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Naruna Community   
1. Brief typed description of  origin of the name of Naruna: named by William M. Spitler , an early settler to the area who “sailed for Texas” on the Naruna

National Archives, Ft. Worth   
1. Booklet titled “Research in the Land Entry Files of the General Land Office”
2. Booklet titled “Census Soundex”
3.  Pamphlet titled “Using Records in the National Archives for Genealogical Research”
4. One page paper on “Starting Research in Naturalization Records”
5. Information on “Visiting the National Archives-Southwest Region”
6. Information on “Major Laws Relating to Immigration and Naturalization in the United States”
7. Information on “Select Bibliography, Indian Sources”
8. Information on “Naturalization Records”
9. Information on “Microfilm Publications at the Southwest Region used for Genealogical and Historical Research”
10. Information on “List of Indian Rolls Available on Microfilm at the National Archives, Southwest Region”

Naturalization Processes and Procedures
Booklet, "American Naturalization Processes and Procedures, 1790-1985," by John J. Newman, published by Family History Section, Indiana Historical Society, 1985.

Naturalized Citizens, Burnet County Prior to 1906   
1. List of  110 naturalized citizens of Burnet County taken from the July 7, 1941 Burnet Bulletin
2. "Index to Naturalization Records of Burnet County, Texas"

Newspapers, Austin American
  1. Thick collection of commemorative newspaper dated Sunday 27 Aug 1927.
Newspapers, Burnet Bulletin    
  1. Footnoted 5-page typed article on the Burnet Bulletin prepared by Thomas C. Ferguson dated May 1, 1984
  2. 28-page article with pictures about the Sampson-Taylor Building (now locally known as the Burnet Bulletin Building) prepared by Thomas C. Ferguson dated February 9, 1984
  3. Information on the Official Texas Historical Marker about Burnet Bulletin
  4. Highlander Newspaper page, 21 Oct 1971, “Burnet County’s Editors Were of the Old School”, by Greg Olds.  Article 3rd in a series on the history of Burnet County journalism, as recorded in the master’s degree thesis written by Mrs. Sara Anderson, University of Texas, 1950.
  5. Burnet Bulletin,  11/9/2005 “Next West Newspapers purchases Bulletin, three other area papers”
  6. Papers prepared by Thomas C. Ferguson on history of Burnet Bulletin
  7. Burnet Bulletin, 2/8/2006 Highland Lakes Newspaper bought by Roy E. and Ellen Bode from Next West Newspapers Inc
  8. Copy of master's degree thesis (Univerity of Texas) written by Mrs Sara Lavy Anderson with newspaper clipping of first two of three articles printed in the Highlander of 7 and 21 of October 1971
  9. Undated, unnamed newspaper picture of Burnet Bulletin receipt date 18 Sep 1881.
  10. Burnet Bulletin, 27 June 1968, "Bulletin Celebrates 95th Year 1873-1968 in Burnet"
  11. Burnet Bulletin, 27 Dec 1973, "The Burnet Bulletin Completes One hundred Years of Service to Burnet County and Surounding Area."
  12. Undated, unnamed newspaper article, "Rediscovered Relic`: The Eyebrow Raising Small Town Paper Almost A Century Ago."
  13. Burnet Bulletin, (Bertam Enterprise), 6 Aug 1992, "Town/s historic Enterprise Back"
  14. Burnet Bulletin,  31 May 1970, "Newspaper began in Frontier Days," by Lucile O'Donnell
  15. "The Bulletin and Burnet" Lake Country Life 7-13 Oct 2009 by Charles Ryan Bosseau
  16. Typed list "From the Burnet Bulletin MIcrofilm"  by Mrs. Bill Bryson, from 1898 - 1913. 23 pages.  NOTE:  This list has been reformatted and is available on the Burnet TXGenWeb at this link:  http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~txburnet/News.html
  17. Lake Country Life 7 Oct 2009; The Bulletin and Burnet, includes picture of original office on north side of the square.

