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I have plenty of OLD Rushville Photos, so I should include some more recent photos!  And recent means post-1960s.  And in color!!


Rushville Main Street
Parade 1960 (Diamond Jubilee)

Above Photos Courtesy Armstrong House Museum of Rushville, Nebraska


West side of Main Street taken in 1970s.
Note the "Arrow" Traveler's Hotel sign on the south entrance to hotel.
Photo courtesy of Shirley Krotz Oxby

Shedeed's Coast to Coast, north end of Main Street, east side.
Photo courtesy of Shirley Krotz Oxby

Looking west along the railroad line.
Photo courtesy of Shirley Krotz Oxby

Plains Theater on Highway 20 (aka 2nd Street)
By the 1970s, the theater was being used as a church.  Movies were no longer being shown.
Photo courtesy of Shirley Krotz Oxby


Rushville Main Street
Centennial Parade 1985

Is that one of my classmates riding in the City Council car?
Nice car... reminds me of the '67 Mustang I had back in the '70s.

The posse heads down the street looking for someone to arrest!
Wish I'd have gotten a photo when one of them rode into the
Stockman's Bar to find a bad guy.

Corner Station (torn down sometime in the late 1980s or early 1990s)
Photo taken during the Rushville Centennial Parade 1985.
Recognize any of those hombres??



Shedeed Home Center Fire
Dec 1st, 1992
About a quarter of the north end of east side of Main Street burned during the fire.  It was a total loss

Main Street Photos 1993


Main Street 2005

Main Street, East side.  2005

Plains Theater, 2005.
Current home of the Sheridan County Players.


Photo taken June 2012 of new addition to add elevator to the front
of the courthouse.  The original steps were torn out and the elevator
will allow access to the second floor (perhaps the basement as well).
(click on the photo for a larger view)

Photo of the log cabin north of Rushville, taken 2012.