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CAF - Commemorative Air Force 
  1. Burnet Bulletin 27 April 1961; "Airport Dedication Big Success."  Dedication of Burnet's Municipal Airport as "Kate Craddock Field".
  2. River Cities Tribune 25 Feb 2005; "Former CAF Squadron leader dies of heart attack in plane" by Shannon Lawrey - about Howard Martin
  3. Burnet Bulletin 6 Apr 2005; Bluebonnet AirShow 2005
  4. The Bertram Telegram 14 Apr 2005; "C.A.F.'s Planes Soar Back in Time"
  5. River Cities Daily Tribune 30 Dec 2005; "Highland Lakes CAF acquires new aircraft" - include photo of Chuck Tully, Dave Howard, Chris Strauss, Skot Ingram, Carl Vernon, Richard Smith, Don Wilks, Don Senzig, Tom Gordy in front of airplane
  6. Burnet Bulletin 6 Jan 2006; "Commemorative Air Force acquires historic aircraft"
  7. Burnet Bulletin 1 Feb 2006; "CAF - HLS features newly restored piper L-4 (Cub)
  8. Burnet Bulletin (undated); CAF flies in Katrina relief effort"
  9. Kingland Current 8 Mar 2006; CAF get Katrina commendation"
  10. River Cities Tribune 8 Apr 2005; "Bluebonnet Airshow features warbirds and honors veterans"
  11. Burnet Bulletin 14 Jun 2006; "CAF hosts Burnet appreciation day" by Kimberly Fain
  12. Highland Lakes Weeky 23 Sep 2011; photo of WW II-era C-47
  13. Highland Lakes Weekly  16 Oct 2015;  "Pancakes and Props" - pictures of Ryan L-17 and interior of Highland Lakes Air Museum
  14. Highland Lakes Weekly 5 May 2017; "Adventure in the Air!" - picture of Bluebonnet Belle
  15. The Picayune 17 May 2017; "Retired Air Force major back in the air in beloved 'Gooney Bird'" by Daniel Clifton. James R. Valentine and son take in the view from a C-47.
  16. The Highlander 1 Aug 2017; "2017 Airsho poster honors Strickland" - World War II naval aviator and retired Presbyterian minister Art Strickland has his likenesson the official poster for the 2017 Confederate Air Force Highland Lakes Airsho.
  17. Citizens Gazette 16 Aug 2017; "Flying high with the CAF at annual show, 26th show this Sept."
  18. Highland Lakes Weekly 8 Sep 2017; front page picture of Bluebonnet Belle, interior pictures of the C-47 Skytrain, Cowden Ward's P-51 Mustang, and another picture of the Bluebonnet Belle.
  19. Burnet Bulletin 13 Sep 2017; "Fancy flying by Falcon Flight" - picture of formation flight group Falcon Flight.
  20. The Picayune 13 Sep 2017; "Bluebonnet Belle gets new mission after Hurricane Harvey" "World War II-era aircraft delivers supplies to Southeast Texas" by Jared Fields. Includes photo of the plane.
  21. Highland Lakes Weekly 15 Sep 2017; several photos of Highland Lakes Air Show. 

Camp Agape

  • Llano Buzz & County Journal,  5 July 2006; "Camp Agape helps the Healing"

Camp Champions

  • Camp Champions: Summer fun in the Hill country,The Highlander, 27 Jun 1985
Camp Longhorn
  • Page from Austin American Statesman, 15 Jan 2003, “Deep Appreciation for a Legend”, with pictures of Tex Robertson, pioneer swimming star from University of Texas.
  • Citizens Gazette, 11 Jun 2014; "Camp Longhorn - The 75th Edition. Camp Longhorn celebrates its 75th anniversary. Article gives good history of founder, Tex Robertson.

Camp Meeting

  • Flyer for Campmeeting, held each spring on Ed Green Ranch on the Burnet County side of Colorado River 1920's through maybe 1935.
Camp Peniel
  • The River Cities Sunday Tribune; 18 Dec 2011; "Camp Peniel's co-founder created legacy for generations to come." Alice Brubaker Whitelock died on 24 Nov. Includes picture of Gordon Whitelock and wife.
  • The Picayune 7 Dec 2011; "Remembering 'Mommy Al'"
Capitol, Texas State
1. Texas Capitol Guide
2.  Photo of Texas Capitol
3. Texas Highways, Feb 1982, article about the building of the capitol building.
4. Texas, Land of Contrast, from Texas Highway Department
5.  "The Texas Capitol,"  booklet reprinted  1935 The Humble Way, Humble Oil & Refining Company, about how the capitol was built. (3 copies)
6. Austin American-Statesman,  31 Jan 1982, "Capitol Captures Texas State of Mind", by T. R. Fehrenbach, w/pic of Texans gathered at the Capitol with the Goddess of Liberty statue, 26 Feb 1888.
7.Section of Austin American-Statesman, dated 01 May 1988 entitled "Capitol Centennial".
8. "Capitol" from the "Handbok of Texas Online" dated 3/11/2010.

See also, Teich, Frank (Sculptor of the Hill Country
Castell - see Llano County
Castle, Falkenstein Castle
  1. "Check Your Sword at the Door", Austin American-Statesman, 25 May 2000, pages A1 and A10
  2. Our Castle Story by Terry & Kim Young
  3. Highland Lakes Weekly 5 Apr 2013; several photos of the castle
  4. 2014 Lake Country Newcomers' Guide - Information on Falkenstein Castle.
  5. Lake Country Life 30 Apr 2014 "Kingly abode"
Catholic Archives
    • Brochure and information page about location and information available at the Catholic Archives in Austin.

Cattle Trails 1840-1890


  • The Highlander, 21 July 1997, "Cedarchopper's journal"
Cedar Mill Community
1. Newspaper article, The Highlander, dated 25 March 1971, “Librarian Uncovers Article on Mill Fire”
2. Article “Cedar Mill” by Maxine Glimp
3. Article, “Cedar Mill”
Cemeteries - Burnet County Cemeteries
    1. Newspaper clippings
    2. Four Family Cemeteries Tell More Burnet County History by Greg Olds (3 copies)
    3. Burnet County Cemeteries, Part 1 (3 copies) The Highlander, 8 Feb 1973, by Tad Moses.  Some photos.  Information about Cemeteries various areas:
      1. Bertram Area:  Bear Creek, Mohamet,Mt. Zion, Negro, Oatmeal, Shady Grove, South Gabriel, Strickling
      2. Briggs-Oakalla Area:  Alexander, Dillingham (Mill Creek), Etheridge, Holland, Mt. Muriah, Prairie View, Smith, Toby, Watson
      3. Burnet Area:  Old Burnet, Conrad, Hairston Creek, Holland, Hoover's Valley, Mormon, Odd Fellows, Post Mountain
      4. Lake Victor Area:  Bethel, Cauble, Dobyville, Lake Victor (Warner) Tumlinson
      5. Marble Falls Area:  Fairland, Fowler, All-German, Lewis, Old Marble Falls, Marble Falls, Negro, Pleasant Valley, Rockvale, Smithwick, Toby, Wolf's Crossing
      6. Northwestern Area:  Council Creek, Naruna, Pebble Mound
    4. Burnet County Cemeteries, Part 2 (2 copy)  The Highlander, 15 Feb 1973, by Tad Moses. Some photos.  Information about small cemeteries in the County:
      1. Baber-Kelly
      2. Bailey
      3. Batchelor's Peak
      4. Davis
      5. Debo
      6. Joy
      7. Miller-McNett
      8. Pleasant Hill
      9. Ramsey
      10. Standard
      11. Tumlinson
      12. Turner
      13. Isolated
    5. Solitary Rock Marks Beginning of Pleasant Hill Cemetery by Sylvia Wharton
    6. Gabriel Mills:  A Marker and History by Carolyn Harper
    7. Single typed page, source unknown, "Isolated Graves in Burnet County"
    8. Burnet Bulletin, Lake Country Life Supplement, "History buried in Burnet, Llano Cemeteries", by Dale Fry, Sept 2008.  History and photos of selected cemeteries in the two counties (See also folder titled “Churches, Highway 71 Church of Christ” for a list of cemeteries in the Spicewood area.
    9. Various papers on tidbits and interesting facts about Burnet County Cemeteries
    10. The Picayune, 31 Oct 2007, "Historic cemeteries face peril, on the brink of perishing"; Mt. Zion Cemetery mentioned
    11. Lake Country Life 3 Sep 2008; "History buried in Burnet, Llano cemeteries" by Dale Fry. Includes photos of tombstones: Harwood, Dillard Cooper, Orange Prentiss

Cemeteries - Bear Creek

  • Copy of tombstone photo for T. D. Vaughan

Cemeteries - Bethel

    •  Texas Historical Marker citation for Bethel Cemetery

Cemeteries - Bluffton -- see Llano County, Cemeteries - Bluffton

Cemeteries - Cauble

  1. The Picayune, 19 Aug 2009, "Cemetery has Plenty of Tales to be Unearthed." by Rachel Bryson.
  2. Burnet Bulletin 29 Apr 2013; "Cauble Cemetery to mark milestone on Saturday"
  3. List of Confederate Veterans Buried in Cauble Cemetery


Cemeteries - Dewolfe - Dillingham

    1. Historical narrative of the cemetery, with photos of area
    2. Application for Texas Historical Marker
    3. Correspondence and paperwork pertaining to Historical Marker application process from Carole Goble.

Cemeteries - Dobyville

    1. Picture, Unknown, dated 25 Mar 1971
    2. Platt Map from General Land Office, 1855,
    3. Platt map of  Northwest Burnet County (Includes Dobyville Cemeter, Naruna Cemetery and Yerly Homestead
    4. Information for Historical Marker for Dobyville Cemetery
    5. 2 Undated, unknown newspaper, articles on Dedication of Historical Marker

Cemeteries - Fall Creek

  • Surveyor's Report dated 2 March 1988

Cemeteries, Fuchs

    1. The Highlander, undated article, “The Footsteps of Seven Generations”, by Anita Mitchell; and “Cottonwood Cemetery Awarded Historical Marker”, by Walter Richter, with picture of Texas Historical Marker unveiling.
    2. Application for Official Texas Historical Marker for Fuchs Cemetery, including map, citation, historical narrative.
    3. Article by Ed Giesecke, 25 May 1996, "Visit to Germany"
    4. The Picayune, 3 June 2009, "The Story of the Fuchs' Burial Site" by Rachel Bryson.
    5. Historical Narrative accompanying the application for historical marker.  10 pages.
    6. Burnet Bulletin May 10, 1995 article about Fuchs Cemetery historical marker dedication 
    7. Envelope with information on Fuchs Cemetery and Family. Includes Dedication Program, Narrative regarding cemetery, picture of Historical marker, information on the Conrad Fuchs House for the marker application, copy of Fuchs Cemetery Association. (information comes from Madolyn Frasier files)

Cemeteries - Gillum

  • Application for Historic Texas Cemetery Designation, April 2009, with historical info attached.  Names of those buried at Gillum Cemetery is posted on the Burnet TXGenWeb site.
  • History of Gillum Cemetery prepared by Linda Rogers, October 2011, includes copy of application for historical marker.
  • Burnet Bulletin 24 April 2013; "Gillum Cemetery gets historical marker"
  • Texas Historical Marker Dedication Ceremony for Gillum Cemetery, Oakalla, 11 May 2013
  • Copy of Release entitled "Gillum Cemetery Receives Official Texas Historical Marker" from Linda Rogers

Cemeteries - Hoover's Valley

    1. Newspaper , The Highlander, dated 2 April 1970, “Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions reveal Hoover’s Valley History”
    2. Newspaper article, dated 11 December 1969, “Hoover’s Valley Cemetery Marker Dedicated”, by Mrs. L. S. Skaggs
    3. Information for Historical Marker for Hoover’s Valley Cemetery
      The Highlander, 2 April 1970, “Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions Reveal Hoover’s Valley History”, which gives a brief history of the cemetery and the Hoover family.
    4. Burnet Bulletin, 11 Dec 1969, “Hoover’s Valley Cemetery Marker Dedicated”, by Mrs. L. S. Skaggs; gives some of the same history as #1 above.
    5. Marker citation and history; some copies of grainy photos of the site.
    6. Pictures of Hoover’s Valley
    7.  The Picayune, 20 Apr 1993, "Family killed by Indians in 1870 honored at Hoover Valley Cemetery"
    8. Highland Lakes Weekly 25 Jan 2013; UDC held Texas Confederate Heroes Day program at Hoover's Valley Chapel. Includes 2 pictures.
    9. Highland Lakes Weekly 2 May 2014; 2 pictures of dedication of newly renovated chapel.
    10. CD with pictures of Norris tombstones
    11. 2 photos of W. C. Chaudoin tombstone + 1 of Arizona Chaudoin tombstone

Cemeteries - Lampasas

    • Typed list by Mrs. Seth Bryson of “some old graves in the Lampasas Cemeteries”.

