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The Genealogy and Some History of the John Howe Family


It was not until the early part of this year, 1960, that I began to wonder how many descendants of my parents, John and Caroline Howe, had been born in the last hundred years since their marriage in 1860. Hence research began and numerous letters have been written to nieces and nephews, many of whom I have never seen, but some of whom I have corresponded with through the years, and from whom I have occasionally received photographs and gifts. Interested grandchildren and great grandchildren have cooperated with me and so I have been able to trace most of the descendants of five generations. The correspondence which this work has entailed has proved most interesting, and resulted in a visit this past summer from my grandniece, Leta Read English and her husband, from British Columbia, whom I had never seen.

The writer who has traced this history is the last surviving member of the immediate family of John and Caroline Howe, and this record has been compiled for all interested persons referred to herein.
Herein are some statistics concerning the late John and Caroline Howe that have been collected and are now dedicated to my nieces and nephews,
the Hindmans
the Orcutts
the Howes
the Browns
who have brought joy and happiness to the writer for many years.
Emma Katherine Howe


The following are the names I remember of my father's and mother's families:
Abraham Howe married Barbara Yearty. They were the parents of four sons and four daughters:
John Howe                 Katherine Howe Kline Disler
George Howe             Elizabeth Howe Wyant
Jacob Howe               Mary Ann Howe Bunker
Samuel Howe             Jane Howe Brisbin

William Reitz married Mary Lease. They were the parents of five Sons and five daughters:
Daniel L. Reitz            Caroline Reitz Howe
Levi L. Reitz                Sarah Reitz Berkhouse
Peter L. Reitz              Suzanne Reitz Swab
Morris L. Reitz             Margaret Reitz Shaffer
Jonathon L. Reitz        Lydia Reitz Spare

John Howe, born Oct. 21, 1828, died June 19, 1908 married on Oct. 21, 1860, to Caroline Reitz, born July 4, 1838, died March 5, 1912. They were the parents of six daughters and one son:
Mary Della Howe,    born July 31, 1861,    died Jan. 13, 1899
Barbara Ann Howe, born Nov. 8, 1862,     died Feb. 7, 1929
Emery Elmer Howe, born Feb. 19, 1864,   died April 28, 1898
Jeanette Howe,        born Sept. 4, 1865,    died Nov. 18, 1948
Sarah Elizabeth Howe, born June 24, 1867, died Dec. 25, 1894
Nina Alice Howe,      born June 23, 1869,   died Jan. 30, 1875
Emma Katherine Howe, born April 29, 1874

Abraham Howe and Barbara Yearty Howe resided for some time near Kingsville, Clarion County, Pa. I do not not remember my grandparents, but I recall two accounts of incidents regarding their deaths. On the night before she died, my grandmother, feeling that death was imminent, laid out all the clothes she wished used for burial. One day when my grandfather was returning home from our house, walking, as folks did in those days, the distance of perhaps twenty miles, a servere storm came up. Later his body was found in the deep ditch beside the road and it was concluded that death had come as the result of drowning or from a heart attack.

My maternal grandparents died eleven days apart during the Christmas season, in 1888.  This was one Christmas I have not forgotten, for when grandfather Reitz died, mother and father were called to her home. Consequently the real Santa did not come that Christmas Eve. Emery attempted to act as a substitute and in my opinion was not a success, for he gave Jeanette and Lizzie each a gold-handled black silk umbrella. What for Kate? Not a thing! When he saw how crushed I was at being left out, he went to Corsica and bought me a multiplying bank. It was a square box covered with seashells and lined with mirrors. The fact that the mirrors multiplied the few pennies inside, only added to my disappointment.

My father, John Howe, was born in Clarion County and my mother, Caroline Reitz Howe, was born near Sunbury, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, of Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry. Her family moved, by covered wagon, to Beaver Township when she was quite small. When she was a young woman, she kept house for two brothers, who were lumbermen. Because she could not speak English at that time, she kept the doors locked lest someone whom she could not understand should come to the house. My grandfather was a person who thought schooling was necessary for the boys, but not for the girls.

John Howe came to Union Township, Jefferson County, about the middle of the Century. Here, being interested in lumbering, he purchased, with his brother, a tract of land (500 acres conveyed by Grinfell Blake et al., to Jacob Howe and John Howe, by deed, dated July 10, 1854.) Later this partnership was dissolved and John Howe became the owner of the above mentioned tract, part of which is in Eldred Township, being divided by Big Mill Creek, from the acreage in Union Township.

Father began cutting timber in Eldred Township and cleared 100 acres of land for farming. His dwelling was built in Union Township and here he and mother came to live several years after their marriage in 1860. Not far from this house,on Big Mill Creek, he built a water-powered mill and began manufacturing lumber, selling it locally and also shipping it from Troy (now Summerville) to the Pittsburgh area.

Sometimes the squared logs were sent on rafts down the river to be sold. It was from such a trip that my brother Emery returned shortly before his death. He was so ill at the time that Sylvester Truman promised to take care of the business and advised him to return home at once. It was also on this trip that he was able to hear Dwight L. Moody, the great Evangelist, who was in Pittsburgh at that time, and whom Emery had heard very much about.

