Aluminium enclosure for EAA Board Camera and remote OSD control

NEWS February 2018: a Bluetooth controlled version here!

Camera case parts:

OSD remote parts:

This page is to show my DIY CCTV board camera enclosure project. The plan was to make a cheap aluminium box for my ICX811 Effio-A (CXD4151 DSP) CCTV analog camera used for EAA.

The Aluminium box has 46x46mm external dimensions and the 38x38mm camera board fits perfectly inside it. It is 100mm long so I cut it in half and hand made a squared front cover from an aluminium plate. In this way I can build a second enclosure, just in case. The Camera board is mounted on the front cover by means of four M2 screws (flat head) and interposed plastic 5mm spacers. The Camera board external mechanical interface is an CS mount 
flange. On the back cover some switches and connectors takes place. The 12V panel mounted Power connector, the RJ11 connector for the OSD remote (more about this later) mounted on a small section of 10x10mm Aluminium profile as a support frame, the BNC Video connector and two switches, one for the main Power supply and the second for the 30x30mm cooling fan.

The remote OSD control box is based on a simple and cheap Buttons Plate that is wired to the 6 pins OSD connector of the Camera board. This Buttons Plate initially didn't work but, after some errors and trials testing, I discovered that a simple modification on the plate components as to be made. The four resistors of the Buttons board was there because this board was developed for a different type of OSD communication logic and probably they interfere with the alternative method, used by my camera. Simply removing these resistors solved the problem.

The Buttons Plate fits perfectly in a simple 9V battery plastic case/holder and is mounted inside the box with four M2 screws and plastic spacers as well. The 6 wires RJ cable connect the Buttons Plate to the 6 pins OSD connector of the ICX811 camera board, placing to GND the five buttons when pressed (Menu, Left, Right, Up and Down). The remaining 3 pins connector on the Camera board are the +12V, GND and Video signal, used by the back cover's connectors (Power and BNC Video).

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January, 2018