Newspapers, Highlander  
  1.         Index to Highlander History Articles  from 1966 to 1973
  2. List of all newspaper articles in the Highlander included in this folder
  • Article by Frank C. Rigler about William Hickman Dunman, Texas Ranger including picture of Mr. Dunman and an 1880 picture of his niece Alice R. Haynes
  • Article by Frank Rigler about Andy M. Adams, parts I and II
  • Information  about Colonel Jack Hays including pictures of him and his wife, their granddaughter Betty Hays and their son John Caperton Hays and his wife Anna McMullin Hays
  • Article by Greg Olds titled “Burnet County Was Named For David G. Burnet—But Why?”
  • Clipping about correspondence concerning Commissioner of Indian Affairs and the Texas Governor’s Office about a Comanche prisoner about 1878
  • Clipping about Eldridge’s work with the Comanche
  • Article by Stella Gipson Polk about Koocksville including pictures of William Koock’s house and William Jordan’s house
  • Article detailing Federal Spending in Burnet County in 1975
  • Clipping about Indian Fight Marker in McCulloch County, Texas
  • Clipping about the Mourning Dove, Texas’ Major Game Bird Liking Hill Country Habitat with picture by Chris Gray
  • Article by Stella Gipson Polk about Jim Bowie
  • Article by John Gray about the diary of Oscar Call, 1856 (2 copies)
  • Pictures  and article Chris Gray about Johnson City Bank Building
  • Pictures of places of historical interest in Burnet County, Holland Cemetery, Mormon Mills at Hamilton Creek
  • Article by Frank C. Rigler about “News from the Indian Camps” including pictures of Kiowa chief Lone Wolf and Comanche chief Horseback
  • Parts I and II of “How the White Man Drove the Comanche from His Land” by John Gray
  • Article by Chris Gray on Llano County Historical Museum
  • Article by Esther Richter Weaver about Adolf Fuchs
  • Article by Stella Gipson Polk about the murder of 18 year old Adele Kaufmann in 1892
  • Article by Frank C. Rigler about Joel D. Hoy and family
  • Article by Greg Olds about the ten battle flags of the Texas Revolution
  • Article by Stella Gipson Polk about Anna Martin, banker and rancher
  • Article by Stella Gipson Polk about Fort Mason
  • Article by Mrs. Ben Polk about Pontotoc
  • Article by Greg Olds titled “Was Sam Bass Ever In Burnet County?”
  • Article by Stella Gipson Polk about conditions at Fort Clark as seen through letters written by Lydia Spencer Lane, wife of Lieutenant William B. Lane
  • Article by Charles F. Eckhardt about s at Camp Verde
  • Story by Stella Gipson Polk about John Light and Kiowa Chief Santanta
  • Town and Country Items about Burnet on June 24, 1880
  • Hill Country History section, 21 October 1971, by Greg Olds, "Burnet County's Editors Were of the Old School"

Newspapers, Marble Falls Messenger April 27, 1972   
1. Paper covering local events for that date

Newspapers, Lockhart Echo and Post Register   
1. Centennial Editions of 1882 newspaper
2. Lockhart Post-Register, 14 Dec 1972, “Sketch of Caldwell County”
3. Lockhart Post-Register, Nov 1972, “Historic Battle of Plum Creek Fought August 1840”
4. Lockhart Post-Register, 29 Nov 1972, “Caldwell County, Dewitt’s Survey, 1854

Newspapers, Cisco, Cisco Daily News   
1. Complete daily newspapers covering various community subjects dated September 15, 1935, December 5, 1935, February 11 1936, February 12, 1936, February 24, 1937, February 25, 1937, February 26, 1937, February 28, 1937, and January 20, 1942

Newspapers, Miscellaneous   
Single page of unknown 1880 newspaper.

Newspapers, Texas on Microfilm   
1. List of Texas State Library, Information Services Division of newspapers on Microfilm as of October 1994 (listed by cities)

Newspapers, The Texas Nutshell, Marble Fall

  1. "The Texas Nutshell" was First M.F. Paper, Printed 12 July 1887, copy of the Highlander dated 26 July 1962
  2. 5 pages of copied page from the Nutshell.
  3. Several loose pages about The Texas Nutshell
Oak Hill   
1. an oral recollection of  Elizabeth (Betty) Everett Alexander taped and transcribed in 1976-1977
2. List of pupils and accompanying pictures
3. List of pupils attending Oak Hill School  1910-1941

