Marriage Pics

A good time is forever to be remembered, especially if it is with friends...

Sandya’s marriage

Life is so fast that you forgot the old incidence and muddle up with the new ones. It was 2004 when we all first met; made to work together for assignments, class works, packages and department events. 2 years hence the experience we had was cheerful. Now in different cities, different offices, working with different people. But yet filled with the same cheer and happiness whenever we meet.

The marriage is such one incidence. We all had good time there. Starting from what to buy as a marriage presentation and leading upto the very end – how to present it?

Bus ride and missed calls

The travel was not so comfortable. Six of us (Myself, Karthick, Fowzul, Madhu, Parthiban and Vidyaprakash) were there in Gandhipuram while others (Jhulfikar, Kamalee, Manjarri, Sindhu) assembled at Singanallur. Then we have to go to Singanallur to board Tiruchi bus. Then we appeased the conductor to get tickets for Karur. Madhu was the first one who was teased. She got 4 or 5 calls (don’t know whether to include the night calls here or not?!!) with in 2 hour. The travel took 3 hours. Reached Karur by evening 7.30. The Sunday night at marriage hall had many occasions to remember. Karthick was taken for a ride by all of us. Then it was Manjarri’s term.

Caller tune

That night at hotel room, we boys really had great time. Compelled to sleep early but held back by the occasion we really fought hard. Memorable incidence and photos are with Vidyaprakash. Manu incidence happened there at the hotel room. I can’t tell you all, but the one incidence that will re-lived for ever with Sandya’s marriage and that Sunday night is our compilation of ‘Caller tune’ to Sindhu. Late in the night, we five screamed in unison. 1000, 2000, 4000, 6000, 7000. Pimpllika pimmipi, Mama piscothu…

The moment

The sun was so quick to raise on the Monday, but we didn’t. Reached Mandappam by 7. By that time most of the marriage ceremony was over and we are mute spectators. We missed the moment. We didn’t see Sandhya getting married. Possed for a group photo with the bride and groom. Then we have to rush to catch the bus back to Coimbatore. We did that with a hurry.

(The Wedding poster...)

(Gals had chance to meet Sandya and chat for a while, we guys didn't had that chance.)

(Sandya and her sister with our gals.. any one still remember what is Model Driven Arhictecture?!!!)

(The place were we sat on Sunday and Monday)

(The marriage!!!)

(Click for a bigger and better view)

(The gift... without gift wrap!!!)

(Don't search for me, you will get tried doing it...)

(Wish the bride and groom a wonderful and lovely married life...)

Picture Credits

Camera : Sindhupriya Dharshini Ramakrishnan (appa evvallo periya perru)

Timely Help: Vidyaprakash Kanagaraj. (For delevering CD)

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