind” by Clare Ogden Davis
  3. Texas Heritage Workshop Agenda  List of sources for doing a program or contest on “Cattle Brands and Ranch Histories” (2 copies)
  4. Three page typed history of Lampasas
  5. Copy of  newspaper article from Lampasas Record by Alfred E. Menn  titled “The Lampasas Story”
  6. Copy of newspaper article from Lampasas Record by Mr. W.R. Young titled “The Town of Lampasas Was Started Before The War Between The States” includes picture of Parks Hotel
  7. Copy of newspaper article from Lampasas Record titled “Some Early Historical Facts and Dates And Other Information of Lampasas County” includes picture of D.C. Thomas, district judge; Martin (last name not copied), county judge;  Col. J.E. Morgan, County clerk;  F. Lewis, County Atty; W.B Abney; Zivley,constable;  E.N. “L” Wolf, deputy sheriff and W.B. McGee, Baptist minister
  8. Copy of newspaper article taken from Lampasas Record September 10, 1936 issue by Mrs. Kate Longfield titled “Some of the Happenings from As Far Back As I Can Remember” Description of Historical Marker at the west door of the Lampasas County Court House (2 copies)
  9. Booklet titled “Stories of Lampasas” by Mrs. W.H. Moses
  10. Booklet by Tad Moses titled “Lampasas Texas Historical Brief” (52 pages)
  11. Newspaper clipping, Temple, Texas, 6 Feb 1977, “Lampasas Blaze Destroys Landmark School Building”, with photo of 1895 Lampasas Middle School after burn.
  12. Typed notes from 1913 Lampasas Leader newspaper concerning Burnet events or citizens.
  13. Newspaper clipping, date and source unknown, “L. M. Stephens Writes Interesting History of Chadwick’s Mill.” [Copy of this article filed in "Mill, Chadwick"
  14. Highland Lakes Weekly 16 Jan 2015; "Civilizing the Wild West." About DeWitt Clinton Thomas.

Land Heritage Awards - see Texas Land Heritage Awards

LBJ Ranch   
  1. Page from The Highlander, 1 Nov 1973.  Article and pictures about the LBJ ranch.  “Ranch of LBJ’s Grandfather Restored With Old Fashioned Care.”
  2. Undated newspaper article about tour entitled A Wagon Ride into History.
  3. Newspaper copy of artilce about Congressman Lyndon B. Johnson from the Burnet Bulletin, 30 June 1938.
  4. Newspaper picture of Johnsons observing the change of Granite Shoals Lake to Lake LBJ from the Marble Falls Highlander dated 2 April 1970.
  5. Several pages of copy from the Record Courier, Johnson City, dated 28 June 1973, about reopening of LBJ home .
  6. Article from Burnet Bulletin, 1974, about LBJ Statue to be Dedicated in Park Ceremonies Saturday, August 24
  7. Unnamed newspaper article dated 29 04 1976 written by Sam Johnson
Ledger From Burnet County Store, 1898-99   
Small notebook itemizing names and goods purchased, along with date and prices.  About 50 pages, written on both sides.  Sample below:
April 27 1898  Westfall Barton, 2 Cultivator bolts, .15
W. P. Hunt, Bro
March 27       1 pr shoes          1.30
Apr 24           1 pants                 .80
May 3             bal on sugar        .75
May 4            1 pr slippers          .90
May 4             1 sk flour           1.10
Legion, Auxilary   
  1. Newspaper clipping, Austin American Statesman, 25 Nov 1948, with photo 
  2. Three copies of program, “10th District Convention of the American Legion” 6 June 1948

Letters, Confederate   
  1. Newspaper clipping, San Antonio Express News, 27 Feb 1977, “Kin of Writers Sought”; about 100 letters from confederate soldiers and families in the state comptroller’s warehouse.
  2. Typed list with three columns, Widow/Pensioner, Veteran, Other; arranged by county.  This may be a list of the letters mentioned in item 1 above.
Letters/Field Family  (This folder is in the Surname file under Feild, Family Letters) 
This file contains letters written during and a couple of years after the Civil War
1) 7 Feb 1861 – R. S. Feild to his mother.
2) 5 Apr 1861 – Thomas A. Feild to his mother, followed by a letter from H. L. Feild to his mother.
3) 30 June 1861 – H. L. Feild to his mother.
4) 27 Nov 1861 – Letter from J. Y Shipman, regarding Mrs. L. M. Feild paper.
5) 4 Jan 1862 – Letter from Annie to Ma & Mrs. Harriet Yoe.
6) 25 Aug 1862 – H. L. Feild to his mother.
7) 12 Mar 1863 – H. L. Feild to his mother.
8) 18 Apr 1863 – H. L. Feild to his mother.
9) 3 Aug 1863 – Jennie (Mrs. H. L.) Feild to her mother-in-law.
10) 6 Aug 1863 – Harry L. Feild to his mother.
11) 4 Oct 1863 – H. L. Feild to his mother.
12) 1 Dec 1863 – Letter from Martha T. Green to Mrs. Feild telling of the death of Harry Feild. Harry was killed on 3 Nov 1863.
13) 3 Feb 1864 – Jennie Feild to her mother-in-law.
14) 31 Mar 1864 – Jennie Feild to her mother-in-law.
15) 5 July 1864 – Jennie Feild to her mother-in-law.
16) 6 Aug 1864 – Jennie Feild to her mother-in-law.
17) 25 Nov 1864 – Jennie Feild to
18) 18 Oct 1866 – Letter from Annie Feild to her mother-in-law telling of the death of her husband.
19) 19 Dec 1866 – Letter from Annie Feild to her mother-in-law.
20) 11 Apr 1867 – Annie Feild to her mother-in-law Lucy Feild.
21) 2 Sep 1867 – Annie Feild to her mother-in-law.
22) 26 Feb 1893? – Letter from A. H. Feild.
23) Copy of picture of Dr. M. A. Feild.
24) Copy of pictures of Harry Lee Feild and Dr. Feild in Tenn & wife.
25) Letter April 23 (no year) from M. A. Feild.
26) Copies of envelopes
27) Copies of 2 pages that are unreadable.
Liberty Hill     
1.  Three pages of poor images of The Williamson County Sun, 28 Aug 1969; “Liberty Hill Once Was Atop a Hill Became Silent Grove, Town Moved East”.  With pictures.
2.  Newspaper page, The Williamson County Sun, 20 March 1975; “Liberty Hill combines the Old and the New”, with pictures
3.  Newspaper clipping, date and source unknown.  “The Austin Story.  Highway Marker Near Georgetown Marks Battle Site.”   Photo of marker  commemorating a battle fought between Texas Rangers and Indians (Manuel Flores on May 18, 1839.
4.  Newspaper  clipping, The Williamson County Sun, 12 Nov 1970, “Liberty Hill Cemetery Dates Back to 1875, with photo of large tombstone.
5.  Copies of #4; poor quality.
6.  Newspaper page, The Libertarian, 2 Sept 1975, about Liberty Hill highschool football and volleyball teams.
7.  Note card from Helen Chesley to Mrs. Price, dated June 15, [no year], thanking her for her help.
8.  Newspaper pages, The Libertarian, April 1975, full issue, 12 pages.
Libraries (Burnet County)
Bertram Library

