History and Community Vertical Files

The following links are to an inventory of all folders in the vertical file of the Herman Brown Free Library, Burnet, Texas, which contain historical or community information.    Surname folders are inventoried at another site.

Volunteers with the Burnet County Genealogical Society compiled these inventories as a service to the community and continue to update them.  If you have Burnet County information you'd like to share, please send to the society in care of the library, 100 E. Washington St., Burnet Texas 78611.

Click on the alphabet character below to take you to the inventory of the files beginning with that letter OR
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If you wish to obtain copies of the files, you may contact the Burnet County Genealogical Society at

for more information.

Volunteers with the society can make copies for you for a small fee, which includes copy and postage costs.

You can view the index and inventory of the library's Surname files at this link:  http://sites.google.com/site/surnamefiles/

For more information about Burnet County Genealogy, please go to

Burnet County Texas GenWeb