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This very old postcard is looking east down, what is now, US Highway 20.
The courthouse can be seen at the very right edge (built 1904) and
the old jail right behind it. Off in the distance is the old St. Mary's Catholic Church .
The message on this card (dtd Apr 16, 1913) says (in part),
"Dear Edna. I got here last night am going out on the stage this morning. RLW"
"Supply Tanks at Rushville Neb"
Unknown how old this postcard is, but both of these towers are now
long gone. These were behind and east of Rabeler Chevrolet (now
Stockman's Financial Center). View is looking north.
South side of 2nd Street (now Highway 20), looking east, on the
 block where the Post Office is currently located.  Note the store
"Candy Kid", which is the business that published the two
Multiview postcards featured on my Rushville pages.  Photo taken 1904.

Bank of Rushville
According to the Century of Progress (1985), the Bank of Rushville was
the first bank, established by H. A. Chamberlain.  This bank was located
on the north side of Second Street, east of the Commercial Hotel.
(click on photo for larger view)
Courtesy Armstrong House of Rushville Nebraska

Quite the curiousity... a $10 bill from the Stockman's Bank, dated 1908.
Note that the bill is signed by A. M. Modisett.

City Hall and Waterworks, Rushville Nebraska
Great photo!  View is from just west of the present courthouse, looking west along
Second Street (Highway 20).  Old courthouse is seen to the right, as well
as the old water tower. If you enlarge the photo, you can see the fire bell.
At the time the photo was taken, the gazebo existed, as well as a building
on the north-west corner of Main and Second.  I would date this to pre-1909.
(click on the photo for a larger view)
Courtesty Armstrong House Museum of Rushville Nebraska
Original Rushville Post Office.  Built in 1915 at the corner of 2nd Street (Hiway 20) and Loofborrow.
The building is now used for Hollstein law office.  Photo by Ray.
The caption states "Last Corn Show August 21, 1925", but seems unlikely.
Even with Nebraska's unpredictable weather, the people are wearing coats
and there is snow on the roof of the theater building.
More likely, the photo was taken in November, as I've seen a photo from
the first Corn Show dated November 1923.

(click on photo for larger view)
Courtesy Armstrong House Museum of Rushville Nebraska.
View of 2nd Street (Highway 20), looking west.
The building to the immediate right is the Gourley Opera House
(a.k.a Plains Theater).  Next to Opera House is the Rushville Garage. 
To the left of the Garage is the original building used as the county courthouse
until the new courthouse was built in 1904.  If you look closely, the movie showing at
the theater is "His Mother's Boy" with Charles Ray.  That movie (a silent)
was released in 1917.  The electric power plant, also built by Gourley, was located
behind the Opera House.
The Gourley Opera House is listed on the Register of Historic Buildings.

Photo likely taken from on top of the old water tower.
The roof of the Gourley Opera House is seen in the foreground, as well as
the old Methodist church.  In the distance is the St Mary's Catholic Church.
Smoke can be seen coming from the courthouse, which indicates the photo
was taken in the winter. 
Courtesy of Armstrong House Museum of Rushville Nebraska.

Another view of the Rushville Garage and Gourley Theater.
There is a Ford Model T sitting in front of the garage.
Along the left edge of the photo, you can see the old courthouse building.
(click on the photo for a larger view)
Courtesy Armstrong House Museum of Rushville Nebraska

2'nd Street - Rushville 1917 (photo by Ray)
View of Second Street, looking east.  Cars all look to be Model T's (early traffic jam).
Old Methodist Church in center of photo.
(click on photo for larger view)
Courtesy Armstrong House of Rushville Nebraska

Gourley Opera House.
Too bad the photo doesn't have a bit more detail, it would be fun to
see what was being shown at the time.
Courtesty Armstrong House Museum of Rushville Nebraska.
View of Second Street, looking west.  Likely taken on the corner in front of the old
courthouse.  Fire bell seen to the right.  This looks to be from 1910s or 1920s.
(click on photo for larger view)
Courtesy of Armstrong House of Rushville Nebraska

Second Street, looking east.  Commercial Hotel along the left edge.
Cars look to be from the 1920s or early 1930s.

(click on photo for larger view)
Courtesy Armstrong House Museum of Rushville Nebraska

View of Highway 20, looking east.  The building at left is the
Chevy dealer (later Rabeler Chevrolet in the 1970s/1980s). 
In the distance, the old courthouse and the Methodist church
can be seen.  Photo taken in the mid-1930s.
Snow Storm, May 1 1911
Correction: Originally, I thought this photo was taken on South Main, looking south.  However, I now
realize that this was taken on the south side of Second Street (Highway 20), looking east.  The church
in the distance is the Methodist Church.  The building that the men are standing in front of has the
following sign "J. F. McFarland Real Estate and Land.  Good Cheap Land a Specialty".
Need a little better idea of where this was taken?  You are standing approximately in front of the post office,
looking to the east. 
Photo by B. F. Ray.

Photo of the Corner Station (left) and Main Street, looking to the north-west.
The '49 blizzard was the biggest storm of the past 100 years. 