The first mill with an up-and-down saw, was operated by two men. Edgar Orcutt, father's son-in-law, was one of the sawyers. The logs were cut in the winter and piled along Big Mill Creek until spring, when they were floated to the mill. Then the mill would be operated until the ground was ready for farming. I wasn't very old when Ed Orcutt married my sister, Ann, but since she was afraid to stay alone while the men were away working, I was sent to stay with her. One task I well remember was that of being given a piece of sandstone and a hammer and sent to a big rock to crush enough to make sand for scrubbing the wooden handles of the kitchen gadgets that were displayed on the wall, the handmade cradle that served the second generation, and last ,but not least, the floor.

The floor scrubbing was done with a heavy broom, handmade from corn husks. The hardest part came when water had to be carried from the spring to rinse away the sand for it required gallons and gallons. It was a Friday routine that I always wished could be skipped, but not at that house.

Many days of hard labor were spent clearing the stumps from the farm land. This was accomplished with pulley and tackle and a team of horses. Some of the stumps were burned, but many were used as fences, as were also rails. Stone fences too were built, since there was an over abundance of these, and the problem of getting them out of the way. These fences are still in evidence at various places on the farm.

In 1882 father began to build a new house, which is still standing, and which is now owned by his grandson, Wilson Howe. He had his pine lumber dried for some time, but for finishing doors, windows, and cupboards, he had the lumber hauled to Brookville to be kiln dried. The stone for the foundation was quarried from what later became known as the back pasture field. The stones 18 inches square and of all lengths, were hand dressed on all sides by James Siar and his son George. Father kept the mason's tools sharpened in his blacksmith shop, which was across the road from the wagonshed, which still stands. The largest stone was hauled by three teams from the quarry. This was to be used as a stepping stone in front of the porch. Originally this stone was 18 feet long, 30 inches wide, and 12 inches thick. Three feet was cut from this length to correspond with the length of the porch, which at first did not extend all the way across the front of the house. Originally there was a small side porch in front of the kitchen door, but later a porch was built to extend the length of this side of the house.

In 1900 father sold his timber to Robert Schofield, Sam Henderson, and Eli Procious. They replaced the up-and-down saw with a band saw. The contract, to finish the job in three years was completed in much less time. The store which they built not far from the mill was the first in the community.

About this time father decided to pipe the water from our never-failing spring into the house, as it had been necessary to carry all water up two flights of steps. He piped it through a deep drain to the basement, where he had sunk three 2 1/2 ft. tile and put a pitcher pump on the top tile. From this source also the water was piped to the kitchen where another pitcher pump was installed.

Later a bathroom was built in the basement, with the tub close by the pump for cold water. Hot water was provided by heating it in an iron kettle hung in the near-by fireplace.

Father retired shortly after selling his timber. After an illness of three years he passed away June 19, 1908, and is buried in Mt. Pleasant Baptist Cemetery in Corsica.

In 1908, we decided to leave the farm, and mother, Jeanette, and I purchased a property on Graham Avenue, Brookville, from Harvey Plyler. Mother passed away March 5, 1912.

Now as I look back some eighty years, I find many nostalgic memories of life in those early days, when things were much less convenient, but common to the pioneers of my early day.

Father was a "fix-it" man and had a carpenter shop, where he spent much time doing odd jobs. In the blacksmith shop he molded the bullets for his shotgun, and I recall that there were times when he pulled his teeth with the same mold. Once he shot an eagle from his shop, the only one ever seen in our part of the country.

The baking was done in the outside oven, which was heated by burning wood, until the right temperature was reached for the bread, the good rusks, or the pies, the pastry for which was made with buttermilk, soda, and home-rendered lard.

At our home, baking was done on Wednesday and Saturday. Monday was always wash day, Tuesday ironing. Thursday was the day when we often went visiting, going at 9:00 a.m. and returning at 4:00, or maybe we sewed carpet rags, appliqued quilts, or quilted those already made. Friday was cleaning day- sweeping, dusting and scrubbing walks from the house to "you know where and you know what." On Saturday everything was made ready for Sunday, which, of course, meant extra cooking and baking. It was also the day when father polished his boots and shaved.

Often on Sunday mornings the three seated hack was brought around and we would drive to Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church at Corsica. Father, being a deacon, always sat in the front row. He was church treasurer almost as long as I can remember. Sometimes we walked to the Pine Grove Methodist Church, where we attended Sunday School and worship service.

In my early days we made candles from tallow poured into molds. What a wonderful improvement when we began to use kerosene lamps for lighting!

We made the lye which was used in making the household soap. A barrel from which both ends were removed, was placed one end down on a large board with a groove cut around the barrel, and extending to the edge of the board on one side. All this was placed on wooden horses, the back one a few inches higher than the front in order to slope the board, and make drainage possible. The barrel was filled alternately with wheat straw and ashes gathered from under the huge kettle where the water was heated for washing and scrubbing. Every now and then as one passed she would pour a pail of water into the barrel. What drained into the container below, was the lye which we used- not the Red Seal brand however.

Soap making came in the spring before garden making time. Lard and tallow from the fall butchering was kept for that purpose and cooked in the big kettle outside. There mother, with her sun bonnet and knitting, would sit and watch the cooking to see that the soap did not boil over.

The clean fat was made into hard soap for dishwashing. After the boiling process, it was left in the kettle until morning, then cut into squares, placed on a clean board, and carried to the kitchen loft to dry. The balance of the fat was made into soft soap of a ropy consistency. This was kept in a large crock and used for scrubbing and in the washing machine.

Our first machine was a Humboldt, and being constructed of wood, it would wear out in time. Once Cad Orcutt, who was doing some carpenter work for father, was finally set to making a Humboldt, and I mean finally, for after painting the machine red, inside and out, it was his final job there.