1. "Bertram Library unveiled" Burnet Bulletin, 1 March 2006
2. "An important plea from Bertram's Historical Committee"  Bertram Enterprise 2 Nov 2005; Donation items from Garrett Wilkinson Museum
3. "Library donation" Burnet Bulletin 19 Apr 2006; 4 books on gardening donated by Master Gardeners
4. picture of Friends of the Bertram Library with plans for the new library, 1 Mar 2006, unknown newspaper
5. Burnet Bulletin 11 Mar 2009; "Bertram gets $2M for 'green' library"
6. Burnet Bulletin 8 Dec 2010; "Library staff begins move into new building
7. The Picayune 6 Nov 2013; "Secret's out: Bertram Library Thrift Store celebrates 30 years of unique items and dedicated volunteers"
Burnet County Library Open House - 1963
  1. Texas Library Journal, TLA Conference, 1975, Dallas
  2. Picture of two women, unidentified, undated.
  3. Sign-in Sheets for Open House, Nat’l Library Week, April 23, 1963
  4. Sign-in Sheets for 10 April 1963
  5. Guest Register, Nov 18, 1962 and stapled together with Guests for Open House at 13th Birthday, Jan 9, 1963
  6. Sign-in Sheets for Nat’l Lib Week Family Night, April 10, 1962
Burnet County Library System
  1. Library Survey Data, 1995
  2. Burnet Bulletin, 2 Aug 1995, Library Requests $130,000 for automation, by Sara Wartes
  3. The River Cities Daily Tribune, 22 Mar 2006; "Burnet County libraries preparing for future" by Daniel Clifton; Burnet and Bertram sites getting facelifts.
  4. Burnet Bulletin 16 Aug 2006; Lending a hand to the lending library" by Chris Crews
  5. The Picayune 7 Sep 2011; "Check out happenings at Burnet County libraries"
  6. The River Cities Tribune 13 Feb 2011; "Dark chapter for Burnet County libraries?" - state funding cuts could have impact in Burnet County - by Nicole Lessin
Burnet - Herman Brown Free Library
  1. Newspaper section, Burnet County Bulletin, 16 Feb 1978, “New Library Dedication is Sunday.”   Notes on the Building of the Herman Brown Free Library.  Pictures of main reading room; Library Board Chairman, Mrs Alvin Nored; Present Librarian Mrs. Price.
  2. Newspaper page, Burnet County Bulletin, 16 Feb 1978, page A5, “Library Dedication Ceremony Sunday”
  3. The Highlander Dec 1981; "Burnet commissioners ponder library problem"
  4. Burnet Bulletin 10 Jan 2007; "Polar Express", cookie wallace, director of Herman Brown Free library, accepts check for most popular Christmas Tree decorating contest
  5. The Picayune 23 May 2007; "Herman Brown Free Library will be getting a new roof soon"
  6. Burnet Bulletin 8 Aug 2007; "A farewell letter to Burnet"; Library Director Cookie Wallace leaving after about 22 years of service
  7. River Cities DailyTribune, 24 April 2008; "Burnet Library's Expansion Beginning"; library supporters plan to raise $3 million in grants for public library, by Raymond V. Whelan.
  8. Burnet Bulletin 30 Apr 2008; "Herman Brown Free Library expansion kicked off"
  9. Burnet Bulletin 9 July 2008; "Need to Expand/Artistic talent, fun stuff for children planned" 60th anniversary
  10. Burnet Bulletin 38 May 2008; "Burnet library celebrates 60th"
  11. Burnet Bulletin 10 Sep 2008; "Commissioners peruse library plans"
  12. Burnet Library Expansion Project September 2008 update newsletter.
  13. The Picayune, 1 April 2009; "Vanished Exhibition Reveals Plight", about a traveling exhibition  by the nonprofit TRACES Center for History and Culture.  The exhibit reveals how thousands of German-Americans during WWII were labeled unfairly as "potentially dangerous enemy aliens" at the time  and put in camps.
  14. Burnet Bulletin, 22 April 2009; "Grant to help young readers' parents"; a grant through CTLS that provides training for library staff to work with parents of young children.
  15. Unknown newspaper and date:  photo of Lucille O'Donnell, Burnet County Librarian.
  16. Burnet Bulletin 7 Oct 2009 "Friends: Gear up for new building"
  17. Burnet Bulliten, 30 Dec 2009, article about new public library in the works. 
  18. Burnet Bulletin, 28 Jan 2009, Burnet library switches site.
  19. unknown paper, 21 July 1977, article "Burnet Commissioners Accept library building with picture of Janet Crain moving books.
  20. DailyTribune, 29 Nov 2011, "Feds Deny Funds for New Burnet Library" by Raymond V. Whelan
  21. Burnet Bulletin 25 Dec 2002; "Craft group begins" for children ages 6-11.
  22. The Picayune 30 Nov 2011; "New chapter is ahead for library,, newspaper" by Raymond V. Whelan
  23. The Picayune 11 Feb 2015; Picture of James & Marie Herbort, JoAnn Myers, Betsy Engelbrecht and Leonard Smith, + article about the Friends purchasing Herbort's office for library expansion.
Marble Falls Library   
  1. Pictures and  newspaper article from The Highlander about antique Stetson hat display case including letter from Thelma Malloy, Display Director of Neiman-Marcus dated December 14, 1967 to Mrs. Dan Purvis
  2. Handwritten copy of the Marble Falls Library Board Meeting for Dec. 10, 1957 about insuring books
  3. Newspaper article from The Highlander by Pauline M. Edwards dated January 9, 1975 titled “Saturday Named Mary Griffin Day as Marble Falls Library Officially Opens” including pictures of Mary Griffin and Lois Anderson, founding mother of MFL
  4. Newspaper photo of opening ceremonies of MFL including Mary Griffin, State Senator John Traeger, Marble Falls Mayor Chafee, Agnes Hefner and Thomas Shefelman
  5. Newspaper photos of inside and outside views of new MFL
  6. Newspaper  photos from The Highlander dated January 16, 1975 including Mary Griffin, Mayor Dean Chafee, House of Representatives member Dave Allred, Senator John Traeger and House of Representatives member Camm Lary, Jr.
  7. River Cities Tribune August 20, 2004 “Marble Falls Public Library Fair---What’s in it for you?”
  8. Llano News, 3 Jan 2007, Photo and caption of Clyde Smith, President of the Blubonnet Chapter, SAR, and Betsy Engelbrecht of Marble Falls Library.
  9. 2 handwritten cards about beginning of Marble Falls Library and picture of Old Burnet Jail.
Oakalla Library
 no information collected as of 2012
Libraries (Llano County)
Lakeshore Library
  1. Daily Tribune, 30 Jan 2009, "Texas Authors to Speak at the Lakeshore Library Book Festival."  Article abut the festival and photos of authors Lisa Wingate and Mike Cox.
Llano County Library
  1. Picayune, 19 Oct 2005 - Newspaper article about library getting back to normal after 2nd LLano County Book Festival.
  2. Llano Buzz, 26 April 2006, 'Dian Ray celebrates 25th anniversary. 
  3. Lake Country Life insert Burnet Bulletin, 14 Oct 2009, "Buildings for books bear history"
 Live Oak     
  1. Brief paragraph about Live Oak
  2. Note about Live Oak School including names of V. Bertram and wife I. and J.W. Stewart, J.R. Williams, J.T. Stewart and A.C. Perry
  3. Typed page report of Live Oak Community including names of Ross, Haven, Baker, Bertram, Berry, Brizendine, Dunn, Hutto, Kruhl, McAndrew, Ottinger, Peterson, Pitts, Perry, Smith, Spradling, Stewart, White, Whitley, Cochran, and Ray

