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Hindman Family Tree


Joseph Warren Hindman (in chair) and sons Bill, Sam and Mike enjoy a sunny afternoon.
Photo taken ~1910 on farm NE of Hay Springs, Nebraska.

Hindman History

I'll attempt to present a brief history of the Hindman family, starting with the original immigrant, David Hindman. I have been able to piece together a number of articles and stories about the early Hindman family, but there were a number of inconsistencies in names, dates and events.  I have done my best to compile the histories as best as I can.

NEW (May 2016) - A long-time goal to visit Corsica Pennsylvania finally happened!  Photos of the original Hindman homestead and cemetery visit!

Old photos from the Hindman archives!

Here is an overview of my family tree from the original Hindman immigrant to me! Click on each marriage to see their history and children...

David Hindman (abt 1735-1802) married Agnes Linville (b. 1734)

John Hindman (abt 1763-1860) married Sarah Mathews (d. 1847)

William Mathews Hindman (b. 1806) married Mary Ann Bunker (1816-1860)

Joseph Warren Hindman (1853-1924) married Mary Della Howe (1861-1899)

Claude Franklin Hindman (1892-1962) married Elsa Anna Steltenpohl (1895-1983)

Vernon Nelson Hindman (1924-1983) married Eleonora Gay Rasmussen (1934- )

Evan Nelson Hindman (1956- ) married Sharon Lee Ellis (1958- )


I've added the contents of the Joseph Warren Hindman ledger containing names and birth/death dates from the John Hindman, William Mathews Hindman and Joseph Hindman families.

Also of Hindman family interest is the Hindman Family Convention and Hindman Family History articles from the Jeffersonian Democrat (dtd 1896).

In 1960, Emma Katherine Howe (last surviving child of John and Caroline Howe), wrote a comprehensive history of the John Howe family and their descendents (which includes LOTS of Hindman information). Considering the efforts that Emma Katherine Howe made to write this history and to send a copy to each known descendent, I think that she would be pleased that it will now be available to many more generations!

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