Cemeteries - Leander - Davis Cemetery

    • Photo of Davis Cemetery, near Leander, 1971.
Cemeteries -  Board Branch -- see Llano County Cemeteries - Board Branch
    Cemeteries - Magill Family
      1. Texas Historical Marker citation
      2. History of the Magill Cemetery and descriptions of people known to be buried there.
      3. Highland Lakes Weekly 27 June 2014; CRT dedicates markers, includes 3 photographs
     Cemeteries - Mahomet
      1. Information for Historical Marker for Mahomet Cemetery, 3 copies)
      2. Application for Historical Marker for Mahomet Cemetery, 5 October 1994
      3. Letter from Texas Historical Commission, 8 December 1994, approving the Historical Marker
      4. Letter  from Bill Goble, dated 12 April 1995, with Pension Records of James Cox
      5. Typed article “Mahomet-Sycamore Springs” by Mrs. Bill Bryson
      6. Hand-written deed and cemetery records regarding John T. Stewart at Mahomet (5 pages)
      7. 1 page hand-written article about Mahomet and Sycamore Springs Community
      8. Four colored pictures of Mahomet Cemetery
      9. Burnet County Deed Records, Vol. 43, Page 624; Vol 48, Page 315; Vol 87, Page 438,
      10. Field Notes, 1 October 1942, one acre addition to cemetery
      11. Article from Shin Oak Ridge, about Mahomet (copy in Dobie Room)
      12. Announcement of Historical Marker Dedication dated 25 May 1996
      13. Obituary for Betty Gower Baker from undated Austin-American Statesman. She was buried in Mahomet Cemetery.

    Cemeteries - Marble Falls

      1. Deed for Cemetery Lot 12, to W. D. Sturart
      2. Typewriten list of burials
      3. Typewritten page of A's showing dates and lot and block
      4. The Picayune 16 Sep 2015; "Parks commission talks about making cemetery a historical feature. 2 suggestions, 1) create a cemetery association, 2) create a historical guide to the city's cemetery
      5. The Picayune 1 Feb 2017; "Online mapping system to plot Marble Falls Cemetery" by Jennifer Fierro. "Map will allow people to search from home rather than go to city hall."
      6. The Picayune 5 Apr 2017; "Cemetery association makes membership plea to map unmarked gravesites" by Jennifer Fierro.
     Cemeteries - Mormon Mill
      • Typed article, Morman Mill Cemetery
      • Copy of newspaper article from The Highlander, July 15, 1971, about markers in Mormon Mill Cemetery Identified.
      • 3 sheets of pictures
      • The Highlander 5 Aug 1971; "Mormon Mill Cemetery"
      • The Highlander 5 Aug 1971; "Mormons Visit Mill Cemetery"

    Cemeteries - Mt. Zion

      1. Dedication Program, 28 April 1990, (2 copies)
      2. E-mail from Carlton Edwards requesting information on cemetery
      3. Citizens Gazette,  May 19, 2004  article about Mt Zion cemetery
      4. Application for Official Texas Historical Marker, including history of the cemetery and bibliography, map, and prints of digital photos. (2 copies, one without photos)
      5. Correspondence pertaining to Historic Texas Cemetery Designation, 2007, from Gerron Hite to Maxine Glimp and property owners
      6. Balance sheet for Mt. Zion Cemetery Association
      7. E-mail with names of contacts for Association

    Cemeteries - Naruna

    1. Letter from Texas Historical Commission, 4 June 2007, returning some photos that were part of the Naruna HTC application.
    Copies of the photos returned:
    • Oldest marked grave, David G. Gaddy, 1841
    • tombstone, Fullview, David J. Gaddy
    • Tombstone, John Washington Burleson, son of J. W. & H. Burleson
    • examples of headstones, Naruna Cemetery
    • photo of Thomas P. and Mollie Newton and children of Naruna Community
    • Naruna school, early 1870s
                    2. Letter from Texas Historical Commission, 21 Nov 2011, returning some photos that were part of the Naruna HTC application. Includes disk from Bettery L. Skinner dated 9/20/02 and several pictures of the cemetery and stones.

    Cemeteries - Oatmeal

      1. Program for the dedication of the Oatmeal Cemetery
      2. Newspaper article about the dedication
      3. List of people buried in cemetery and some information about them
      4. Application for Official Texas Historical Marker, including history of the cemetery
      5. Extra copies of history of the cemetery including pictures and bibliography of Burnet County
      6. The Picayune, 26 Oct 1994, "The Oatmeal Cemetery" by Rachel Bryson McAllister
     Cemeteries - Odd Fellows
      1. List of Confederate Veterans buried at Odd Fellows Cemetery
      2. Map of cemetery with plots and names noted.
      3. Pictures of Oscar Rogers' tombstone and cemetery donated by Larry Caver in July 2004
     Cemeteries - Old Round Rock
    1. Newsletter for the Williamson County Historical Survey Committee -1975
    2. Austin Genealogical Society pamphlet including articles on Old Round Rock Cemetery, Book Reviews, Julia Lee Sinks, Happy Hunting Ground, Exchange Advertising, Notice to Advertisers, Index of 1975 Features & Names 

    Cemeteries - Photos, Misc. - folder missing 1 March 2013

      • Pictures Donated by Larry E. Caver, Jr., July 2004, from Odd Fellows, Old Burnet, Burnet Cemeteries
        • Picture #, 1 – Grave  Stone of Oscar Rogers Sept. 22, 1908
        • Picture # 2  Grave Stone Close-up of Oscar Rogers Sept 22m 1908
        • Picture # 3  - View of Odd Fellows Cemetery
        • Picture # 4 – View of Burnet City Cemetery
        • Picture # 5 – Rock enclosed graves Old Burnet Cemetery
        1. Picture # 6 – View of Rock and fence enclosed graves, Old Burnet Cemetery

    Cemeteries - Pleasant Hill

    1. CD, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Burnet County, Texas, 1887-2012, compiled by Kay Farquhar Keel.
    2. Email from Kay Keel giving names of Korean Veterans buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery.

    Cemeteries - Prairie View

      1. Map of Eastern Burnet County
      2. History of Prairie View Cemetery ( 2 copies )
      3. Commission on Archives and History,  United Methodist Church letter about Prairie View Cemetery
      4. Interview with Arva Young
      5. Application Form Official Texas Historical Marker
      6. Prairie View Methodist Church Supplement
      7. Historical Marker Dedication Program (1992)   
      8. Burnet Bulletin, 12 Nov 1992, "Cemetery gets marker"
    Cemeteries - Richland Cemetery
    • Letter dated 18 July 1981, Carl Lyda to Madolyn Frasier regarding families buried in the cemetery. Names mentioned are Mrs. unter Clark, Samuel and Mary Bible, Byers and Jane Hood, Bible family, Peppers family, Ripkey Family.

    Cemeteries - Rockvale Cemetery

      • Brief description
      • Picture of Historical marker
      • "Historical marker approved for Rockvale Community" by Noah Thompson; The Picayune 27 Dec 1995
      • "Rockvale Cemetery's historical marker dedication set for Saturday"; The Highlander 9 Apr 1996
      • Information written on back of envelope - "Simpsons slaves buried at Rockvale per Carlos surrounded by mesquites. Maybe 100 or 150 feet east of Grandma Frasier."
      • Large photograph taken at Rockvale cemetery showing graves for Thomas and Frances Denniston and Neumann.
    Cemeteries - Smith
    1. Application Form for the Official Texas Historical Marker including brief  history
    2. Burnet Bulletin 31 July 2013 "Legal battle over aces to cemetery set"
    3. Information about Smith Cemetery lawsuit
    4. The Highlander 10 June 2016; "Smith Cemetery holds dedication" - includes pictures. Names mentioned include: Sherry Smith Gray, James Gibson Smith, Jr., Hansford Smith, Russell Graeter.
    5. Burnet Bulletin 5 June 2016; "Smith Cemetery holds dedication"

    Cemeteries - Smithwick Cemetery

    • Copies of 2 photographs of cemetery working
    • Unknown newspaper dated 1 Apr 1997, "Smithwick Cemetery to receive historical marker
    • Picture of marker
    • List of Confederate Veterans buried in Smithwick

    Cemeteries - Strickling

      • (1) The Picayune,  23 Nov 1993, "The Strickling Cemetery", by Rachel Bryson McAllister, (2) Cemetery Inventory by Mrs. Bertra Faires & Mrs. L. S. Skaggs

    Cemeteries - Stringtown

      1. River Cities Tribune, 2009 article by Rachel Bryson, "Historic Cemetery Tells Story of African Americans"
      2. Picayune, 11 March 2009, by Rachel Bryson, "Stringtown Became Post-Civil War Enclave for Burnet County's African-Americans"
      3. Letter from Texas Historical Commission, 28 Dec 2011, to Albert Downing, with  Historic Cemetery Designation declaration.
      4. CD of photos taken 18 April 2007 of grave sites at Stringtown Cemetery.

    Cemeteries - Texas State Cemetery

      • program from 8 March 1997 for Rededication of Historic Graves of Republic of Texas Veterans and Citizens.  Inside program are names  of Descendants of Austin's Old Three Hundred, and list of names of those buried and reason for being buried in the Texas State Cemetery.  On back is a diagram of the cemetery with some dignitaries burial places noted.

    Cemeteries - Tobey (Backbone Valley - Marble Falls)

    1. Historical Marker Text
    2. Description of Tobey Cemetery
    3. Newspaper clipping, "Historians Unveil Marker"
    4. List of persons buried in cemetery between 1913 to 1968
    5. Map of Cemetery Plots
    6. The Tobey Community Cemetery
    7. Letter from Tobey Cemetery Assn to families who have kin buried in the cemetery
    8. Newspaper Article & picture, "Tobeyville Cemetery Gets Historical Marker"
    9. Year 1999 correspondence from Marie Moore Laughter regarding the Moore family. This family is buried in the Tobey Cemetery.

    Cemeteries - Tobey Cemetery - (Oakalla)

      1. Map of Bertram/Oakalla area
      2. Supplemental Statements on Tobey Cemetery
      3. A Short History of the Village of Oakalla and of the Community Surrounding the Village
      4. Historical Marker
      5. Some Notes on the Laws Governing Our Historic Texas Cemeteries

    Cemeteries - Veterans Buried in Burnet County

    1. List titled “Veterans of all Wars, Found to be Buried in Burnet County Cemeteries” by Burnet County Historical Survey Committee, 1964 and 1965   
    2. List titled “Burnet County Men Who Lived at Proper time to Possibly be Civil War Veterans”, no author cited, undated

    See also Cemeteries - Odd Fellows for a list of Confederate Veterans buried there.


    Census Records - Advice and Information

      • How to read/understand census records
      • 1973 population in Texas
      • 1973 revised and 1975 population estimates

    Census, Burnet County, 1900

      • copies of the 1900 census pages and typewritten page "1900 Census - Blacks taken from pages shown (incomplete list)"

    Census, Burnet County, Demographic Info, 1980

    • Burnet County Census Information for the year 1980

    Census, Burnet County, Demographic Info, 1990

    • Burnet County Census Information for the year 1990

    Census, Burnet County, Demographic Info, 2000

    • Burnet County Census Summary and information for the year 2000
    Census, Burnet County, Mortality - 1860
    • List of persons who died during year ending June1, 1860"

    Census, Mississippi

    • Census of Amite County, Mississippi Territory, 1810

    Census, South Carolina

    • 1770s and 15 April 1791 transcribed list of residents who lived above Chesterfield, SC and along the North Carolina border.