Since Jeanette had the job of removing the paint from the inside, he was no longer a friend of hers. As long as Cad lived he was never allowed to forget this escapade.

In the fall when the apples were gathered for winter, some were put in the cave, some buried in straw and covered with soil, and then came the time for making apple butter. In the evening mother did the paring and father did the coring with his pocket knife. When all was ready, the apples were cooked in huge copper kettles over a hot fire out of doors and well I remember the long hours of stirring. Some of the apples were dried by stringing the quarters on long cords which were then fastened to a rack above the stove. Four chains fastened to the ceiling held the rack in place so that the apples were the right distance from the heat. When the apples were nearly dry they were placed in the oven to finish and then stored in flour sacks with sassafras roots packed among them to help keep them indefinitely.

Each week end the knives and forks were to be polished and for this we used wood ashes kept in an old pie pan, with a woolen cloth for the rubbing. The outhouse where this was done was a two roomed building without windows. The back room was used for smoking meat and always had a delicious aroma. The front was my playhouse. It was here that I experimented with pine pitch for chewing gum. I don't recommend it for my mouth was so stuck up with the stuff that I seemed to taste nothing but pitch for a long time.

We children wore black stockings knitted by our elders from wool taken from our own sheep and made into yarn. The stockings were long too, reaching above the knees. We were glad for their warmth in those days when it was necessary to walk more than a mile to school, often wading through deep snow.

Ours was a good neighborhood in which to live, with folks always ready to give help in time of need. There were times when scarlet fever and diphtheria swept through the little community, taking its toll of children-in a few cases all the children of a family. There being no hospitals or nurses, those whose families had escaped the disease, went willingly to help care for those who were stricken, deeming it a call of duty and devotion. I remember one such time when mother went to help in the Songer family, where one child after another was dying of diphtheria. Mother would change her clothes in the woodhouse before returning to the house and to her own children.

Our home was always open to friends who enjoyed its hospitality as well as the hills and streams and the big pines, with their pungent fragrance which one cannot forget. The three Brown girls came with Jeanette to spend their summers at Grandfathers until we moved from the farm, and they, too, have many happy recollections of those, early years.

These are but a few of the many memories, but perhaps they are sufficient to give the younger generations an idea of the life of some of their early ancestors. Perhaps as the years pass, some of you will be prompted to add your part to the story for the enjoyment of your children and grandchildren.

Descendants of Mary Della Howe

Mary Della Howe, daughter of John and Caroline Howe, born July 31, 1861, died January 13, 1899 was married July 1, 1878, to Joseph Warren Hindman, son of William and Mary Ann Bunker Hindman. They were the parents of seven Sons and two daughters:
Charles Hindman, born 1879, died in Montana, Sept. 9, 1941
James Emery Hindman, born May 4, 1881, died Sept. 13, 1947
Samuel Abiga Hindman, born Jan. 8, 1883,died Feb. 28, 1959
Minnie Ann Hindman, born Nov. 24, 1885
Harry Hindman, born about 1887, died in infancy of burns
Mabel Hindman, born about 1889, died in infancy of whooping cough
William Clyde Hindman, born July 13, 1890
Claude Franklin Hindman, born May 13, 1892
Michael Wade Hindman, born Aug. 8, 1894.

Descendants of Charles Hindman

Charles Hindman, born 1879, married in 1907, or 1908, to Ann Smith. They are the parents of:
Charles Hindman, Jr., born Oct. 25, 1909
Purtie Henry Hindrnan, born May 6, 1911
Albert Chester Hindman, born April 1, 1913
Martin Alvin Hindman, born May 2, 1914
Arthur Gleen Hindman, born Jan. 21, 1917, died Feb. 22, 1917
Robert L. Hindman, born Jan. 10, 1918

Charles Hindman, Jr., married Lorene Tuma. No children.

Purtie Henry Hindman married to Dorothy McGuire. Parents of:
Meryl Hindman
Ermyl Hindman

Albert Chester Hindman married Emma Voduka. Parents of:
Delbert Hindman
Kathleen Hindman

Martin Alvin Hindman married Marian Kissell. No children.

Robert L. Hindman married Ruth Lawrence. Parents of 3 children:
one girl died when five years of age
one other girl
one boy

Descendants of James Emery Hindman

James Emery Hindman, born May 4, 1881, married March 10, 1904 to Lizzie Hunter who died April, 1909. No children.
remarried on March 14, 1918, to Maren Pauline Pederson, born June 18, 1897, parents of:
Mary Ann Hindman, born Jan. 4, 1919
Joseph Carl Hindman, born March 29, 1920
Helen Viola Hindman, born July 24, 1921
Eugene Alfred Hindman, born Dec. 5, 1922, died Dec. 10, 1935
Bernice Orpha Hindman, born April 30, 1924
Kenneth James Hindman, born June 18, 1930
Donald Howard Hindman, born July 23, 1940.

Mary Ann Hindman was married on March 31, 1939, to Edwin Osborne Wilson, born Oct. 1907. Parents of:
Shirley Ann Wilson, born March 15, 1940
James Edwin Wilson, born Sept. 4, 1942
Frederick Eugene Wilson, born April 25, 1944
Darlene Eva Wilson, born Feb. 13, 1947
David Earl Wilson, born July 5, 1951
Roger Allen Wilson, born June 13, 1953, deceased

Shirley Ann Wilson was married on April 12, 1958, to Wallace Edwin Grein, born June 3, 1937. Parents of:
Mary Jo Grein, born June 22, 1958
Wallace Edwin, Jr., born Oct. 15, 1959
Debra Sue Grein, born Sept. 8, 1960

Joseph Carl Hindman married on Aug. 27, 1954 to Fannie Irene Harmon Smith. No children.

