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Claude and Elsa Hindman with sons Ivan (left) and Vernon (my dad).
Photo taken mid-1930s on farm NE of Hay Springs, Nebraska.

The Hindman Homepage!!
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(Updated Oct 2017)

Welcome to our little spot on the web! What started as an excuse to learn a little HTML turned into a full-blown genealogy site and Rushville, Nebraska history site. Take a look around and maybe you'll find something interesting, perhaps find a relative or learn about a small town in western Nebraska!

Family Histories:

Hindman - Traces back to original immigrant David from Ireland.
Howe - History back to early 1800s for the Howe family in Pennsylvania.
Steltenpohl - John Henry Steltenpohl immigrated from Germany in 1844.
Stelljes - The Stelljes family immigrated from Germany in the 1800s.
Taggart - Taggart family history back to Milton Taggart.
Thompson - History on John Thompson, father of Rachel (married Milton Taggart)
Rasmussen - Anton Rasmussen came to America in 1916 from Denmark.
Reitz - A short history on the Reitz line. Caroline Reitz married John Howe.
Carle - A short, sketchy history on the Carle line. Emma Carle married Alfred Taggart.

If you have any questions or information on these surnames, I'd love to hear from you!
Please contact me at hindmanhistory@gmail.com

More Genealogy Information (applies to all families):

Census Data
Last Wills and Testaments
Obituary Page
Taggart Obituary Page (scanned copies) on my other Google site.

Visit our Photo Pages! We hope you enjoy them. There are links to these photos within the appropriate family page as well.

Cedar Rapids Flood of 2008.  A devastating flood hit our city in 2008.  I have plenty of photos to share.

Old Hindman Photos
Old Rasmussen Photos
Old Taggart Photos
Old Steltenpohl Photos
Old Stelljes Photos
Rushville Nebraska Class of 1975 through the years... Grades Kindergarten to 8th Grade!  (On my Google site)
Pictures from Denmark!
Barn Renovation pictures.  The old barn on the family farm looks pretty good!
Mercy Hospital Building Implosion.  On Feb 28, 2009, the old Nursing School building was imploded.

Visit my History Pages for Rushville Nebraska

Log cabin north of Rushville, Nebraska, looking south
(click photo for a better view)
Old Postcards of Rushville, Nebraska.  Now there are pages for Courthouse and School views as well as Miscellaneous views.
Photos from the 1909 fire that destroyed the south half of west Main.
Recent Rushville Photos (1960s through present day).
Farm and Ranch Views.
I've also added a short history of St Paul Lutheran Church.
New...  Modisett Ballpark   Photos taken 2015

A few pictures of neighboring towns of Hay Springs, Gordon and Chadron, Nebraska.  (The first couple years of my life was spent on a farm northeast of Hay Springs). 
The July 2007 issue of Internet Genealogy featured an old postcard of Rushville, Nebraska.  The article referenced this web site as a resource!  The article was based on a quiz held by the site Forensic Genealogy, which also referenced this site. 

Cemetery Pages! Visit a cemetery near you! The following pages contain photos of family gravestones.

Taggart Cemetery Photos.
Thompson Cemetery Photos.

LOTS of old pictures of Rushville! Take a tour of my hometown, Rushville, Nebraska. What!  You haven't heard of Rushville? Here's a tidbit from The Complete Roadside Guide to Nebraska: "Don't laugh at this small Nebraska town. More famous people have visited it than will visit you or I. These have included Buffalo Bill, Presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Calvin Coolidge, John J. Pershing, Frederick Remington and many others."
Be sure to visit the Official Homepage for Rushville, Nebraska!

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Cattle on the north Hindman quarter
(north of Hay Springs, Nebraska)

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