    Centennial, Burnet County, 23 Oct 1883

    1. Burnet Bulletin, 20 Oct 1983, section of newspaper with many old photos relating to old Burnet.  Published in relation to the county's Centennial celebration.
    2. Burnet Bulletin, 27 Dec 1973, "Burnet Bulletin Completes One Hundred Years of Service to Community and Surrounding Area" by Darrell Debo.
    3. Copy of Centennial Celebratin Plans
    4. Newspaper Release…Burnet, Apr. 8
    5. Newspaper Release…Special to the Star-Telegram, Burnet May 8
    6. Newspaper Release…Special to the NEWS, Burnet May 8
    7. Copy of Letter from The Centennial Steering Committee of the Community Council, offering thanks to every single person who contributed in any way to the success of the Centennial
    8. Copy of “N O T I C E ! Anyone Caught shaving Between Now and Centennial Days, May 15, 17 Will be Considered LOWER Than a “HOSS” THIEF and will be fined $5.00
    9. Burnet Bulletin, 20 Oct 1983, Courthouse History Began in Cabin" by Thomas C. Ferguson, w/picture of courthouse 1876-1936.
    10. Typed history of Burnet County from Texas State Historical Assoc, 1989
    11. Burnet Bulletin, 20 Oct 1983, page 10C, "Burnet's History, A Collage of Sights", with various pictures from around the city

    Central Texas Groundwater Conservation District

    1. River Cities Tribune, 23 July 2004; "Sen. Troy Fraser Calls Groundwater Meeting"
    2. River Cities Tribune, 3 June 2005; : Water District Up to Voters"
    3. Burnet Bulletin, 15 Sept 2004; "Water Group Hopes to Involve Cities"
    4. Burnet Bulletin, 21 September, 2005; "A Call to the Polls"
    5. Burnet Bulletin September 28, 2005 “Groundwater district gains voter approval”

    Churches, Burnet and Surrounding Counties    

    1. List of churches in Burnet and Surrounding Counties (undated)
    2. “History of the Christian Churches of Burnet County, Texas” by Darrell Debo (undated)
    3. "Discover Country Churches"  & "Community thrives in country churches" Lake Country Life March 31-April 6, 2010
    4. "Historic houses of worship" Lake Country Life 16-22 April 2014. Includes pictures of Oatmeal Church, the Crownover Chapel, Spicewood Church of Christ, Spicewood Baptist Church


    Churches - Andice - Andice Baptist Church

      • History booklet of  Andice Baptist Church with envelope

    Churches - Bertram - Bertram Church of Christ

      • Newspaper clipping of the history of Bertram Church of Christ

    Churches - Bertram - Bertram Cumberland Presbyterian Church

    1. Newspaper clipping of homecoming August 9, 1973 (2 copies)
    2. The Cumberland Presbyterian Magazine Nov. 6, 1973
    3. History of Bertram Cumberland Presbyterian Church
    4. Newspaper clipping, Bertram’s 54-year old Cumberland Church Aug 2,1973

    Churches - Bertram - First Baptist Church

    1. Bertram Enterprise,  10/13/2004 Care Circle made money for food bank
    2. Burnet Bulletin, 11/10/2004 Care Circle honored church’s 64 veterans at luncheon

    Churches - Bertram - First Christian Church

      • History of First Christian Church in Bertram

    Churches - Bertram - First Methodist Church

      1. Newspaper clipping of history and building by S.M. Sanford Feb. 27, 1941 with copy
      2. Magazine cover sketch of Methodist Church bldg

    Churches - Briggs

      • Histories of  Briggs’ churches by David Hall in October 1978; Church of Christ, First Baptist, First Methodist, Primitive Baptist.

    Churches - Burnet - Bible Baptist Church

      • History of the Bible Baptist Church of Burnet, Texas (1942-1970

    Churches - Burnet - Burnet Pentecostal Church

    1. History of Pentecostal Church Burnet Co. by Lottie B. Schutz (May, 1966)
    2. Burnet Pentecostal Church History by Mrs. Arthur Wilkinson (about 1976)
    3. Burnet Bulletin, 26 April 2006, “Church Celebrates 80 Years in Burnet”

    Churches - Burnet - Burnet Presbyterian Church

      1. Copy of Presbyterian Church picture
      2. newspaper clipping, Burnet Presbyterians to Celebrate 100th Year by Maurine Senterfitt (August 8, 1974)
      3. Booklet, The Burnet Presbyterian Church    Services of Dedication and Worship April 14 through April 19, 1957
      4. Booklet, The Burnet Presbyterian Church 1874, 1974 Centennial, August 10-11, 1974 (2 copies)
      5. Copy of magazine article, “This Little Church Stayed Alive”  by James W. Newton (from May, 1959 Presbyterian Survey)
      6. History of Burnet Presbyterian Church (1965)  (2 copies)
      7. History of Burnet Presbyterian Church ( shortened version of #6 above)
      8. History of Burnet Church 
      9. Newspaper church bulletin ad September 22, 2004  

    Churches - Burnet - Catholic Church

      1. Booklet, Our Mother of Sorrows Catholic Church of Burnet, Texas; Holy Cross Catholic Church of Bertram, Texas; St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church of Marble Falls, Texas (brief histories and lists of members with pictures of each congregation)
      2. Copy of newspaper clipping –“Faith Moves a Mountain” about building of St. John the Evangelist Church building
      3. Brief handwritten account of Catholic Church in Burnet County ( undated)

    Churches - Burnet - Episcopal Churches

    1. Newspaper clipping about dedication of the new Episcopal Church building (January 10, 1958)
    2. History of the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany 1891-1971 (2 copies)
    3. Copies of newspaper clippings concerning Episcopal clergy, Charles E. McIntyre III, J. Milton Richardson, Jim Wooldridge, and John E. Hines
    4. Information sheet about the ground breaking ceremonies for the parish house and educational wing of the Church of the Epiphany
    5. Bulletin of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (1983)

    Churches - Burnet - First Baptist Church

    1. Newspaper article, “First Baptist Observe 100 Years”  (August 11, 1977)
    2. Booklet, (1977) “History of the First Baptist Church  Burnet, Texas” including list of members dating from 1918.   (3 copies)
    3. Picayune, 11/30/2005 “Main Street Bethlehem offers a journey to first Christmas”
    4. Photo, Church Centennial, 1977, of women dressed in period costumes.  Pictured are Vera Foster, Daisy Dickens, Mable Schlomich, Lucille Lavoice, Emma Warwick, Cleo Massey, Margie Morrow, Mrs. Pearl Horn, Thyra Whitfield.
    5. Citizens Gazette 9 Aug 2017; "First Baptist Church celebrates 140 year history."
    6. Picayune 9 Aug 2017; "Burnet church celebrates 140 years" by Daniel Clifton. Includes picture of old church.
    7. Burnet Bulletin 16 Aug 2017; "First Baptist Church of Burnet celebrates 140th anniversary" by Christi Bertelson. Includes picture of Pastor Doug Lindley and Mark Newton of First Baptist Church of Lufkin.
    8. Brochure of Main Street Bethlehem, 25th Anniversary

    Churches - Burnet - First Lutheran Church

      • Brief history of the First Lutheran Church in Burnet, Texas (undated)

    Churches - Burnet - Hill Country Fellowship

    1. Burnet Bulletin 1 Oct 2008; "Groundbreaking worship"

    Churches - Burnet - Methodist church

    1. “Service of Rededication  403 N. Main St. Burnet, TX December 19th, 1992 Saturday 3 O’Clock P.M. The Old Methodist Parsonage  Home of Rev. and Mrs. Lynn Smith and Family”  including order of services and history of  the Old Methodist Parsonage  (2 copies)
    2. “A Brief History of the First United Methodist Church of Burnet” including membership for 1977
    3. “History of the United Methodist Church of Burnet”
    4. Handwritten history of the Methodist Church (1939)
    5. Photo of the Methodist Church, date unknown
    6. The Highlander, 4 Nov 1976, "Methodist Time Capsule, Remembrance of Things Past", with photos of original church building and its pastor; new Methodist Church building and pastor Buddy Johnston opening a 1938 time capsule.

    Churches - Burnet - Skyline Baptist

      • Brief handwritten history of Skyline Baptist Church

    Churches - Burnet County - Gum Springs, Mt. Moriah, San Gabriel

    1. Histories of the churches (2 copies)
    2. Historical items concerning North Gabriel , Shady Grove, Bethel , and Joppa Baptist churches (1910-1912)

    Churches - Chapel Hill - Chapel Hill Methodist Church

    1. Handwritten note about the building of the Chapel Hill Methodist Church including mention of carpenter Frank Harris and Rev. Cowan   (1916)
    2. History of the Chapel Hill Methodist Church including a list of charter members and  a list of pastors from 1916 to 1977

    Churches - Double Horn - Love Creek

    1. History of church with some membership information
    2.  Miscellaneous information from Madolyn Frasier. Church was previously known as Corwin Baptist Church
    3. List of pasters and pages 79 & 80 of minutes

    Churches - Fairland - Crownover Chapel

    1. Information about the interpretive plate medallion at site of Crownover Chapel (1972) (2 copies)
    2. Information about the Crownover Chapel Methodist Church
    3. Information about the Crownover family
    4. Newspaper clipping about the community of Fairland including a picture of the Crownover Chapel (1987) The Highlander
    5. Copy of newspaper article “Crownover Chapel Boasts Long History” (undated)
    6. Copy of newspaper article “Dedication Ceremony of Crownover Chapel Scheduled April 15”
    7. Copy of newspaper article “Fairland, Toby Communities Have Exciting History”  The Highlander May 5, 1960
    8. Brief history of Crownover Chapel
    9. Brief  biography of Arter Crownover
    10. Newspaper article “Medallion Ceremonies For Fairland Chapel” , The Highlander April 19, 1973
    11. Picayune  January 26, 2005 articles and pictures of Crownover Chapel
    12. Marble Falls Messenger dated May 24, 1962 titled "Crownover Chapel Boasts Long History" by R.B. Hess
    13. The Picayune, 26 Jan 2005, "Take a road trip through History" by Daniel Clifton; with photo of Crownover Chapel historical marker and chapel.
    14.  Highland Lakes Companion, September issue; "Crownover Chapel is Link to Fairland's Past"
    15.  The Picayune 19 Sep 2012; "Crownover Chapel was an inspiration for Fairland community" by Linda Ware
    16. Hill Country Magazine, Summer 2006; picture of Crownover Chapel.
    17. The Highlander 21 July 2015; "Grass fire threatens old cemetery, church."
    Churches - Fairland - Church of Christ
    1. List of people who pledge money to pay for building

     Churches - Florence/Briggs - Missionary Baptist Church

    1. Brief note about the Missionary Baptist Church
    2. List of early Briggs doctors and dentists

    Churches - Highland Lakes - Seventh Day Adventist

      • Brief history of the Seventh Day Adventist church

    Churches - Highway 71 - Highway 71 Church of Christ

      • Brief history of the start of the Highway 71 Church of Christ including list of cemeteries in Spicewood area

    Churches - Hoover's Valley - Hoover's Valley Baptist Church

    • Hill Country Review 18 Dec 1986; "Hoover Valley has a new church building." Includes picture of pastor Tommie Allen

    Churches - Horseshoe Bay - St. Paul Catholic

    • The Highlander 16 June 2015; "St. Paul Catholic unveils, blesses statue" by Emily Hilley-Sierzchula. Statues "Lese We Forget"

    Churches - Joppa - Joppa Baptist Church

      • Brief history of the Joppa Baptist Church

    Churches - Kerr County - South Fork

    Churches - Lake Buckanan - Landmark Baptist Church

      • Brief historical note about the Landmark Baptist Church

    Churches - Lake Victor - Lake Victor Baptist Church

    • The Picayune, 19 Sep 2007, "Lake Victor Baptist celebrating 100 years"
    • The Picayune, 21 Jul 2010, "A place for community" by Christina Pena

    Churches - Liberty Hill - Liberty Hill Baptist Church

      • Booklet about the Liberty Hill Baptist Church including pictures and lists of charter members, Sunday School Superintendents, pastors, and various members (1947)

    Churches - Liberty Hill - Liberty Hill Methodist Church

      • History of the Liberty Hill Methodist Church including pictures and lists of pastors and various members (October, 1947)

    Churches - Liberty Hill - Union Chapel Church

      • Copy of newspaper articles about Union Chapel and John Matthews family

    Churches - Llano - See Llano County Section


    Churches - Mahomet - Mahomet Christian Church

    • Pledge card to Mahomet Christian Church Building Fund (undated but Bob Robinson was minister and F.C. Nutt was Treasurer)

    Churches - Marble Falls -

    •  Marble Falls Messenger - Historical and Rededication Issue, 24 May 1962.  Photos of Marble Falls Churches and names of pastors.