Helen Viola Hindman was married on Nov. 28, 1942, to Howard Guy Tisdale, born May 28, 1920. Parents of:
Howard Wayne Tisdale, born Aug. 1, 1943
Helen Judith Tisdale, born Jan. 28, 1947
Harold Stanley Tisdale, born Oct. 24, 1948
Henry Oliver Tisdale, born Oct. 7, 1953
Hazel Janet Tisdale, born April 23, 1956, died June 2, 1956

Bernice Orpha Hindman was married on May 7, 1943, to Marvin Frank Koerper, born March 9, 1942. Parents of:
Frankie Bernice Koerper, born May 28, 1944, died Nov. 9, 1944
Sharlyne Rae Koerper, born Jan. 15, 1946
Sandra Lee Koerper, born Dec. 5, 1946
Buck Allan Koerper, born Oct. 3, 1948
Susan Gail Koerper, born March 25, 1952
Shelley Kay Koerper, born Feb. 9, 1955

Kenneth James Hindman married on Nov. 8, 1949, to Jerralee Frances Knause, born Sept. 25, 1931. Parents of:
Patty Lynn Hindman, born July 21, 1954
Douglas Kenneth Hindman, born Jan. 28, 1953, died April 26, 1953
Cathy Frances Hindman, born June 12, 1954
Terry William Hindman, born Feb. 11, 1956
Donald Howard Hindman, born July 23, 1940. (No other data)

Descendants of Samuel Abiga Hindman

Samuel Abiga Hindman, born Jan. 8, 1883 married on Nov. 14, 1916, to Emma Adelheid Molzahn, born Aug. 30, 1894. Parents of:
Della Mary Hindman, born Aug. 19, 1918
Wayne Kenneth Hindman, born Feb. 11, 1921

Della Mary Hindman was married on June 6, 1945, to Ralph L. Thunnan, born March 7, 1914. Parents of: Frank E. Thurman, born Dec. 17, 1946
Joseph A. Thurman, born July 20; 1948
Michael C. Thurman, born March 25, 1954

Wayne Kenneth Hindman married on April 27, 1946, to Mary T. Shellenbarger, born Feb. 13, 1923. Parents of:
Thomas M. Hindman, born Jan. 23, 1948
Kathleen M. Hindman, born Aug. 23, 1962
Duane C. Hindman, born March 9, 1958

Descendants of Minnie Ann Hindman

Minnie Ann Hindman, born July 12, 1885 was married in 1904, to William Read. They were the parents of:
Emmett Howe Read, born Sept. 18, 1905, died March 7, 1957
Wern Hedburg Read, born Nov. 23, 1907
Leta Read, born Aug. 23, 1909
Inez Read, born Jan. 17, 1916
William Cornelius Read, born May. 80, 1920
Max George Read, born Aug. 18, 1922
Donald Wayne Read, born June 28, 1927
Jean Read, born April 30, 1931

Wern Hedburg Read married on August 3, 1934, to Lauretta Simns. Parents of:
Richard Lee Read, born May 23, 1935, married on June 21, 1960
James Wern Read, born June 15, 1939
Linda Sue Read, born Jan. 1, 1945

Leta Read was married on Dec. 28, 1932, to Dr. Lloyd English. Parents of:
Read English, born Oct. 10, 1937, married on May 21, 1960
William Bruce English, born May 29, 1941
Joe Donald English, born Oct. 13, 1948

Inez Read was married on June 23, 1937, to Delmar Shattuck. Parents of:
David Olin Shattuck, born Jan. 4, 1939
Carole Shattuck, born Oct. 3, 1941
Beverly Shattuck, born Oct. 4, 1945
Russell William Shattuck, born Sept. 27, 1947

William Cornelius Read married Alta Bell. No Children.

Max George Read married on Nov. 8, 1948, to Ethel Whitmore. Parents of:
Susan Read
Virginia Read

Donald Wayne Read married on June 18, 1948, to Lucille Skaags. Parents of:
Merle Ann Read, born 1950
Margaret Louise Read, born 1952
Billy Read, born 1953
Mary Su Read, born 1954
Oscar Charles Read, born 1956
Leslie Harold Read, born 1958
Molly Read, born 1959

Jean Read was married on April 30, 1931, to Bert Long. No children.

Descendants of William Clyde Hindman

William Clyde Hindman, born July 13, 1890, died Oct. 14, 1960, married on April 18, 1921 to Ardina J. Peters, born April 6, 1901. Parents of:
William D. Hindman, born March 29, 1926
Dean R. Hindman, born May 10, 1930

William D. Hindman married on Sept. 5, 1959 Florence Nadobrey, born April 30, 1933. No children.

