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Mahakavi Bharathi on Math

Bharathi and Sciences:

I was going through the book "100 Great Indian life". It listed Bharathiar as one in it. There were few interesting unknown news. Bharathiar was not good at mathematics and sciences. Once he failed in mathematics and his teacher has to complain to his father Chinnaswamy about this. What is more surprising is, being an accountant in Ettayapuram King's court; Chinnaswamy didn't force Bharathi to spend more time on mugging up math tables.

Bharathi Leaving School:

Bharathi was forced to leave his school because of his poor performance. Thank God, he didn't do math that good, suppose if he did, his father for sure would have forced him to take up accountant’s job, which wasn't the case. This is one classical example of some one failing in math and yet went on to become one shine in another field.

Sample Kavithaikal:

நெஞ்சு பொறுக்குதில்லையே - இந்த

நிலைகெட்ட மனிதரை நினைந்துவிட்டால்

"கொஞ்சமோ பிரிவினைகள் - ஒரு

கோடியென் றாலது பெரிதாமோ"?

Others in it:

Other tamils featured in the book include EVR Periyar, Ramanujan and Rajaji.