    Churches - Marble Falls - Central Christian Church

    1. Golden Anniversary service, with a brief history of the church
    2. chapter III, "Marble Falls Christian Church", by Darrell Debo, undated, unsourced; part of a paper about churches in the county.
    3. Hill Country Review, 5 Sept 1985, photo of Central Christian Church and history.
    4. Copy of program: Dedicatory Services, Central Christian Church, 16 Aug 1908

    Churches - Marble Falls - Church of Christ

    1. Directory of members - undated; 34 pages
    2. 1978 church bulletin showing photo of church
    3. 1979 directory of members, with photos of each member
    4. Article by Byrna Dean Moore, "New Auditorium to be Opened", 6 pages
    5. The Highlander, 27 April 1978, article by Byrna Dean Moore, "New church auditorium to open Sunday", with photos.
    6. 1985 Directory, with photos of each member
    7. Membership notes 
    8. "How the Present Congregation of the Church of Christ in Marble Falls Had Its Beginning" written by Thelma Singleton about 1980. 8 handwritten pages.

    Churches - Marble Falls - Episcopal

      1. St. Alban’s Episcopal Church, 1891-1937;
      2. Trinity Episcopal Church, 1954-1979 - Histories
      3. Hill Country Review, 8 Aug 1985, St. Paul's history
      4. "Trinity Episcopal Church celebrates 50 years", unknown newspaper, unknown date

    Churches - Marble Falls - First Baptist Church

      1. Newspaper article, Marble Falls Messenger Oct 4, 1973, celebrates 85 years, includes pictures; 1 copy of article of article & pictures
      2. Marble Falls Messenger, undated, "First Local Baptist Church Organized September 9, 1988" by Rev. W. S. Bunton, Jr.; picture of Rev. N. A. Sanders, pastor from 1929-1931; mentions many names.
      3.  The Picayune,, 8 May 2002, "First Baptist Church From the Beginning"
      4. The Highlander, 28 April 1997, "Marble Falls Baptists Dedicate Fourth Sanctuary"
      5. The Picayune, 29 Aug 2012;  "First Baptist Church: From the beginning, part 1" by Linda Ware 
      6. The Picayune, 5 Sep 2012; "First Baptist Church of Marble Falls: From the beginning, Part 2" by Linda Ware
      7. The Picayune 2 Oct 2013; "125 Years Young" - First Baptist of Marble Falls celebrates 125th anniversary

    Churches - Marble Falls - First United Methodist Church

      1. History of the First United Methodist Church, Marble Falls, Texas, compiled by Barbara Gathings and Ella Woodward, includes “Ministers Who Served Marble Falls Methodist Church, 1889 through 1978”; 2 copies
      2. Marble Falls Messenger, Bridge Dedication Issue, Dec 1936; "Methodist, Christian and Baptist Churches Here"
      3. The Highlander, 24 Apr 1975; "Marble Falls Methodists Consecrate New Church" - includes some history of the church
      4. Highlander, 19 June 1980, "Old church to make way for new bank", photo of old Marble Falls First United Methodist Church being demolished.
      5. Highlander, 22 April 1976, "Old Building, New Business", w/photo
      6. Church bulletin from 1951
      7. The Highlander 11 Feb 2014; "Sunday marks 125th for Methodist church" by Glynis Crawford Smith
      8. Highland Lakes Weekly 20 May 2016; "Reverend Roe Retires" by John Hallowell. Roe served as pastor 13 years.

    Churches - Marble Falls - Love Creek Baptist Church

      • Brief list of pastors 1857 to 1891 + picture of spring in Love Creek

    Churches - Marble Falls - St Andrew Presbyterian Church

      • A brief history beginning February 28, 1960, written by Bert A Bronaugh, Pastor

    Churches - Marble Falls - St Frederick's Baptist Church

      • The Highlander 16 Sep 1971; "Here Is the Church, Here is the Steeple, Open it Up and Here Are the People" - pictures of the St. Frederick Baptist Church in Marble Falls.
      • Llano Buzz – Lake Country Life section pg 13 “Landmarks” Nov. 22, 2006 “Saint Frederick’s enjoys 113 years of faith”
      • The Picayune, 21 Nov 2007 - "St. Frederick Baptist Church celebrating 114 years"
      • Unknown newspaper (possibly Marble Falls Messenger) 24 Mar 1955; "Colored People to Celebrate Completion of New Church"
      • Deed Burnet County Deed Records Book 89, pg 330; City of Marble Falls to St. Frederic Baptist Church 
      • The Picayune 25 Feb 2015; "St. Frederick church congregation earns historical marker" by Daniel Clifton.
      • Application for Historical Marker for St. Frederick Church, 2013.
      • The Highlander 20 Feb 2015; "Marble Falls entities to mark Black History Month Saturday"
      • The Picayune 25 Nov 2015; "St. Frederick celebrates more than 120 years with marker dedication. Includes pictures of event.
      • The Highlander 27 Nov 2015; "St. Frederick Baptist to unveil historical marker."
      • The Highlander 1 Dec 2015; "Marking 122 years - St. Frederick Baptist Church unveils Texas Historic Marker"
      • The Picayune 2 Dec 2015; St. Frederick Baptist Church Marker Dedication pictures
      • Highland Lakes Weekly 4 Dec 2015; St. Frederick dedication pictures
    Churches - Marble Falls - St. John the Evangelist
    1. Correspondence pertaining to historical marker for the church, 2007
    2. Proposed text of marker inscription
    3. History of the church, with photo 
    4. The Highlander 5 May 2015; "Catholic leaders join St. John the Evangelist members for May 3 dedication ceremony." Dedication of new sanctuary.
    5. The Picayune 21 June 2017; "Leaving his mark" by Daniel Clifton. Priest Jairo Lopez is transferring to St. John's in San Marcos, after serving 17 years as priest at St. John the Evangelist.

    Churches - Marble Falls - United Pentecostal Church

    • 1 piece of paper giving brief history

    Churches - Midway - Midway Church

      • 1 piece of paper giving brief history

    Churches - Mt. Blanc - Mt. Blanc Baptist Church

      • 1 page giving brief history, includes list of charter members, names of pastors, and ministers who held revivals
      • Burnet Bulletin 19 Jan 1989; "Church greets new minister" - Brother Don Auten and wife Dorotha moved to Bertram from Granger.

    Churches - Mt. Zion - Cumberland Presbyterian Church

      • 2 pages giving brief history, includes list of elders, deacons, ministers

    Churches - Naruna - Naruna Baptist Church

      • 1 page giving brief history, includes list of pastors
      • 7-page history of Naruna Baptist Church by Betty L. Skinner w/cover letter by B. J. Goble

    Churches - Oakalla - Oakalla Methodist Church

      • History of Oakalla Baptist Church by Emma Smith, includes list of families who gave donations to build church building

    Churches - Oatmeal - Church of Christ

      • photo of church, 102 years old from  Austin American-Statesman, 7 June 1970; accompaning article gives a short history of the church.

    Churches - Pebble Mound - Marley Springs Baptist Church

    1. History of Marley Springs Baptist Church of Christ at Pebble Mound, by Mrs. Lewis Alexander, Uvalde
    2. Copies of church ledger with members, minutes, 26 pages
    3. Photograph of church group, undated

    Churches - Pool Branch - Pool Branch Church

      • Pool Branch Church, 1 page brief history, compiled by Mrs. Bill Bryson

    Churches - Prairie Point - Prairie Point Missionary Baptist Church

    1. Membership Records, Prairie Point Missionary Baptist Church Records, March 11, 1883 to June 6, 1915 (1 page)
    2. People Whose Names are Mentioned in Relation to Church Work (1 page)
    3. Membership Activity as Mentioned in Minutes (5 pages)
    4. Building Committee Report, May 26, 1906; List of Donations, Pastors, Deacons, Clerks, etc (2 pages)
    5. Obituaries, Delegates to the Austin Association, Sunday School Officers, Contact with Other Churches (3 pages)
    6. Timeline, 1 page

    Churches - Rockvale - Rockvale Church

    1. “The Rockvale Church” by Becky Yett, May 17, 1964, Austin, Texas, Booklet with 6 pages + Bibliography, Partial List of Tombstones in Rockvale Cemetery, Yett Family History, copy of deed Thomas L. Denniston to Methodist E Church South,
    2. Rockvale Methodist Church 1857-1923
    3. Copy of Rockvale History from Burnet County History, Vol 1
    4. Copy of Rockvale Cemetery Records from Burnet County Cemetery Book
    5. Copy of Burnet Bulletin July 8, 1879
    6. The Picayune, 5 Jan 1994, "The Rockvale Methodist Church"
    7. The Picayune 27 Dec 1995; "Historical marker approved for Rockvale Community Site" by Noah Thompson
    8. Affidavit, D. E. Fowler et al to Trustees of Rockvale Church, Book 3 pg 318, Misc Records of Burnet County

    Churches - San Gabriel - San Gabriel Church

      • Article submitted Dick Love, of Andice to Mr. Debo for the History Book.  Info from Cousin Joe Newman, 1906 on Burnet County, South Fork, near Ingram in Kerr County, Cherokee, San Saba County, Primitive near Long Grove, Llano and Primitive Baptist Church.

    Churches - San Saba County - Cherokee

    1. Article submitted by Dick Love of Andice.  Information from Cousin Joe Newman on Mt. Moriah, Williamson County, Church was moved to Burnet County in 1885. Center Grove Church, Williamson County.
    2. List of churches formed by Friendship Association. 

    Churches - Shady Grove - Shady Grove Baptist Church

      • Two page, typed history of Shady Grove Baptist Chruch, undated, by Mrs. Bill Bryson
      • "Shade Grove Baptist Church Minutes, May 27 1928 - November 11, 1954" transcribed by Esther Pogue of the Burnet County Genealogical Society.

    Churches - Shady Grove - Shady Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church

      • Two page, typed history of Shady Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church, undated, author unknown

    Churches - Sherwood Shores - First Baptist Church

    Churches - Sherwood Shores - Sherwood Assembly of God Church

    Churches - Smithwick - Hickory Creek Church of Christ

    1. Record of Members, Hickory Creek Church of Christ, 1897
    2. Invitation  to 50th anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Lewis
    3. Many loose sheets of church records from various years
    4. Burnet County Deed Book #54, p. 166, Deed Thos. A. Stinnett to Church of Christ.
    Churches - Smoking for Jesus Church
    1. Highland Lakes Weekly 28 Feb 2014; Church celebrates Black History Month.
    2. The Highlander 6 Mar 2015; "Burning cross at church won't deter, members say"
    3. Burnet Bulletin 5 Nov 2014; 'Smoking for Jesus' starting on new school."
    4. The Picayune 26 Aug 2015; "10 Years Later" by Connie Swinney. About Smoking for Jesus Ministry marks a decade since fleeing New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina.
    5. Austin American-Statesman 23 Aug 2015; "This is Home" - 10 years after Hurricane Katrina forced them to flee New Orleans.

    Churches - Spicewood - Spicewood Baptist Church

      • Brief history of church. Organized 8 Dec 1907. Gives names of 13 Charter members. Ends March 1979
      • The Picayune, 29 Jun 1994, "The Spicewood Baptists"
      • The River Cities Tribune 16 May 2003; "History of Spicewood Baptist Church" - charter members were M/M Sam Moore, M/M Jim Davis, Mrs. J. B. Panel, Mrs. John Gregg, Miss Ada Fowler, M/M W. Y Fowler, M/M J. M. Fowler, Miss Gladys Fowler, and Mrs. Gus P. Fowler 

    Churches - Spicewood - Church of Christ of Spicewood

      • Letter to Bro. Debo, dated 27 April 1979 from Mildred Wood, (Mrs. G. W. Wood) on the History of the Church of Christ of Spicewood, 7 pages.
      • Information on Spicewood Church of Christ taken in part from Burnet County History, Vol I, and the members of the Church

    Churches - Strickling - Hope Cumberland Presbyterian Church

      • Information about Hope Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Little River Presbytery, Organized October 1886. Information dated 8-15-85, brought in my Maxine Glimp

    Churches - Strickling - Strickling Baptist Church

      • Strickling Baptist Church Records compiled by Mrs. Bill Bryson.

