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ILP@CBE through my eyes

Statutory Warning

The following material contains gossip that is considered inappropriate for certain audiences, viewers’ discretion is recommended.


All characters, places and references to historical events, myths and legends in the following material are fictitious. Any resemblance of these to any you figure out, is purely co-incidental or may be, I am lying (Hey, you can laugh here).


The following contains the Part-I of the sequence “ILP@CBE through my eyes”. To get to read the next of the parts I require replies from 25, ok.. ok.. at least 15 of the recipients (Hutt!! You are sure to get to read all the parts. After all who is going to count in my mail box). Feel free send your valuable suggestions and feedback….

Tips for reading

Given below are the necessary and sufficient set of facts and figures (understand) you will need to know in order to ensure you are reading something meaningful:

Tapori (n) - Refers to a person who is pleasure loving (~lazy), happening and comic.

Khajjur (n)-Refers to a person who is of ‘my-career-is- my-life’ and ‘hard-work-will-win-me’ sort of types (boring or inspiring?).

Raapchic (adj.) – describes situations or incidents which are very thrilling or enjoyable (of course, I used this word as fillers where I could not find proper English words to employ).

Brackets (….) are used randomly in the whole piece of writing. Please understand that I was attempting to pull off some joke at that point.

Radhe -The name of the narrator, a hard core Tapori, who is from Hyderabad with a bag full of hopes (which of course is often damn heavy), to go through (thorough) ILP@CBE.

Shyam -His inner conscience and half-friend ( ). When Radhe was born, it was talked about, that Shyam had seen ALL of Radhe’s life and he often foretells him on what would happen to him but figuratively only, for he has to observe the Law of conservation of conscientino-human interdependence(I never knew I was so good at framing new laws)

[aside]- is the notation used to denote that a character is talking to himself.

Ok, then have a pleasant journey into the Past. Read slowly and happily.








If you have not already deleted the e-mail here is Part –I for you….

Part I – The Last Sunday

It was a bit dark inside the petty passway of Hotel Navaratna Deluxe lodging house, Coimbatore, which was more of a ruined edifice from the outside. I could barely see the reception table on the other side of the passway due to the blinding of my eyes by the taxi-ride from the rail-station in the sun of June in south India. Dhanunjaya who was standing beside me must have also felt the heat but I was in no condition to analyze him, nor was he. We straight went to the receptionist and started inquiring him.

Radhe: Excuse Me uncle (can you believe I called the receptionist ‘uncle’) I am a new recruit into TCS. We were told that we were given accommodation here and ….

The receptionist who was a dark man, sitting in a posture which resembles a postman stamping onto letters keenly, looked at me and started talking.

Receptionist: What are your names? Find them on this list and sign.

We did as he asked us to and he gave us the keys to our cave (We felt we were lions) - room no. 408

Radhe: Thank You.

Receptionist: One minute. You will get hot water only from 6 to 8 in the morning and you are not allowed to use the lift.

Dhanu: What? This is really ridiculous. Pchhaa..

Radhe: Oh! No...

Later you will see that we were not affected by both because never ever in my life had I got up before the sun made the water in tanks hot naturally, and we had a naughty habit of using the lift from the first floor to avoid the receptionist watching us.

[In room no. 408, which was barely a room with a double bed, a dressing table, two dust bins(I did not know why) and a modest bathroom]

Radhe: Dhanu bhai!! so finally we are in a new turn of life. Must see what life has in it for us in the industrial town of Coimbatore.

Dhanu: Hey Radhe forget all that life crap yaar.. If we see Ooty, Kodai and do some not-so-bad work in training we are done. After all we JNTU guys are never khajjurs. Be a tapori. Live it. I am going to bath now.

As Dhanu went to bath, I went out to see where Amit, Harsha and other JNTU guys were thrown into. Just then the door of room no. 407 opened. Something in me said it was going to be a girl, the kind of one whom you see only in the movies. To my irony it turned out to be Amit bhai (may be I too disappointed him then)

Amit :( jumping onto me) Hey Radhe so we are in adjacent rooms then. We will show Coimbatore and TCS a new angle.

After a little pause of thinking what that new angle could be, I came back to Earth.

Radhe: Hey bhai wassup. What about Harsha, Kishore, Pramod and Prem. Where are they?

Amit: They are all into 406 and 306 probably.

Dhanu: Hey Radhe go and bath. I will talk to Amit meanwhile.

I went to bath. The waters of Siruvani had some thing in them that made me feel something pleasant was going to happen to me in this part of the world.

In the evening I woke up after a heavy meal in a nearby restaurant and went into the balcony. Dhanu was still asleep. The silhouette of the Nilgiris already began to cast a magical spell on me and the poet-cowboy in me was beginning to wake up. I was imagining that I was a bird (eagle) soaring in the Nilgiris and all when I was interrupted by someone calling me.

It was Shyam (You should have known by now who it is.)

Shyam: Hi cow-boy how are you?

Radhe: So long fine. Even you came here?

Shyam: Strange question. Don’t you know who brought me here?

Radhe: Ok buddy tell me what beautiful things should I do to make this 2- month stint in a beautiful place more beautiful.

Shyam: Have fun, know more people, learn to learn things and be a good boy. That is what I always say.

Radhe: Ok then let me see who is around in this hotel.

I went around finding some potable water. I saw two tall men coming from the opposite side of the corridor with water jugs in their hands.

Radhe: Hi I am Radhe, you... TCS..?

Tall Stranger 1: Yeah. I am Akhil.

Tall Stranger 2: I am Basanth.

Shyam :Hey Radhe you saw Basanth somewhere. I am sure of that but I do not know where.

Radhe [aside]: Shut up Shyam!!

Radhe: Where is the water?

Akhil: Its in the third floor [His phone bell rang]

On the first sight I thought Akhil was full of attitude like a basket ball player(of course later I discovered that he was a cool guy ).

On the third floor, I was looking somewhere when the sound of a tap-being-closed brought me back to Earth. I saw some guy now, of the same height as of me, closed the tap since my water jug was overflowing with water.

Radhe : Thanks. My name is Radhe. I am new into TCS.

The tap stranger: Hello my name is GURU (be prepared to see this word a thousand times from now). I am also into TCS. Which place are you from?

Radhe: I am from Jntu, Hyderabad. You?

Guru: I am from PSG, Coimbatore.

I could see something in Guru’s eyes which said this was a man to really follow-up. There was some real fire in them which I can still remember.

Radhe : Hey Guru can you tell me where I can get good food nearby.

Guru: You will find Ajanta Bhavan nearby towards the left or… (I have this bad habit of not listening to people completely).

Radhe: Thanks Guru and Good night.

Shyam: good Radhe that’s the spirit know more people and you are not in a strange place any more.

Radhe: Ok lets go to dhanu, amit, harsha and other guys and start nagging them for dinner.

Thus ended the last Sunday of June, 2006 and a golden period called my-college-life but with a promise of something mysterious and nice.

[End of Part I]

If you are still reading ….Thanks a lot….

Hello…. Anyone listening……(ha ha ha)

Anyway good bye folks for now. See yourselves in coming parts if you want to…..

Happy Diwali.. and Eid Mubarak….

[To be continued…]