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HCIT Effectiveness

The blog post The Gold Standard - Randomized Controlled Trials - NOT piqued my curiosity to see how effective computer-mediated clinical support systems have been.

Apparently not so well. See Doctor's terrified of electronic record adoption.

HCIT failures are common but what about effective HCIT?  Here are some references.

There are other systematic reviews emerging - several in e-prescribing.  Stay tuned as this page is worked on.

Related News

In the November 2010 report Back to the Future: Healthcare Rebooted, Marlin & Associates say "Now, with the healthcare IT mandates in the federal healthcare reform bill, coupled with a stream of superior technologies, we are finally in a position for technology to have a measurable impact on the costs and the quality of care delivery."  They also point to consolidation and these players setting standards - not the government. 


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