    Churches - Strickling - Strickling Methodist Church

    1. Brief history of Strickling Methodist Church
    2. List of Pastors of Strickling Methodist Church compiled by Mrs. Bill Bryson
    3. Complete Church Register for Methodist Episcopal Church, South of 1882
    4. Picture of Church (loaned by A H Jenkins)
    5. 2 misc sheets on church

    Churches - Strickling - Strickling Missionary Baptist Church

      • Brief history of Strickling Missionery Baptist Church compiled by Mrs. Bill Bryson; gives list of pastors and deacons, disbanded on August 1, 1959

    Churches - Williamson County - Antioch, Center Grove, Little Hope, Prairie Lea

      • Copy from book (title obscured) given by Dick Love, Andice, Texas, from Cousin Joe Newmans History

    Churches - Zion - Zion Baptist Church

      • Brief article on Zion Baptist Church from Mrs. Martha J. Poole, pages 36-37 “Shin Oak Ridge” by J. Gordon Bryson

    Civil War Letters - As Published in The Picayune - Letters by Levi Lamoni Wight and his wife Sophia during the Civil War

    Civil War Union Veterans Buried in Burnet County

    1. Lynn, Charles Berry: Civil War Pension Index for wife Samantha copied from Ancestry.com, shows he served in U.S. Navy as a Landsman, enlisted 1864 discharged 1856; also served Co. I 1st Florida Infantry C.S.A as private, story is he was captured and then joined US Navy; buried in Debo Cemetery, grave marker is military marker.
    2. Robinson, Robert W.: Serg. Co C 10th Kansas; information from nps.gov Civil War Soldiers and Sailors website, picture of tombstone
    3. Taylor, John Josiah: served in Co. H 31st Illinois Infantry, buried in Bear Creek Cemetery, graved marker is military marker. A story written by Henry R. Taylor in December 1992 states that "John served in the Union Army for 7 months. He was wounded and discharged, and immigrated to Texas with his mother, father, brothers and sisters. They arrived in Burnet County, Texas in October 1864. He married Miranda Tate two months later, a joining neighbor Lewis Wiley offered him a span of mules (6) and 200 acres of land if John would go into the Confederate Service for him. John accepted and served six months fighting for the south. He came home in 1865 and began raising his family in Burnet County..."

    Civil War, State Troops

      • See Military, Civil War

    Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) Camp Co # 854

    1. Texas CCC Companies
    2. Brochure of The CCC in Texas State Parks
    3. Application form for official Texas Historical Marker for Longhorn Cavern Admin. Building
    4. Description and History of Longhorn Cavern Administration Building
    5. Picture of table in the Admin. Bldg
    6. Burnet County Historical Commission will honor Longhorn Cavern State Park
    7. Pages copied from original CCC handbook 1932, 1942
    8. Official Annual, 1936 San Antonio District 8th Corps Area  CCC
    9. Copy of the Thanksgiving Day menu for Nov. 1940 with list of men in #854
    10. Index of CCC Papers, donated by Janice Roark, Collection of J. B. Breziel
    Coffee Talks
    1. River Cities Sunday Tribune  30 Oct 2011; "Joe Nick Patoski - journalist, Willie Nelson biographer - talks Texas at Burnet library"
    2. The Picayune 2 Nov 2011; "Journalist, Willie Nelson biographer to talk Texas at Burnet library series"
    3. Citizens Gazette 9 Nov 2011; "Burnet library offers coffee break" "Program features authors with Texican connections"
    4. The Picayune 14 Dec 2011; "Texas Rangers mystique is alive and well, author/historian says" by Raymond V. Whelan. Author Mike Cox.
    5. The Picayune 1 Feb 2012; "Musician, Western author Mike Blakely is Coffee Talks presenter Feb. 9 in Burnet.
    6. Burnet Bulletin 1 Feb 2012; "Western novelist, musician to speak" - Mike Blakely.
    7. Citizens Gazette 29 Feb 2012; "Coffee Talks to have expert on wild Texas" - T. Lindsay Baker of Tarleton State University.
    8. Burnet Bulletin 29 Feb 2012; "Historian to give 'gangster tour'" - T. Lindsay Baker.
    9. Highland Lakes Weekly 8 Jan 2016; "Library offers varied events" - Coffee Talks program about Millie Baumann, who lived in Germany pre an during World War II.
    10. The Picayune 13 Jan 2016; "Life as an American in Nazi Germany" by Daniel Clifton. Coffee Talks program about Millie Baumann.
    11. The Picayune 8 Feb 2017; "Coffee Talks focuses on mystery surrounding Texas Ranger's Death" by Jennifer Fierro.
    12. Citizens Gazette 1 Mar 2017; "Author to speak of former 1st lady" - Debra Winegarten talks about Oveta Culp Hobby.
    13. Citizens Gazette 12 Apr 2017; "Writer of historical fiction to be featured speaker" "Coffee Talks series continues Thursday" - Myra McIlvain.
    14. Citizens Gazette 25 Apr 2017; "Comic/Mystery writer to speak" - Benn Rehder.

    The Company Ranch
    • Information on the Company Ranch of Burnet written by Esther Pogue May 2012.
    • Picture of Paul and Billie Lawson's herd, 1952, on the Company Ranch
    • 2 handwritten stories  that appeared in The Burnet Bulletin dated 1904

    Confederate Veterans Buried in Burnet County (filed in separate filing box)

