Publication of the Paperback Edition

Post date: Mar 8, 2019 1:19:39 PM

[originally published 4 Oct 2018]

I am delighted to announce that Oxford University Press has produced a paperback edition of The Latin New Testament (ISBN 9780198800651) to be published tomorrow (5th October 2018) and already available on the OUP website.

The opportunity has been taken to incorporate a number of minor corrections which colleagues were kind enough to bring to my attention. Those still using the hardback edition may find a full list of these available on the page of Hardback Corrections.

In addition, no fewer than 30 new links to full online sets of digital images have been added to the paperback edition, as well as updates to URLs which had become outdated. These are also detailed on the page of Hardback Corrections.

There continue to be pages on this website dedicated to Corrections to the Paperback Edition and New sets of links to images. I hope that readers of the volume will continue to notify me of such information.