Dean R. Hindman married on June 28, 1952, to Lorraine Fankhauser, born Jan. 3, 1932. Parents of: James D. Hindman, born June 28, 1953
Joedean L. Hindman, born Jan. 3, 1956
Douglas William Hindman, born Dec. 1, 1956

Descendants of Claude Franklin Hindman

Claude F. Hindman, born May 13, 1892, on a farm southeast of Hay Springs, Nebraska. Married on Dec. 16, 1919, to Elsa Anna Steltenpohl, born Jan. 14, 1895. Parents of:
Baby Girl Hindman, stillborn June 28, 1921
Vernon Nelson Hindman, born June 2, 1924, in Iowa
Ivan Miles Hindman, born Dec. 16, 1929, in Omaha

Ivan Miles Hindman married on June 30, 1954, to Shirley Mae Horn, born July 31, 1934. Parents of: Connie Jo Hindman, born May 19, 1955
Richard Vernon Hindman, born July 23, 1956, at Rushville.

Vernon Nelson Hindman, married on June 5, 1952, at Rushville, to Eleanora Gay Rasmussen, born Feb. 23, 1934. Parents of:
Elin Gay Hindman, born Feb. 6, 1955
Evan Nelson Hindman, born Oct. 21, 1956, at Rushville

Descendants of Michael Wade Hindman

Michael Wade Hindman, born Aug. 8, 1894, married on June 80, 1919, to Delia Marie Peters, born Nov. 2, 1899. Parents of:
Verna Marie Hindman, born April 9, 1922
Donna Maxine Hindman, born March 22, 1924

Verna Marie Hindman was married to Robert Lockwood Heller, born May 5, 1923. Parents of:
Jane Marie Heller, born June 24, 1947
Patricia Ann Heller, born March 13, 1950
Robert Michael Heller, born Nov. 14, 1954
Idele Louise Heller, born Jan. 11, 1958

Donna Maxine Hindman was married on Jan. 9, 1954, to Mark Edward Kearns, born Dec. 9, 1924. Parents of:
Leonard Leroy Kearns, born July 9, 1946

Descendants of Anna Barbara Howe

Anna Barbara Howe, daughter of John and Caroline Howe born Nov. 8, 1862, died Feb. 7, 1929 married on Sept. 22, 1880, to Edgar Francis Orcutt, son of Ezra and Sara Orcutt parents of six sons and five daughters:
Dwight Elmer Orcutt, born April 27, 1881
Twila Elizabeth Orcutt, born Nov. 3, 1882
John Ezra Orcutt, born April 27, 1884
Wade Bernard Orcutt, born June 24, 1886
Ida Caroline Orcutt, born May 10, 1888
Emery Wakefield Orcutt, born Nov. 24, 1890
Clover Eugene Orcutt, born March 11, 1897
Wilma Katherine Orcutt, born Nov. 26, 1899
Sara Wilda Orcutt, born Nov. 26, 1899
Mary Mildred Orcutt, born Oct. 19, 1902
Charles Lester Orcutt, born Nov. 29, 1905

Descendants of Dwight Elmer Orcutt

Dwight Elmer Orcutt, born April 27, 1881, married in 1905 to Nettie Kahle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Kahle. Parents of:
Everett Orcutt, born 1906, married, father of two children
Lee Orcutt, born 1907, married, no children
Donald Orcutt, born 1909, married, no children
Emery Orcutt, born 1911, married, father of two children
Margaret Orcutt, born 1914, was married to Donald Miller. Parents of:
Donald Miller, Jr., married, father of three children

Descendants of Twila Elizabeth Orcutt

Twila Elizabeth Orcutt, born Nov. 3, 1882, married on Aug. 22, 1910 to Franklin Clarence Leathers, born Dec. 20, 1876, died Dec. 14, 1946. Parents of:
Edgar Orcutt Leathers, born Sept. 4, 1912, died March 24, 1913
Sara Elisabeth Leathers, born Aug 26, 1913
Wilson Bathurst Leathers, born May 23, 1915
Anna Alice Leathers, born Dec. 19, 1916
Wilson Bathurst Leathers married on Nov. 9, 1940, to Helen Shier, no children.

Descendants of John Ezra Orcutt

John Ezra Orcutt, born April 15, 1884, married on June 10, 1914 to Mary Potter, daughter of Harry and Nancy Orr Potter, born Oct., 1899. Parents of:
John R. Orcutt, born June 16, 1920
Doris Orcutt, born June 22, 1924
Paul Tarry Orcutt, born Dec. 20, 1925
Albert Doyle Orcutt, born May 16, 1928
Marian Louise Orcutt, born Jan. 7, 1930
William Calvin Orcutt, born Sept. 4, 1934
Carol Ann Orcutt, born Sept. 15, 1936
Richard Barry Orcutt, born Nov. 7, 1937

John R. Orcutt, married on June 19, 1942 to Irene Myers Falk, born Sept. 24, 1921. Parents of:
John Arthur Orcutt, born Aug. 29, 1943
James Craig Orcutt, born July 25, 1946

Doris Orcutt was married on June 4, 1949, to Albert Reed Larson. Parents of:
Betsy Ann Larson, born Nov. 2, 1950
Linda Jean Larson, born April 5, 1952
Robert Reed Larson, born Sept. 6, 1955

Paul Tarry Orcutt, married in March, 1948 to Gene Baily. Parents of:
Val Eugene Orcutt, born June 9, 1953
Steve Allen Orcutt, born Nov. 19, 1954
Karen Lee Orcutt, born Aug. 25, 1957
Gary Lynn Orcutt, born April 4, 1960

Albert Doyle Orcutt married on Dec. 25, 1948 to Emma Glee Falk. Parents of:
Mary Jane Orcutt, born Oct. 5, 1949
Robert Tracy Orcutt, born Oct. 14, 1951
Kathy Kay Orcutt, born Nov. 8, 1957