Llano County  Information

The ABC's Why Llano County Is Unique - A series of articles in The Llano News by Karylon Hallmark Russell. Dates of articles: 2015, March 25, April 1, April 8, April 15, April 22, April 29. Names mentioned:
  1. Mar 25 - Fisher Miller Grant, Sam Houston, Henry Fisher, Burchard Miller, Chief Buffalo Hump, Baron John O. Meusebach, Rev. Jonas Dancer, Mitilda Jones Friend, Francis Marion and Susan Cooper Whitlock, Martin W. King, Johnny Ringo.
  2. Apr 1 - Francis R. Malone, John Peters Ringo, Joseph G. Olney (alias Joe Hill), Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday.
  3. Apr 8 - Matilda Jones Friend, Francis M. Whitlock & son Willie, Susan Cooper Whitlock, Malinda Candel, Amanda Townsend, Lee Temple Friend.
  4. Apr 15 - Wash Wolfe, Annie Victoria McDonald, Banta-McDonald, Levi V. Arnold, Johnny Lemenweber.
  5. Apr 22 - David Cowan, Capt. R. W. Riley, Capt. James S. Bourland, Capt. Franklin Breazeale, Capt. C. W. Dorsey, John H. Barringer, Mr. Wills.Apr 29 - Gladys
  6. Apr 29 - Mrs. Gladys McQueen, Evelyn Chamberlain.
Black History
  1. The Llano News 23 Feb 2011; "Black History Month...in Llano County" by Karylon Hallmark Russell. Includes picture of the remains of Doolittle Chapel, Llano's only black school.
  2. The Llano News 13 Nov 2013; "Queen Bee Continued...Chapter 4 Part 2. First of 2 articles about Britt Johnson, a freed slave. Partnered with David White to go into the Indian reservations in search of family members who were captured.
  3. The Llano News 20 Nov 2013; "Queen Bee continued..." Chapter 4 Part 3 & Chapter 5, Part 1. Further information on Britt Johnson.
  4. The Llano News 14 Jan 2015; "Ignored...In Plain Sight" by Karylon Hallmark Russell. Article about the role of African Americans in the earliest days of Llano County.
  5. The Llano News 21 Jan 2015; "Part Two: Ignored...In Plain Sight" by Karylon Hallmark Russell

Cemeteries -
Cemeteries - General Information
  1. Picayune; 29 April 2009 - "Tiny Cemetery tells story of some of region's earliest pioneers" by Connie Swinney, Joyce Ricketson, W. M. H. Chapman, Francis M. Bradford, Bill Stewart, Muriel Jackson Barnett, Mr. & Mrs. Leon Bell, Damron, Moss and Duncan Family
  2. Highlander 27 May 1993; "Historical marker at Babyhead Cemetery"
  3. Lake Country Life 9-15 Sep 2009; "The mysterious Six-Mile Light" by Dale Fry; regarding Six-Mile Cemetery.
  4. The Llano News 6 Oct 2010; "Almost Forgotten: The Story of the Oldest Person Buried in Llano County" by Karylon Hallmark Russell
  5. Lake Country Life 8-14 Aug 2012; "Valley Spring"
  6. Lake Country Life 30 May-5 June 2012; "Veterans life here" by Dale Fry. About Historical Board Branch Cemetery
  7. Lake Country Life 9 Sep 2008; "History buried in Burnet, Llano cemeteries" by Dale Fry
  8. Lake Country Life 9-15 Sep 2009; "The mysterious Six-Mile Light" by Dale Fry
  9. Lake Country Life, Vol 5, No. 50;  13 April 2011, Burnet Bulletin.  "Grave Decision"  by Dale Fry about gravesites moved by LCRA.
  10. Llano County Historical Markers compliments of Llano County Historical Commission
  11. The Picayune 14 Oct 2015; "Six Mile legend shines light on faded rural community" by Daniel Clifton.
Cemeteries - Specific Cemetery Information

Cemeteries - Bluffton Cemetery
  1. Llano News,  26 Sept 2012; "81st Annual Meeting of the Bluffton Cem. Assoc," with info about graves and dedication of the "Monument to the Unknowns."
  2. Llano News, 26 Sept 2012; "Quite the Undertaking!" by Karylon Hallmark Russell about history of the area and Bluffton Cemetery.
  3. The Highlander 28 Sep 2012; "Bluffton Cemetery group meeting set"
  4. Lake Country Life 13 April 2011; "Grave decision" by Dale Fry (about relocation graves from Old Bluffton Cemetery to New Bluffton Cemetery)
  5. Picayune 2 Oct 2013, "Bluffton Cemetery silently tells its history" by Daniel Clifton
  6. Bluffton Cemetery Association Newsletter October, 2015; gives history of cemetery.
  7. The Llano News, 21 Oct 2015; "How to Get Away with Murder" by Karylon Hallmark Russell. Names mentioned: Mary Duff, Allen A. Atkison, Caleb A. Davis, Allen Smith, Wade Hampton Blevins, Dan Smith, Hammons Family.
                                                Cemeteries - Llano City
            1. Llano Buzz 8 Nov 2006; "Llano cemetery gets historical marker" by Dale Fry
            2. Llano County Journal; "Cemetery Tour a tale of history, leaders" - Visitors to Historical Llano City Cemetery Tour learn of the beginnings of Llano's Boom Era. Lives featured were Frank Malone, Flavius Josephus and Nora Belle Owen Johnson, Frederick and Ella Douglas Opp, Harry Edward and Adre Hedeman, John Hiram and Minnie Button McLeaning, Clint and Pensylvania Holton Breazeale, and the painted ladies of the evening.

