Post date: Mar 10, 2016 11:40:50 AM

The following reviews of The Latin New Testament have appeared or are in progress:

Frank Shaw in Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism 14 (2018) 107–21.

Pierre Petitmengin in Revue d'Etudes Augustiniennes et Patristiques 64.2 (2018) 387–8.

Michael W. Holmes in Religious Studies Review 44.2 (2018) 222–3.

Jeff Cate in Fides et Humilitas 4 (2018) 97–100.

Joseph Grabau in Augustiniana 67.3–4 (2017) 317–9.

Benjamin Browning in Journal for Baptist Theology and Ministry 14.2 (2017) 85–6.

Dirk Jongkind in AMARC Newsletter 69 [October 2017] 31–3.

Matteo Crimella in Teologia: Rivista della facoltà teologia dell'italia settentrionale 42.3 (2017) 540–2 [September 2017]

Ruth B. Edwards in Journal for the Study of the New Testament 39.5 (2017) 118 [July 2017]

John C. Poirier in Review of Biblical Literature 2017.02.09 [February 2017]

Paul Foster in The Expository Times 128.5 (2017) 231–3.

Pierre-Maurice Bogaert in Journal of Ecclesiastical History 68.1 (2017) 133–4 [January 2017]

Colin McDonald on the website of Classics for All (November 2016)

John Kight on his blog, (October 2016)

J.K. Elliott in Journal of Theological Studies 67.2 (2016) 768–72 [October 2016]

Andrew Dunning in Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2016.10.07 [October 2016]

James Snapp, Jr. on his blog, The Text of the Gospels (June 2016)

Stephen D. Campbell on the website of the Center for Research of Biblical Manuscripts and Inscriptions (May 2016)

The book has also been noted in the Catholic Herald (24 March 2016) and the Church Times (21 October 2016).

Please send me a message if I have missed any reviews or notices.

Some highlights of the reviews are as follows:

It is difficult to exaggerate the importance and significance of this book for the study of the transmission of the Latin New Testament text—there is simply nothing to rival it. The book is a model in clear communication, and the important features of large amounts of information are explained with a light touch that reflects the deep understanding that Houghton possesses of his subject matter. This book is a masterpiece, and it will be admired as such for many decades to come. (Paul Foster)

The work is an astounding achievement for its breadth, concision, and wealth of material introduced. In light of the author's obvious care for the subject, readers may well expect to follow his exemplary scholarship for many years to come. (Joseph Grabau)

This is the most useful kind of scholarship: readable, informative, and engaging. It summarizes a vast swathe of literature and makes it accessible to others, overturning widely held misconceptions, and showing how we can get far more information out of the Latin New Testament and its manuscripts. This book is required reading for anyone studying the New Testament, patristic and medieval literature, or biblical manuscripts. It is deserving of a home in any humanities library. (Andrew Dunning)

Houghton has produced a magisterial piece of scholarship and has done so in a way that is sure to benefit scholars and students alike. ... As an introduction, the book is clear and concise; as a reference work, it is easy to navigate and decipher. (Stephen D. Campbell).

A definitive introduction to the transmission of the New Testament in Latin ... full of fascinating details which may cause even experienced researchers to wonder if they have given the Old Latin evidence the attention it deserves. (James Snapp)

enviably and impressively comprehensive ... a wealth of detailed information (J.K. Elliott)

systematically organized and beautifully presented ... an invaluable aid to anyone wishing to study the text and tradition of the Latin NT (Ruth B. Edwards)

[Houghton] continues, a century later, the great tradition of English scholars (J. Wordsworth, H.J. White, F.C. Burkitt, C.H. Turner, A. Souter) on the text of the New Testament. His book is not unworthy of his predecessors. (P.-M. Bogaert)

The amount of information packed into this book is impressive. ... This book not only updates earlier guides to the Latin New Testament, but it also appears to be the only monograph in the past century to treat the entire history of that tradition—and the only one ever to appear in English. (John C. Poirier)

The book does not provide any new or groundbreaking insights into the Latin text ... Houghton's own words call into question the need to embark on the study of the Latin New Testament. ... he fails to present a convincing "account of its significance for the biblical text". (Benjamin Browning)