Marian Louise Orcutt was married in Sept 1953, to Ronald Masters. Parents of:
Richard Lynn Masters, born June 18, 1954
Candace Louise Masters, born April 22, 1957

William Calvin Orcutt married Patricia Jane Miller. Parents of:
Rodney Douglas Orcutt, born Nov. 18, 1953
Sandra Lee Orcutt, born Aug. 20, 1955
William Ray Orcutt, born Dec. 10, 1956
Dennis James Orcutt, born May 23, 1958

Carol Ann Orcutt was married in Nov., 1952, to Dale McMunn. Parents of:
Danny Lynn, born May, 1953, died at age of two weeks
David Dale McMunn, born Dec. 30, 1954
Marsha Ann McMunn, born June 17, 1957

Richard Barry Orcutt married in Nov., 1957 to Shirley Jean Milliron. Parents of:
Jeffrey Allen Orcutt, born June 24, 1958
Vicky Jo Orcutt, born May 15, 1959

Descendants of Wade Bernard Orcutt

Wade Bernard Orcutt, born June 24, 1886, married on April 22, 1909 to Nettie Maude Rankin, born July 22, 1888, daughter of James and Pollyann Rankin. Parents of:
Ruby Virginia Orcutt, born Feb. 17, 1910
Eugene Wade Orcutt, born Aug. 13, 1918
Dorothy Irene Orcutt, born June 4, 1916
Pauline Mildred Orcutt, born April 1, 1918
Robert Kenneth Orcutt, born April 22, 1922, died March 5, 1924
Phyllis Orcutt, born October 19, 1928

Virginia Orcutt was married on May 29, 1934, to William Kiehl. Parents of:
Shirley Kiehl who is married to Dr. D. McPherson. Parents of:
Natalie McPherson
Dawn McPherson
Lori Ellen McPherson, born July 22, 1960

Eugene Wade Orcutt married on Dec. 31, 1937 to Marian Stewart. Parents of:
Bernard Orcutt, who is married to Marylu Perry
Sandra Orcutt, who is married to John Zook
Judy Orcutt
Tom Orcutt

Dorothy Irene Orcutt was married to Vance Steele May 4, 1934. Parents of:
Ernest Gale Steele
Paul Steele
Ernest Gale Steele married Lavilla Jackson. Parents of:
Mark Steele
Shelly Steele
Scott Steele
Eric Ward Steele

Pauline Mildred Orcutt was married on Feb. 17, 1946, to James Uren. Parents of:
Billy Uren

Phyllis Orcutt was married on Aug. 28, 1948, to Robert Northey. Parents of:
Joey Northey
Robbie Northey
Charles Northey

Descendants of Ida Caroline Orcutt

Ida Caroline Orcutt was married to Homer Blame Corbin, born Dec. 26, 1888. Parents of:
Margaret Nathalia Corbin, born Aug. 15, 1917, Worthington, W. Va.
Franklin Blaine Corbin, born Aug. 28, 1918
Ina Caroline Corbin, born Jan. 23, 1921

Margaret Nathalia Corbin was married on April 29, 1939, to Cullen Bryant Conner, born Sept. 27, 1911, son of Homer M. and Amanda Byrd Conner. Nathalia and Bryant Conner are the parents of:
Barbara Sue Conner, born Jan. 27, 1944
Dianna Kay Conner, born April 22, 1948
Cynthia Jo Conner, born July 18, 1941, died May 18, 1942

Franklin Blaine Corbin married on Nov. 8, 1944 to Minnie Deloris Farnsworth, born Feb. 24, 1924. Parents of:
Homer Linden Corbin, born May 14, 1947
Robert Elaine Corbin, born Dec. 28, 1950
Steven Ray Corbin, born June 22, 1952
Michael Paul Corbin, born July 7, 1955

Ina Caroline Corbin was married to Noel Levi Brown, born Aug. 16, 1917, died Sept. 12, 1955. They are the parents of:
Caroline Jean Brown, born Sept. 22, 1945
Charlotte Ann Brown, born Sept. 1, 1947
Byron Noel Brown, born April 28, 1949
Samuel Craig Brown, born May 12, 1950

Ina Caroline Brown was married to Peter Paul Suplita, born June 28, 1917. No children.

Descendants of Emery Orcutt

Emery Wakefield Orcutt married Olive Coon, born 1895, died 1924, no children.
Emery Orcutt married Essie Simpson Callen, parents of:
Betty Jane Orcutt, born April 8, 1934, married to Edwin Hach on Aug. 6, 1955
Emery Orcutt married Arlene Wright on Aug. 24, 1938

Descendants of Clover Eugene Orcutt

Clover Eugene Orcutt, born March 11, 1897, married on April 2, 1931 to Florence Irene Cook, born Dec. 28, 1895, daughter of James Thomas Cook and Margaret Mohr Cook. Clover and Irene have one daughter Margaret Lucille Orcutt, born July 20, 1932, was married to John E. Love, Dec. 28, 1957. John was born April 6, 1931, the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Love. Margaret and Jack are graduates from Clarion State College and have degrees from Pennsylvania State University. They are teachers in Allegheny County.