                                            Cemeteries - Putman

            1. Llano Journal 3 Sep 2014; "Llano County Cemetery receives DRT Medallions" - DRT Citizen Medallion Markers dedicated for Madison DeKalb Putman and Olivia Davidson Putman.                                                                                                            

                                            Cemeteries - Tow

  1. List of Confederate States of America and/or Texas Rangers buried in the Tow Cemeteries. List includes two who fought in Mexican War and/or the Texas Revolution.
  2. List of Confederate Veterans buried in the cemetery, with birth and death dates
Blue Lake Estates - Highland Lakes Weekly, 29 May 2015;"Highland Lakes Hideaway" by John Hallowell. Houston developer William C. Canfield purchased a large ranch on the south side of Lake Granite Shoals owned by Fritz and Annalies (Matern Wenmohs.
  1. The Llano News 31 Aug 2011; "Old Bluffton: Out of the Depths" by Karylon Hallmark Russell
  2. The Llano News 28 Dec 2011; "No Turning Back - Just Visiting" by Karylon Hallmark Russell
  3. 2nd Bluffton Sketch by D Prikryl 5 Jan 2007; site map of Old Bluffton along with photographs
  4. Lake map of Old Bluffton - with locations and photos attached.
  5. Lake Country Life 20-26 Jan 2010; ""Glimpse vanished hamlet on the Colorado"
  6. Lake Country Life magazine section of Burnet Bulletin 7 Mar 2007; "Old Bluffton re-emerges"
  7. Lake Country Life magazine section of Burnet Bulletin 7 Mar 2007; "Lake Buchanan reveals it secrets" 
  8. Newspaper article from unknown newspaper & undated; "A town covered by Waters of Buchanan Lake"
  9. The Highlander 7 Sep 1972; "Bluffton-A City Destroyed by Water and Fire" by Jan Ward
  10. The Highlander 7 Mar 1974; "Early Days in Bluffton and In Llano County" by Oliver Maxwell
  11. The Highlander 5 Aug 1976; "A Corn-y Tale - This Miller grinds Exceeding Fine" - about A. E. Croft and wife Dovie Smith. He was proprietor of store in Bluffton
  12. The Highlander 28 July 1977; "Bluffton,, Texas native Johanson traces roots of Lakeside town to Arkansas.
  13. The Highlander 22 Oct 1987; "Dam construction scatters families" by Moore Johanson.
  14. Highland Lakes Weekly 29 Aug 2014; picture of old town of Bluffton appearing because of low lake levels.

Carter-Coggin Feud
  1. Llano Buzz 8 Mar 2006; "1882: A wild shootout in downtown Llano" by Dale Fry - about the feud between the Coggins and the Carters
  2. The Llano News 1 Feb 2012; "The Carter-Coggin Feud-Part Three"
  3. The Llano News 8 Feb 2012; "The Carter-Coggin Feud-Part Four"
  4. The Llano News 15 Feb 2012; "The Carter-Coggin Gunfight/Llano, Texas, June, 1882"
  5. The Llano News 22 Feb 2012; "The Carter Coggin Feud/Concluding Thoughts"
  6. The Llano News 29 Feb 2012; "The Carter-coggin Feud/Documented Epilogue"
  1. Llano News March 2, 2005 “Castell Community celebrates historical marker” article names  people who are descendents of the people who settled the Castell community
  2. Llano News, 11/23/2005 Castell dedicates veterans memorial
  3. Llano Buzz, 11/08/2006 Castell General Store is 108 and still going strong
  4. Llano Buzz, 1/10/07 “Methodists have met in Castell since 1852”
  5. Llano Buzz,  27 Dec 2006, “Runaway  Mules Drag Castell Woman”, by Dale Fry.  With photo.
  6. Unknown newspaper, 1969, "Discovery of 1919 Program recalls Early-Day Teaching", with photo of pioneer Llano County teacher, Will P. Miller.  Program for closing exercises, Lehmberg School, Castell, Texas, 1919, Will P. Miller, teacher.
  7. The Llano News, 11 May 2006, "The German Pioneers of Castell" by Patty Schneider Pfister, about history of Castell, established 1847 was the first settlement in Llano County and is the only settlement of the Fisher and Miller Land Grant that survived; also has a list of Texas Historical Markers dedicated in the community of Castell.
  8. "German nobleman made peace by living with Indians" Llano Buzz 7 Jun 2006
  9. "A Castell Church"; Lake Country Life magazine section of The Burnet Bulletin Vol 6 No 32: St. John Lutheran Church
  10. The Picayune 19 June 2013; "Fish fry and auction to benefit old Castell School restoration" by Jared Fields. Includes picture of school.
  11. Hill Country Magazine Summer 2006; "Chow in the Hills"  by Tom Shires. Includes picture of Castell General Store, and historical marker for the Castell School Haus