    1. Alexander, Frank: picture of tombstone; "Widow's Application for Confederate Pension #49412" (Mary E. Alexander) (6 pgs); Pvt Co. A 3rd Regiment Texas Cavalry, buried Odd Fellows Cemetery
    2. Alexander, John Ross: picture of tombstone (John and Mary Alexander); Co. C. Texas State Troops; buried Alexander Cemetery
    3. Alexander, Steven: copy of Muster Roll Index Card from Texas State Archives; Pvt 2nd Frontier District, Texas State Troops, buried Alexander Cemetery. Received Pension for Indian Wars
    4. Alexander, William: copy of Muster Roll Index Card from Texas State Archives; Pvt 3rd Frontier District, Texas State Troops, buried Alexander Cemetery
    5. Altman, John Israel: picture of tombstone; Co. K Texas Mounted Vol., Frontier Reg't of Co. J. McCord & McMillian; buried Odd Fellows Cemetery
    6. Anderson, William R.: picture of tombstone; "Application for Confederate Pension #27100" (12 pgs); Capt. Co. D 22nd Reg't, 1st Battalion; Buried Odd Fellows Cemetery
    7. Ater, Albert Melvin: 'Widow's Application for Confederate Pension  (rejected)" (Francis Isabel); Frontier District in J.B.Barton Company; buried Bear Creek Cemetery
    8. Bailey, Frederick Augusta: "Soldier's Application for a Pension #28569"(5 pgs), Co. K 21st Texas Cavalry & 8th Texas Infantry; buried Bethel Cemetery
    9. Barrett, William: Co. E 20th Texas Infantry (Elmore's); buried Naruna Cemetery
    10. Bawcom, Josiah C., Jr.: picture of tombstone; "Confederate Pension Application #10015" (8 pgs), military record; Pvt Co. B 21st Regiment Texas Cavalry, buried Pleasant Valley Cemetery
    11. Beard, John Taylor: Texas Confederate Pension #30121 (11 pgs), picture of tombstone from Find-A-Grave website; Pvt, Co. F, McNulty's Regiment Mississippi Infantry, buried  Old Burnet Cemetery
    12. Beggs, William Robert (also shown as Biggs): picture of CSA marker, Texas Confederate Pension #21646 (16 pgs), Military Record from Fold3, correspondence from Mrs. ruby Beggs Davis to BCGS; Pvt, Cc. D 15 (Northwest) Arkansas Infantry, buried Oatmeal Cemetery
    13. Bell, Thomas J.: "Confederate Pension Application #33289" (5 pgs); Co. I, 11th Texas Cavalry; died in Confederate Home in Austin; buried Gillum Cemetery
    14. Berry, G. R.:  picture of tombstone & CSA marker; Co. I 56th Reg't Alabama Cavalry; buried Cauble Cemetery
    15. Bingham, Charles Columbus: picture of tombstone; "Tennessee to Texas; The Bingham Family 1850-1980" by Lottie B. Schutz, pgs 56-57; CSA marker, buried Old Burnet Cemetery
    16. Blackburn, William Lafayette Alexander:  picture of tombstone, see information from "Burnet County History Book pg 20; "Judge Blackburn's Notable Career" The Highlander by Tad Moses; Captain, Co. B 31st TN Infantry; buried Old Burnet Cemetery 
    17. Bodenhamer, Peter Stephen Leonidus: "Soldier's Application for a Pension" (3 pgs); Co F, 31 MS Infantry; buried Naruna Cemetery
    18. Bolt, Martin Jasper: picture of CSA Marker; pictures of marker dedication, "Confederate Pension Application" #8630, picture of confederate reunion in Marble Falls, copy of obituary; correspondence from Alice Bolt & Edna  Taffelmire
    19. Boultinghouse, John B.: picture of CSA Marker; copy of Muster rolls, Capt. H. Willke's Company of Light Artillery TX; buried Smithwick Cemetery
    20. Boyce, Henry W.: Confederate Veteran Pension Application, #10852 (4 pgs); buried Strickling Cemetery
    21. Boyd, James: picture of CSA Marker; Nat'l Archives Index Card, Deposition in Pension File #20271 by Boyd, buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery
    22. Breazeale, Harrison: picture of tombstone, 1 page from Confederate Veteran Pension Application #36191; Burnet Bulletin article dated 10 Dec 1987 by Lucile O'Donnell "Breazeal family touched the lives of many Texans"; buried Odd Fellows Cemetery
    23. Bridges, Asbury F.: Confederate Pension #00580 (4 pgs); buried Marble Falls City Cemetery
    24. Brooks, William Wayland: photo of tombstone, card from Texas State Archives; in Lone Star Guards, 27th Brigade, Texas Militia, buried Old Burnet Cemetery
    25. Brown, Gordon: Confederate Pension #35452 (4 pgs), buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery, has Iron Cross on Grave
    26. Brown, John Richard: copy of letter found in Texas State Archives, Geo. H. Sheppard, comptroller of Public Accounts to Mrs. J. V. Morton giving military record, buried in Marble Falls City Cemetery
    27. Campbell, Marcus LaFayette: front page of Texas Confederate Pension #39784, wife drew Pension #42806; served Co. E 4th AL Reg't of Reserves Infantry, buried Cauble Cemetery
    28. Cayce, George B.: Texas Confederate Pension #14771 (23 pgs), picture of tombstone; Pvt Co K 12 Reg't MS Cavalry, has CSA Military marker; buried Old Burnet Cemetery
    29. Chamberlain, John Tate: copy of entire Widow's Texas Confederate Pension #42601, unknown newspaper article with picture of Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Chamberlain, unknown newspaper article "J. T. Chamberlain--County Clerk," served in Co. D, 33rd Texas Cavalry, buried Odd Fellows Cemetery
    30. Clements, Emanuel Jefferson: copy of original Parole dated 10 May 1865; Co. F 9th Reg't TN Vol. Cavalry, buried Bethel Cemetery
    31. Cocke, Bowman William: picture of tombstone, page from Texas Confederate Pension #41464, Co B Hall's Reg't 26th LA Infantry, buried Odd Fellows Cemetery
    32. Collins, Hugh: CSA marker, Alabama Infantry, buried Oatmeal Cemetery
    33. Collins, W. C.: NARA Index card, CSA marker, 12th Texas Field Battery, buried Mahomet Cemetery
    34. Cook, James Guin: page from Texas Confederate Pension #36267, wife's #37008, Co D 2nd Texas Cavalry & 1st Reg't Arizona Brigade, buried Odd Fellows Cemetery
    35. Coon, John Marion: page from Texas Confederate Widow's Pension #31052, UDC Application of Virginia Coon Dorbandt, Co D Madison's Reg't TX Cavalry, buried Old Burnet Cemetery
    36. Coon, Leander Wilson: Muster Card from Texas State Archives, military records, his Texas Confederate pension, wife drew Texas State Widow's Pension Application #17393, Burnet Guards, Cavalry, 27th Brigade, buried Hairston Cemetery
    37. Corker, Mahlon H.: Muster Card from Texas State Archives, copy of newspaper article "More Ranchers Hit by Indians," Burnet Guards, 27th Brigade, buried Odd Fellows Cemetery
    38. Cox, Curd: page from Texas Confederate Pension #29832, biography by Dennis Cox, Co E Capt Mabry Allen's Reg't 17th Texas Infantry, buried Marble Falls City Cemetery
    39. Cox, James: CSA Marker, Co E 20th AR Infantry, buried Mahomet Cemetery
    40. Cox, William G.: picture of tombstone, Muster Card from Texas State Archives; Pvt Lone Star Guards, Burnet County, Cavalry, 27th Brigate, Texas Militia, buried Bear Creek Cemetery
    41. Craddock, Erasmus Drayton: Military service record, correspondence from Mildred R. Hurt; Co. C 13th Texas Cavalry, 1st Brigade, Walkers Division, buried Odd Fellows Cemetery
    42. Cromeans, Francis Marion: first page of Texas Confederate Pension #43654; Texas Cavalry, Capt Gid Graham's Company Coryell County, buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery
    43. Crum, Ernest: first page of Texas Confederate Pension #41219; Co K 4th Georgia Cavalry & Co A 4th Georgia Cavalry, buried Bear Creek Cemetery
    44. Culbertson, J. G.: two pages Texas Confederate Pension #13735, Co C Stone's 6th Reg't, Texas Cavalry, buried Pleasant Valley Cemetery
    45. Cummings, Charles C.: first page of Texas Confederate Pension #00575, Co D 3rd Regt Arizona Brigade, buried Old Burnet Cemetery
    46. Curry, David Phillips: picture of tombstone, Capt Co. B 25th Reg't Infantry Virginia Vols (Rockbridge Guards), buried Old Burnet Cemetery
    47. Daugherty, James Knox Polk: drew Texas Confederate Pension #30462/wife #33014, Co D 3rd Reg't Arizona Brigade, buried Marble Falls City Cemetery
    48. Dawson, Henry Jefferson "Mac": drew Texas Confederate Pension #11364/wife 17391, Co. C & F, 8th Texas Infantry, Hobby's, buried Marble Falls City Cemetery
    49. Debo, Cornelius Payton: picture of tombstone, drew Texas Pension #47497, Pvt Co G 28th Virginia Infantry, Pickett's Division, buried Debo Family Cemetery
    50. Dorbandt, Christian: picture of tombstone; Capt Company 3, Frontier District Texas State Troops, buried South San Gabriel Cemetery
    51. Dunn, John MacAlister: CSA marker, Pvt, Capt Thomas K. Carmack's company, 1st Batt'n, Texas Partison Rangers Cavalry, buried Hairston Cemetery
    52. Elkins, Benjamin Franklin: first page Texas Confederate Widow's Pension #37274, Co. D 16th Infantry Col. Flounoy's & Walkers Division, buried Hoover's Valley Cemetery
    53. Eustis, John D.: 1st page Texas Confederate Pension #46562, Pvt Co. K 4th Tennessee Cavalry,,  Debriel's Brigade, buried Shady Grove Cemetery
    54. Everett, Jordan: picture of tombstone, Widow's Application for Pension #47798(4 pgs); Pvt, Co. E, 51st Reg't Georgia Infantry; buried Bethel Cemetery
    55. Faires, William Alexander: 1st page Widow's Confederate Pension #47674, picture of his Southern Cross of Honor, picture of 2 of his Confederate Veteran Reunion souvenirs; Pvt/Serg, Co I, 5th Texas Cavalry, Green's Reg't, buried Strickling Cemetery
    56. Farquhar, Ambrose Nelson: 1st page Texas Confederate Pension #47101, letter from Kay Keele giving information on Farquhar; Texas State Troops, Capt. G.C. Bettic's Comany, buried Cauble Cemetery
    57. Faubion, Tilghman Alexander H: copy of military record from Fold3 (M268), copy of obituary; Pvt Co F 12th Batt'n (Day's) Tennessee Cavalry, buried Marble Falls Cemetery
    58. Ferguson, William Marion: served 1st with Hood's Brigade, then transferred in 1863 to Brown's Battallon. Because of illness he received an honorable discharge in 1863. In February 1864  he joined Co. I, Baylor's Regiment, Tom Green Brigade. Received Texas State Pension #35853. File includes 7 pages of pension application; buried Rockvale Cemetery, obituary in file.
    59. Fewell, Granson Theodore: 1st page, Texas Confederate Pension #20094; Pvt, Co. B 2nd Mississippi Infantry, buried Dillingham Cemetery
    60. Fowler, Wiley Young: Copy of Third Frontier District muster roll, organized 24 1864, served as 2nd Lt., obit from Marble Falls Messenger 12 Mar 1917; buried Fowler Cemetery
    61. Frazier, Andrew Jackson: copy of tombstone picture with family, Texas Widow's Confederate Pension #47667 (2 pgs); Pvt, Co. G, 20th Reg't Texas Cavalry, buried Bethel Cemetery
    62. Garner, John: picture of tombstone, military record (5 pgs) from Fold3; 1st Lt Co B 3rd Batt'n Florida Cavalry, buried Shady Grove Cemetery
    63. Garner, William J: Military record (8 pgs), picture of tombstone, son of John; Corporal/Sergeant Co B 3rd Batt'n Florida Cavalry, buried Shady Grove Cemetery
    64. Garrett, James Carter: picture tombstone, Texas Confederate #47596 & Texas Widow's Pension #51096Pvt, Co. H, 1st Mounted Rifles Arkansas Infantry, buried Old Burnet Cemetery
    65. Garrett, Stephens Perry: Texas Confederate Pension #47750 (8 pgs), Texas Widow's Confederate Pension #51963 (6 pgs), copy of newspaper obit with biography; 14th Texas Light Artillery, buried Odd Fellow Cemetery
    66. Gibbs, Thomas Winchester: copy of Muster Roll card from Texas State Archives; Pvt, Co. 4 3rd Frontier, Texas State Troops, buried Mt. Zion Cemetery
    67. Gieseke, Otto:  Texas Confederate Pension #36404; Co. A, 4th Texas Infantry, Texas State Troops, buried in "Harsch" Cemetery (location unknown)
    68. Gildart, John B.: copy of obit (Burnet Bulletin 1 Dec 1910) Texas Confederate Pension #10219, military record from National Archives; Pvt/ Corporal Co. E, 21st Mississippi Infantry, transferred to Co. K, 16 Mississippi Infantry, wounded in trenches at Petersburg VA & lost part of left leg, buried unmarked grave Odd Fellows Cemetery
    69. Gray, John B.: C.S.A. Marker; buried South Gabriel Cemetery
    70. Gray, Robert W.: C.S.A. Marker; buried South Gabriel Cemetery
    71. Green, Gustavus Edward: Texas Confederate Pension #33803 (9 pgs), copy of undated obituary; Co. D 21st Reg't Texas Cavalry, buried Marble Falls City Cemetery
    72. Greer, William Brance: Texas Confederate Pension #34698 (7 pgs); Co. E, 26th Tennessee Infantry, buried Mahomet Cemetery
    73. Guthrie, James Henry: picture of tombstone; Co. K 3rd Reg't, Virginia Cavalry, buried Post Mountain Cemetery
    74. Hale, Alfred G.: Texas Confederate Pension #18720 (7 pgs); Pvt/Sgt Co. G 5th Tennessee Cavalry, buried Pleasant Valley Cemetery
    75. Hale, William B.: 1st page Texas Confederate Pension #06450; Co. C 61st Tennessee 2nd Reg't Infantry, buried Pleasant Valley Cemetery
    76. Hall, Henry Williams; obit from Marble Falls Messenger, Find-A-Grave memorial, front page + 2 add'l pages of military record from fold3, picture of Henry & wife Margaret; Pvt-Cpl Co. G, 17 Texas Infantry; buried Smithwick Cemetery