1. article from The Lampasas Record dated June 5, 1975 by Joyce Tomlinson titled “Oakalla Has Colorful Past” with pictures of Floyd Smith, Herb Sartor, Mrs. Nadine Fallon and Fallon’s Grocery Store with copy of same article
2. 2 page typed description of Oakalla with footnotes by Juanita Parsons (2 copies)
3. Picture of Pecan School near Oakalla with J.N. Matthews as teacher dated 1899.  Myretta Matthews is named on back.
4. Program for the presentation of the Oakalla Historical Marker including description of marker
5. Description of Oakalla’s Historical Marker
6. 12 page handwritten copy of history of Oakalla by Muriel Cantwell
7. 17 page typed copy of the history of Oakalla  and its surrounding community including bibliography by Emma Smith
8. Newspaper article from the Killeen Daily Herald dated August 13, 1972 titled “Alert Photographer Captured Early Days”. The short article is accompanied by pictures taken in Copperas Cove, Oakalla, Maxdale, and Mohamet during the early years of the 1900’s.  It includes pictures of a mass baptism, a Hippykio Medicine Show (Mrs. Arthur Williams), a buggy wreck(Floyd Wooten and Andy Cantwell), Glass Negatives belonging to Joseph Williams (the photographer) , a cyclist (Mrs. Babe Smith), harvesting, and other community events.
9. A short description of how Oakalla got its name, a shortened form of its original name of Oak Valley
10.  Photo of Oakalla Street scene, 1903, conributed by Joe Gillum, Sept 2008.  Digital copy filed in Photo File.

1. 2 page typed description of Oatmeal with bibliography by Maxine B. Glimp (3 copies)
2. picture of Oatmeal
3. Newspaper article about the Oatmeal church of Christ building
4. Newspaper article  by Darrell Debo titled “The Saga of Oatmeal” dated March 13, 1975
5. Picture of last Oatmeal School, now the Community Center
6. Picture of Oatmeal School
7. A short description of how Oatmeal got its name, English translation of the German name Habermill, a family that settled in the area in 1849
8. Newspaper article from The Highlander dated November 30, 1972 by Tad Moses titled “Oatmeal, Second Oldest Community in Burnet County” (2 copies)
9. Article about Oatmeal School including picture and list of students in 1908-09
10. Short description of early Oatmeal school
11. Official description of the village of South Gabriel
12. Information about Conrad Fuchs house
13. Official Texas Historical Marker about Logan Vandeveer
14. Official Texas Historical Marker about the Tobey Community Cemetery
15. Official Texas Historical Marker about Amand Von Struve
16. Short typed paragraph about the site of the town of Strickling
17. Short typed paragraph about Mormon Mills
18. Short typed paragraph about Oatmeal school
19. Handwritten note to Mr. Tad Moses from Stanley S. Smith about the Oatmeal Cemetery
20. Graduation picture of Laverne Lynn and Selma Watson (undated)
21. Newspaper article from Fort Worth Star-Telegram by Ed Syers about John Parker, brother of Cynthia Ann Parker
22. Picture of Henry Sullivan repairing a water fountain
23.Handwritten description of historical marker for Oatmeal School (2 copies)
24. Newspaper clipping about 1932 Oatmeal School Homecoming
25. Newspaper article from The Burnet County Bulletin dated March 13, 1975 titled “The Saga of Oatmeal” by Darrell Debo (2 copies)
26. Typed paragraph about the historical marker for Oatmeal School (2 copies)
27. Newspaper article from The Burnet Bulletin dated September 26, 1968 about the dedication of the Oatmeal marker (2 copies)
28. Handwritten note:  “Book 67      Page 531     3 acres by Mrs. Meta Schumm and children to trustees School District #25.  Dated Aug. 1, 1924     Widow of A. Emil Schumm”
29. Handwritten note to Tad from Stanley S. Smith dated Oct. 27, 1972 about Tad’s “Oatmeal Article”
30. Handwritten edit notes mentioning Scott Holland’s death
30. Newspaper clipping about life in early Oatmeal
31.  Handwritten note:  “L.S. Roundtree & wife to Burnet County School Commissioners 7 acres, also 2 acres to cemetery.  Deed dated March 17, 1871.  Recorded Nov. 28, 1871      Book H, Page 189  Deed Records”
32. Handwritten poem by John Luckey McCreevy
33. Handwritten edit notes
34. Newspaper picture of the old Oatmeal School which would be site of Oatmeal Homecoming
35. Newspaper clipping titled “Oatmeal Celebrating 127th Birthday with Homecoming”
36. Newspaper clipping from The Highlander dated September 19, 1968 by Mrs. L. S. Skaggs about early Oatmeal history including 2 murdered men whose bodies were dropped in “Dead Man’s Hole”  (2 copies)
37. Newspaper clipping from Austin-American Statesman dated June 7, 1970 titled “Churches   Tiny Church at Oatmeal Truly ‘Rock of Ages’”
38. Handwritten list of Oatmeal school children in 1907
39. Picture  of old rock Oatmeal school and church
40. undated, unnamed newspaper article about Oatmeal Church of Christ building
41. The Picayune 26 Dec 2001; "Oatmeal: once a thriving community" by Linda Ware
42. Hill Country Magazine, Fall 2008; "Salt of the Earth in Oatmeal" by Carole Goble