  1. Highland Lakes Newspapers - "Landmarks" -Dale Fry - Castell Trinity Methodist Church since 1852
  2. Frontier Times January 1930; "The Old Macedonia Baptist Church in Llano County" by Miss Clarinda Loveworth Latham. Early names mentioned are: John Gibson, James Gibson, Ambrose Stone, Reuben Stone, John Robertson, James robertson, Mary Gibson, Margaret Gibson, Sidney Stone, Celia Stone, Mary Davidson, Olivia Catherine Robertson, and Abigail Robertson.
  3. The Picayune Oct 5, 1994; "Tow celebrates heritage through church anniversary" by M. E. Wright. First Baptist Church of Tow Celebrates 140 Anniversary. Early Families and Preachers named.
  4. Lake Country Life 2 Jan 2008; "Old church has many masters" by Dale Fry. About old Oatman Creek Baptist Church. Mentions J. C. Cone, Ona Stribling, Joe Garrett
  5. Llano Journal, May 25, 2011- Llano Presbyterian Church founded 130 years ago. Photo of Church, names of families and preachers.
  6. The Llano News 17 Aug 2011; "Old Time Outdoor Gospel Meetings" by Karylon Hallmark Russell
  7. The Llano News 11 Nov 2009; "Getting Ready to Celebrate" by John Hallowell. About Llano County celebrating its 100-year anniversary in 1956
  8. Highland Lakes Weekly 22 Feb 2013; on March 30th, 1963 the Highland Lakes Church of Christ in Kingsland received its legal charter from Llano County. Church is celebrating the fact with a 50th Anniversary celebration. Includes picture of church.
  9. The Llano News 15, May 2013; "First Presbyterian Church Llano Celebrates 132 Years. Mentions Rev. J. H. Ziveley, F.F. and Lizzie J. Brown, Joseph T. McInnis, Mrs. Nannie W. Haynes, Mrs. L. M. Douglas, Mrs. S. H. Keese, and Mrs. Ida F. Johnson
  10. The Highlander 17 May 2013; picture of the First Presbyterian Church
  11. Highland Lakes Weekly 8 Nov 2013; newspaper picture of members of a drum-and-bagpipe band came to Presbyterian church in Llano honoring the church's Celtic traditions.
  12. Llano News 20 Nov 2013; "Next Stop on Home Tour: First Christian Church in Llano." Church was organized in 1882. In 1910 it officially became known as The First Christian Church, electing elders John C. Oatman, H. C. Buttery & Eugene Barler and Deacons J. H. Atchison, C. H. Atchison & C. H. Brame. Church as awarded a historical marker in 2002.
  1. Picture of The Laying of the Cornerstone, Llano County Courthouse, 13 Oct 1891; from unknown, undated newspaper
  2. Undated The Highlander; "The Llano County Courthouse: Steeped in History" by Dale Fry
  3. The Picayune 5 June 2002; "The Way It Was: Llano Courthouse is a work of art" by Linda Ware.
  4. San Antonio Express 10 Oct 2004; picture of Llano County Courthouse
  5. Llano Buzz 23 Aug 2005; "Workers...begin restoration of Llano County courthouse cupola"
  6. Llano Buzz 20 Sep 2005; "Llano Square says goodbye to cupola"
  7. The Llano News 26 July 2006; "Copper clad cupola...Courthouse project remains on schedule"
  8. Early photos of businesses on courthouse square pictured in old newspapers. 1) Barbershop taken in 1910, 2) 1907 photo showing east side of courthouse
  9. Lake Country Life 2 Oct 2013; "True grit" by Lance Reaves - World War I monument and the World War II monument
  10. Llano News 26 Nov 2014; "So The Courthouse Burned!" by Karyon Hallmark Russell
  1. Llano Buzz 15 Nov 2006; "1929: Man slain on street in downtown Llano" by Dale Fry - L. C. Callaway is show by D. K. Barney and D. K. Ellison
  2. The Llano News 20 Oct 2010; "Lingering Llano Spirits" Part One by Karylon Hallmark Russell - Sheriff Ben F. Beeson shot and killed by Matthew Caldwell Roberts, Deputy Sheriff James B. O'Bannon shot and killed by his own gun.
  3. The Llano News 27 Oct 2010; "Llano's Lingering Spirits" Part Two by Karylon Hallmark Russell - Robert H. Moseley shot and killed by Deputy Sheriff Clyde Yoe who was then stabbed and killed Yoe, Coggins/Carter feud.
  4. The Llano News 2 Nov 2011; "Mob Rule in Llano County in the 1870's. Names mentioned: Miles Barler, Clinton Breazeale, William P. Hoskins, William W. Saxon, Henry Hoy, James Finley Barnett, Charley Keller
  1. Hill Country Magazine, unknown date; "Eagles re-visited" by Jess and Peggy Thompson
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          -  Kingsland Genealogical Society   
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Llano River, Dams, Bridges
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Long Mountain
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Loyal Valley
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Maps (Llano County only)  for more maps, see  Map section after Llano County Info
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Pioneer Women
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1. Newspaper article by Mrs. Ben Polk titled “Part of Pontotoc History Reclaimed” including pictures of old Pontotoc cemetery and gravestone of Mrs. Gartman died June 1887
Pool Branch 1. 2- page typed paper by Mrs. Bill Bryson about Pool Branch (the stream and the community founded there that became Joppa)
Post Office –U.S., Briggs 1. Letter from Meyer H. Fishbein of General Services Administration dated August 8, 1961 to Mr. Ernest Langford about postal service to Briggs
2. List of Postmasters from 1888 to 1971 including James W. Edgar, James M. Brown, Jesse T. Hall, William E. Clinkscales, Horace Clickscales, and Mrs. Hazel A. Taylor
3. Hill Country Magazine, Winter 2005; 2 photographs taken of Pontotoc sites

Prairie Mountain
      1. The Llano News 27 Jan 2010; History article about the Prairie Mountain School by John Hollowell
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Queen Bee - Llano News, Karylon Hallmark Russell extracts Levi Vinyard Arnolds memoirs telling about his life as a young cowboy growing up on the Texas frontier. Book is entitled "Queen Bee". Some names mentioned: Lucinda Null Arnold, Levi Arnold, William K. Arnold, Ike Pryor, Elizabeth Arnold, Frank Arnold, Arthur Atkinson, William Richard Arnold, Henry A. Chadwick, Francis Marion Shults, Scott Zesch, Herman Lehmann, Adolph Korn, Lee Temple, Malinda Caudel, William Whitlock, A. L. Carleton, Richard Coffey, Jim Maxwell, Margaret Catherine Atkison Hammons, Joseph Pullen, Levi & Lucy White.
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Sandy Mountain
  • Unknown, undated newspaper article entitled "Reminiscence". Article submitted by Mrs. John Thompson about old time tournament. Men who ente4red were G. W. Gibson, Lewis Gibson, Thompson Gibson, Ralph Haynes, Geo. Haynes, John W. Johnson, J. V. Latham, Mart Phillips, and Harry Walker.