Descendants of Wilma Katherine McManigle

Wilma Katherine McManigle, born Nov. 26, 1899 Frank McManigle, born Dec. 23, 1892 married on Dec. 7, 1926. Parents of:
Anna Barbara McManigle, born Aug. 1, 1927
Walter Lee McManigle, born June 19, 1929, died Sept. 12, 1944
Esther Elizabeth McManigle, born Oct. 24, 1933
George Henry McManigle, born June 26, 1936
James Monroe McManigle, born July 4, 1940

Anna Barbara McManigle married Charles Aljoe on Sept. 20, 1950. Parents of:
Sandra Aljoe, born Aug. 9, 1951

Esther Elizabeth McManigle and Edd Allen were married June 14, 1957. Parents of:
Matthew D. Allen, born May 22, 1959

Descendants of Sara Wilda Orcutt

Sara Wilda Orcutt, born Nov. 26, 1899, is a graduate from Philadelphia General Hospital, was married on March 30, 1936, to Rev. Harry Wallace Stahlman, born May 17, 1900, son of George McCelland Stahlman and Cora Wallace Stahlman. Harry was a missionary in Peru, S. A., when he and Wilda were married and they went to Iquitos, Peru, where they served this field for a number of years. Here three of their children were born.
George Edgar Stahlman, born Aug. 3, 1937
Margaret Jane Stahlman, born Dec. 26, 1938
Elizabeth Ann Stahlman, born June 23, 1941
James Wallace Stahlman, born April 30, 1944, died May 12

Elizabeth Ann Stahlman was married on October 10, 1960, to Walter Cook, son of Edwin J. and Bertha Cook, of Cleveland.

Descendants of Mary Mildred Orcutt

Mary Mildred Orcutt, born Oct. 19, 1902, was married on June 27, 1923, to Clarence Swartz, born Aug. 30, 1900, son of John and Katherine Martz Swartz. Parents of:
Everett Winfield Swartz, born April 16, 1924, died March 11, 1928
Paul Raymond Swartz, born May 30, 1928
Robert Swartz, born Dec. 2, 1931

Paul Raymond Swartz married on Oct. 8, 1948, to Margaret Amanda Emerick, born July 11, 1929, parents of:
Sandra Sue Swartz, born July 11, 1952

Robert Swartz married on May 3, 1954, to Caroline Jane Deemer

Descendants of Charles Lester Orcutt

Charles Lester Orcutt, born Nov. 29, 1905, married on Feb. 18, 1925 to Harriet Isabel McAninch, born Aug. 10, 1905, daughter of Harry Clyde and Adda Hall McAninoh. Charles and Harriet are the parents of:
Harry Dale Orcutt, born July 29, 1925, died Nov. 11, 1946
Kenneth Brice Orcutt, born March 6, 1927, died Oct. 27, 1954
Edgar Francis Orcutt, born Sept. 13, 1928
Lois Ann Orcutt, born Feb. 9, 1931
Charles Lester Orcutt, born March 9, 1932
Nancy Lee Orcutt, born Sept. 14, 1934
Harold Gene Orcutt, born Jan. 27, 1935
Mary Elizabeth Orcutt, born Sept. 7, 1936

Kenneth Brice Orcutt married to Margaret Beers. Parents of:
Kathleen Yvonne Orcutt, born Nov. 14, 1948
Caroline Cede Orcutt, born March 28, 1949
James Dwight Orcutt, born May 30, 1950
Arthur Orcutt, born June 1, 1951

Lois Ann Orcutt was married on June 30, 1952, to Vaughn Peoples, born May 16, 1932, parents of:
Penny Ann Peoples, born Sept. 28, 1958
Brice Eugene Peoples, born March 26, 1956

Charles Lester Orcutt, Jr., married on Oct. 9, 1952, to Christina Scott, parents of:
Connie Christine Orcutt, born Oct. 11, 1958
Vickie Lynn Orcutt, born March 17, 1959

Nancy Lee Orcutt was married on Feb. 14, 1953, to George Frederick Klohr, born May 16, 1927, parents of:
William Henry Klohr, born June 8, 1955
George Frederick Klohr, Jr., born May 25, 1958
Linda Dianne Klohr, born July 9, 1960

Edgar Francis Orcutt married Marian Beers, parents of:
Edgar Francis Orcutt, Jr., born
Margaret Louise Orcutt, born Feb. 1, 1952
Charles Lester Orcutt, born Sept. 20, 1953
Arthur Henry Orcutt, born Feb. 2, 1955
Edgar Francis Orcutt later married Sandra Jean Donahue, parents of:
Debra Ann Orcutt

Harold Gene Orcutt married on Sept. 5, 1959, to Nancy Lee Kaufman, parents of:
Daniel Eugene Orcutt, born Aug. 6, 1960

Charles Lester Orcutt later married Mary Hughey. Parents of two children:
Ronald Kieth Orcutt, born Nov. 14, 1949
Mona Lou Orcutt, born Jan. 6, 1951

Descendants of Emery Elmer Howe

Emery Elmer Howe, born Feb. 19, 1864, died April 28, 1898 married March 19, 1889, at Byromtown, Pa., to Laura Belle McCool, born Oct. 10, 1870, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Neal McCool. Emery and Belle were parents of:
Verna Zelda Howe, born March 27, 1890, died Jan. 26, 1930
Chester Charles Howe, born Oct. 22, 1891
Leota Fay Howe, born Aug. 28, 1893
Wilson Wilbur Howe, born Aug. 2, 1895

Belle McCool Howe was married to Newton Webster. They had one daughter, who has seemed very much a member of the Howe family: Phyllis Webster, born July 23, 1912