Ojinville - The Highlander 4 Dec 1980; "Ojinville - shantytown on Backbone Creek". 'The meanest little town between Fort Worth and San Antone' - Town started by Blanco Couty Sheriff Thomas Faulkner Odiorne (known as Sheriff Ojin).
Old Albemarle   
1. Copy of pages 639-659 from book Old Albemarle and Its Absentee Landlords by Worth S. Ray

Old Thomas Ranch House   
1. Copy of Texas Historical Marker

Organizations, Burnet –

1. Newspaper picture dated May 16, 1952 showing Burnet Kiwanians with beards to celebrate Burnet’s Centennial
2. Copy of newspaper articles from American-Statesman dated November 23, 1947 about the organization of Kiwanis Club in Burnet

Outstanding Citizen Award Burnet Chamber of  Commerce   
1. List of past award winners from 1976 to 1996
2. Letter from Burnet Chamber of Commerce about selecting 1998’s outstanding citizen
3. Nomination form
4.BB 2/16/05 Chamber recognizes four for community service – Cary Johnson, Doris Graeter, Pam Smith, and John Willbern

  1. Burnet Bulletin, 30 May 1929, "Killing of the Outlaw at Liberty Hill", about a Mr. Collier being killed by Mr. Aten
Packsaddle Mountain   
1. Newspaper article by Mrs. Orville Buttery from The Highlander dated August 2, 1973 titled “ Packsaddle Mountain Indian Fight Happened 100 Years Ago”, including pictures of Will (Bill) Moss, 1938 commemorative monument, and remains of Duncan Ranch house.
2. Newspaper articles from The Highlander dated April 30, 1970 by Odie Minatre “Sole Survivor of Packsaddle Mountain Fight” and by Janice Clayton “Packsaddle Mountain Fight Retold by Participant and Moss Brothers’ Nephew, including pictures of William B. Moss and wife Charlotte and branding cows by Aaron F. Moss, Charles T. Moss, Tom Smith, Albert
Bird, Will Hazlett, Long Hazlett, and D.I. Hazlett
3. 10 page typed paper by Hazel Oatman Bowman titled “How Eight Hardy Texans Routed the Indians on Packsaddle Mountain”.  (2 copies)
4. The Llano News 24 May 2017; "Packsaddle monument is restored" by John Verser. Monument recently defaced, was restored by Texas State Historical Association. Pictures included
5. The Burnet Bulletin 31 May 2017; "Packsaddle Mountain historical merker restored to former glory" with pictures

Peacock, Julius Josiah
(this folder is in Surnames file)   

1. Picture of Julius Josiah Peacock
2. Pictures of Mrs. Julius Josiah Peacock (nee Delila Ann Jeanette McKeown)
3. Pictures of Julius Josiah Peacock, his sister Virginia Peacock Greene and his brother John Safford Peacock, all children of Florinda Fry Peacock and  Josiah Samuel Peacock
4. Picture of Alma Mellon Fry and wife (Alma is brother of Florinda Fry)
5. Picture of Florinda Fry Peacock’s siblings, Joseph Hardeman Fry, John Dewitt (Jack) Fry, Alma Mellon Fry, and Olivia Everyn Fry McDaniel.  These are all children of Rachel Matlock Fry and Michael Fry.
6. Picture of Henry McKeown, the brother of Delila Ann Jeanette McKeown Peacock.  Henry McKeown is holding J.R. Fowler who is a grandson of Julius Josiah and Delila Ann Jeanette Peacock.  Henry died April 9, 1922.  Picture was taken at the home of JJ and Delila Ann Jeanette Peacock.
7. Picture of Carrie Peacock (Undated)
8. Picture of Carrie Peacock and Jake Howard titled “First Lesson”
9. Picture of Birdie, Florinda, and Texada Peacock taken early 1900’s
10. Picture of Caswell Millard Behrns and Julius Colbert Peacock
11. James McKeown, first sheriff of Lee County and father of Delila Ann Jeanette McKeown Peacock