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Texas Rangers Connected to Llano County
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Town of Llano
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Valley Spring
    1. The Llano News 2 April 1970; "News from Valley Spring" by Mrs. Abbye Sessom
    2. The Llano News 23 July 2015; "Prelude to Valley Spring-Field Creek" by Karylon Hallmark Russell. Names mentioned: O.C.J. Phillips, William O. Phillips, James L. Epperson, Amos Eaker, David Franklin Owen, Gabriel Choate, Jacob Wykoff, Benjamin F. Davis, James Kindrey Hoys.
    3. The Llano News 5 Aug 2015; "Valley Spring-Field Creek Rising". by Karylon Hallmark Russell. Names mentioned: O.C.J. Phillips, William Rainbolt, Stanley Miller, Frederica Foster, Sylvia Osbourn, James Kindred How, Sarah Brown, Mary Corder, Florence Arron, R. C. Kirkpatrick, Parker Presley, Elizabeth Matilda Gray, Benjamin Davis, Dr. Daniel Beveridge, Dr. d. B. Anderson, Ezekiel Hairston, William Banta, Allen G. Roberts.
End of Llano Section

Lodges:  Sons of Hermann
  1. undated article about lodge and its history. [article missing as of 11 Sept 09]
- See also Masonic Lodges
Longhorn Cavern   
1. Newspaper clipping, 2 May 1957, source unknown; “Caverns’ Age Pegged at Million”.  Photo of historical marker and footbridge. (1 page)
2. Citation for historical marker, Longhorn Cavern Administration Building, placed 1989. (7 pages)
3. Short typed history of Longhorn Caverns.  (1 page)
4. Program for placing of official Texas Historical Marker at Longhorn Caverns Administration Building, 13 May 1989.  (1 page)
5. Application package for placement of official Texas Historical Marker, with copies of pictures. (2 copies) (3 pages)
6. Memo from Tad Moses, pointing out “windies” or untruths in the historical marker.  Dated Aug 1969. (1 page)
7. The Highlander, 14 Feb 1974, “Was Sam Bass Ever in Burnet County?” with pictures relating to Sam Bass. (2 copies)  (5 pages)
8. Newspaper clipping, Austin American, 26 Apr 1969, “Longhorn Cavern” with drawing of interior of cave. (1 orig; 1 copy)  (1 page)
9. Newspaper clipping, 21 May 1961, source unknown, “Longhorn Cavern Has Thrills for Sightseers.” Frontier Times, April 1929, “Sherrard’s Cave in Burnet County”, by Mary Johnson Posey.  (approx 4 pages)
10. The Geologic Story of Longhorn Cavern, Guidebook 4, from Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas, Austin, Feb 1963.  (pamphlet, not copyable)
11. Express News, 11 Aug 1968, “Longhorn Cavern History Varies” (1 page)
12. Correspondence to and from Tad Moses about the history of the cave. (2 pages)
13. Newspaper clipping  from San Antonio Express-News August 15, 2004 titled “Longhorn Cavern State Park” (1 page)
14. Photos from collection of Jo Hammond.
a. Group one – postcard images of formations (10 pages)
b. Group two – photos of outside entrance and inside (2 pages)
c. Group three – photos of dance held inside cave (1 page)
15. Hill Country Magazine Fall 2004 article about Longhorn Cavern
16. Copy of Newspaper article, no date, about News From CCC Co. 854
17. Austin American Statesman,  10 Feb 1996; "Deep Dark Secrets of Sam Bass"
18.  "Two Kinds of History Found in Texas' Longhorn Caverns", undated and unnamed newspaper article
19. The Picayune,  27 July 2005, "Longhorn Cavern--Discover and explore the Natural Wonder in our backyard" with picture of dancing in the cave, c. 1920s
20. Two postcards: Abrahm Lincoln Formation, Longhorn Cavern; Sam Bass Entrance, Longhorn Caverns
21. Burnet Bulletin 4 July 2012; "Longhorn Caverns seen in a new light/Local park attracts both young, old" by Mark Goodson
22.  Two postcards donated by Jane Knapik, Sept 2014:  Entrance to Park on Highway No. 66 and The Viking Prow formation inside cave.  Originals filed in Photo Archives, Longhorn Cavern.
Lower Colorado River Authority      (LCRA)

1. Burnet Bulletin July 28, 2004 “LCRA unveils Buchanan Regional Water Plan”
2. Burnet Bulletin September 15, 2004  “LCRA seeks input on marinas”
3.Burnet Bulletin August 3, 2005 “Renovations at Starcke”
4. LN 11/23/2005 LCRA plans to count residential docks on five Highland Lakes this winter
5. KC 12/28/05 “LCRA septic system program oversees years of Hill Country growth”
6. KC 1/11/06 “Refurbished LCRA museum highlights history of the Highland Lakes area”
7. RCT 6/17/2006 Lake Buchanan EMS given grant by LCRA
8. “LCRA goes after illegal trash dumpers from the air”
9. Brochure for 50th anniversary of Tom Miller Dam
10. Western Union telegram about High Dam at Marshall Ford on Colorado River, hoping that Congressman J.J. Mansfield will support
11. LCRA 1939 survey map showing location of Marshall Ford Dam
12. Citizens Gazette, 17 Feb 2010, "LCRA Birth Leads to Area Development"
13.Citizens Gazette, 15 Oct 2015, "LCRA investigation concludes." About Copper theft.
Lubbock Tornado, 1970   
Newspaper clippings from the Lubbock Avalanche Journal, 14 May 1970 pertaining to a tornado that hit town.  Many photos of the damage.
Magill’s Grove   
1.  Application package for Texas Historical Marker for Magill Family Cemetery, 1 mile south of 29 on 281.
2.  photo of group of young women sitting on a low, bent tree trunk.  None are identified.  Caption written on photo says, “In a tree”, but marked on back are the words, “Magill’s Grove.”
  1. Newspaper clipping, date and source unknown; about the Mt Horeb Lodge, submitted by B. H. Stewart, 2 June 1917
  2. Draft copy of article about Mahomet History, original written by Mrs. Bill Bryson, chairman of the Burnet County Historical Commission.  Five double-spaced pages.
  3. Copy of deed which gave 5 acres of land for Mahomet in 1874.
  4. Photograph, 8x10, with note “Mahomet Cemetary Homecoming”.  Shows group of people, none identified, year unknown.
  5. Photograph, “Sycamore Springs School, Mahomet”, undated, with some names on back.
  6. Newspaper clipping, date unknown, from Burnet Bulletin, “Mahomet Post Office Site Receives State Marker,”, with photos
  7. Newspaper clipping, Dallas News, 11 July 1971 by Frank X. Tolbert, “Did  Drivers Start Mahomet Town?”
  8. Copy of newspaper article, “No Mohammedans Now in Mahomet,” by Frank X. Tolbert, from 15 May 1967 issue of Dallas News.  On same page is another Tolbert article from Dallas News of 21 Dec 1963, “Did Camel Driver Become Postman?”
  9. Typed sheet with Mahomet name history.  Date and source unknown.
  10. Pamphlet, “History of Mt. Horeb Chapter, No. 57, R. A. M.” compiled by Edward White
  11. Mahomet, Historical Marker.   Application package for Mahomet-Sycamore Springs Community, Texas Ranch Road 243, 2 miles west of US Highway 183.
  12. The Picayune, 9 July 2008; "We'll Meet in Mahomet" by Rachel Bryson; tidbits about the community.