Descendants of Verna Zelda Howe

Verna Zelda Howe was married on June 14, 1916, to Scott Thurman McEntire, born Feb. 3, 1889, died May 25, 1935 They were the parents of:
LaGene Fayette McEntire, born June 12, 1918
Graham Howe McEntire, born Oct. 6, 1922

LaGene Fayette McEntire was married on July 12, 1941, to Merle Eugene Campbell, parents of:
Kay LaGene Campbell, born Dec. 11, 1945
Kim Lauren Campbell, born Sept. 18, 1949

Graham Howe McEntire married on Nov. 24, 1945, to Miriam Eleanor Thomas, born Dec. 13, 1924, parents of:
Ann Carol McEntire, born Oct. 23, 1949
Mary Jean McEntire, born Sept. 20, 1952
Scott Thomas McEntire, born Nov. 12, 1953

Descendants of Chester Charles Howe

Chester Charles Howe married on May 30, 1916, marriage dissolved 1932 Helen Louise Hunger, born Sept. 23, 1895, parents of:
Helen Louise Howe, born Dec. 7, 1917
Chester Charles Howe, Jr., born Sept. 2, 1921

Helen Louise Howe was married on Aug. 24, 1940, to William P. Beck, Jr., born March 30, 1918, parents of two adopted Sons:
Jonathon Jay Beck, born Aug. 23, 1954
David Donald Beck, born May 25, 1956
Susan Joan Beck, born Jan. 13, 1960

Chester Charles Howe, Jr., married on July 21, 1951, to Beverly J. Ferguson, born Feb. 22, 1929, parents of:
Cynthia Louise Howe, born Nov. 29, 1957
Robert Raymond Howe, born Oct. 20, 1959

Chester Howe, Sr., married on Aug. 24, 1941, to Florence Rosella Cutler, born July 21, 1913, whose son William Edmund was adopted by Chester Howe, Sr., in 1944
William Edmund Howe, born June 29, 1933, married Mary Ann Szylazzi, born May 18, 1935, parents of:
William Edmund Howe, Jr., born June 17, 1955
Edward Alan Howe, born Nov. 30, 1957
Diana Corley Howe, born March 1, 1959

Descendants of Leota Fay Howe

Leota Fay Howe was married on June 10, 1922, at Summerville, to Joseph Blake Rearick, born Dec. 17, 1892, son of Joseph and Margaret Yount Rearick, parents of:
Eugene Howe Rearick, born May 19, 1923
Richard Blake Rearick, born Oct. 13, 1925
Donn Laverne Rearick, born April 23, 1929

Eugene Howe Rearick married Jean Cantieny, born Jan. 6, 1924, parents of:
Gary Philip Rearick, born Jan. 2, 1952
David Blake Reariek, born Aug. 16, 1954

Richard Blake Rearick married Patricia Mary Carmody, born Jan. 9, 1927, parents of:
Robert Richard Rearick, born Oct. 1, 1950
James Thomas Rearick, born Jan. 14, 1954
Timothy Blake Rearick, born Dec. 18, 1956
Patricia Mary Rearick, born Sept. 17, 1959

Donn Laverne Rearick married Margaret Armstrong, born Nov. 28, 1929, parents of:
Ronald Blake Rearick, born Feb. 14, 1956
Donald Joseph Rearick, born Dec. 6, 1958
James Rearick, born Oct., 1960

Descendants of Wilson W. Howe

Wilson W. Howe married on Dec. 25, 1920, to Mabel Stewart, born March 4, 1897, parents of:
Robert Stewart Howe, born June 8, 1923
Margery Myree Howe, born March 24, 1925

Robert Stewart Howe married on July 29, 1950, to Myra Jeanette Harrison, born June 3, 1931, parents of:
John Stewart Howe, born Jan. 23, 1952
Dale Kennedy Howe, born March 22, 1953
Russell David Howe, born Dec. 22, 1955
Gary Robert Howe, born Dec. 8, 1958

Margery Myree Howe was married on Sept. 8, 1951, to Robert Thomas McConnell, born Dec. 9, 1923, parents of:
Kathleen Ann McConnell, born Nov. 2, 1954
Carol Lynn McConnell, born April 12, 1956
Daniel Robert McConnell, born Dec. 30, 1957

Descendants of Sarah Elizabeth Howe

Sarah Elizabeth Howe, daughter of John and Caroline Reitz Howe, was born June 24, 1867, and died Dec. 25, 1894. She was married on July 12, 1890, to William Crawford Brown, born March 9, 1860, died July 6, 1935 They were the parents of:
Ethel Leona Brown, born Feb. 22, 1892, died April, 1909
Mary Jeanneate Brown, born Oct. 18, 1893
Sarah Elizabeth Brown, born Dec. 16, 1894

* * * * * * * * *

William Crawford Brown married on Jan. 9, 1900, to Bess Ellen McCann, parents of:
Fred P. Brown
Helen L. Brown
John C. Brown
Leo E. Brown
Margaret E. Brown
William C. Brown
Charles R. Brown
While these are not in direct descent from John Howe, I have included their names because this relationship has been like that of one family and these children have been close to me through the years.

** * * * * * * *

I wish to express my sincere appreciation to all of you who have helped me by contributing the information necessary for this record of the John Howe family, which, if I have counted correctly, numbers 301.

October 21, 1960
Emma Katherine Howe
Brookville, Pennsylvania

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