Hindman Photos

Hindman History Photos

All photos taken in the Hay Springs and Rushville Nebraska area.


Claude and Elsa Hindman with
sons Ivan (left) and Vernon.
Photo taken late 1929 or 1930.
Vernon (left) and Ivan in front of the A-house (which
held corncobs and kindling).
Photo taken in mid-1930s.
Claude Hindman (far right).
The Model A on the left (license plate 61-64) is
the Hindman family car.

Claude Hindman holding baby Ivan, with Vernon.
Photo taken 1930.

Claude Hindman with son Ivan.
Photo taken ~1933
Elsa Hindman with sons Vernon (left) and Ivan.
Photo taken early 1940s.

Great photo of Vernon Hindman with team of horses and farm implement.
Photo likely taken in late 1940s at Claude Hindman farm.

Claude and Elsa Hindman with sons Vernon and Ivan.
Photo from late 1940s or early 1950s

Ivan Hindman, Eleonora and Vernon Hindman in front of Claude Hindman home.
Photo from early 1950s.

Claude and Elsa Hindman with Connie (left) and Elin (right).
Connie is daughter of Ivan, Elin is daughter of Vernon.
Photo taken late 1955 or early 1956.
Photo was taken in the home of Vernon Hindman (built in early 1950s
prior to Vernon and Eleonora getting married).

Hindman Christmas 1961.  From left to right... Vernon, Connie, Ivan, Shirley,
Elsa and Claude.  Claude died early in 1962.
Photo taken in Vernon and Eleonora Hindman home.

Claude and Elsa Hindman with grandchildren.
From left: Evan (me!), Richard, Connie and Elin.

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