Map, Burnet City of
  1. Official Map of City of Burnet and suburbs, 1963 
  2. Copies of Burnet city plats, showing lots and businesses in 1885, from Sanborn maps.  Donated by Charles E. Ely, 2012

Map, Burnet County Abstract 
  1. Map of early Burnet County, 7 copied pages from General Land Office.
  2. State Abstracts of Burnet County to Aug 31, 1941; 39 pages
  3. Plat map of Burnet County showing boundaries of Lampasas, Burnet, & Marble Falls ISD's
  4. Old plat maps of Burnet Co, (rom the holdings of the Texas State Archives)


Map, Early Maps of Texas   

  1. Map of early Texas, German, by De Ferd. Roemer, undated, source unknown
  2. 1837 Map of Texas with parts of the adjoining states
Map, Genealogical Map of the Counties, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Map, Geologic
  1. Geologic Quadrangle Map No. 43; "Geology of the Click Quadrangle, Llano and Blanco Counties, Texas" by Virgil E. Barnes, June 1978
  2. Geologic Quadrangle Map No. 44; "Geology of the Dunman Mountain Quadrangle, Llano, Burnet, and Blanco Counties, Texas" by Virgil E. Barnes, June 1978
  3. Geologic Quadrangle Map No. 45; "Geology of the Cap Mountain Quadrangle, Llano County, Texas" by Virgil E. Barnes, July 1978
  4. Geologic Quadrangle Map No. 46; "Geology of the Howell Mountain Quadrangle, Blanco and Llano Counties, Texas" by Virgil E. Barnes, August 1978
  5. Geologic Quadrangle Map No. 47; "Geology of the Round Mountain Quadrangle, Blanco, Burnet, and Llano Counties, Texas" by Virgil E. Barnes, August 1978
  6. Geologic Quadrangle Map No. 48; "Geology of the Marble Falls Quadrangle, Burnet and Llano Counties, Texas" by Virgil E. Barnes, November 1982
  7. Geologic Quadrangle Map No. 49; "Geology of the Pedernales Falls Quadrangle, Blanco County, Texas" by Virgil E. Barnes, November 1982
  8. Geologic Quadrangle Map No. 50; "Geology of the Spicewood Quadrangle, Blanco, Burnet, and Travis Counties, Texas" by Virgil E. Barnes
  9. Geologic Atlas of Texas; Llano Sheet, 1981

Map, Granite Shoals, Streets   
1.  One page typed short histories of Burnet County; Sherwood Shores; and Granite Shoals.
2.  Street Map of City of Granite Shoals and Sherwood Shores, SCS, Highland Haven and Shady Acres Subdivisions.  Undated.

Map, Hill Country - Map covering Hill Country from Austin to Menard. Includes all hill country counties. F. W. Vesey 1964

Map - Miscellaneous Burnet County Maps
  1. Soil Interpretative Map of Important Farmlands, Burnet county
  2. Map of Burnet County including maps of Burnet, Marble Falls, Bertram, Lake Buchanan, Inks Lake, Lake L.B.J., Lake Marble Falls, 1970
  3. General Highway Map of Burnet County, dated 1963
  4. General Highway Map of Burnet County, dated 1971
  5.            Map of Burnet and Llano counties, undated
  6.            Burnet, The City of the Lakes, The Great Recreational Center of Texas, undated but old.


Map - Missionary Map of World
Map, Old Military Road  
1.  Map of Old Military Road that runs From Fort McKavett in Menard County, through Sutton, Kimble, Edwards, and Kinney Counties to Ft. Clark.  Drawn by A. L. Zimmerman, Aug 1965.
Map, State of Texas- Topographic -
    1. Map of Texas with Index
            Maps rolled - In box on top of vertical file
[GHM means "General Highway Map" produced by the State of Texas
Maps are numbered for easy reference in container box.
  1.  1924 map showing policical division and plot ownership (currently being repaired)
  2. 1924 survey map
  3. 1963 GHM
  4. 1971 Map
  5. Blanco 1963 GHM
  6. Lampasas 1963 GHM
  7. Llano 1963 GHM
  8. Travis 1963 GHM
  9. Williamson 1963 GHM
  10. Bexar 1887 map
  11. Gillespie 1963 GHM
  12. Kimble 1963 GHM
  13. Mason 1963 GHM
  14. McCulloch 1963 GHM
  15. Menard 1963 GHM
  16. Map of Texas prior to 1852
  17. 1858 military map of area northwest, west and southwest of Williamson County
  18. Original land grants in Austin area (2 maps showing 2 different sections)
  19. 1942 State Farm Road Atlas of US, Canada, and Mexico
  20. Chart showing parent counties of all Texas counties
  21. Register of Interior Proper Warrants on the Treasury (2 different registers)
  22. Register of accounts for Claims
  23. Copy of the Constitution of United States
  24. Large rolled map of Fayette County (donated by BCGS Member Pat Schultz)
  25. Airy Mount - drawing of proposed plans for restaurant complex that includes the Craddock House
  26. The Valley Between the Colorado and the Pedernales
  27. Burnet County 1971 General highway Map
  28. US Dept of Interior Geological Survey
  29. Morman Mill Quadrangle, Burnet County, Texas
  30. IOOF Cemetery Map (2 maps noted #1 nd #2)
  31. US Dept of Interior Geological Survey Burnet Quadrangle (2 maps showing east side of county)
  32. Shady Grove Cemetery
  33. DRT Sesquicentennial Map of Texas, 1836
  34. Cemetery of Emanuel Sampson, Lodge 183 IOOF
  35. Register of Interior Warrants on the Treasury

