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Jail, Burnet County (Old Jail)
  1. Letter from Truett Latimer, Texas State Historical Survey Committee, to Mrs. L. S. Skaggs, Chairman, Burnet County Historical Survey Committee, 5 May 1966, with Building Medallion application.
  2. "Churches Proved Safer Than” by Hart Stillwell, article from unknown newspaper dated Wed. Oct. 18, 1967
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  4. Copy of  inscription on Burnet County Jail
  5. Brief description of Burnet County Jail
  6. The Highlander 29 Mar 1979; "Burnet County Jail" - picture of jail looking northeast from the top of the courthouse
  7. Letter from Gerron S. Hite, Staff Architect, Texas Historical Commission, to Judge D. C. Kincheloe, 1 Aug 1988 . 2 copies
  8. Letter from Susan J Dickey to Burnet County Public Library asking for information about F.E. Ruffini and the County Jail, 28 Aug 1992
  9. Letter from Paula Harris, Burnet County Library Director to Susan Dickey, Texas Tech University, 15 Sept 1992
  10. Letters from F.E. Ruffini to County Judge J.A. (Crews?), 26 Feb (1914? 1974?), 14 Nov (19??), 13 Jan (19??), 5 April (19??),  23 May (19??)
  11. Letter  from F.E. Ruffini to W.S. Hill 20 May (????)
  12. Picture of entry to jail, close up, 8 April 1971
  13. Picture of jail, wide angle,8 April 1971
  14. Series of pictures of the old Jail (undated) and from north, east, and NE
  15. Jailhouse Cookbook, published in 1976 by Burnet County Library and Burnet County Historical Society.  A cookbook published as a fund raiser for the Burnet County Free Library, features recipes from the community as well as Mrs Essie Hollingsworth Riddell, wife of Burnet County Sheriff Wallace Riddell, who cooked for the inmates of the jail for more than 35 years.
  16. Unsourced newspaper clipping  dated 9 March 1978 with picture of Essie Riddell as she moves her furniture out of the old jail.
  17. "Burnet County Jailhouse: 82-year-old Relic's Days of Holding Prisoners Numbered" The Highlander 23 Mar 1978
  18. Site Visit Report on condition and history the old jail building by Adam Alsobrook, Project Reviewer, Division of Architecture, Texas Historical Commission.  3 pages, dated 21 May 2013.
  19. Letter from Tommye Potts, BCHC Chair to Texas Historical Commission, 31 October 2012, with application for Certified Local Government grant for jail renovation.
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  22. Citizens Gazette 20 July 2016; "Monument to Riddell is moved to former jail" -
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  24. The Picayune 27 July 2016; "Statue of longest-serving sheriff moved to old Burnet County Jail" by Connie Swinney
Jefferson, Texas
Historical Pilgrimage May 4, 1972    1.  Entire issue of May 4, 1972 Jefferson Jimplecute newspaper on Historical Pilgrimage

Jenks Branch   
1. Copy of article dated July 10, 1964 titled “Jenks Branch Near Liberty Hill Offers Clues and Stories of Civil War Days”

Joppa, Texas   
  1. Application for Official Texas Historical Marker
  2. Three page, typed history of Joppa.  Undated, author unknown, with footnotes.
  3. Texas Hiways, October 1971, with article “Big Day in Joppa” by Frank G. Kelly Jr.  The story is about dove season and has pictures of Susie Taylor, Gale Price, Pokey Oakley, Sam Hamilton, Bill Bryson, E. B Price, Buck Asher, Ellis Taylor.
  4. Copy of Commissioner Court minutes, 25 May 1942, concerning consolidation of Bertram school district with Live Oak, Joppa, Shady Grove, and Providence schools.
  5. Two copies of another typed Joppa history.
  6. Copy of proposed words for Texas Historical Marker for Joppa Community.
  7. Manila folder with copies of application for Official Texas Historical Marker.
  8. Original “Resolutions of Respect” from the Joppa Union Sunday School to Miss Lucy Ater.  Written on back is “given by Mrs. Bill Bryson.
  9. Newspaper clipping from Dallas Morning News dated July 11, 1971 by Frank X. Tolbert titled “Did Camel Drivers Start Mahomet Town?”
  10. Picture of a family picnic at Joppa inscribed on the back to Will and Mable
  11. Picture of people sitting on a bluff above water inscribed on the back George
  12. Picture of fish fry at the Ater place inscribed on back to Will and Mable
  13. Picture of group including Raymond Dale Price dated Aug 18, 1925
  14. Picture of Joppa picnic undated
  15. Attendance chart for Dale Price in the primary class of the Joppa Baptist Sunday School for April, 1957.  The teacher was Mrs. Guin
  16. The Picayune, 30 Dec 2009; "The Blowing Joppa Winds" by Rachel Bryson
  17. The Picayune, 28 Sep 1994; "Joppa continues to persevere" by Rachel Bryson
  18. The Picayune 30 Dec 2009; "Tales of Joppa Christmas past" by Rachel Bryson
  19. The Highlander 18 Nov 2016; "Booklet on Joppa community supports historic bridges"
Kimble County
  1. Map of Kimble County Land Patents     
King's Daughters, The
Compilation of 52 pages detailing information on women known as King's Daughters of Canada

Kingsland - See Llano County/Kingsland

Krause Springs   
1. Texas Historical Commission form for Krause Springs
2. The Picayune, 20 Sept. 1995,A Haven in the Hill Country