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Vasasn's message on the occasion of first year of ILP

Dear (confirmed) friends how are u ...Its me ...Vasan....don't u remember? ...ILP,C-13,not yet ."vasa vasa vasa"(pls read it fastly) saying this, finally u all made me to dance in french class. come on friends. I am listening to all your sweet noises in this group. Today I want to make more noise. With lots and lots of love and affection I have written a very big

mail to all of u.

Actually king of Ettaiyapuram, Hyderabad Nijamudeen Jameen and Chatharapathi sivaji's family all are searching for me. Everybody is forcing me to marry their daughters. That is why i am hiding myself from everybody.

One year life at MUMBAI

Mumbai life started Royally at hotel Tip-Top plaza....I was very lucky to get honeymoon package room but unfortunately shyam and shankar became my room mates...(they too felt the same). But after 4 days only we came to know 'What is Mumbai?'.Everybody was thrown to all the corners of the city..

Few are somewhat lucky to get project in comfortable places....others are very lucky to explore the maximum difficulty in life (like me!!). I am enjoying local train travel in Mumbai (Thane to Dadar).

In world Mumbai is the only place where u have fully automated train travel(FATT) facility. U just have to stand in the platform ..without ur knowledge u will go inside train (vow!),sometimes below the train also..Then inside train u will be tightly packed and u will make all the alphebets in your body language (sometimes even in tamil,telugu languages) suddenly u will come out of the train..(hey ! ur stop came)..I welcome everyone of u,who is not working in mumbai to visit and enjoy the thrill!...

Food at Mumbai:

Pav Bhaji, Misel Pav, Usel Pav, Thali(thaliya arukkuranunga!) ...we are washing our sins by eating all these food items, soon we all will become sins free. I feel sorry for friends working in Chennai and Hyd. you hold ur sin with you.

One Simple example for the healthy food at mumbai,Most of the mumbai friends went to Sivaji movie...after a long time we all met there..Everybody was asking to each other "Why u became so lean da?"

project :

I am fully making use of our ILP training..9 to 9 schedule and saturday working..I dont have time to send mails thats why i am not in frequent touch..So I used to blame king of Ettaiyapuram if somebody asks me 'why u r not sending me mails?'.

Mera hindi:

Q: Thumara naam kiya hei?

A: (select * from hinditable where wordmeaning = 'MY')


(select * from hinditable where wordmeaning = 'Name')


(select * from hinditable where wordmeaning = 'is')


(arrange the words with vasan)

mera naam hei vasan

(rearrange )

Final answer: mera naam vasan hei.

(if no rows selected )

Final answer: smile and say "Acha hei"

East or West, Mumbai is best ....becos first thing is i am working in mumbai second, now we are trained survive anywhere in this world and the third one is lots of things "to see" with waterfalls in mouth.

Congrats for everyone of u for successfully completing one year in tcs. Regarding rating....friends whoever got confirmation rating as 3 or is ur duty to get treat from others who got 4 or above. do your duty immediately.

One line for every one:

Guru:Great work is done by guruuuuuuu......kalakkura, I know if u r in team everybody else will relax.Charming, bright associate in TCS (treat undulla?).I dont know why u r still working in TCS.

Dhooth Divya:Congrats for Divya ..first i read congrats message sent by our friends I thought people are congradulating u for ur newly born baby ..Then only I read ur message. my heartiest wishes for u. yes finally ur marriage date is fixed.

Appy Anitha: I heard u became more beautiful and joined in some fashion there any chance for me? are u in same NSE project? pls contact..

Karumbu Karthikeyen: working horses will never sleep. medows project timer work panna vachi ..u made every other team to produce steam. it is always a streangth to have u around. Enna kathikeyan konchanaala sathame kanom?

Sandwich Sambath: Hi sambath...every man is afraid of walking with u..who will walk with such a high personality?

Elachi Ezhil vendan: Hi Ezhil how are u?...whenever i think abt u, I used to remember the skit in life skill class..srikrishna's performance and ur tension.

Special(not sada) dasa srikrishna: very sincere, coming to office on time...!see this is the life,now u r the only one in our batch to wear tie.

Sugar Srikant: Dear srikant are u..nobody can call me anna as u used to call me with affection.