Another postcard from the 1949 Blizzard.
The Plains Theater was showing "Green Grass of Wyoming", starring Peggy Cummins,
Charles Coburn and Burl Ives (released 1948).  The blizzard started on Jan 2, 1949 and
lasted for 3 days, with winds up to 65 mph. 
(click on the photo for a larger image)

German M. E. Church
This church was located on Loofborrow street (one block east of
Main Street, two blocks south of Highway 20).  At one time, there were two
Methodist churches in Rushville - this church and the Methodist
church at Sprague and Highway 20. 
My great-grandfather Joseph Warren Hindman's burial service was held
in this church on May 10, 1924.
  (Photo by Ray).
Postcard (circa 1940) showing Morse Memorial Methodist Church. Dedicated 1937.
This church is catty-corner from the courthouse.  Photo by Purdy.
Masonic Hall (circa 1940). This building is now used for the public library.
This building is across the street to the west of the courthouse.  Photo by Purdy.
Early view of the Rushville depot.  Rushville was served originally by the Fremont,
Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad Company in 1885.
Photo taken of the depot in 1970, prior to demolition.  Quite a bit
of history came through this building over the years. 

Rushville Roller Mills
Located to the north of the railroad tracks, west side of Main.
Not sure when this was torn down.
Courtesy of Armstrong House of Rushville Nebraska

Not too far to the north and west of the roller mill was the old Dewing brick yard.
It would be nice to know how many brick still exist within buildings still standing.
Note the pile of wood to the right of the building (and the holes along the bottom
of the building).  The building was obviously the kiln for drying/curing the bricks.
(Click on photo for a larger view)

Courtesy of Armstrong House of Rushville Nebraska

Sioux Indian Camp, 1910
Photo by B.F. Ray
For many years, Indians would camp north of Rushville and would work on farms and do manual labor.

Detail from the photo above, showing what looks to be the log cabin that still stands north of Rushville.

Harvesting potatoes.
Photo by B.F. Ray.
Detail from Multiview postcard showing freighting outfit.  The Pine Ridge
Reservation is located 20 miles north of town and goods were shipped into 
Rushville via the railroad, then freighted to the reservation.  This view is
looking east along 2nd Street (now Highway 20) towards the old courthouse.
The edge of the Commercial Hotel is to the left and the old wooden water
tower can also be seen.  
Photo by L. W. Snow of Columbus, Nebraska.
This is a very interesting photo of a 1925 flood.  A torrent of flood waters is
shown washing down Third Street, heading west (towards what would be the
current location of the swimming pool).  I understand that a lake once stood in
that location named Savage Lake.  I have never seen a photo of the lake. The 
photo was taken looking north along Main Street.
Exaggeration postcard showing the size of the corn in
western Nebraska!
"My First School"... contributed by the descendents of Carl Thompson.
This photo shows the early District 14 school (also known as the King-Stava school), located
5-6 miles north and west of Rushville, Nebraska.  The reverse of this photo contained the
following names:
Lizzie Musselman, Musselman, Ina Galpin (Galfin? Galfrin?), Carl Galpin,
Henry Jacobson, Julia Jacobson, Charly Baker and Baker.
By researching the names on the reverse, I found that Henry Jacobson was born in 1876, so he
would be one of the children in the photo.  Additionally, the 1960 Sheridan County history
booklet "Soddies to Satellites" lists Carl Thompson as an early teacher of the King-Stava school.
Therefore, I would certainly date this photo to around 1885-1888, with Carl Thompson
shown as the teacher (and his handwriting noting "My First School").
My father attended the District 14 school (non-log cabin version) in the 1920s-1930s.
West edge of Rushville, looking southwest.  The white house on the right center
was my grandparent's house for 30+ years.  In 1920, the house was obviously
on the edge of the prairie. 
SD Butcher photograph looking northwest from Sprague and 3rd Street.
The wooden watertower can by seen at center and the old fire bell can be
seen just to the left of the pole at center.  I'm fairly certain that the house
at left was the Oscar F Farman home at the time of this photo.  Farman
was Rushville's first druggist, opening a drug store around 1885.  According
to Recollections of Sheridan County, Farman had already built his first home at
the time that he was courting his future wife in 1888-1989.  The above photo is slightly
different than a photo of the home dated 1890, this one showing an addition on the
south side of the home.  This house is the current Lloyd Hinn house (which had
a major fire July 2008).  Above photo would date from 1900 to 1910.  Farman
sold his house in 1913 and moved to Lincoln, Nebraska for health reasons.

Armstrong House (located on Second Street)
Current home of the museum.

Louis Abold Home
Courtesy of Armstrong House of Rushville Nebraska

Residences of Jordan employees, including that of Manager Coffey (above)
The Jordan store was on the north end of Main (east side).
These homes were located on Loofborrow, which is directly
behind the Jordon store.  See the photo below (2012) showing
the same houses. 
Courtesy of Armstrong House of Rushville Nebraska
J. D. Scott home
Courtesy of Armstrong House of Rushville Nebraska

Residence of Dr Wilson
The house still stands at the corner of Rickley and Nelson streets.

Mystery Photos Solved!
This house stood on South Main and was at one time owned by the
Jim Turman family.  I have seen other photos from the Turman
family that confirmed that it is the same house! 

Aerial View of Rushville 1951-54 era...
Great shot of Rushville (not Alliance, as originally labeled)
When was the photo taken???
The new water tower is present (authorized 1950, built 1951).
The old water tower is still standing.
The high school has an open field behind it (auditorium built ~1956)
Stockman's National Bank building on corner has not yet been built.
The Wefso Drug building still looks to be two stories (and pre-stucco... completed 1954)
Click on photo for larger image!
Courtesy of Armstrong House of Rushville Nebraska

Detail from 1951-54 photo
Courtesy of Armstrong House of Rushville Nebraska

Detail from 1951-54 photo

Courtesy of Armstrong House of Rushville Nebraska

Click on photo for larger image.
Detail from 1951-54 photo
Courtesy of Armstrong House of Rushville Nebraska

Click on photo for larger image
Detail from 1951-54 photo
Courtesy of Armstrong House of Rushville Nebraska


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