Marble Falls   
  1.  3 pictures of 11 inch snowfall in Marble Falls in 1927
  2. Copy of early letter from Marble Falls Chamber of Commerce to property owners living along Highway 281. Subject was changing the highway from a "hump-back, dusty country road to a four lane street through Marble Falls"
  3. Marble Falls Messenger 15 Sep 1921; "Floods Do Much Damage." In 2 days 17.55 inches of rain falls in Marble Falls.
  4. "A Trip to Marble Falls" - from Marble Falls Messenger of March 3, 1927, a reprint from Burnet Bulletin of 1 March, 1888
  5. Burnet Bulletin 7 August 1930; "Small Cyclone Hits Marble Falls".
  6.  Newspaper article from The Highlander April 10, 1975 titled “The Story of Marble Falls, Texas ‘A City Laid Out by a Blind Man’” by Stella Gipson Polk
  7. Newspaper article from The Highlander June 29, 1972 titled “Looking Back at Burnet County Land” by Frank C. Rigler about a booklet put out by Adam R. Johnson for selling land in the area
  8. Newspaper article from the San Antonio Light titled “The Fountain of Youth” about Blue Bonnet Fishing Camp and Mr. Brown
  9. Handwritten notes about personnel for the Water Control and Improvement District 1
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  11. Newspaper picture from the Messenger November 3, 1960 showing the almost complete water plant for the Water Control and Improvement District
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Marble Falls Bridge
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Marble Falls Depot
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a) About 1907,
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d) 1979 from the South,
e) 1979 from the North 
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Marble Falls Factory Site     -  See Historic Businesses, Marble Falls - Old Factory Site

Mason County    

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Meadowlakes in Marble Falls   
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Mecklenburg Signers/Neighbors   
1.  Copy of 3 pages from “The Mecklenburg Signers and Their Neighbors” by Worth S. Ray, published by Genealogical Publishing Co., 1962

Masonic Lodges

         Lodges: Blazing Star #413
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Lodges: Burnet Chapter & Council No. 453 R.A.M. & No. 368 R. & S.M.   
Roster to 06-24-1992 (2 copies)
Lodges:  Eastern Star Chapter #425, Burnet  
 Membership Roster to 06-01-1992
Lodges: Lake Victor Lodge No. 1011 A.F. and A.M.   
Booklet entitled “History of Lake Victor Lodge No. 1011 from 1909-1959, located at Lake Victor,
Mailing Address: Rt No 1, Lampasas, Texas, Compiled by Maurice C. Shelby, 2 copies
Lodges: Lee, Robert E. No 431, AF. And A.M.   
Booklet entitled “History of Robert E. Lee Lodge No. 431, A.F. and A.M.
Lodges: Llano
 1. "Masons celebrate 150 years" by John Hallowell The Llano News 19 May 2010; gives history of lodge. Charles Haynes petitioned  to begin lodge.

Lodges: Moses, Norton Lodge No 336, Leander   
Copy of newspaper article entitled “Norton Moses Lodge Celebrates 100 Years” (article undated)
Lodges: Mountain Lodge No. 277   
1. Booklet entitled “The Texas FreeMason, November 1969”
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Lodges: Mount Horeb Lodge No 137   
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2. Booklet entitled “History of Mt. Horeb Chapter No 57 R.A.M. from 1857 to 1957, located at Mahomet, address: Bertram, Texas, compiled by Edward White”
3. Burnet County Historical Commission, Mrs. Bill Bryson, Chairman: William C. Seward of the Williamson County Historical was working on markers and offered to repair this marker at Mahomet. Original paid check to Seward + copy of before photograph and after photograph.
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Lodges: Naruna Lodge No. 1234, A.F. and A.M.   
Brief History of Naruna Lodge No. 1234 A.F. & A.M. (Demised)
Lodges: Ruthven Lodge No. 248 A.F. and A.M.   
Ruthven Lodge #248 A.F. & A.M. Demised: 1860-1870
Lodges: Thomas, Henry Lodge No. 278   
  1. Booklet entitled “History of Henry Thomas Lodge No. 278 A.F. & A.M. Smithwick, Texas,
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8. Worshipful Masters and Secretaries, Valley Lodge No. 175 F.F. and A.M.;
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Michel’s Drug Store, Marble Falls   
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2. Texas Historical Marker citation.
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Microfilm, from the Burnet Bulletin   
1. List of news, deaths, marriages, etc., compiled by Mrs. Bill Bryson; date unknown.  (see http://www.rootsweb.com/~txburnet/news for alphabetized list with links to some articles)
Migration Trails  
1.  Three-page typed bibliography of "Early Migration Trails by Water and Land" by Mrs. R. Taylor Drake.
Military Misc Info    

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 001 Civil War   
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002 WWI   
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2.  Typed list of names from Marble Falls Messenger, 26 July 1917
3.  Alphabetized list of from Marble Falls Messenger, 26 July 1917
4.  List of names from Oatmeal community
5.  List of names, source and date unknown.
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9.  List of WWI Burnet County Soldiers and Sailors
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14. Selected Pages from "A Short History and Photographic Record of the 360th Infantry Texas Brigade" commanded by Colonel C. H. Conrad, 1918; has history of the 360th Infantry, and pages showing pictures of Burnet County,  Lampasas and Llano men who were members of the unit.  Harvey Keele, Edgar Brown, John W. Crow, Aaron Crenweige, Ernest C. Newton, Carl W. Miller, Albert Oestreich, Wilson Barton, Carl Schneider, Thomas P. Terry, William E. Hutto, Benton M. Northington, Wilford V. Taylor, Carl E. Kirby (Lometa), Louis M. McCoy, Lorenzo Massey, Frank Berry (Lamesa), James B. Fisher (Lamesa), Henry G. Cox, Jack Davis.
003 Spanish American War   
004 WWII   
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007 Desert Storm - War against  for the invasion of Kuwait   
008 Iraqi Freedom, War Against Afghanistan, Iraq and the global war on terror   
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 009 - Mexican War
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See also in Surname Index - Hensel, Minnie (Anderson)

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See also Burnet County People  folder

“Quarrying and Mining” from Burnet County History, A Pioneer History, 1847-1979, vol 1, pages 53-58, by Darell Debo

Mission San Saba

Copy of book, Rise and 

Mormons in Texas

 "Austin-American Statesman" Newspaper clipping dated December 11, 1971 titled “Mormons Camped Near Webberville” by Sara Rider with picture of unnamed family boating near Mormon Falls about 1890

MUD - (1) Marble Falls Messenger article dated 16 Feb 1922 - "Mud Happenings."  (2) Information obtained from the Post Office Department on the establishment of the Mud Post Office located in Travis County
     Falls on the Colorado Museum - Marble Falls
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    Highland Lakes Air Museum   

    1. Lake Country Life 4-10 July 2007; "Air Americana" - Highland Lakes Air Museum

     Pioneer Museum - Burnet

    1. Pioneer Museum - The Highlander 8 Sep 1977; "Look for the blue Buddha with the plastic bag over its head" by David Crowder; information about the museum and location
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    3. Photographs of Pioneer Museum

Mt. Zion Camp Meetings
"Frontier Times "  Magazine article from Frontier Times titled “The Old-Time Campmeeting” by L.C.C. in Burnet Bulletin about Cumberland Presbyterian Church summer meetings including names of preachers and attendees