Pedernales Electric Co-operative   
  1. River Cities Tribune, 9 Feb 2001, "Will Our Electric Bills Soar?"   PEC addresses State-mandated deregulation of power brokers.
  2. Citizens Gazette September 8, 2004 “PEC Rate Increases to be Felt in the Fall”
  3. Photos, Burnet County    A variety of mostly scenery pictures, ranging from floods, spring flowers, rodeo, quilting and music makers.  None are identified.  These photos were not archived.  Originals are in the folder.
  4. The Highlander 17-20 May 2013; "PEC celebrating 75 years, honoring LBJ"
  5. The Highlander 1 Mar 2016; "PEC planning $17 million 'hub' in Marble Falls" (article incomplete)
  6. Citizens Gazette 1 Mar 2017; "PEC to go solar at Johnson City site"
Pen Chat Club
  1. Five pages typed from an untitled, unsourced talk, apparently presented at a Pen Chat meeting.  Has some history of Burnet  and history of Pen Chat Club.
  2. 1 page, typed, "How Well Do you Kkow Your Pen Chat History?"
  3. 7 pages of information about Burnet History -- card attached from Ann McGuffin Barton, Library Assistant, Texas Woman's University
  4. 3 pages copied from Burnet County History, Vol I about Pen Chat Club.
  5. Burnet Bulletin, 2 May 1946, article about Pen Chat Club meeting; 3 pages.
  6. Burnet Bulletin, 21 March 1946, article about Pen Chat Club meeting; 4 pages
  7. Burnet Bulletin, 4 March 1948, article about Pen Chat Club meeting, 1 page
  8. Burnet Bulletin, 4 April 1946, article about Pen Chat Club meeting; 5 pages

Pleasant Valley
  1. A History of the Hays Family of East Tennessee by Robert Hall Hay; Speaks of Pangles, Faubions, Kinsers, Hales, Hays, Kestersons and  many others.
  2. Burnet Bulletin, 13 Feb 1936; "Musings, From 1865 to 1935 Burnet County" by G. F. Hunter, talks about life and times in Pleasant Valley and Hickory Creek.
  3. Marble Falls Messenger 4 Sep 1919; "The Tournament at Pleasant Valley"
  4. Two articles entitled "Pleasant Valley News" from Marble Falls Messenger

Photos, Burnet County
  1. Hay Bailing -- Photo of horse drawn hay bailing activity.  Identified in undated photo are Raymond and Fred Williams.
  2. Collection of unidentified scenery and people photos.
Photographs -  Dating of Old Photographs
  1. River City Tribune,  21 Feb 2003, "Supreme Court Chief Justice to Speak at Republican Club."  The Honorable Tom Phillips, Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court.
  2. Burnet Bulletin,  May 5, 2004,  "Seniors seek tax cap"
  3. Burnet Bulletin, 11 August 2004, “Tax Freeze Vote Set” also Burnet Bulletin, 26 May 2004 “Tax freeze effort not thawing"
  4. River Cities Tribune, 27 Aug 2004, "Tax Freeze Implemented"
  5. Citizens Gazette,  8 Sept 2004, “Beierle: Top Candidate for J. P. #2”
  6. River Cities Tribune, 24 Sept 2004, "Judge Puts Brakes on School Finance", about District Judge John Dietz striking down the current school finance system in Texas.
  7. River Cities Tribune, 24 Sept 2004, "Burnet County Settles on New Tax Rate" by Daniel Clifton.  Commissioners adopt new tax rate of .4037 per $100 valuation.
  8. River Cities Tribune, 24 Sept 2004, "Granite Shoals Tax Rates make 91 Percent Jump"
  9. River Cities Tribune, 24 Sept 2004, "City Adopts Balanced Budget, Lowers Taxes."  Marble Falls City Council adopts a balanced general fund budget of $6,156,000.
  10. Burnet Bulletin November 16, 2005 “Klaeger hints at run for county judge post”
  11. River Cities Tribune, 30 Apr 2005,  “Burnet man looking for tax-freeze” about Allan Tanner
  12. Burnet Bulletin, 6 Oct 2004,  list of polling places
  13. Burnet Bulletin, 30 Nov 2005,  "Oakley likely candidate for county’s top office"
  14. Burnet Bulletin, 14 Dec 2005,  "Hopkins Seeks Texas House Seat"
  15. Burnet Bulletin, 5 Jan 2005, pictures of swearing in of Eddie Arredondo, Ed Brannon, Ronny Hibler, and Gil Jones
  16. Burnet Bulletin, 8 March 2006, "Klaeger wins judge’s race"
  17. Burnet Bulletin, List of elected officials, federal, state, and local.
  18. Llano County Journal, 27 May 2009; "This Isn't politics, It's a Memorial"; editorial by George Hatt about a political statement being read at a Llano County Memorial Day service and the speaker, Kenny Hare being shouted down.
  19. River Cities Tribune, 20 Aug 2004; "Republican HQ Opens" with photos of local Republican leaders.

