Kovai Kutrallam

Memories are sweeter - when they are exchanged.

The trip: SMS plan

Life after 4th semester is really boring. We (boys) are left with so much time, and unlike gals, who were happy to be confined in home. It is decided after so much discussion that we should visit Kovai kutrallam. I was very particular in getting Karthick for the trip. But finally – myself, Vidyaprakash, Jhulfikar and Parthiban went for the trip. The day was 24 May 2006 and it has been decided we will take two bikes for the trip. The night before that day, I send a detailed plan in sms for the trip. But we hardly stick to that plan.

The journey

The journey didn’t start as it is planned. We took of some half or a hour late. Fueled the vehicle and bought parcels for lunch. The ride was really enjoyable. Shady roads, cool breeze, traffic less roads. You ought to like it. We reached the Kovai kutrallam by 12.30 (or before it?!!). We took vehicle pass (there is a big joke here, I prefer not to tell, Parthiban knows better) and traveled few kilometers into the jungle in vehicle. Found a good place to finish our lunch, typically we bought few parathas and we filled our tummy with that.

Water games

I have been told by people who have already been to Kovai Kutrallam, as the water will be extremely cold and crystal clean. Thinking of cold gave shivers in my spine. But I put a brave face. By the time we reached the falls, it was noon and there was already enough crowd the make the water dirty. None the less we have decided to climb the rocks and to find a good place to enjoy the bath. We enjoyed ourselves taking bath and watching others having fun (in particular – Vidhy). We were there for almost a hour or two. Then by 3 pm, we started from falls and the way back we stopped at few places to take pictures. There is one incident, where we have to literally fight a stray dog. Finally the dog pissed off in one of our bags which had mobile phone that we kept in the lawn (I am not going to say whose mobile it was, am I correct Vidhy? ). After that we headed for Isha foundation – a near by spiritual place.


Its sort of okay experience in Isha. We started from there and traveled back to Thondamuthur. We had tea. Then decided to visit R S Puram and spent some time there before we declared that’s the day.

May 24th

We forgot to wish Munch on her birthday. Did receive nice scolding from her and others on the day after. Although I can’t wish her early this year, I made up for that by calling and wishing her birthday late.

The credits

Dedicated to : Munch

(for having taken the trip on her b’day)

Pictures : Parthiban for camera

Vidyaprakash for dellivery

Appmax home

(Kovai kutrallam... The hill..)

(Again, on the way to KK)

(This picture taken when we returned back)

(Bun... Looking gracefully)

(Sorry, it that could have remembered you, vidhi's fav vasanam, ennai hurt paneetta!!!)

(I am sorry again, if this picture remember you anything..)

(Enjoying a moment or two..)

(Isha foundation - stat view....)


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