    77. Hammond, Thomas Edmonds: 3rd South Carolina Infantry, buried Odd Fellow Cemetery
    78. Harris, Marcus Dee Lafayette: picture of tombstone, copy of Muster Roll card from Texas State Archives, Roster of Confederate Home; Pvt, Co. K 19th Regt TC Cols. Burford and Watson, buried Bear Creek Cemetery
    79. Harris, Thomas R.: CSA Marker, Military Record from National Archives, Texas Confederate Pension #02310 (2 pgs), picture of tombstone from Find A Grave; Co. C 10th Texas Infantry, buried Smith Cemetery
    80. Harrod, George Moye: copy of tombstone; Co. C 1st Reg't, SC Infantry, buried Cauble Cemetery
    81. Hasty, James A.: Texas Confederate Pension #02883 (3 pgs); Co. G 17th Texas Infantry, buried Hoover's Valley Cemetery
    82. Haygood, Samuel Bertrand; obituary, Find-a-Grave memorial, military record front page + 6 add'l pages;
    83. Heffington, William Carrol: Texas Confederate Pension #46671 (5 pgs) and Widow's Pension #50555 (3 pgs); Co. I Minute Men & State Ranger Service, buried Smithwick Cemetery
    84. Heine, Henry William Sr.: picture of tombstone, copy of letter from Texas State Pension #40609 (Robert S. Calvert to Miss Mildred Webb); Pvt, Co. G, 17th Texas Infantry, buried Oatmeal Cemetery
    85. Henderson, Newton: picture of tombstone, Texas Confederate Pension #06449; Pvt Co. D 17th Reg't Texas Cavalry, buried Debo Cemete& ry
    86. Hester, Benjamin Franklin: Texas Confederate Pension #12293 (1 page); Co. B 31st Texas Cavalry, buried Odd Fellows Cemetery
    87. Hodges, Clairborne C.: Texas Confederate Pension #10848 (2 pgs); Co. A, Col. Santos Benavides Reg't Texas Cavalry, buried Bear Creek Cemetery
    88. Holland, Samuel Ely: copy of 2 Muster Roll cards from Texas State Archives, copy of "Statement of Confederate Service" from Texas State Library, Archives Division; Pvt, Texas State Frontier Troops, buried Holland Family Cemetery (See separate file on Samuel Ely Holland in vertical files)
    89. Holloway, Martin H.: NC State Archives Muster Rolls; Pvt Co. I 61st Reg't NC Infantry, buried Holloway Cemetery
    90. Hollingsworth, Joshua Stevens: CSA Marker; Co. K, 20th Alabama infantry, buried Fall Creek Cemetery (Burnet/Travis County)
    91. Hornburg, Charles M.: Pvt, Co. D, 1st Reg't Texas Cavalry (Yagers);info from "Find-A-Grave", 2 sheets from military record;  buried Smithwick Cemetery.
    92. Howell, Theodore Freelen: picture of tombstone, copy of Muster roll card from Texas State Archives; Pvt Dickson Rangers, Grimes County, Cavalry, 17th Brigade, buried Cauble Cemetery
    93. Hundley, Flavious (Flavius) Josephus: picture of tombstone, copy of letter from Deputy Clerk 6th District Court, Ouachita Parish, Louisiana (from Texas State Archives); Capt., Co K 31st LA Vol Reg't, buried Marble Falls City Cemetery (Note: Tombstone reads Franklin J. Hundley)
    94. Hutto, James Turner: picture of tombstone, CSA marker; Co. E 6th Alabama Cavalry, enlisted 14 July 1864 at Blue Mountain AL, buried Bear Creek Cemetery
    95. Hutto, John Terrell: picture of tombstone, CSA marker, Texas Confederate Pension File #49566; Pvt Co E 6th Alabama Cavalry, buried Bear Creek Cemetery
    96. Jackson, Elias: copy of muster roll card  from Texas State Archives; Pvt, Capt. Christian Dorbandt's Company for Burnet County, 3rd District, TST, record from Texas State archives; buried Smithwick Cemetery.
    97. Jennings, Fleming (or Flem) P.: CSA marker, picture of marker, Texas Widow's Pension #34086 ( Texas Vol. Infantry & Allen's (17th) Reg't Walker's Division, buried Mt. Zion Cemetery
    98. Jennings, John M.: picture of marker, picture of wife, picture of Jennings; 4th Sgt, Co. No. 4, Burnet Co., 3rd Frontier Dist,2 pgs); 16th Texas State Troops, buried Mt Zion Cemetery
    99. Jinkins, John Oliver: Texas Confederate Widow's Pension #39768 (2 pgs); Co G 26th Mississippi Infantry, buried Cauble Cemetery, Copy of Grave Dedication Ceremony, 16 Nov 2013
    100. Johnson, Thomas Jefferson: picture of tombstone, Texas Muster Roll Index card from Texas State Archives, military record from National Archives; Pvt, Burnet Guards, Cavalry Company, 27th Brigade, Texas Militia, also Sgt 6th Texas Field Battery, buried Old Burnet Cemetery
    101. Johnston, William Benjamin "Buck": picture of tombstone, Texas Confederate Widow's Pension #31110 (2 pgs), copy of obit; Co B 3rd Reg't Arizona Brigade & Co D Texas Cavalry Madison's Reg't, buried Council Creek Cemetery
    102. Key, John Willis: Texas Confederate Widow's Pension #50170 (1 pg); Co K 2nd Reg't Texas Cavalry (Mounted Rifles), buried Hairston Cemetery
    103. Kimble, Dr. Charles Chester, Sr.; partial military record from Fold 3, picture from Ancestry.com, Pvt. Co. A, 4 Texas Cavalry (4 Reg't Texas Mtd. Vols, 1 Reg't Sibley's Brig.), Buried Hairston Cemetery
    104. King, James C.: Texas Confederate Pension #36102 (1 pg), Co I 2nd Texas Cavalry Green's Brigade, buried Mt. Zion Cemetery
    105. King, William T.: Texas Confederate Pension #34486 (1 pg); Co I 2nd Texas Cavalry, buried Oatmeal Cemetery
    106. Kinser, Andrew Jackson: Military Record from National Archives, picture of tombstone, picture of Kinser from Ancestry.com; Pvt, Co. G 5th (McKenzie's) Tennessee Cavalry, buried Pleasant Valley Cemetery
    107. Knox, Henry Mack: Military record from fld3; Co B 3rd Tennessee Infantry, buried Oatmeal Cemetery 
    108. Lackey, John W. - Served as Pvt, Co. K Texas State Troops, buried Marble Falls City Cemetery. includes copy of obituary that appeared in The Burnet Bulletin 6 Dec 1906.
    109. Lacy, Ewin: picture of tombstone, copy of Muster Roll card from Texas State Archives; Pvt, 3rd Frontier District, Texas State Troops & Co B Carter's 21st Texas Cavalry, buried Pleasant Valley Cemetery
    110. Lacy, George Washington: Pvt Co B 21st Texas Cavalry, buried Marble Falls City Cemetery
    111. LaForge, Alexander: Texas Confederate Pension #3117 (1 pg); Frontier Cavalry, Capt John Barton's Company, buried Mt. Zion Cemetery
    112. Lawhorn, David W: Texas Confederate Widow's Pension #8241; Pvt,Co. I, 5th Texas Cavalry, thought to be buried in Fairland Cemetery, grave is unmarked
    113. Lewis, Henry Thomas: CSA Marker; Co A 2nd Reg't Cavalry Texas State Troops, buried Lewis Cemetery
    114. Lewis, Robert "Bob": Picture of tombstone; Co G 17th Reg't Texas Infantry, buried Oatmeal Cemetery
    115. Lewis, Thomas Bracy: picture of tombstone, copy of Muster Roll card from Texas State Archives; 3rd Corp, Mountain Guards, Burnet County 27th Brigade, Texas Militia & Capt C C Arnett's Texas Volunteer Infantry, buried Smithwick Cemetery
    116. Lewis, William W.: Newspaper article from the News-Gazette Rockbridge County, Virginia 8 Apr 2001 entitled Civil War Memories, William Lewis,Military record (12 pgs) from Fold3, picture of tombstone; Capt Co. B  5th Virginia Infantry and Co. H, 27th Virginia Infantry (Stonewall Brigade), buried Odd Fellows Cemetery
    117. Livingston, James Madison "Pine Knot": CSA marker, copy of article "Pine Knot's History of the War" UDC Magazine September 1977, "J.M. Livingston, Old Confederate Soldier, Called by Death" transcription from The Burnet Bulletin 28 Nov 1935; Pvt Co A 12th Reg't Georgia Infantry, buried Mt. Zion Cemetery
    118. Magill, William Harrison: "Cemetery to receive historical marker" from The Highlander 24 1985; Texas Frontier Guard, Burnet County/Cavalry Company 27th Brigade, buried Magill Cemetery
    119. Marrs, Alexander Manson: CSA Iron Cross (Iron Cross missing in 2012), Texas Confederate Pension #34783; Pvt, Co C Flournoy's Reg't 16th Texas, buried Marble Falls City Cemetery 
    120. May, Morris Ballaam: Military Records from Fold 3, Muster Roll Index Card from Texas State Archives, copy of obit; Sgt/Pvt, Co. H Waul's Texas Legion, buried Pebble Mound Cemetery 
    121. McCarty, Bryant Van Buren: picture of CSA marker, copy of military record from Fold3 (M227 roll 23), copy of Muster Roll Index Card from Texas State Archives; Pvt, Co. A 22nd Texas Infantry, also served with Mt. Vernon Grays, Titus County, 8th Brigade, Texas State Troops, buried Old Burnet Cemetery. (Note that information on CSA marker is incorrect in that it states Pvt US Army Confederate States Army)
    122. McCoy, Hugh: picture of tombstone; Captain Texas State Troops, buried Bethel Cemetery
    123. McFarland, George Jackson (M.D.): copy of Muster Roll card from Texas State Archives; 2nd Lt, Lone Star Guards, Burnet County Cavalry 27th Brigade, Texas Militia, buried in unmarked grave Old Burnet Cemetery
    124. McFarland, John Tate: Pvt Co. K, 19th Tennessee Infantry (was twice wounded), buried in unmarked grave, lived in Oatmeal. John Tate McFarland's Civil War Letters were published  in "The McFarlands" by Joe Osborn, copy in Dobie room of Herman Brown Free library in Burnet.
    125. McFarlin, John Green: picture of tombstone, copy of Muster Roll from Texas State Archives; Pvt, Co. B Frontier Regiment, Texas State Troops, buried South San Gabriel Cemetery; also served as Texas Ranger
    126. McGehee, George B: picture of tombstone,Texas Confederate Pension #36813 (2 pgs), obit from Burnet Bulletin 27 Jan 1927; Co. E Texas Cavalry, buried Pebble Mound Cemetery, CSA Marker
    127. McGuire, Martin P: Texas Confederate Pension #11363 and Widow's Pension #07161(1 pg each); Co. A 62nd Tennessee Infantry, buried Dobyville Cemetery
    128. Ming, Alexander Columbus: CSA Marker, copies of Death Certificates for A C Ming & Margaret Lucinda Ming, copy of article from Burnet Bulletin 6 Feb 1976 "Grandma Ming Walked to Texas"; Company C 9th Texas Cavalry, buried Mt Zion Cemetery
    129. Motley, John Thornton: picture of tombstone, CSA Marker; Co. F 30th Virginia Infantry, buried Odd Fellows Cemetery
    130. Munn, Daniel Talbert: picture of tombstone, Texas Confederate Pension #14769 (1 pg); Co. D Waul's Texas Legion & Willis Battery, buried Odd Fellows Cemetery
    131. Noble, James Patterson: picture of tombstone, Widow's Texas Confederate Pension #50617 (2 pgs), article from The Highlander 17 Feb 1972 "More Ranchers Hit by Indians"; Pvt, Co. B 21st Regt, Texas Cavalry, buried Marble Falls City Cemetery
    132. Norred, James Oliver: Military Index Card from Texas State Archives (2), picture of tombstone from Find-A-Grave website, correspondence from Gerald Watkins, copy of letter dated 4 Mar 1957 from Texas State Library giving service; Pvt Burnet Guards, Burnet County, 27th Brigade, Texas Militia, buried Hairston Cemetery
    133. Norris, Solomon: CSA Marker, 4 pages of Muster Rolls, picture of tombstone; Pvt, Co. D 1st Reg't Texas Infantry, buried Hoover's Valley Cemetery
    134. Norris, Thomas Marion: 4 pages of Muster Rolls; Pvt, Co. D 1st Reg't Texas infantry, captured at Jackson, Mississippi & interred at Camp Morton, Indianapolis, Indiana, buried Hoover's Valley Cemetery
    135. Null, Alonzo C.: picture of tombstone, copy of index from National Archives, copies of correspondence between Alpha Null Corley & Peggy Tombs; Pvt, Co. C 17th Texas Infantry (Allen's Regiment), enlisted Burleson County, buried Shady Grove Cemetery
    136. O'Hair, William: picture of tombstone; Pvt, Texas Frontier State Troops, buried Dobyville Cemetery
    137. Olney, John Tanner: picture of tombstone, Texas Confederate Pension #40122; Co. A Morgan's Reg't Texas Cavalry, buried Odd Fellow's Cemetery
    138. Pafford, Lewis Holland: Pvt, Co. B, 55th (Brown's) Reg't, Tennessee Infantry; picture of tombstone, pg 1 from military record; buried Smithwick Cemetery.
    139. Pangle, James A.: picture of tombstone, Texas Confederate Pension #24560 (5 pgs); Pvt., Co. H 5th Tennessee Cavalry Ashley's Brigade, buried Odd Fellows Cemetery
    140. Pangle, Joseph Frederick: picture of tombstone, Bio as published in Ancestry.com including photograph of Pangle in uniform; Co. H, 5th Tennessee Cavalry, Ashby's Brigade, buried Odd Fellows Cemetery
    141. Pankey, George T.: picture of tombstone, copy of Muster Roll card from Texas State Archives, Texas Confederate Widow's Pension #10600; Pvt, Burnet County Guards, Cavalry, 27th Brigade, buried Hairston Cemetery
    142. Pankey, Philander P.: picture of tombstone, copy of Muster Roll Index Card (3) from Texas State Archives; Pvt, Texas Frontier Troops, 3rd District, buried Old Burnet Cemetery
    143. Parker, Logan J.: Cpt, Co. F, 22nd Texas Infantry; pg 1 from military record; buried Smithwick Cemetery
    144. Parmer, Isam (Isom Minter Palmer): picture of tombstone, CSA marker, Texas Confederate Widow's Pension #17683; Pvt, Co. C 2nd Reg't Texas Infantry, buried Marble Falls City Cemetery; copy of email, dated 29 Aug 2012, from Tom Hester of Utopia explaining correct name
    145. Pate, Moses A.: Texas Confederate Pension #33592 (1 pg); Pvt, Co. D (D) 22nd Arkansas Infantry & E Kings Reg't, buried Cauble Cemetery