Pontotoc - See Llano County 
Post Office, U. S. - Strickling   
1. List of U. S. Postmasters  at Strickling  from 1857 to 1895.

Post Office, U.S. – Burnet County   
1. List of postmasters in Oatmeal, Texas from December 13, 1853 to January 26, 1876 including John Scott, Vincent Peabout, George Scott, Jas. M. Rountree, Jas. L. Rountree, John A. Murphy, Elizabeth Scott, Jas. Boyce, and Melville B. Locket
2. List of Burnet County communities with information about first P.O and Postmasters, and how the community got its name
3. List from The National  Archives in Washington, D.C. of Burnet County Post Offices giving name of community, date of establishment, and date of final discontinuance
4. Letter from Walter W. Ristow of The Library of Congress dated July 26, 1971 to Mrs. Alta H. Gibbs about the Rat Post Office including Xerox copy of map
5.  Newspaper article from The Highlander by Greg Olds dated June 17, 1971 titled “44 Post Offices Have Served Burnet County”  (2 copies)
6. Letter to the Editor in The Highlander dated July 1, 1971 from Frank C. Rigler about Greg Olds P.O. article giving the Postmasters and dates of service for the community of Fairland from March 17, 1888 to April 30, 1951 when the P.O. was discontinued. Names of Post Masters were Lewis Thomas, George A. Mitchell, Stephen D. Rainier, Columbus R. Wood, William N. Grant, Charley T. Carter, Phillip T. Beard, Porter D. Holland, Robert J. Phillips, Virgil Monroe Gaddy, Clifford J. Bible, Mary E. Matern Katie F. Kerr, Nina B. Hunnicutt, and Fay Kerr 95       (6 copies)
6. List of Burnet County communities
7. List of Fairland Postmasters dated Nov 5, 1930 to Jan 7, 1951
8. List of Postmasters at Double Horn by Grover C. Ramsey dated 2/24/1961
9. Newspapger article from Marble Falls Highlander, 17 June 1971 44 Post Offices Have Served Burnet County
10. Hand written article about Early Postmasters and early Post office
11. Letter from The Texas Postal History Society about earlly early post offices
12. Letter from G. C. Ramsey to Mr & Mrs Lacy about early post offices 23 Feb
13. List of postmasters in Burnet County
14. List of postmasters at Double horn by Grover C Ramsey dated Feb 24 1961

