Joseph Warren Hindman

Joseph Hindman Family History

Joseph Hindman (my great grandfather), son of William Mathews Hindman, was born in Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania, May 17, 1853 and was united in marriage to Mary Della Howe on July 11, 1878. Joseph and Mary moved their family from Corsica, PA to Sheridan Co, Nebraska in March of 1890, where they homesteaded northeast of Hay Springs. Mary died Jan 13, 1899 (age 37) of heart failure, leaving Joseph with 7 children to raise (youngest being age 4). Joseph died at the home of his son, William, in Hay Springs on May 10, 1924, at the age of 70 years, 11 months and 23 days. All but one of his living children were at his side when he died.

I've added the contents of the Joseph Warren Hindman ledger containing names and birth/death dates of 3 generations of Hindmans (from John Hindman to Joseph Hindman).

The John Howe Family History is now available online! This contains both Howe and Hindman information.

The obituary for Mary Della Howe is available on the Obit page.

Joseph Warren Hindman homestead
Approximately 1910s
This likely shows the first Hindman house.
(click on image for closer view... See Joseph Warren in chair)

Joseph and Mary's union was blessed with 9 children:

Charles Dallas Hindman (born July 24, 1879 in Jefferson Co., PA. Died Sept 9, 1941.)

James Emery Hindman (born May 4, 1881 in Jefferson Co., PA. Died Sept 13, 1947.)

Samuel Abiga Hindman (born Jan 8, 1883 in Jefferson Co., PA. Died Feb 28, 1959.)

Mabel Caroline Hindman (born Aug 15, 1884 in Jefferson Co., PA. Died Dec 17, 1884 in Jefferson Co., PA.). Mabel died of whooping cough at the age of 3 months.

Minnie Ann Hindman (born Nov 24, 1885 in Jefferson Co., PA.)

Harry Hindman (born Mar 8, 1887 in Jefferson Co., PA. Died Nov 8, 1889 in Jefferson Co., PA.). Harry died of burns at the age of 20 months. A newspaper clipping from the time states, "A twenty-month old child of Mr. and Mrs. (Joseph) Warren Hindman was burned to death last Friday morning, while Mr. and Mrs. Hindman were attending to some chores about the barn. On Mrs. Hindman's return, she found the child lying on the floor with its clothes all burned off and its body horribly burned. He lived about two hours, when death came to his relief."

William Clyde Hindman (born July 1890 in Hay Springs, NE. Died Oct 14, 1960 in Rushville, NE.)

Claude Franklin Hindman (born May 13, 1892 in Hay Springs, NE. Died May 28, 1962 in Hay Springs, NE.)

Michael Wade Hindman (born Aug 8, 1894 in Hay Springs, NE.)

Joseph Warren Hindman's corn planter hangs
in the Sheridan County Historical Museum in Rushville, Nebraska.
The card reads, "Corn Planter brought from Pennsylvania in
1885 by Joseph Hindman. Mr Hindman was an early day settler of Sheridan County.
Donated by Charles Skoda"

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