    146. Pearce, George Washington: picture of tombstone, copies of correspondence from J. J. M. Smith of Mountain Remnant Brigade S.C.V. to G W Pearce (from Texas Archives Pension File #47732), National Archives Index Card; Co. G, 21st Texas Cavalry, buried South San Gabriel Cemetery
    147. Peppers, William M.; Pvt, 29th Brigade, Home Guards; record from Texas State Archives,  info from "Find-A-Grave; buried Richland Cemetery.
    148. Perry, Henry G.: Texas Confederate Application #49372 (5 pgs), Roll of Capt. C. C. Arnett's Company, Texas Volunteer Infantry; as printed in unknown newspaper, "Pioneer 89, Dances Jig for his Friends" Bertram Enterprise 6 Jan 1927; Corpl, Co. G, 17th Regiment Texas Infantry, buried Smith Cemetery
    149. Phillips, John Rufus: picture of tombstone, Texas Confederate Widow's Pension # 34417 (3 pgs); Co. K, McCord's Reg't, Frontier Texas Cavalry, buried Tobey Cemetery in Fairland
    150. Piper, James Alexander: picture of tombstone, C.S.A. marker; Co. C, 19th Texas Cavalry, buried Smith Cemetery
    151. Pogue, Robert Haynes: Texas Confederate Widow's Pension #27711 (2 pgs); Co. D, 22nd Alabama Infantry, buried Fairland Cemetery
    152. Powell, William Jackson: picture of tombstone, Texas Confederate Pension #07831 (Hill County) (1 pg); Co. A 21st Arkansas Infantry, buried South Gabriel Cemetery
    153. Preston, Samuel Adam, picture of tombstone, Widow's Texas Confederate Pension #21216 (1 pg); Co. I, 24th Texas Cavalry under Capt B F Fly, buried Odd Fellows Cemetery
    154. Priest, John Meardy: Co. E 3rd Arkansas Cavalry, buried Tobey Cemetery near Oakalla
    155. Prince, Henry Franklin: picture of tombstone, Military record copied from Fold3, Texas Confederate Widow's Pension (rejected) (2 pgs), copy of widow's obituary from Burnet Bulletin 2 May 1907; Pvt, Co. B (Johnson's Company), 37th Arkansas Infantry, buried Odd Fellows Cemetery
    156. Ramsey, Alexander: Muster Roll Card from Texas State Archives; Pvt, , Company No. 4 (Capt John Barton), 3rd Frontier District, Texas State Troops, buried Ramsey Cemetery
    157. Ramsey, Francis Alexander: Texas Confederate Widow's Pension #00579 (4 pgs); W C Kains Battery, Tennessee Artillery, Buried Cauble Cemetery
    158. Ramsower, Edward M.: picture of tombstone, C.S.A. marker, information from U.D.C. files; Co. G, 29th Reg't Texas Cavalry, buried Odd Fellows Cemetery
    159. Ray, Richard Phillip "Dick": picture of tombstone, Texas Confederate Pension #51856 (1 pg); Capt Jake Bennett's Company A, buried Bear Creek Cemetery
    160. Ray, William Peter: Texas Confederate Pension #47476 (4 pgs including Mortuary Warrant); Pvt, Co. H 8th Reg't Tennessee Cavalry, buried Bear Creek Cemetery
    161. Ricketson, Aaron: CSA marker, 1 pg from Texas State Archives Adjutant General File (not on CSA),  Pg 258 Burnet County History, Vol II; buried . Cemetery
    162. Riggs, David Anderson: Texas Confederate Veterans Pension #46033 (1 pg); Co. A (Tom Poe's), Alabama Cavalry, buried Cauble Cemetery
    163. Riggs, George Calvin: picture of tombstone (with family), Texas Confederate Pension #38272 (2 pgs); Co. A 8th Regiment, Alabama Cavalry, Hatch's Division, captured 9 Apr 1865 at Blakely, Alabama, buried Cauble Cemetery
    164. Risinger, William: picture of tombstone, Texas Confederate Pension #47337 (2 pgs), copy of Oath of Allegiance; Pvt Co. E, 2nd Infantry Batt'n, Waul's Texas Legion, captured 4 July 1863 at Vicksburg MS & paroled 9 July 1863, buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery
    165. Robbins, George L.: picture of tombstone, Texas Confederate Pension Application #7864 (3 pgs); Co. B 30th Texas Cavalry, buried Alexander Cemetery
    166. Ross, Arthur Anderson: Texas Confederate Pension #7978 (6 pgs), Texas Confederate Widow's Pension #17394 (7 pgs); Co. E, Hobby's 8th Texas Infantry, buried Bear Creek Cemetery
    167. Ross, John Alfred: CSA marker, Texas Confederate Pension #8858 (13 pgs), Texas Confederate Widow's Pension #34020 (12 pgs); Co. C Mann's Reg't, Texas Cavalry, General Index Card from National Archives, buried Old Burnet Cemetery
    168. Russell, James Madison: copy of Military Record from Fold3 (4 pgs), copy of obituary; Pvt, Co. A 13th Texas Vols (cavalry, artillery, infantry), buried South San Gabriel Cemetery
    169. Russell, John Henry: picture of tombstone, Militia file from Texas State Archives (5 pages) copy of photograph of John & wife Elizabeth; Pvt, Burnet County Rangers, Frontier Guard, buried Mahomet Cemetery
    170. Samford, James Gregory: picture of tombstone, copy of photograph of 2 Samford brothers along with James Boyd & Samford nephew, copy of article entitled "J G Samford Almost a Centenarian"; Love's Co, Cabell's Brigade, Arkansas, buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery
    171. Samford, William King: picture of tombstone, Muster Roll Card from Texas State Archives (see J G Samford file for picture); Pvt, Co. E Llano County, Allen's Regt, TVI, 31st Brigade, buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery
    172. Scott, Henry: Muster Roll Card from Texas State Archives; Lone Star Guards, Burnet County, Cavalry, 27th Brigade Texas Militia; also served in Slayback's Regiment Co. G, 1st Missouri Cavalry; buried in unmarked grave (possibly Oatmeal Cemetery)
    173. Shell, George Washington: Texas Confederate Pension #26282 (13 pgs), Widow's Texas Confederate Pension #31978 (8 pgs); Pvt Co. I 26th North Carolina Infantry, buried Mahomet Cemetery
    174. Sherrard, John Broome: picture of tombstone giving military service; Major Co. K, 13th Virginia Infantry, buried Odd Fellows Cemetery
    175. Shipp, William P.: picture of tombstone, military record from National Archives; Pvt, Co I 25th Reg't Alabama Infantry, buried Odd Fellows Cemetery
    176. Sims, William Ellot: picture of tombstone: In an application for a pension Sims stated he was a member of Co F 9th Tennessee Cavalry; the application was made to the US government. The pension was denied because Sims was not found in the Union records. A search of the Confederate records do not find Sims.  Buried Pleasant Valley Cemetery
    177. Sims, William H.: picture of tombstone, Texas Muster Roll card from Texas State Archives, newspaper article 31 Aug 1876 "The Murder of Captain W. H. Sims"; Capt, Texas State Frontier Troops, buried Dobyville Cemetery
    178. Singleton, John Starling: picture of tombstone, Widow's Texas Confederate Pension #35221 (1 pg); Co. H  11th Arkansas Mounted infantry, buried Odd Fellows Cemetery
    179. Smart, John White: picture of tombstones, Widow's Texas Confederate Pension #14773 (1 pg copy of letter from Robert S. Calvert to Dr. J S Swinney); Sgt Co A, Sims Batt'n Beard's Reg't Texas Cavalry,  enlisted in Marlin, Falls County, buried Odd Fellows Cemetery
    180. Smith, Fielden Stephens: copy of Muster Roll Index Card from Texas State Archives, picture of tombstone; Pvt Co D 1st Regiment, Mounted Vols, buried Bear Creek Cemetery
    181. Smith, J.J.M.: C.S.A. marker; 31st Georgia infantry, buried Old Burnet Cemetery
    182. Sparlin, John: Widow's Texas Confederate Pension #50765 (1 pg); Co. H 16th Reg't Missouri Infantry, buried Holland Cemetery
    183. Spitler, William Marion: picture of tombstone, Widow's Texas Confederate Pension #21454 (2 pgs); 1st Sgt Co. G 21st Texas Cavalry, buried Odd Fellows Cemetery
    184. Standifer, William Johnson: picture of tombstone, Muster Roll Card from Texas State Archives, 6-page history of W.J., photo of Standifer from Ancestry.com; 2nd Lt Co. E, Norris' Reg't, Texas State Troops, buried Dobyville Cemetery
    185. Stewart, Benjamin Hansford: C.S.A. marker, picture of family tombstone, Muster Roll Card from Texas State Archives; Pvt, 1st Reg't Texas Infantry, buried Mahomet Cemetery
    186. Stewart, Christopher Columbus: picture of CSA marker from Ancestry.com, Texas Confederate Pension #20492 (6 pgs), Texas widow's Pension #31003 (5 pgs); Cpl Co. G, 17th Texas Infantry, buried Mahomet Cemetery
    187. Stinnett, George: picture of CSA Marker; Pvt, Co. B 31st Reg't Texas Cavalry, buried Smithwick Cemetery
    188. Talley, Jacob Cox: Pvt, Co. C, Flournoy's Reg't, 16th Texas Infantry;3 pgs military record; buried Smithwick Cemetery.
    189. Taylor, A. C.: Texas Confederate Pension #05972 (1 pg); Co. C 3rd Reg't 7th Texas Cavalry, buried Cauble Cemetery
    190. Taylor, William Washington: Widow's Texas Confederate Veterans Pension (3 pgs rejected), picture of Taylor from Ancestry.com; 11th Brigade, Texas Militia Infantry, Capt G Gibson's Company, buried Bear Creek Cemetery
    191. Terry, J. M.: Texas Confederate Pension Application #14775 (4 pgs); Pvt, Co. H 54th Alabama Infantry, buried Marble Falls City Cemetery
    192. Thomas, Elisha Franklin: picture of tombstone, Widow's Texas Confederate Pension Application #47143 (2 pgs); Co. B 21st Texas Cavalry, buried Odd Fellow's Cemetery
    193. Thompson, William Riley: picture of tombstones, picture of Thompson as a young man, Texas Confederate Veteran Pension Application #33295 (1 pg), The Picayune 7 Jan 1991 articles on Thompson; Pvt Co. I 10th Texas Dismounted Cavalry, buried Rockvale Cemetery 
    194. Thorp, Charles Francis Marion: "Thorp Family" history from Burnet County History Vol. II; Co. B 3rd Tennessee Infantry, buried Oatmeal Cemetery
    195. Tobey, Samuel: Muster Roll card from Texas State Archives; Pvt, Mountain Guards, TC Burnet County, 27th Brigade, buried Tobey Cemetery (Tobeyville)
    196. Traweek, Baley: CSA Marker, Muster Roll Index Card from Texas State Archives; Cpl Texas 2nd Frontier district, buried Cauble Cemetery
    197. Traweek, Henry Pernal: Widow's Texas Confederate Pension #37755 (1 pg), Hood's Texas Brigade Association certificate, picture of tombstone; Co. C 5th Regiment Hood's Texas Brigade, surrendered Appomattox Courthouse 9 Apr 1865, buried Odd Fellows Cemetery
    198. Tucker, George W: military record (from National Archives), family history written by Esther Pogue; Co G, Young's Regiment (8th) Texas Infantry (became 12the Texas Infantry), buried Fairland Cemetery
    199. Tucker, S. A.: Widow's Texas Confederate Pension #17390 (1 pg), Pvt, Co. H 16th Texas Cavalry, later Co. B, U.C.V. on tombstone, buried Dillingham Cemetery
    200. Vaughn, Thomas Davis: Muster Roll card from Texas State Archives, picture of tombstone; Capt. Burnet County Minutemen Texas State Troops, buried Bear Creek Cemetery
    201. Wallis, John M.: Texas Confederate Pension File #9159 (10 pgs), copies 1900 Rusk County, Texas census, 1920 Burnet County census, 1930 Burnet County Census; Pvt Co. D 31st Regt. Alabama, wounded Atlanta, Georgia, buried Tobey (Fairland) Cemetery
    202. Wallis, Samuel Wesley: picture of tombstone, Texas Confederate Pension #37752 (8 pgs); Pvt. Co. K 2nd Louisiana Infantry, captured at the Wilderness May 12, 1864, buried Odd Fellow Cemetery
    203. Warden, Jesse William: picture of tombstone, Muster Roll card from Texas State Archives (2); Pvt, 3rd Frontier District Texas State Troops & 27th Brigade, buried Bear Creek Cemetery
    204. Whitley, Joseph Benton: CSA Marker (photograph from Find-A-Grave), Texas Confederate Pension #12318 (6 pgs), Widow's Texas Confederate Pension #29907, military record from National Archives; Pvt. Co. F Ham's 16th Regt, Mississippi Cavalry, buried Mahomet Cemetery
    205. Wilkinson, Joseph William: Texas Confederate Pension #47911 (5 pgs), copy of obit, letters from Elmo Ledbetter; buried Bear Creek Cemetery
    206. Williams, John D.: Widow's Texas Confederate Pension #00581 (1 pg); Co. K Col James McCord's Regt & Capt O'Brien's Company, buried Hoover's Valley Cemetery
    207. Williams, Jonathan: Muster roll card from Texas State Archives; Pvt, Texas State Troops, Co. C, Capt W. J. Standifer, buried Mahomet Cemetery
    208. Williams, William Ervin: C.S.A Marker; Pvt, Co. A 12th Reg't Mississippi Cavalry, buried Mt. Moriah Cemetery
    209. Williams, William Monroe: Widow's Texas Confederate Pension #47898 (4 pgs) copy 1910 Burnet County Census; Pvt Co. I 29th Reg't, Texas Cavalry, buried Hoover's Valley Cemetery
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    211. Wolf, Thomas Springs: Militia File Card from Texas State Archives, picture of tombstone, handwritten history of Thomas and family by Betty Jo Kleen; Pvt 3rd Frontier District, Texas State Troops, Burnet County, buried Dobyville Cemetery
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    Cottonwood Shores
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    Courts and Judicial Systems
    • Burnet Bulletin October 5, 2005 Dan Mills appointed to 424th District Court

    Cox Crossing -

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    Cypress Mills Community

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