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ILP @ CBE – First Year Anniversary Awards

Come June 29, 2007 – it’s going to be first year anniversary for ILP @ CBE. To mark this occasion special awards are declared. These are totally faulty awards and people who get his awards do not fight with those who didn’t or vise-versa.

The most celebrated three letter word

ILP, No contenders here!!

The most dreaded three letter word

MVC, guys did any one still remember what is this? Take a poll at below..

The most laborious three letter

SRS, why the hell we worked on it? I still can’t understand.

The most prolific batsman

Senthil – for his not stop innings of 3 and more hours.

Next closest contender – Ratheesh (Motorola!!)

The biggest joke

You have to wear tie and shave every day.

Even bigger joke – Srikrishna is still doing that.

The best nick names

There are many contenders here

The mysterious Triangle…

Akil, Prammod, David and Sambath (Never mind, they are 4 but still called as the Triangle, and you know why!!)

Princess Harsha

Harsha had a wonderful metamorphosis to become princess.

Father David

After his responsible role in a drama, David had become Father David.

Complex Guy

Do you remember the news reporter from Yorkshire? On any given day, our Radhe Shyam can out smart any news reader to perfection.

Superman Basanti

Although he was never been seen on Superman out fit, but still can’t keep quite from calling him as superman.

Drop table Muthu

When his team members are trying hard to create a table, Muthu kept deleting them and thus earned the honor ‘Drop Table Muthu’

Birthday basher – un-doubtly Amit.

Mocker – Karthikeyan.

The poet – Ezhilvendan

Vasan – Most amazing Vasan.

The most enjoyable moment

Rajesh’s most embarrassing moment became our enjoyable

The most remembered French word

comment allez vous (How are you?)

Best Foreign Language student

Kiran – For knowing not only French, but also Japanese, German, Spanish and others, you name it – he knows it.

The hotels we stayed

    • Hotel Navaratna
    • Hotel Subha Shree
    • Hotel Arul Joythi
    • Hotel Mangala
    • Hotel Vishnu Priya

Our home away from home. For two months the comfort we enjoyed there is un-matched. The rooms we shared mentioned below.

3 rd Floor

2 nd Floor

The Route we took all those days

Clicl to Enlarge

The films


We have seen more movies than our college days with in quick time.

Imsai arasan 23-m pulikaesi

Vettaiadu Velaiyadu

The best movie we have seen.

Aran - Horror movie. With out doubt the worst movie we have seen.

Something, something – unakkum ennakum..


Pirates of Caribbean – Dead man’s chest

Blood reign - Supposed to be ghost movie. But we didn't s


Kabi Alvida Na Kehna

Pir Hera Pheri

Did I miss any thing here? Please leave a message here.

Birthdays celebrated

  1. Sankar narayanan
  2. Ratheesh
  3. RadheShyam
  4. Naren
  5. Kishore
  6. Shyamsunder

Poll For MVC - Find what is it?

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