Samosa Swapna: mmmm...I am working very much to protect use case diagram done by you for our 'Medows Pharmacy' project. which has different shapes which is not yet identified by any scientist in this world. How is ur life in US, badiya hei.Are u getting samosa in us?. send photos.

Kheer kishore: Hi kishore how are u?...Enjoying work?

Gobi Gopinath:Captain Gobi..I heard u have become captain in ur project also..u became the single point of contact for ur project.. kudos!!!...

Navvapalam Nagalakshmi: En Ammukutty, En Bommukutty, En Chellakutty, En are you?

Sweet Sowmya: Lady CR, What a great escape from my project? Whr r u ? h r u?no updates for a longtime..congrats for getting into oracle. how is ur father?.Halwa Anitha: already u have given alwa to are u ?...

Apple Akil: how are u da? Our batch yuvaraj singh..are u playing well?

Kalakhand Kulandaivelu: kulandai...I forgot how to wear tie da? can u teach me once again..we can speak over phone.

Sambar Senthil: hi senthil, I remember how much we suffered while preparing for a short presentation from that newspaper article(ls class) on "english as a global language" how are u?

Kingfisher Kiran: I am missing ur company a lot!..not only me our whole batch is missing ur company..machi we will sing that french song "Aalu mattu ..appalam thattu"..with same actions in hand.(I will call u)

Manchurian MuthuKumar: Galagalannu iruppiye daaa!..If i am droping a table in my project ...not only me, my GL, PM everbody will be thrown out from the project.." 'muthu muthu...why were u going to c-12 muthu?'

Sauce Sneha: ss sshhhh hhssss... I tried to talk in ur is never possible. How are you? are u enjoying Hyderabadi biriyani? missing u all a lot..

Grapes Gayatri: Hi are you? is ur father,mother and uncle..u r lucky enough to get waste project so that u could get transfer easily..mmmm..i am also waiting for that.

Naan Narendran: Ennadaa nanba eppadi da irukka? I didnt see such a sincere sincere associate for tcs, still r u continuing so.

Chiken Chandran: Kalakkara Chandru ..4 rating ...badiya hei..i need more lines for u da. Soon I will come to chennai for ur company(call u)

Poori Palani : how are u?...can u lend me ur smiling face..

Goyyala Gokul: AnnE eppadi irukkeenga annE? ..theatrela unna gopalunnu sollitenedaa!!..the calm good boy.

Kadalai kalidas: hi kali, pera kapathuriya? in which project and where u r working?

Bhelpuri Basant: still i remember the flash in ur face when u used to ignite 'vasa vasa vasa'...

Daal Danunjai: Congrats for getting into Oracle ...khadal mannan vazhalga!(get it translated).

Pista Parthiban: How is ur swelling da..! enna akkaraiya kupittu adivaanginiye, marakkave mudiyadhu. naama eppadiyellam pazhagi irukkom.

Rajesh: Sutti payal are you?..always have ur sweet smile.

Honey Harsha: How are u da?...always used to sit silently in class...

sapota sambath: the only family man in our batch..I am trying for a long time to arrange a family...mmmm let us c.

Panneer Prem: brilliant prem how are you? you remember our kovai trip?

Achar Amit: how are you da? we are missing the live moments by u.

RagiMalt Radhey shyam: The vibrant man..ur ilp @cbe parts were really good. continue ur dedicated work for our batch.

Pramod: hi pramod ...u were too handsome when u were taking bath in the falls( during our kovai trip)

Rasberry Ratheesh Kanna: all forwarded messages are did u get first mark in french even kiran like native speakers were competing

Straberry Shankar: Mappula, tiptop plaza bath tubba nammaala marakka mudiyumaada?

Soup Shyam: dear CR, how is the life @Belapur city..are u filling timesheets sincerely, in project we dont have CR to remind us. again tcs has taken more students from our college...nobody can save them.

Vennila Vasan: Eppadi irundha nee? ippadi ayitteye da!!...(how u were! how u are!!!!)

Very important note : If king of Ettaiyapuram asks u about me, dont tell him i am working in Mumbai TCS.

with lots n lots of love and affection

Vasan P

we need not communicate a lot to become friends bcos "noo somm des ami" (we are always friends).

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