Claude Hindman

Claude and Elsa on their wedding day, December 16, 1919.

Claude Franklin Hindman Family History

Claude Hindman (my grandfather), son of Joseph Hindman, lived his entire life near Hay Springs, Nebraska. In those days, sons of farmers became farmers.


(Top) Farm of Claude and Elsa Hindman.
(Bottom) Claude and Elsa with granddaughter Elin.

He married Elsa Steltenpohl (full name Elsa Anna Eliza Henrietta Steltenpohl), daughter of Henry Steltenpohl, on December 16, 1919 in Sheridan County, Nebraska. Claude and Elsa lived on their farm NE of Hay Springs, Nebraska which adjoined his father Joseph's land. Claude built the house where he and Elsa raised their sons Vernon (my father) and Ivan.

Claude died May 28, 1962 of leukemia. He is buried in the Rushville Cemetery, Nebraska.

Elsa moved to Rushville after Claude died and lived in a little house on the south end of Main Street for many years. She enjoyed tending to her garden, watched a little television (always turned off when she had company), and did a little baking (she made the best chocolate cookies with white icing!).

As the years passed, Elsa began to show the effects of Alzheimer's Disease. In the mid-1970s, she was unable to continue living by herself in her house. She moved to the Rushville Nursing Home and over the next few years, completely lost her memory.

Elsa died September 26, 1983 at the age of 88. She is buried in the Rushville Cemetery, Nebraska.

I've added some of the old Hindman photos.

The John Howe Family History is now available online! This contains both Howe and Hindman information.

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