Post Office, U.S. – Marble Falls   
  1. Typed copy of newspaper article from Marble Falls Messenger dated May 19, 1910 about Marble Falls’ new P.O.
  2. Form from Topographer’s Office Post Office Department dated May 8, 1899 and filled out by Postmaster F.J. Rooney showing position of P.O.’s in Marble Falls area
  3. Form from Post Office Department showing exact location of Toby School
  4. Form from P.O. Dept. requesting information about proposed Marble Falls P.O. dated May 20, 1884
  5. Form from P.O. Dept. requesting information about proposed M.F.  P.O. dated Oct. 21, 1887
  6. Form from P.O. Dept. requesting information about proposed M.F. P.O. dated February 23, 1872
  7. Information on Texas Historical Marker about 1910 Post Office Building
  8. Application form for Texas Historical Marker for Marble Falls P.O. Building including history of the building including information about former postmasters including first P.M. William S. Gaston and P.M. from 1901 to 1946 including William P. Cochran, Mrs. William(Effie) Cochran, Carrie E. Smith, Daisey M. Singleton, John J. Faubion, Mrs. John (Carrie 1872
  9.  T.) Faubion, John Granville Hearn , and Mrs. John Granville Hearn  and pictures of original building
  10. Second copy of history of Marble Falls Post Office
  11. Letter about first post office application
  12. Newspaper picture of new post office dated May 24 1962
  13. Application of Samuel F Moore for Postmaster dated 23 Feb 1872
  14. List of Marble Falls Postmasters from Archieves in Wash, DC 4/1976
  15. Present Employees of US Post Office, Marble Falls, 1976
  16. See microfilm of Marble Falls Messenger, 15 July 1937; "1884 - M.F. Post Office - 1937"  A history of the post office, continued from issue of June 24.
Post Office, U.S. - Shovel Mountain, 1884   
1.  The Highlander, 15 Nov 1973, “Dedication of Shovel Mountain’s Von Struve House”, with pictures of Struve family, Amand Von Struve, Christiana Fissler Ebeling Struve and the Struve Brothers, and the dedication gathering. (2 copies)
2.  The Austin American Statesman, 22 June 1951.  Photo of Mrs. Richard S. Schnelle, Woodcarver of Shovel Mountain.  On separate page clipping entitled, “Shovel Mountain Woman Turns to Carving”.
3.  Two pages, typed double-spaced, “Shadow of Shovel Mt. Post Office, 1884”, by Mrs. R. J. Schnelle, undated. (2 copies)

Prairie Point   
1. Information on Bertram area schools, Bear Creek School, South Gabriel School and Prairie Point School, by Mrs. Bill Bryson dated August 15 1975
2. Letter from Texas Historical Commission dated January 11, 1995 regarding marker dedication for Prairie Point marker
3. Copy of information on marker
4. Form to be used to announce  marker dedication in the Texas Historical Commission’s newsletter
5. Letter from Texas Historical Commission dated March 31, 1995 regarding shipping of marker to Bill Goble and asking for photographs and photocopies of newspaper clippings about dedication of the marker for their files
6. Payment documentation for Prairie Point marker
7. Letter from Texas Historical Commission dated August 30, 1994 regarding wording of marker and asking for verification.  Also  includes 11 page, typed history of Prairie Point with footnotes.
8. Letter from Bill and Carol Goble dated September 14, 1994 to local members of the marker committee about wording of marker and asking for adoption of wording or objections.
9. Letter from Bill Goble to Juanita Hutto regarding resubmission of wording for marker because the original history written by Fanny Normann had not been approved by the Texas Historical Commission
10. Letter from Texas Historical Commission dated January 11, 1993 regarding receipt of marker application
11. Letter from Burnet County Historical Committee to THC about resubmission of application for marker
12. Letter from THC dated Oct.. 1993
13. Maps regarding location of Prairie Point
14. Enlarged newspaper clipping about final approval from THC for marker (2copies)
15. Copy of legal document showing sale of land to Baptist Church by J.T. Hutto in 1912.
16. Letter to Gobels dated January 10, 1994
17. Handwritten letter to Gobels dated January 3, 1994
18. Paper for dedication of historical marker dated June 10, 1995 (2 copies)
19. Newspaper clipping about dedication of marker with picture of Gobels near the marker
20. Newspaper clipping dated Nov. 1983 about Prairie Point Community.
21. Picayune, 30 Nov 1993, "prairie Point Community approved for historical marker"
22. Burnet Bulletin, 17 Apr 1975, "Memories of Prairie Point" by F.  E. Harris

1. Brief description
2. Group picture with Mr. and Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Honley,  Fannie Stanford, Jima Robson,  Mrs. Prentiss, Grandma Rodgers, Grandma Barton, Grandma K. Grandpa Kirk, Grandma McGuire, Mrs. Ecles, Mr. Honley, Mr. H.A. Reynolds, Amos Prentiss, Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers, Grandpa Barton, Grandpa Norvell and Grandpa McGuire