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A good time is to be remembered for ever

Login 2006 - Few Pictures Home

Dear Friends

I got only very few pictures of our department’s Login function. It was a very happy occasion to remember, like what we did in that evening, how we shouted and how we the attention of others.

Hope you all enjoy them.

(Any one still remember how hard we ran for covers in first three semesters, when ever we see HOD?!! Any one still remember those dreaded Class Committee meetings?!;-)

(Oh God, we have the experience of organizing two Logins and a new experience of seeing them this time around, although I am sure, there are many more to come)

(One of my costly mistakes!! {See the comment on picture!!}.. I got very strong back up from Vidya prakash, Karthick and Jhulfikar {not in picture although}.. And I still wonder why I sat as Judge.. Perhaps the comment on the picture might be correct)

(An interface of a game selected for surprise event. It was said that Applied Mathemaics themselves developed this, congrats to them)

(I don't know about this picture. Perhaps Fowzul could provide then)

Friends thats all what I got. Please leave a comment. Click here.. very simple (just 3 steps and didn’t need email)