Publication of 'Traditio et Translatio', the Festschrift for Roger Gryson

Post date: Apr 25, 2016 3:39:06 PM

Today I received my copy of the Festschrift for Msgr. Prof. Dr. Mag. Roger Gryson, the third academic director of the Vetus Latina-Institut in Beuron, whose tenure ran from 1998 to 2013. It is edited by his successor, Prof. Dr. Thomas Johann Bauer, in the Aus der Geschichte der lateinischen Bibel series:

Bauer, Thomas Johann, ed. (2016). Traditio et Translatio. Studien zur lateinischen Bibel zu Ehren von Roger Gryson. AGLB 40. Freiburg, Herder.

The eight contributions are divided equally between the Old and New Testaments, as follows:

    • Rebekka Schirner, 'Text-critical observations on Psalm 118 in the Psalm Commentaries of Hilary, Ambrose and Augustine', 1–30 (in German)
    • Jean-Marie Auwers, 'Jerome, translator and interpreter of the Song of Songs', 31–48 (in French)
    • Bonifatia Gesche OSB, 'What did the Latin translations of the book of Sirach understand as atonement?', 49–74 (in German)
    • Pierre-Maurice Bogaert OSB, 'The African capitula for Jeremiah', 75–98 (in French)
    • Jean-Claude Haelewyck, 'A new teaching given with authority: Text-critical remarks on the passage on the healing of the demoniac in Mark 1:23–27', 99–116 (in French)
    • H.A.G. Houghton, 'The Gospel according to Luke in Vetus Latina 11A (Würzburg, Universitätsbibliothek 67)', 117–134 (in English)
    • Thomas Johann Bauer, 'The Rosenthal fragment (λ, 44) as a witness to the Vetus Latina Gospel according to Luke: Edition, Reconstruction and Context', 135–198 (in German)
    • Wilhelm Blümer, 'Who knows the times? On the Latin translation and transmission of Acts 1:7', 199–212 (in German).